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1 A bus is travelling between points A and D There are bus stops at A B C and D but the bus does. not stop at B and C Fig 1 1 is a speed time graph for the bus. 0 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0, a Describe the motion of the bus between each of the bus stops Select the appropriate. description from the list below,constant acceleration decreasing acceleration. increasing acceleration moving backwards at constant speed. moving forwards at constant speed stationary,1 between A and B. 2 between B and C,3 between C and D, b The average speed of the bus between A and D is 23 km h. Calculate the distance between A and D,distance 3, c The bus stops at D for 1 min and then travels at a constant acceleration for 30 seconds.
On Fig 1 1 sketch a possible graph for this additional motion Label X when the bus starts to. accelerate and label Y for 30 seconds later 3,UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19. 2 Fig 2 1 shows a model fire engine Its brakes are applied. model fire engine,containing water tank,jet of water. 0 80 kg of water is emitted in the jet every 6 0 s at a velocity of 0 72 m s relative to the model. a Calculate the change in momentum of the water that is ejected in 6 0 s. momentum 2, b Calculate the magnitude of the force acting on the model because of the jet of water. c The brakes of the model are released, State and explain the direction of the acceleration of the model. Explanation, d In c the model contains a water tank which is initially full.
State and explain any change in the magnitude of the initial acceleration if the brakes are first. released when the tank is nearly empty,Explanation. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19 Turn over, 3 Fig 3 1 shows solar cells used to generate electrical energy. a State the main form of energy transferred from the Sun to the solar cells for the generation of. electrical energy, b Consider the generation of electrical energy by a large number of solar cells as shown in. i State one environmental advantage and one environmental disadvantage. disadvantage, ii State and explain whether this source of electrical energy is renewable. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19, c Each group of solar cells is arranged in a rectangle 1 2 m 2 8 m The solar cells are situated.
in a region where 260 W of solar energy is received per square metre of the cells The. electrical output of each group of solar cells is a current of 2 5 A with a potential difference of. Calculate the efficiency of the solar cells,efficiency 4. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19 Turn over, 4 a State and explain in terms of molecules any change in the pressure of a gas when the. volume is reduced at a constant temperature,Explanation. b Complete Table 4 1 to give the relative order of magnitude of the expansion of gases liquids. and solids for the same increase of temperature,Write one of these words in each blank space. gas liquid solid,expands most,expands least,UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19.
5 a i A liquid is heated so that bubbles of its vapour rise to the surface and molecules escape. to the atmosphere,State the name of this process 1. ii At a lower temperature than in a i molecules escape from the surface to the. atmosphere,State the name of this process 1, b i Fig 5 1 shows apparatus used to determine the power output of a heater. thermometer,electric heater,metal block, The metal block has a mass of 2 7 kg The metal of the block has a specific heat capacity. of 900 J kg C, In 2 min 30 s the temperature of the block increases from 21 C to 39 C. Calculate the power of the heater, ii State and explain a precaution that can be taken to improve the accuracy of the.
experiment,Explanation,UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19 Turn over. 6 a Fig 6 1 shows a water wave in a ripple tank, i State the name of the process that occurs as the wave moves from region A to region B. ii Suggest a cause for the change in direction of the wave. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19,b Fig 6 2 shows a transverse wave. displacement, On Fig 6 2 draw a wave which has half the amplitude and a greater frequency than the wave. c A train travels along steel rails A person waiting at a station hears the sound of the train. through the rails before he hears the sound through the air. i Explain why this happens,ii The speed of sound in the rails is 5800 m s.
Calculate the wavelength of sound of frequency 1100 Hz travelling at this speed. wavelength 2,UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19 Turn over, 7 a In Fig 7 1 a converging lens projects a sharp image of an object O on to a screen. Complete the paths of the two rays from the object to the screen. converging lens, b The converging lens in a is replaced with a thinner converging lens The object O and the. screen remain in the same positions as in a The thinner converging lens has a longer focal. length than the converging lens in a, Complete the paths of the two rays from the object to the screen in Fig 7 2. thinner converging lens,c A converging lens is used as a magnifying glass. The focal length of the lens is 10 cm, i Describe the position of the object in relation to the lens.
ii Describe the position of the image in relation to the lens and the object. iii Give three properties of the image formed by a magnifying glass. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19, 8 a A conducting sphere is mounted on an insulating stand Explain how you would use a. positively charged rod of insulating material to charge the sphere by induction. b Fig 8 1 shows an electronic component, State the name of the component shown in Fig 8 1 1. c In the space below write down the truth table for a NAND gate. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19 Turn over, d Fig 8 2 shows the connections to two logic gates. Table 8 1 shows part of the truth table for the arrangement of logic gates in Fig 8 2. Complete Table 8 1 for the input values shown,intermediate. inputs output,UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19, 9 a Describe how to demagnetise a bar magnet using alternating current a c in a coil.
b Fig 9 1 shows a simple direct current d c motor,d c power supply. split ring,commutator, i Explain the purpose of the split ring commutator. ii The voltage of the power supply is increased,State the effect this has on the motor. UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19 Turn over, 10 Fig 10 1 shows a circuit containing a filament lamp of resistance 0 30 and two resistors each of. resistance 0 20, a Calculate the combined resistance of the lamp and the two resistors.
resistance 3, b The potential difference p d of the supply is increased so that the current in the lamp. State and explain any change in the resistance of the lamp. Explanation,UCLES 2019 0625 42 M J 19, 11 a A radon 222 nucleus contains 86 protons and 136 neutrons It decays by emitting an. particle and becomes a nucleus of an isotope of polonium The symbol for radon is Rn and. the symbol for polonium is Po,Write down the nuclide equation for this decay. b Carbon 14 is radioactive with a half life of 5700 years An animal bone is dug up in an. archaeological excavation The quantity of carbon 14 in the bone is 25 of what it was when. the bone was buried, Calculate the time that has elapsed since it was buried. PHYSICS 0625 42 Paper 4 Theory Extended May June 2019 1 hour 15 minutes Candidates answer on the Question Paper No Additional Materials are required READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write your centre number candidate number and name on all the work you hand in Write in dark blue or black pen You may use an HB pencil for any diagrams or graphs

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