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Dear food lovers, Welcome to the inaugural issue of CHEFS of De Dietrich. s your companion who shares the With the ever changing diverse culinary scene in. same passion for fine cuisines De Singapore what has remained constant are the culinary. Dietrich is proud to present the prowess and passions of these chefs to their craft who. country s top 15 award winning chefs and continue to impress and surprise discerning palates. their most sought after recipes Discover It is with this same passion and dedication that the De. the philosophies of these amazing chefs as Dietrich history began more than 300 years ago in Alsace. they share with us their remarkable journeys France to continuously offer its very best to the world with. to the peak the inspirations behind their products of quality innovation design and performance. finest culinary creations and their unrelenting These are the very same values that we continue to. pursuits to offer you the best gastronomical build on today creating distinctive kitchen appliances to. experiences in their dining establishments inspire these culinary masters who continue to amaze us. with their extraordinary culinary creations be it western. Asian or fusion,To the 15 masterchefs who have generously opened. their hearts and kitchens to us we salute you for your. dedication and contribution to Singapore s sophisticated. fine dining scene Most importantly we couldn t be, happier that you have chosen De Dietrich as your partner. in your culinary explorations, I invite all readers to join us as we savour every delectable. morsel these master chefs have prepared using their. favourite De Dietrich appliances Discover how you can. prepare the same award winning dishes in your own,kitchen to share with your family and friends.
Bon app tit,Yours faithfully,Patrice Charbon,Managing Director. Brandt Asia Pte Ltd,www dedietrich com sg,The Colour Matrics Oven. Chef Julien Bompard,Chef Michael Muller,12 Chef Martin Woo. freshest at its best,The Steam Oven,18 Chef Sebastian Goh. 22 Chef Fr d ric Colin,26 Chef Yong Bing Ngen,best of both worlds.
The Combi Microwave Oven,32 Chef Gunther Hubrechsen. 36 Chef Yoshiyuki Nobukawa,40 Chef Milind Sovani,black magic. The Continuum Induction Hob,46 Chef Edward Voon,50 Chef Luca Pezzera. 54 Chef Shawn Armstrong,perfect brew,The Espresso Coffee Machine. 60 Chef Gabriele Piegaia,64 Chef Pang Kok Keong,68 Chef Diego Chiarini.
72 Authorised De Dietrich Distributors, Publisher Edipresse Singapore Pte Ltd 11C Mount Sophia 01 16 Singapore 228467. Telephone 6323 1606 Fax 6323 1692 E mail general singaporetatler com Managing Director Gilbert Cheah. Director Special Projects Phillip Hong Editor Joseph Lim Contributor Y I Phoon Designer Nicholas Lim. Photography Koh Boon Wei Beebox Location thanks to Fide Living Traffic Manager Grace Lim. CEO Edipresse Asia Barrie Goodridge,The Colour Matrics Oven. It s not hard being at the top of your game home chef. that is With De Dietrich s Colour Matrics Oven you are really at. the helm of the kitchen Everything in this sleek aesthetically. pleasing device is simplified no need for thick manuals and. catatonic stares when things go wrong The world s first Colour. Matrics Oven has an intelligent touch screen electronic display. to access and execute cooking functions in mere moments. And if low temperature cooking is your indulgence the new. De Dietrich ovens equipped with the slow cooking feature. are your best bet The Intelligent Control System ICS in your. De Dietrich oven eschews the guesswork of figuring out. placement of dish duration temperature and all other. inputs And thanks to the automatic control coupled with the. interactive touch control screen you can transform the simplest. ingredients into lip smacking goodness or create cakes that. Martha Stewart would approve of The self cleaning feature. also means hassle free maintenance Now everyday is a party. Julien Bompard,frenchdistinction Le Saint Julien,Chef Julien Bompard has been. in the culinary profession for,about 20 years and it shows But. it s not because of the way he,looks rather it s because of the.
