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United Nations CDM Methodology Booklet November 2019 up to EB 105. Framework Convention on,Climate Change,TABLE OF CONTENTS. Acknowledgement 2,Foreword 3,Introduction 4,1 1 Methodologies and the Booklet 5. 1 2 Categorization by mitigaion activity type methodology categorization table 7. 1 3 Categorization by applied technology type measure methodology family trees 13. 1 4 Programmes of activities 22,1 5 Standardized baselines 23. 1 6 Methodologies addressing suppressed demand 24, 1 7 Methodologies having benefits for women and children 25. 1 8 Methodologies for urban sectors 26, 1 8 1 CDM methodologies applicable to city based mitigation programmes 26.
1 8 2 Standardization of parameters 27,1 9 Introduction to methodology Summary sheets 29. Icons abbreviations and glossary 32,2 1 Icons used in this booklet 33. 2 2 Abbreviations used in this booklet 37,2 3 Glossary 39. Methodologies for CDM Project activities 43, 3 1 Introduction to Methodologies for CDM project activities 44. 3 2 Methodological tools for CDM project activities 45. 3 3 Methodologies for large scale CDM project activities 51. 3 4 Methodologies for small scale CDM project activities 167. Methodologies for afforestation and reforestation A R CDM project Activities 267. 4 1 Introduction to methodologies for A R CDM project activities 268. 4 2 Methodological tools for A R CDM project activities 269. 4 3 Methodologies for large scale A R CDM project activities 271. 4 4 Methodologies for small scale A R CDM project activities 274. United Nations CDM Methodology Booklet November 2019 up to EB 105. Framework Convention on,Climate Change,ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.
2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. First edition November 2010,Second edition November 2011. Third edition May 2012,Fourth edition November 2012. Fifth edition November 2013,Sixth edition November 2014. Seventh edition November 2015,Eighth November 2016. Ninth November 2017,Tenth edition November 2018,Eleventh and current edition November 2019.
Available online https cdm unfccc int methodologies. The production of this booklet benefited from the suggestions of Secretariat. staff and thoughtful comments from several experts on the content that would. be most helpful to people wishing to find and understand methodologies. and methodological tools of interest to them In order to enhance its utility. and respond to the needs of stakeholders the Secretariat welcomes comments. and suggestions which can be emailed to CDM info unfccc int. This booklet will also be updated regularly in order to reflect changes in approved. methodologies and methodological tools The latest version of the booklet is available. on the UNFCCC website It is also possible to contact the Secretariat and request. USB sticks of the booklet,For further information contact. United Nations Climate Change Secretariat,Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1. 53113 Bonn Germany,Telephone 49 228 815 10 00,Telefax 49 228 815 19 99. secretariat unfccc int,www unfccc int, Cover Christos Anagnostopoulos CDM project 0740 Zafarana Wind Power Plant Project. Page 4 Pedro Guinle CDM project 1843 Primavera Small Hydroelectric Project. Page 32 Nic Bothma CDM project 0079 Kuyasa low cost urban housing energy upgrade project Khayelitsha Cape Town South Africa. Page 43 Mi Wenju CDM project 1320 Beijing Taiyanggong CCGT Trigeneration Project. Page 51 Adeel Halim CDM project 0826 Bagasse based Co generation Power Project at Khatauli. Page 167 Burkhard Seifert CDM project 2969 CDM LUSAKA SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT 1. Page 267 Yi Zhang Energy Systems International CDM project 0894 Xinjiang Dabancheng Sanchang First Phase Wind Farm Project. Page 271 Dwarakaa CDM project 2941 Biomass based power project at T Kallupatti village Madurai District Tamil Nadu India. Page 274 Ruben Loy CDM Project 0297 LaGeo S A de C V Berlin Geothermal Project Phase Two. Art direction and design Phoenix Design Aid A S,ISBN 978 92 9219 176 4.
