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Human Resource Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage 11e Instructor s Manual. Workforce Management,Employee Labor Relations, Human Resource Certification Institute s A Guide to the HR Body of. This chapter contains content which may be identified within the following content areas. Business Management Strategy,Workforce Planning and Employment. Human Resource Development,Compensation and Benefits. Employee and Labor Relations,Other Classroom Materials CONNECT. There are CONNECT exercises available through McGraw Hill which can greatly assist student. preparation for class and understanding of chapter concepts Instructors may wish to structure the. class where students must complete the CONNECT exercises prior to class thus further reinforcing. material and allowing instructors to expand and challenge student understanding during class time. CONNECT exercises may be set up to be time based requiring students to practice chapter. materials for a specific timeframe It is the instructors discretion how they desire to include this. into the course grade but a low stakes grading system based on completion is suggested to help. encourage student usage while minimizing penalties for mistakes during completion. The following activities are available in Connect for this chapter. Case Analysis HRM Strategy Linkage,Case Analysis Strategic Types HRM Needs.
Click Drag Directional Strategies HRM,Click Drag HRM Practices. Click Drag Strategy Formulation,Click Drag Connecting HRM with Strategic Planning. Guidance to Discussion Questions and End of Chapter Sections. Discussion Question 1 Answers may vary widely and so the instructor may wish to ensure. rationale follows from strategy to human capital For example if a defensive strategy is identified. then human capital should be positioned to focus on defense Instructors should also look to seek. rationale behind strengths and weaknesses and note the correct or incorrect identification. Discussion Question 2 Instructors may look to play devil s advocate depending on the student s. response Larger organizations may have issues with bureaucracy but have the resources to. support large HR initiatives Smaller organizations on the other hand may be flexible and more. open to change but not necessarily have the resources. Discussion Question 3 Students should be able to present rationale that aligns the consistent HR. practices with the strategy while identifying how the inconsistent practices didn t align and may. have hurt the organization An example might be policy on the importance of employees but poor. Copyright 2019 McGraw Hill Education All rights reserved No reproduction or distribution. without the prior written consent of McGraw Hill Education. Human Resource Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage 11e Instructor s Manual. or lack of training and low wages This question may be integrated with the Self Assessment. Exercise for more robust classroom discussion, Discussion Question 4 Students may identify that a strategic management within the HRM. department leads to leadership recognition of such decisions and thus a role in company strategic. management process and b strategic management within HRM department provides the. foundation for the department to contribute, Discussion Question 5 Students should be able to recall the Competencies of HR Professionals. from Chapter 1 and identify some of these skill sets Some areas would be college certification. programs and experience within companies, Discussion Question 6 Any number of variables may be identified some previously discussed in.
Chapter 1 Students should be able to rationalize those changes and their impact on HRM functions. For example the aging workforce changes healthcare and minimum wage laws may impact. compensation and benefits practices Focus should be on their ability to identify trends in the. external environment and apply them to HRM practices. Exercising Strategy,Southwest Airlines Comes of Age. 1 Responses may vary but students may identify the pricing strategy the position if they. have flown or are familiar with Southwest or the employee relations All or some of these. may be acceptable given question number 2, 2 Students should be able to identify increasing competition and continued labor employee. relations as issues Responses to both 1 and 2 will probably be interrelated. 3 Student responses will vary dramatically however should discuss the different HR practices. discussed within the chapter with illustrations as to how it would correct the problems. Students may employ table 2 3 in their responses Further they may identify how current. employees may be utilized to solve problems while developing new approaches to services. Managing People,How Should Dell Respond to the HP Challenge. 1 The instructor may wish to draw attention to Dell s strategy of a direct sales model which. needed to emphasize both customer service and quality in both consumer and business. sales It would seem that Dell s position has been eroded due to competitive pressure and. weakness of customer service and computer quality Further leadership has been. stumbling with no apparent leadership bench other than Dell now Thus lower price. competition drove prices lower causing issues with computer quality and customer service. Further as an example of with what to compete Dell does not seem to have much as even. with investments in R D the margins would be hurt, 2 HR could help by initially assessing where internal workforce capabilities reside in the. identified areas of leadership customer service R D and manufacturing HR could then. provide an employer of choice branding strategy to help attract and retain talent who may. be more interested in working for competitors,HR in Small Business.
