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7 ORGANIZED TEAM PRACTICE, The starting date for official before and after school Girls Water Polo practice is Saturday November. 8 MAXIMUM CONTESTS, San Diego CIF Girls Water Polo teams will be permitted to compete in a season maximum of twenty. points each contest counts as one and each tournament or invitational counts as two plus two. interscholastic scrimmages Teams are limited to a maximum of three tournaments. 9 COMPETITION DATES, November 24 2015 First possible interscholastic scrimmage. November 25 2015 First possible interscholastic contest. February 12 2016 Last possible pre playoff competition. 10 ETHICS IN SPORTS POLICY, Coaches are reminded of the ETHICS IN SPORTS Policy. EJECTION POLICY, Any player whose conduct merits ejection from a game by an official for acts of gross unsportsmanlike.
conduct shall be disqualified from participating in the remainder of the game and will be subject to the. following penalties, In all sports with the exception of football the penalty will be ejection from that contest and a 3 or 6. game match suspension in the sport of football the penalty will be ejection from that contest and a 3. game suspension, Any athlete ejected for act of this nature is required to meet with the CIFSDS Commissioner or. Assistant Commissioner at an agreed upon time prior to returning to play. Ejections for reasons other than gross unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a penalty of ejection. from that contest and a one 1 game match suspension A one game suspension may not be. After the suspension from play the student may only return after certification by the school principal. or his her designee that the student s has completed a conference with a school administrator The. appropriate form indicating the completion of the conference must be filed with the San Diego Section. office prior to rejoining the team rejoining the team is in reference to competition not practice. A second ejection from a game or contest will cause the student to be suspended for the remainder of. the season Participation of a player who was ejected from a previous contest who knowingly or. unknowingly participates in the next contest will result in the forfeiture of that contest. Players are permitted to practice with the team and attend contests but not in game uniform during. the period of suspension, A copy of the revised policy must be signed by each coach athlete and parent guardian before. attending or participating in a contest The signed copies are to be filed at each school site and each. Principal is to forward a compliance form to the CIFSDS Office. NOTE Compliance form due dates are as follows, Fall Sports September 1 2015 Winter Sports November 23 2015 Spring Sports March 1 2016. 11 REMINDER COACHING COMPENSATION CIF STATE BYLAW 507. A coach shall not be reimbursed for coaching services from any source other than the school funds. without the approval of the school s governing board nor be subject to any bonus arrangement. dependent upon the success of the school s team,12 COACHING CERTIFICATION.
Reminder that all coaches paid or unpaid must be certified in coaching education Coaches may. become certified online for a fee of 52 00 or in a classroom setting by one of California s instructors. For information go to State CIF website www cifstate org and click on one of the following links. 26T U U U U26T,About CIF Coaching Education Program. CIF NFHS Online Coaching Education Course 52 00 per coach. 13 SANCTIONED TOURNAMENT INVITATIONAL EVENTS, CIFSDS SANCTIONING CIFSDS will sanction tournaments invitationals when invited schools are. from California Arizona Nevada Oregon Alaska Hawaii Canada or Mexico and or from non. border states when invited schools are eight 8 or fewer or invited states are five 5 or fewer New. CIFSDS sanction application is on website www cifsds org Tournaments 26TU U U U26 T. CIFSDS sanction is necessary for all tournaments at all levels Varsity JV Frosh and Club. Tournament Invitational Directors must provide the assignment secretary with a sanction number. issued by CIFSDS office before officials may be assigned Please check the CIFSDS website under. Tournaments at www cifsds org for approved sanction numbers. 26TU U U U26T, REMINDER Sanctioning deadline for CIFSDS applications for fall sports is June 1 winter sports are. September 1 and spring sports are December 1 25 sanction fee A 100 late fee will be assessed. after the deadline for a total of 125, NFHS SANCTIONING Sanction requests involving more than five 5 non border states or more than. eight 8 schools from non border states and or schools from foreign countries excluding Canada. and Mexico must be sanctioned online through NFHS For sanctioning procedures go to. www nfhs org NFHS will notify the CIFSDS office when sanctioning process is completed for CIFSDS. 26TU U U U26 T, schools and will post approved events on their website.
