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I started this article some time ago when our world was in a different place We have all been glued to our televisions. watching the news about the Novel Coronavirus Most of us fall into the category of higher risk adults. My college basketball games have been canceled my sister in law and her husband are reconsidering their visit and. schools universities and yes even Disneyland is closing. Churches are closing for the duration and that hurts my heart If we change when and how we worship I now feel that this. is a life changing event Basketball games are inconsequential to our lives but corporate worship defines us as Christians If you. find yourself unable to attend church or even your United Methodist Women meeting or event I urge your group to keep in contact. with each other Have buddies or a phone tree send out emails or use Skype Alexa or Facebook Live among others to visually. see each other, Check out the information available on the website for http UnitedMethodistWomen org An article available there says. we feel tired drained fearful we feel anxious The world has become a scary place for many of us it has become a place of. injustice of hate of loneliness During a time such as this how can we know for sure that God continues to be among us Is the. Lord with us or not The article continues And in a time such as this God meets us where we are in the midst of our anxiety. and God takes us to the sacred place where we can experience God s presence and grace once again Yes indeed the Lord is. with us in this journey, We depend on God s love every day on his everlasting presence in our lives If you had attended the South District. Retreat at Troy United Methodist Church you would have felt his presence as Rev Robbins spoke to us We were blessed by his. outstanding message, I am hoping that we will continue to have Mission u this year It is scheduled for July 31st through August 2nd This year we. will be having a study in Anxiety using the book Finding Peace in an Anxious World The other study uses the book Pushout. and is about the criminalization of people of color In the South District I will be leading the Anxiety Study on August 4th I. encourage you to get the book in advance and sign up for the study when registration becomes open. United Methodist Women are committed to working together to create a better world for women children and youth. around the world We are the voices for those who have none It is important that we work together to keep this important work. going March 23rd was the UMW Day of Giving I encourage you to make a donation anytime to the Legacy Fund to keep this. important work going, Each of you makes a difference in my life It is my privilege to serve as your President and. I hope that through the rest of this year you will attend events hosted by the South District. The events are planned for YOU Be there,With love and blessings.
Donna Jensen President,THE JOURNEY OF BECOMING A LOCAL UMW ORGANIZATION. Step 1 On November 23 2019 an Informational Meeting was conducted by Patty Lee CTC UMW Membership Nurture. and Outreach Coordinator with a few ladies from the Journey of Faith UMC in Round Rock. Step 2 On January 11 2020 an Organized Meeting was held Donna Jensen South District UMW President Patty Lee. CTC UMW MNO Sharon Gibson South District UMW Communications Coordinator and Andy Phair member of Belton 1st UMW. attended the meeting for the Journey of Faith UMW Those in attendance from Journey of Faith UMW were President Nancy. Hobbs Secretary Treasurer Billie Ray Communications Coordinator Julie Harrison plus Taylor Harrison Gwen Kingery. Karen Nordling Charlotte Smith Krista Smith Mick Suttle and Barbara Whitehead. Patty Lee opened the meeting with a prayer and had a Prayer Calendar moment Introductions were made Donna Jensen. read the UMW Purpose She discussed events Legislative Event Sing a Rainbow Spiritual Growth Retreats etc and discussed. the organization leadership team pledge mission projects response Magazine and Program Book Then she talked about their. OWN RESOURCES and the group participated in what they could bring to the table We stopped for lunch Then Donna gave the. program on prayer, Step 3 A form Packet for Organizing was filled out and mailed in. Step 4 On March 8 2020 during church service the Journey of Faith UMW was chartered and received their certificate. See pictures taken by Sharon Gibson South District UMW Communications Coordinator on next page. Page 2 of 18 April June 2020,Chartered March 8 2020. Billie Pastor Glenda Nancy,Donna and Patty,Donna Jensen South District UMW President. gave the program on Prayer at the JoF UMW,Organization Meeting January 11 2020.