way he cooks, his 39 year old multiple award What keeps me going knowledge the respect that people. winning French chef dishes out is my main motivation have for him and his modesty. French food with finesse at his which is also my reward The Italian born Kostner who. riverfront restaurant Le Saint Julien I love bringing has lived in Thailand for 40 years. His cuisine background comes happiness to my guests heads the culinary team at what is. from stellar establishments such as through giving them widely regarded as the world s best. Hong Kong s top French restaurant the fruits of my hotel overseeing about 150 cooks in. Gaddi s at The Peninsula Hotel and best efforts addition to his other duties such as. one of Asia s most reputed French,restaurants Le Normandie at The. Oriental Bangkok In fact Bompard,is a two time winner of the prestigious. Five Star Diamond Award as One,of the Best Chefs in the World. handed out by American Academy,Hospitality Sciences.
I ve worked under several,notable chefs such as Alain. Dutournier of Carre des Feuillants a,Paris restaurant named by Frommer s. as a bastion of perfection an,enclave of haute gastronomy Louis. Outhier of L Oasis on the Cote d Azur,near Cannes and the three Michelin. star master chef Jacques Lameloise,in Burgundy France They have all.
taught me many of the lessons that,I pass on to my people these days. Another very important chef,for me is Mr Norbert Kostner of The. Oriental To me he is the most,impressive chef in terms of his. 4 CHEFS of De Dietrich CHEFS of De Dietrich 5,creating premium in flight menus for. the German airline Lufthansa,Filet d agneau en feuilletage aux.
Bompard too knows a thing or, two about staying power He tells olives de Nyons Lamb loin baked. us I ve always been interested in pastry with Nyons olives. in cooking and very simply my,Ingredients Serves 6 persons. philosophy is to do everything well,2 pcs lamb loin. whether the task is big or small Dash of crushed pepper and salt. What keeps me going is my main Splash of olive oil. motivation which is also my reward 300g puff pastry sheet. I love bringing happiness to my 1 egg, guests through giving them the fruits 12 pcs Nyons olives. of my best efforts 50ml Nyons olive oil, These efforts are classic 6 servings tomato concass e.
6 servings lamb sauce from Le Saint Julien,Burgundy dishes with a lighter twist. to suit the local weather such as,his signature lobster bisque with sea. Trim the lamb loin if necessary and season with,scallops and roast Huppe duck. the crushed black pepper and sea salt,with foie gras Offers Bompard I. Heat a frying pan with olive oil,really like working with duck both.
Sear strongly each side of the lamb loin and,wild and farm bred as it can be. cooked many ways Of course the,Lay the puff pastry and roll the lamb loin to. most important thing is to use only,cover it repeat for the next loin then set aside. the very best products and prepare,Boil the lamb sauce. them in a premium way,Prepare the tomato concass e.
I also think that it s important to,Brush the puff pastry with the egg wash. respect the classics and maintain,Bake in a pre heated oven at 200 degrees. a harmony between tradition,Celsius for about 9 mins. and innovation which is why my,Bring the lamb sauce to boil and add the Nyons. restaurant brings back French cuisine,olive oil and olives.
from several decades ago into the,Allow the lamb to rest for 5 mins before serving. modern dining scene,Indeed much of his cooking, features traditional ingredients Tartiflette Cheese and. designed to reproduce the original Reblochon Gratin. flavours of France such as yellow low temperature cooking oven. Ingredients Serves 6 persons, wine and Provencal herbs Honey by De Dietrich that Bompard calls. I chose these dishes to 1200g potatoes peeled, is also a great ingredient and show how the superb amazing It will easily match the. 500g onions chopped, very interesting to use Bompard temperature control of demands of a professional chef he 1 slice smoked bacon diced.
