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3 Meet the New Team,Charlie Sacha and Gussie,8 Voces Discipulorum. Pupils from schools supported,11 It s like an addiction. Children s author, join Classics for All by Classics for All tell us how Caroline Lawrence on the. classics is shaping their lives enduring impact of the. classical world,4 Our Highlights,A new hero introducing. pupils to Ancient Greek,a classical renaissance in.
Northern Ireland and Trojans,and Greeks battle it out in. our Grand Classics Quiz,10 Hot Off the Press,6 Ten Years On. Classics for All donor Sophie,Professor Edith Hall Esther. Pigney and Nicholas Barber,CBE on their must read classics. Emler reflects on how classics books for 2019,has changed her life.
Dine with Romans explore,the myths and realities of. Troy and attend a masterclass,in Roman marriage,7 A Passion for Classics. Lord Butler on his love affair,with classics,14 Classical Puzzle. The cryptic classics crossword,returns Test your knowledge. of the Roman world,2 Classics Matters Autumn 2019, As we approach our tenth anniversary future We are proud to see so many participate in the Big Give Christmas.
year we explore the appeal of the students from all backgrounds Challenge this year Between 3 10. ancient world for those who support enjoying classics in the 850 schools December any donation of 5 or ore to. and work with us that we have reached and to witness Classics for All via the Christmas. some moving on to university Challenge website will be doubled It s. We hear from seasoned supporters, including children s author Caroline To celebrate the build up to our big a bit like our support to schools. Lawrence donor Sophie Emler and birthday our team has lined up a excellent value for money Mark your. former civil servant Lord Butler about tempting menu of events including a diary to join in the fundraising. the enduring influence of classics on discussion with Dr Paul Roberts Prue challenge. their personal and professional lives Leith CBE and Sally Grainger on Last but not least on the domestic. Roman eating habits Previews of these, Five younger voices from schools front we welcome three terrific new. can be found on pages 12 and 13 of the, supported by Classics for All also reflect members of staff Charlie Sacha and. magazine Sign up early to avoid, on the relevance of classics today their Gussie who will support fundraising. disappointment, reasons for pursuing classics at develop our profile and help us to bring.
university and their aspirations for the Classics for All has been selected to classics to new parts of the country. Meet the New Team, Charlie Andrew Training Sacha Glasgow Smith Senior Augusta Ivory Peters Programme. and Resources Manager Philanthropy Manager and Grants Administrator. Charlie is a graduate of UCL s Sacha joined Classics for All in Gussie read for a classical studies. Department of Greek and Latin She March 2019 and has a background BA at the University of Bristol. teaches Latin and classics part time in fundraising for charities During her degree she volunteered. at Greig City Academy in Haringey including the Royal Opera House with the University of Bristol. alongside working for Classics for All Marie Curie and UNICEF UK Classics Network supporting the. development of classical subjects, Before going into teaching Charlie Sacha thoroughly enjoyed learning in schools across the south west. worked in the publishing and digital Latin at school and would like to give. content industries and uses this more children the opportunity to do so Gussie recently completed a Masters. experience to develop and promote in women s studies focusing on. classics related classroom materials Contact Sacha by email at classical myth and feminist thought. such as Maximum Classics She takes Sacha classicsforall org uk at the University of Oxford. a special interest in helping primary, school children access classics and Contact Gussie by email at. develop a life long love of the subject Augusta classicsforall org uk. Contact Charlie by email at,Charlie classicsforall org uk. 3 Classics Matters Autumn 2019,Our Highlights,New Heights at Harrow.
In late August we were delighted for teachers looking to build their. to welcome a record 46 primary and confidence in teaching Greek and. secondary state school teachers Latin GCSE set texts Teachers travelled. to our third annual Greek and from across the country to attend the. Latin course at Harrow School course from Durham to Somerset. Participants were offered two day and feedback was extremely positive. courses in Beginners Latin and, Greek and Intermediate Latin I will now be able to design and teach. lessons to Year 7 from September, Following popular demand we also confidently 200 children will be. ran two new courses this year the introduced to Latin this academic year. first for primary schools interested which is very exciting secondary. in teaching classics the second teacher from Priory School Lewes. Getting to Grips with Greek, Basil Batrakhos and the Mystery Letter mystery as Basil the Frog learns to. represents a first for Classics for All To decode Ancient Greek offering pupils a. fill a significant gap in teaching gentle introduction to key vocabulary. materials we have developed a brand and grammar,new Ancient Greek teaching book. The story includes lively dialogue, The idea originated in 2009 when which lends itself to reading aloud and.
teacher and Basil author Claire Marie encourages pupils to identify English. Roxby proposed an Ancient Greek words with Ancient Greek roots The. language course for pupils aged 9 12 ten teachers trialling the course report. that pupils are loving Ancient Greek,The new resource will make Ancient. Greek accessible for the first time to Any state school is eligible for free. many youngsters in state schools The copies of the book so put in your. book engages its younger audience in a orders now,Complete The Olympus Challenge. In response to this Classics for partners In September 15 students. All has introduced The Olympus from Bryntirion Comprehensive. Challenge a certificate that School in Bridgend received their. celebrates pupils classical learning certificates at the University of Bristol. in the presence of their inspirational, As part of the Challenge pupils teacher Andrew Shell Among other. choose three modules from a diverse things the group completed local. menu including museum visits and research learned basic Latin and. independent research allowing them Ancient Greek and visited local sites. In many state schools we support to tailor the Challenge to suit their. committed students meet in their own such as Caerleon and Caerwent. interests All students completing, time to learn about the ancient world the Challenge get a certificate from To get your school involved with The. Yet their enthusiasm and effort is Classics for All endorsed by six of Olympus Challenge please contact. rarely recognised our university and further education hannah classicsforall org uk. 4 Classics Matters Autumn 2019,A Classical Renaissance in Northern Ireland.
