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SECTION A GENERAL PROCEDURE,Clause Page,A 1 THE MANUAL 4. A 2 DEFINITIONS 4,A 2 1 Employer 4,A 2 2 Department 4. A 2 3 Director General 4,A 2 4 Departmental Project Manager 4. A 2 5 Consultant 4,A 2 6 Principal Agent Lead Consulting Engineer 4. A 2 7 Engineer 4, A 2 8 Engineer s Representative Resident Engineer 4.
A 2 9 Client User Department 5,A 2 10 Letter of Appointment 5. A 2 11 PDR 5,A 2 12 PEP 5,A 2 13 GCC 90 5,A 2 14 PW 677 5. A 2 15 PW 772 5,A 2 16 PW 371 5,A 2 17 PRM Forms 5. A 3 THE EMPLOYER 5,A 4 APPOINTMENT 5,A 5 THE AGREEMENT 6. A 6 THE BRIEFING MEETING 6,A 7 APPROVAL 6,A 7 1 Official Approval 6.
A 7 2 Approval by a Client User Department 7,A 8 THE CLIENT USER DEPARTMENT 7. A 9 PROGRESS REPORTS 7,A 10 FINANCIAL CONTROL 7,A 10 1 General 7. A 10 2 Departmental Budget 7,A 10 3 Approved Cost Limit 7. A 11 QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN 8,A 12 CONSULTANT TEAM 8. A 12 1 Appointment of other Consultants 8,A 12 2 Liaison with Consultants 8.
A 12 3 Responsibility of Civil and Structural Engineers 9. A 13 USE OF SPECIALISTS 9,A 13 1 Geotechnical investigations 9. A 13 2 Traffic impact studies 9,A 13 3 Site surveys 9. A 13 4 Hydrological studies etc 9,A 14 FORMS OF CONTRACT 9. A 14 1 Civil Engineering Contract GCC 90 9, A 14 2 Nominated Sub contract to Building Contract 10. A 14 3 Civil Work Included in Building Contract PW 677 10. A 14 4 Separate Mechanical and or Electrical Contract 10. A 15 CONSTRUCTION MONITORING 10,A 16 DRAWINGS 10,A 17 TRAVELLING PROCEDURES AND COSTS 10.
A 17 1 General 10,A 17 2 Authority to Travel 11,A 18 SUBMISSION OF ACCOUNTS 11. A 18 1 Form of Submission 11,A 18 2 Claims for Subsistence and Travelling 11. A 18 3 Claims for Other Disbursements 11,A 18 4 Fees on Contract Price Adjustments 11. A GENERAL PROCEDURE,A 1 THE MANUAL, The purpose of this manual is to serve as a guide to the functions duties and. responsibilities of consulting civil engineers in the design documentation and. administration of projects for the Department of Public Works. A 2 DEFINITIONS, The following words expressions and abbreviations shall have the meanings.
assigned to them except where the context requires otherwise. A 2 1 Employer, Employer means the Government of the Republic of South Africa as represented by. the Director General Department of Public Works and includes any person acting in. and duly authorised to act in that capacity as well as any officer to whom any powers. vested in the Director General have been delegated. A 2 2 Department,The National Department of Public Works. A 2 3 Director General, The person appointed as Head of Department of the Department of Public Works. A 2 4 Departmental Project Manager,see Section A 4. A 2 5 Consultant, The Consultant is the Private Consulting Civil Engineer or Consulting Civil.
Engineering Firm appointed by the Department in terms of the Letter of. Appointment to execute the work for which this Manual of Procedure is intended. A 2 6 Principal Agent Lead Consulting Engineer, A Consultant not necessarily a civil engineer appointed by the Department to act as. co ordinator and team leader of a group of consultants working on the same project. A 2 7 Engineer, The Engineer means the natural or juristic person or partnership named as the. Engineer in the Special Conditions of Contract see Annexure B 2 for the supervision. and management of the Engineering Works undertaken by the Contractor. A 2 8 Engineer s Representative Resident Engineer, A person appointed from time to time by the Engineer to represent the Engineer on. the Construction Site,A 2 9 Client User Department. see Section A 8,A 2 10 Letter of Appointment,see Sections A 5 and A 6.