mentions adding that he often gets a De Dietrich oven can explains But one should really take 400ml white wine. inspired by what s in season to think maintain the quality of the time to read the instructions and 1 pcs Reblochon type of French cheese. up new recipes premium ingredients understand all the features it will 50g butter. While French cooking can be and draw out their full change your way of cooking Salt pepper. terribly complicated and meticulous potential and flavours This oven the chef adds is ideal. Bompard is an advocate of keeping for creating the two recipes he has Method. things simple while maintaining provided Lamb loin baked in pastry Boil the potato in salted water until cooked. consistent quality In 2006 the chef can easily prepare food for small with Nyons olives and a Reblochon Place the butter into a saucepan and bring the. wrote the Editions Didier Millet book parties without messing up cheese gratin I chose these dishes heat to medium then add the chopped onions. French Classics Modern Kitchen your kitchen to show how the superb temperature and diced bacon stir constantly until translucent. where traditional recipes along with For a new professional kitchen control of a De Dietrich oven can Remove the skin of the reblochon and dice it. useful tips and time saving shortcuts that he is building Bompard says maintain the quality of premium Pour the white wine over the bacon and onion. are featured he has chosen to use De Dietrich ingredients and draw out their full and bring to simmer. A convection oven too he tells appliances as their functions are potential and flavours he says Add the reblochon cubes and the potatoes. us is a great convenience Every very modern and the levels of Cuisine bourgeois perhaps but and transfer to a gratin dish. Western kitchen has a convection precision excellent in addition they Bompard s honest approach to fine Bake in oven for 15 mins at 180. oven It is a very handy appliance are user friendly so they can be used dining as he calls it is as sincere degrees Celsius. when you have company Once you at home and also by professionals as how he cooks and presents the Serve immediately. know how to use your oven well you The new kitchen will include a dishes from his heart. 6 CHEFS ofDe,DeDietrich,Dietrich CHEFS of De Dietrich 7. Michael Muller,epicureanheights I, t is impossible to ignore Chef Michael palette has thrown some challenges at. Muller s megawatt smile and piercing him In order to appease to the local. blue eyes when you first meet him clientele he s seasoned his food with a. Coupled with his cheery disposition lighter hand so French cuisine can be. Meet a chef who crafts superb French and warm personal style you at once. become at ease The 32 year old chef,better appreciated He adds France is. a much colder country than Singapore, cuisine to match the stunning panoramic has been chef de cuisine of Jaan since so you can definitely work up an appetite. 2003 And if you think French people are to consume rich French food When I. cityscapes viewed from the 70th floor of reserved well Muller is quite the opposite came to Singapore I definitely had to. Swiss tel The Stamford Singapore He s utterly gregarious and loves to crack. jokes with wait staff and members of his,kitchen team Best of all his conversation.
comes interspersed with colloquial lahs Aside from his. and mahs and he knows he s an ang contagious charm he s. moh foreigner truly a chef enamoured, Here is a chef who is adept in the by the pursuit of. kitchen as he is at breaking the ice with culinary perfection. strangers Aside from his contagious,charm he s truly a chef enamoured by. the pursuit of culinary perfection After, all he was trained for three years under be mindful about local tastes and the. famed Alain Reix of Le Jules Verne at attitude towards French cuisine It was. Eiffel Tower in Paris In addition he has a challenge for me but I took it with a. traversed to exotic locales such as positive attitude. Carribean and Luxembourg to hone his And it is his positive attitude and his. culinary skills hardworking team that really gets him. During his promotional trip inspired to create new dishes On his. to Singapore in 2003 under the free time he surfs the net and reads. accompaniment of Alain Reix he fell in cookbooks to get the creative juices. love with the country and decided to call flowing He even finds time to hang out. it home Fast forward to 2008 Muller has with other chefs to exchange ideas and. built up a firm reputation with his patrons update on cooking trends. In fact one such doting patron thanked Muller s curiosity isn t limited to just. Muller for the meal during our interview exquisite ingredients He mentions that. But Singapore s climate and local kitchen appliances are utmost important. Jaan s interior,8 CHEFS of De Dietrich CHEFS of De Dietrich 9. when creating dishes that really stand work to ensure every dish leaves the. out He enthuses De Dietrich has come kitchen well presented needs to be. 6 CHEFS of De Dietrich 7 low temperature cooking oven by De Dietrich that Bompard calls amazing It will easily match the demands of a professional chef he explains But one should really take the time to read the instructions and understand all the features it will change your way of cooking This oven the chef adds is

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