Radio Flyer Rolls Forward, 1 Instructors may ask students to explore motivation and engagement issues within the. company and whether an HR manager would be able to further identify areas to engage. Copyright 2019 McGraw Hill Education All rights reserved No reproduction or distribution. without the prior written consent of McGraw Hill Education. Human Resource Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage 11e Instructor s Manual. and motivate the workforce in the U S Instructors may also ask students how the. motivation and engagement activities could then be used to brand the employer as a good. place to work Responses should focus on those areas. 2 Instructors may wish to point out that large or small people have relationships within. companies and outsourcing and the subsequent lay offs are difficult because they a sever. relationships and b cause employees to wonder if they are next Outsourcing may further. hurt the employer s brand if manufacturing is tied to the location HRM could help smooth. the transition by preparing employees for the changes identifying the appropriate. employees capabilities and advising on the process Student responses should reflect the. 3 Students may emphasize the other engagement activities reduction of carbon footprint as. another example of how Radio Flyer can leverage its learning and innovation value without. it being directly tied to the outsourced manufacturing capability Students should then. discuss how HR can help put those out for employees to see and celebrate to increase the. employer of choice brand and morale,Chapter Cases Discussion Guidance. Enter the World of Business,Amazon From Digital to Brick and Mortar. Instructors should note that at the end of Chapter 2 is a Look Back section which revisits the. Amazon case and asks 3 questions Suggested guidance for each is as follows. 1 Student responses should reflect the ability to identify how Amazon s original strategy of. cheap and sales volume aided by the internet seems to be in direct contradiction with brick. and mortar Then their responses should either note it is not because that is not how they. have become successful or it is and the response demonstrates the combination of online. and brick and mortar For example the ability to pick up food after ordering it online or. how brick and mortar may provide the ability to deliver food faster. 2 Students may identify how Amazon may not have experience within brick and mortar and. thus identify how some of the HR practices specific to the brick and mortar management. may not be possessed, 3 Answers may vary greatly but students should be able to identify either a cost based or a. differentiation based strategy,Competing through Globalization.
Lowering Costs through Offshoring, Instructors may wish to emphasize the impact on both the United States and the other country. Impacts on wages employment cost of living should all be considered Further students may. explore the ethical dilemma of the employee training the replacement as well as if there may be. potential for withholding information or even sabotage. Competing through Technology,HR for the Gig Economy. Instructors may wish to ensure students recognize how the move may be within ADP s strategic. position and competency Students may identify how the positive is the need however the return. and inconsistency associated with gig work may not generate the revenue necessary. Copyright 2019 McGraw Hill Education All rights reserved No reproduction or distribution. without the prior written consent of McGraw Hill Education. Human Resource Management 11th Edition Noe Solutions Manual. Full Download http alibabadownload com product human resource management 11th edition noe solutions manual. Human Resource Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage 11e Instructor s Manual. Integrity in Action, From Hidden Emissions to Zero Emissions Volkswagen s Correction. Student responses will vary based on their opinion Different discussion points may a identify how. over time the reputation may build as people forget b some consumers may not care c the move. helps to change some consumers minds,Competing through Sustainability. IKEA Helps Parents, Traits may include attractive compensation and benefits packages career development training.
and skill development education and certification attainment reputation and brand recognition. work life balance and company specific perquisites such as recreational rooms Larger discussion. can emphasize how an employer of choice initiative helps companies attract and retain employees. which are important to organizational strategy Responses should reflect the effectiveness of Ikea s. approaches, Copyright 2019 McGraw Hill Education All rights reserved No reproduction or distribution. without the prior written consent of McGraw Hill Education. This sample only Download all chapters at alibabadownload com. illustrate how these decisions may be informed through HRM as well as improved and enhanced for better strategy LO 2 5 and LO 2 6 provides examples of how HRM practices would be chosen to align behind different organizational strategies Throughout the discussion different HRM practices and processes and how they may contribute is defined

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