A 2 11 PDR, Preliminary Design Report as described further in Section B of this Manual. A 2 12 PEP,Project Execution Plan,A 2 13 GCC 90, The General Conditions of Contract for use in connection with Works of Civil. Engineering Construction 6th Edition 1990 issued by the South African Institution of. Civil Engineers,A 2 14 PW 677, The departmental Conditions of Contract as published by the Department of Public. Works mainly applicable to Building Contracts,A 2 15 PW 772. The Department s Preliminaries etc forming part of Bills of Quantities. A 2 16 PW 371, The Department s Specification of Materials and Methods to be Used.
A 2 17 PRM Forms, A system of pro forma documents used by the Department for Project Management. A 3 THE EMPLOYER, The Employer for the work is the Director General National Department of Public. Works or his authorised representative The Consulting Engineer will deal with the. Employer through the Departmental Project Manager as set out in this manual. A 4 APPOINTMENT, The letter of invitation to perform professional services generally referred to as the. letter of appointment together with the associated annexures forms a binding. contract between the Department and the Consulting Engineering Firm the moment. the Consultant accepts the invitation to perform professional services in writing. The Consultant and the Departmental Project Manager will initial each page at the. bottom right hand corner as well as all changes amendments if applicable made to. the original contract documentation,A 5 THE AGREEMENT. Where the Department s standard letter of appointment forms the basis of the. commission the Consultant is required to execute the work in accordance with this. manual and with such supplementary instructions as the Department may issue from. time to time In cases where a special agreement is entered into this will state any. variations in procedure which may be required, The standard appointment letter consists of the following.
The appointment letter itself,Section A General Conditions and Information. Section B Reimbursement tariffs for typing printing duplicating work and. forwarding, Section C Travelling and subsistence arrangements and tariffs on Charges. Section D Indemnification of the Department by firms with limited liability. Section E Conditions applicable to the appointment of firms in association. Section X1 Extent of civil engineering appointment. Section X2 Professional fees in respect of civil engineers appointment. Appendix N Briefing document if applicable, After appointment the Consultant shall draw up a Project Execution Plan PEP. indicating cashflows as well as work program This document once approved will. form part of the agreement, Remuneration tables referred to in the appointment letter are available on the. Departmental website i e http www publicworks gov za. A 6 THE BRIEFING MEETING, After acceptance of the appointment the Consultant is required to arrange a.
consultation briefing meeting with the Departmental Project Manager At this stage. the Consultant shall advise the Department which partner director will be responsible. for controlling the service Minutes of this meeting must be kept and forwarded to the. Departmental Project Manager,A 7 APPROVAL,A 7 1 Official Approval. The Consulting Engineer may not proceed from one stage to another without the. written approval of the Departmental Project Manager He must obtain prior approval. before undertaking any survey soil testing travelling etc See also Section A 13 in. this regard,A 7 2 Approval by a Client User Department. Approval of any proposals either verbally or in writing by a Client User Department is. not binding on the Director General and does not relieve the Consultant in any way of. the responsibility for obtaining written approval of any proposals from the. Departmental Project Manager,A 8 THE CLIENT USER DEPARTMENT. The designated occupant s user s of a facility is are the Client or User. Department s Any discussions between the Consultant and the Client User. Department must be arranged through the Departmental Project Manager Any. requests from Client User Departments for amendments to the approved design. must be referred by the Client User Department to the Departmental Project. Manager and his written authority obtained before such additions alterations can be. incorporated in the design proposals,A 9 PROGRESS REPORTS. To control the strict adherence to the time schedule required for compliance with the. documentation programme laid down in terms of the letter of appointment or as. provided at the briefing the Consultant is required throughout the design and. documentation stages to render to the Department progress reports to the last. working day of each month on the form Annexure A1 PRM014 6. In completing the form special attention must be drawn to any delays or changes in. the estimated cost of the service and the cause thereof. A 10 FINANCIAL CONTROL,A 10 1 General, Financial control is done on a dual basis i e construction execution costs and.