Please call the CIFSDS office 858 292 8165 x11 or email carltoncifsds gmail com if you have any U 26T U U U26 T. 14 PLAYOFF FORMAT, The 2015 2016 San Diego CIF Girls Water Polo playoffs will be conducted in four divisions Open. Division I II III Teams will be placed in competitive divisions by the CIFSDS Office using Power. Rankings to rank teams,15 PLAYOFF DATES, Tentative dates for the 2015 2016 San Diego CIF Girls Water Polo playoffs are. UU February 13 Seeding at 8 00 A M CIFSDS Office room TBA. First Round, Dimensions of pool shall meet rules book standards Games to be played at home site of higher seed. DII DIII Tuesday February 16,DI Wednesday February 17. Quarterfinals,DIII Thursday February 18,DII Friday February 19.
DI Saturday February 20 A M,Open Saturday February 20 P M. Semifinals,DIII Monday February 22,DII Tuesday February 23. DI Wednesday February 24,Open Thursday February 25. Saturday February 27 2016 at Coggan Pool La Jolla HS. Division III at 12 00 noon Division II at 2 30 p m Division I at 5 00 p m and Open 7 30 p m. 16 OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION RULES INTERPRETATIONS ASSIGNMENT SECRETARY. For information regarding the San Diego Water Polo Officials Association please contact. David Tiffany President at 12dtiffany gmail com,26TU U U U26T. Bruce Morehouse Assignment Secretary at 619 258 9938 or morehouseb cox net 26T U U UU26 T. 17 REMINDER Tournament Invitational management will negotiate tournament fees with the officials. association Do not request officials for tournaments until a fee negotiation has taken place. 18 HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM, The CIF San Diego Section is beginning its 19th year of a High School Sports Sponsorship Program to.
help offset the ever increasing costs of conducting section championships in all sports The purpose of. the program is to seek and solicit support financial products or services from individuals. organizations and or businesses desiring to sponsor CIFSDS activities whereby the CIFSDS provides. specific sponsorship acknowledgment The goal of the High School Sports Sponsorship Program is to. have each of the 24 section approved sports sponsored by a wide range of the San Diego community. For an application or more information on the sports sponsorship program please contact the CIF San. Diego Section office or visit our website at www cifsds org. 26TU U U U26 T,Attachments Coach AD 3 All Others 1. Distribution Girls Water Polo Coach,Athletic Director. Conference Presidents Schedulers,David Tiffany SDWPOA President. Dick Draz and Brian Wilbur Tournament Directors,Bruce Morehouse SDWPOA Assigner. Roger Blake Ron Nocetti State CIF Office,Randy Franke Coggan Pool La Jolla High School.
Partners Sponsors of State CIF CIF San Diego Section. Title Sponsor CIF San Diego Section,State CIF Supporting Sponsors. State CIF Supporting Sponsors,CIF San Diego Section Sponsors Partners. Official Media Partner,Supporting Sponsors,CIF San Diego Section Official Ball Sponsor. CIF San Diego Section Official Restaurant Sponsor,CIF San Diego Section Cymer Scholars Sponsor. CIF San Diego Section Football Sponsor,CIF San Diego Section Photographer.
CIF San Diego Section Official Partners,CIF San Diego Section Supporting Sponsors. Laces Running Co Richard and Paula Davila,Rob Bryson Torrey Pines Men s Club. Carl Goff Terry McIntyre,Liz Mullarkey Dale Sehnaz Endreson. HL Corporation North County Basketball Officials,Pacific Baseball Umpires Laces. Polo Ball for the 2015 San Diego CIF Girls Water Polo Playoffs NOTE Please ensure any water polo ball used in CIF competition has the NFHS authentication mark 4 U 2015 16 RULES BOOK Enclosed for the varsity head coach is a complimentary copy of the 20152016 National Federation Swimming and Diving Water Polo Rule Book It is the official rulebook for the CIF and will govern all

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