The future of classics in state schools training programme to be piloted in. in Northern Ireland has been under ten primary schools in 2020 We are. threat for years so Classics for All also keen to support the few schools. is delighted to be working with that maintain a proud tradition of. partners to reverse this decline teaching classics despite economic. challenges A case in point is the Royal, Following a visit in June we are Belfast Academical Institution where. collaborating with the Classical Head of Department Lynn Gordon is. Association of Northern Ireland reviving classical fortunes with 74 boys. Queen s University Belfast and studying Latin from Key Stage 3 to A. Stranmillis College to launch a classics level Classics for All s support will help. network to spread the classical flame the school to introduce Ancient Greek. Our first step will be a classics teacher, The Grand Classics Quiz Saturday 28 September 2019. Retired teacher and classicist Isabel morning with all participants. Raphael was our quiz mistress for happy to learn something new and. this fun and engaging event bright meet fellow enthusiasts I much. and early on a Saturday morning enjoyed the classics quiz let s. at King s College London have more quiz attendee, Isabel pitted the Trojans against the If you are interested in organising. Greeks and our guests of all ages or attending a quiz particularly. tested their knowledge of Greek outside of London please email. and Roman mythology culture events classicsforall org uk. language history and religion,The Trojans narrowly beat the. Greeks but everyone was pleased,to participate It was a fascinating.
The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019, We are delighted to be participating in in areas of social and economic. the Big Give Christmas Challenge for a disadvantage We are encouraged by. third time our success so far this year we have,already worked with 150 schools and. Geoffrey and Caroline de Jager Ian anticipate a healthy demand for. and Caroline Laing and the National support this year and beyond. Lottery Heritage Fund will generously, match all donations made through the We hope you will consider donating. Big Give s online platform from 3 10 this year For more information on the. December to help us achieve our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019 and. target of 100 000 how you can get involved contact. contact classicsforall org uk,Donations will enable us to reach. more schools across the country,particularly,5 Classics Matters Autumn 2019.
Ten Years On, Sophie Emler reflects on how ten years after graduating classics has changed her life. Next month I will be attending them to say economics or maybe spanning more than 3 000 years. the ten year reunion of my business studies I was instead we debated the influence of ancient. graduating class from university met with whatever you enjoy philosophy and politics on the. It feels like this milestone has modern world how the empires. crept up on me out of nowhere And so in 2005 I embarked on a of the past had shaped our current. prompting reflections on where degree in classics and French at. world the evolution of language, my degree has taken me so far the University of St Andrews. both written and spoken And truly it,Scotland s oldest university and. At the time of my university was four years I enjoyed to the full. incidentally my birthplace The, application I was fortunate to have one degree allowed for exploration Friends wondered how I could. been accepted onto a scholarship of literature history philosophy make use of a classics degree in the. scheme with Deloitte When I politics languages and linguistics world of work but to me the varied. asked what they wanted me to,education seemed to open every.
study at university expecting Through studying literary works. imaginable door from academia to,banks law rock stardom writing. My classics degree had prepared me for pretty and even being a Prime Minister. much everything the job could throw at me Though it might seem unimaginative. I chose financial services,Sophie Emler,My classics degree had prepared me. for pretty much everything the job,could throw at me Like picking apart a. tricky translation in my first years as an,analyst I had to undertake meticulous. research interpret resources prepare,reports and then present and defend.
them in front of my team and clients,The Socratic method of teaching. in my classics course encouraged,all of us to air and debate our. views and interpretations and I,believe communication challenge. and collaboration are perhaps,the most important elements. of a successful team at work,Last year when I was approached.
with an opportunity to move into,the world of tech I worried how my. degree and career to date would equip,me for this sector Apple co founder. Steve Jobs declared It s technology,married with liberal arts married. with the humanities that yields us,the result that makes our heart sing. And so with these words playing in,my head I made the leap and became.
classicist consultant financier techie,6 Classics Matters Autumn 2019. A Passion for Classics, Lord Butler of Brockwell on his love affair with classics. There were several stages in the,development of my love affair with. When I started to learn Latin at the age,of ten I enjoyed discovering where so. many English words had come from,I then relished the detective work of.
getting meanings out of Latin and,Ancient Greek sentences by. recognising nouns adjectives verbs,and adverbs and fitting them together. In my teens I progressed to read the,classical works of literature Homer. Virgil Cicero Horace and the Ancient,Greek playwrights. With support from my teachers I also,began to write my own Latin and.
Ancient Greek prose and poetry and to,translate great works of English. literature into Latin and Ancient,Greek only to discover how much. more elegantly my teachers could do,When I left university I went into the. Civil Service I was lucky in my career,because I caught the eye of leading. politicians both Conservative and,Labour and had the great privilege of.
Charlie classicsforall org uk Sacha Glasgow Smith Senior Philanthropy Manager Sacha joined Classics for All in March 2019 and has a background in fundraising for charities including the Royal Opera House Marie Curie and UNICEF UK Sacha thoroughly enjoyed learning Latin at school and would like to give more children the opportunity to do so

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