In yellow circle Julie Harrison JoF CC Taylor Harrison. Gwen Kingery and Barbara Whitehead,CTC UMW MNO, Those in attendance from Journey of Faith UMW were President Nancy Hobbs Secretary Treasurer Billie Ray. Communications Coordinator Julie Harrison Taylor Harrison Gwen Kingery Karen Nordling. Charlotte Smith Krista Smith Mick Suttle and Barbara Whitehead mother of pastor Lots of mother daughter s in this UMW. Page 3 of 18 April June 2020,HOW I BECAME A UNITED METHODIST WOMAN. By Sharon Gibson, It was November of 1983 I was in my young 30s when R E and I had returned from a four year. tour with the Corps of Engineers in Saudi Arabia R E had a new job at WSMR NM and I became a stay at. I had missed going to the Methodist church those years overseas where we could not have any. church service In December a friend of my husband s from work invited us to attend St Paul s UMC. Christmas Program in Las Cruces I knew the moment I walked in this was going to be my church home It. looked so much like the Methodist church in Hyattsville MD where I was an active youth and everyone. was so friendly, When we attended our first Sunday service that January I met a lady who invited me to join the. Elizabeth Circle and come to the UMW General Meeting that month At that meeting they announced that. the New Mexico UMW Conference was going to have a Spiritual Growth Retreat in March up in the Lincoln. National Forest at the Sacramento Methodist Assembly site I knew He was calling me. I had never been up to the camp so R E and I took a test run to see if I could find it on my own It. was a beautiful drive and you could see God s work everywhere I was so excited to go on this retreat even. more after the drive, The day finally came and I went all by myself didn t know anyone but felt so at home when I.
arrived and after meeting all my new UMW sisters at the retreat We sang that weekend the theme song. many times Here I Am Lord I had never heard it before I cried each time we sang it I was ready for. Him to use me It was a wonderful and inspiring retreat I knew I had missed Him and the fellowship of. Christian sisters I was hooked and it s been 36 years of spiritual growth mission work learning. participating organizing volunteering fellowshipping and so much more Thank you God for that nudge. and for the United Methodist Women,Whom shall I send. Here I am Lord Is it I Lord,I have heard you calling in the night. I will go Lord if you lead me,I will hold your people in my heart. Written By Daniel Schutte,Sacramento Methodist,Sacramento Methodist Assembly. Assembly NM, Please send me your story of How you became a United Methodist Woman and share it with your.
UMW sisters in our South District UMW Newsletter Thank you. Sharon Gibson South District UMW,Communications Coordinator. gooma suddenlink net,Page 4 of 18 April June 2020, Attention Local UMW Organizations When your assigned District Shepherdess comes to visit please. send me a picture of your shepherdess with your group for the district newsletter Your 2020 District. Shepherdess is listed below if it has not been scheduled please call and invite your shepherdess. Belton First Sharon Gibson S May 19th,Belton Mt Zion Gwendolyn Caviness. Copperas Cove Grace Shirleen Chandler S June 2nd,Florence Julie Fuschak. Gatesville First Vernice Black Susan Peters S April 14th. Georgetown First Royce Aarhus,Georgetown St John s Pat Moore S June 13th.
Georgetown Wellspring Julie Fuschak, Harker Heights Vernice Black Susan Peters V March 14th. Hutto Discovery Donna Jensen,Killeen First Marion Daniels Sherry Gibbs. Killeen St Andrew s Marion Daniels Sherry Gibbs V March 24th. Leander Good News Donna Jensen,Change Mooreville Ann Eubanks. Round Rock First Rita Handley, Round Rock Journey of Faith Donna Jensen V January 11th. Round Rock St Philip s Friendship Circle Rita Handley. Salado Sharon Gibson S August 17th,Change Taylor First Pat Moore.
Temple First Donna Jensen S May 6th,Temple St James Royce Aarhus. Temple St Paul Gwendolyn Caviness,Troy Ann Eubanks. This is another way to keep in touch with your,South District UMW Leadership Team. It s all about communicating and getting to know one another. Each South District UMW Leadership Team member shall serve as the Shepherdess for two to three local UMWs and. strive to attend one meeting of each annually Per South District UMW Policy on Communications V D. S scheduled visit V visited,Sharon Gibson South District UMW. Communications Coordinator,Page 5 of 18 April June 2020.