professional fees which include travelling cost supervision etc. A 10 2 Departmental Budget, The Department makes a cost provision for each of its projects for budgeting. purposes The Consultant is required to design the project as economically as. A 10 3 Approved Cost Limit, When the various stages of the project are approved an estimate of cost will. concurrently be approved and the Consultant is required to adhere strictly to this cost. limit subject to escalation in costs or such deviation as approved by the Departmental. Project Manager Such estimates shall include preliminary and general costs and an. estimate of Contract Price Adjustment based on the formula below but exclude any. amounts for professional fees travelling supervision etc for which the Department. will make its own allowance,CPA 85 x i x TP x T 2 3. Where i Estimated rate of inflation,TP Tender Price estimate. T Time for completion months, The Consultant must ensure that the design is comprehensive as no allowance shall.
be made for any contingencies,A 11 QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN. Consultants appointed by the Department shall confirm in writing with the. Departmental Project Manager that they have a Quality Assurance Plan to ensure. that the designs carried out are to an acceptable standard Their Quality Assurance. Plan shall be compliant with the stipulations of the latest edition of SABS ISO 9001. SANS 9001 specifications, Special preference shall be given to firms who have SABS ISO 9001 SANS 9001. accreditation or SABS ISO 9001 SANS 9001 compliant quality control systems. It is the intention of the Department to make accreditation in terms of SABS ISO 9001. SANS 9001 a prerequisite for Consultants to be admitted to the Consultants Roster. by the year 2008,A 12 CONSULTANT TEAM,A 12 1 Appointment of other Consultants. The architects quantity surveyors other engineering disciplines and any other. specialists involved in the project are separately appointed by the relevant. Departmental Project Managers and are briefed by them in respect of their scope of. work terms of agreement departmental standards and technical aspects of their. A 12 2 Liaison with Consultants, In terms of their several agreements all consultants are required to liaise closely with. one another during all stages of the project and to keep each other fully informed of. all relevant developments This liaison will be done via the Departmental Project. Manager Direct liaison between consultants will only take place as determined by. the Departmental Project Manager In cases where a Lead Consultant Principal. Agent is appointed the Departmental Project Manager can delegate certain liaison. and co ordination functions to the Lead Consultant Principal Agent Designs must. be co ordinated with that of the other members of the design team where applicable. before submission of proposals The Consultant shall not accept instructions from. other consultants with regard to design standards the extent of his brief and changes. to approved proposals without the prior approval of the Departmental Project. Co ordination between consultants must be such that work is not duplicated as the. Department will not remunerate twice for the same work. A 12 3 Responsibility of Civil and Structural Engineers. The Department expects that the issue of responsibility liability between the Civil. and Structural Engineer s be without ambiguity before a construction contract is. At the first briefing meeting the Departmental Project Manager will spell out the. different responsibilities of the civil and structural engineer. To clarify the above the Department would hold the structural engineer responsible. for the design performance of building s even if earthworks were carried out under. the footprint of the structure Therefore it is the prerogative of the structural. engineer to verify accept work done under the earthworks phase of the contract. The Civil Engineer will be responsible for the balancing of earthwork quantities and. the Structural Engineer will be responsible for the bearing capacity and related. specifications of earthworks under the footprint of a structure. The Consultant is the Private Consulting Civil Engineer or Consulting Civil Engineering Firm appointed by the Department in terms of the Letter of Appointment to execute the work for which this Manual of Procedure is intended A 2 6 Principal Agent Lead Consulting Engineer

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