Individual Recognition Who Gets the Forms, Burning of the Candle Fill out form by deadline make check out to CTC UMW and mail directly to. Corliss McBride,Central Texas Conference UMW Treasurer. 5618 Wilshire,Waco TX 76710, Corliss will prepare the certificates and mail them to our District Treasurer to be given out at our Annual. Meeting For questions contact Corliss McBride CTC UMW TR corlissm msn com. Five Star Individual Giver Fill out form by deadline and give to your Local UMW Treasurer who will send. it to the District Treasurer The certificate will be given to you by our District Treasurer at our Annual. Meeting For questions contact your local UMW TR or Rita Handley District TR ritakot suddenlink net. Reading Program Fill out form by deadline and give to your Local UMW Secretary of Program Resources. SPR or President if you do not have a SPR She will send all the reading forms together to the District SPR. The certificate will be given to you by our District SPR Ann Eubanks at our Annual Meeting For questions. contact your local SPR or Regina Holleman CTC UMW SPR regina holleman yahoo com or Ann Eubanks. District SPR 254 721 8591, All 2020 individual recognitions will be included in the yearly conference resource book and the district. Annual Meeting brochure if received by the deadline Forms can be found on our district webpage at. www ctcumw org south district, Our South District UMW 48th Annual Meeting will be on.
September 19 2020 at Temple 1st UMC,Program God Tea and Me. Presented by Becky Brown,South District UMW Rita Handley Treasurer and. Ann Eubanks Secretary of Program Resources,Sharon Gibson Communications Coordinator. Page 6 of 18 April June 2020,READING PROGRAM 2020,CATEGORY TITLE AUTHOR S PUBLISHER YEAR. EFM When Others Shuddered Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up Jamie Janosz Moody Publishers 2014. EFM The Pilgrim Journey A History of Pilgrimage in the Western World James Harpur BlueBridge 2016. LD Teaching Outside the Box Five Approaches to Opening the Bible with Youth Andrew Zirschky Abingdon Press 2017. LD Which Way Lord Robert Fuguay Upper Room Books 2017. LD Vital Voices The Power of Women Leading Change around the World Alyse Nelson Jossey Bass 2012. NFC RU Hooked Teens Social Media For Teens and the People Who Care About Them Jonathan Smith Tristan Publishing 2017. NFC The Aging of Aquarius Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder Helen Wilkes New Society Publishers 2018. NFC The Life Sand Ministry of Mary Webster Anne Mathews Younes E Stanley Jones Foundation 2017. NFC Glory Happening Finding the Divine in Everyday Places Kaitlin B Curtice Paraclete Press 2017. NFC Heartbeat of a Mother Encouragement for the Lifelong Journey Jane Rubietta Wesleyan Publishing House 2016. NFC Tilly and the Crazy Eights Monique Grey Smith Second Story Press 1968 2018. NFC How the Woman at the Well Became the Well Woman Donna Rhoades Memoir by Donna Rhoades 2016. NFC The End of the Island Finding Life in the Movements of Human Suffering Pain and Loss Jeffrey C Tuck Resource Publications 2016. SA Who Lynched Willie Earle Will Willimon Abingdon Press 2017. SA 6 X 10 Stories from Solitary Mateo Koke and Taylor Pendergrass Haymarket Books 2018. SA Immigration and Justice for Our Neighbors Jennifer Clarke and Mariam Downey Celery City Books 2017. SA They Will Inherit the Earth Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change John Dear Orbis 2018. SA What Comes with the Dust Gharbi M Mustafa Arcade Publishing 2018. SA Loaded Disarming the Second Amendment Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz City Lights Books 2018. SA Holding Up Your Corner Talking About Race in Your Community F Willis Johnson Abingdon Press 2017. SA Storming the Wall Climate Change Migration and Homeland Security Todd Miller City Lights Books 2017. SA The Fig Tree Revolution Unleashing Local Churches into the Mission of Justice Bill Medford Cascade Books 2017. SA Midnight Teacher Lilly Ann Granderson and Her Secret School Janet Halfmann Lee and Low Books 2018. SG Writings of John Wesley Keith Beasley Topliff Upper Room Books 1997. SG Raising World Changers in a Changing World Kristen Welch Baker Books 2018. SG We Pray With Her Encouragement for All Women Who Lead Emily Peck McClain Danyelle Trexler Jen Tyler J Paige. Temple First Donna Jensen S May 6th Temple St James Royce Aarhus Temple St Paul Gwendolyn Caviness Troy Ann Eubanks This is another way to keep in touch with your South District UMW Leadership Team It s all about communicating and getting to know one another Each South District UMW Leadership Team member shall serve as the Shepherdess for two to three local UMWs and strive to

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