United Nations CDM Methodology Booklet November 2019 up to EB 105 3. Framework Convention on,Climate Change, The international community achieved a resounding success with the new universal. climate change agreement adopted at COP21 in Paris in December 2015 The Paris. Agreement marks a historic turning point in our common journey towards a secure and. sustainable world The Paris Agreement will shape international climate policy for the. next decades It holds great challenges but also exciting transformational opportunities. driven by ambitious national action and increased international cooperation. The Paris Agreement is a catalyst for policies and action for low carbon development. climate finance technology transfer capacity building and market driven approaches. For market based approaches different types of contributions and units are available for. transfer Compatibility comparability and fungibility among these units ensures there is. no double counting and safeguards environmental integrity Internationally recognized. standards to quantify emission reductions is key for environmental integrity. Environmental integrity is crucial for the Clean Development Mechanism or CDM and. methodologies form the foundation for integrity Methodologies help establish a. project s emissions baseline or anticipated emissions if the project does not move. forward They also help monitor quantify and accurately estimate emissions once a. project is built Eligible certified emission reduction units are determined by the. difference between the baseline and actual emissions Methodologies are essential to. quantify real and accurate emission reductions Standardized baselines allow. methodologies also to cover sector wide emissions, While the necessity of methodologies is easy to understand how they are constructed is. quite complex To make standards applicable to projects from diverse sectors techno. economic situations and geographical regions they must be diverse in composition and. application This publication is designed to guide users through the complex world of. CDM methodologies, This booklet clearly summarizes mitigation methodologies available under the CDM. This can help market actors choose the right method to estimate their emission. reductions It is my firm belief and that of the team that developed this work that this. will contribute to more CDM projects where there is larger impact on sustainable. development This holds great potential to improve the livelihoods of people reduce. poverty promote better health directly benefit women and children and enhance the. regional distribution of projects which is a key desire of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol the. CDM Executive Board and this secretariat, CDM has played a critical role in promoting climate action on the ground in more than. one hundred developing countries and remains one of the most successful running. international market mechanisms It is clear from the Paris Agreement that the CDM will. continue to be an important tool in meeting the climate change challenge and this. report helps accomplish that vision,James Grabert Director.
Sustainable Development Mechanisms SDM, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. United Nations CDM Methodology Booklet November 2019 up to EB 105. Framework Convention on Chaptername Xxxzz Sample Text. Climate Change Secont Line Lorem Ipsum Dolore,CDM Methodology Booklet. INTRODUCTION, United Nations CDM Methodology Booklet November 2019 up to EB 105 5. Framework Convention on,Climate Change, This edition of the Booklet reflects the effective status of. 1 1 METHODOLOGIES AND THE methodologies and methodological tools as of November. 2019 up to EB 105 However as methodologies and, BOOKLET methodological tools may change users of the booklet.
are encouraged to consult EB meeting reports subsequent. to EB 105 to find out whether any changes have occurred. BASELINE AND MONITORING METHODOLOGIES,CONTENT OF THE BOOKLET. The Clean Development Mechanism CDM requires the, application of a baseline and monitoring methodology Each methodology is presented through a one page. in order to determine the amount of Certified Emission summary sheet which provides the following information. Reductions CERs generated by a mitigation CDM project. activity in a host country Methodologies are classified into Typical project s to which the methodology. five categories is applicable,Type s of GHG emission mitigation action. Methodologies for large scale CDM project activities Important conditions for application of the. Methodologies for small scale CDM project activities methodology. Methodologies for large scale afforestation and Key parameters that need to be determined. reforestation A R CDM project activities or monitored. Methodologies for small scale A R CDM project Visual description of baseline and project scenarios. activities, Methodologies for carbon capture and storage CCS A short textual description of each methodological tool is. project activities 1 also contained in the booklet. Methodologies often refer to methodological tools which. address specific aspects of the project activity e g to HOW TO FIND A SUITABLE METHODOLOGY. calculate Greenhouse Gas GHG emissions from specific. sources 1 CATEGORIZATION BY MITIGATION ACTIVITY TYPE. This way of looking up methodologies is according to the. PURPOSE OF THE BOOKLET relevant sectoral scopes and type of mitigation activities such. as renewable energy low carbon electricity generation. This booklet provides concise summaries of CDM energy efficiency measures fuel and feedstock switch GHG. methodologies and description of methodological tools destruction GHG emission avoidance displacement of a. approved by the CDM Executive Board Board It is arranged more GHG intensive output and GHG removal by sinks. to assist CDM project developers in identifying methodologies Project developers knowing the type of mitigation activity. that are suitable for their CDM project activities 2 The general to be implemented in their project activities can thus easily. purpose of the booklet is to help in achieving the objective identify potentially suitable methodologies. of the Board to raise awareness of CDM methodologies. 2 CATEGORIZATION BY APPLIED TECHNOLOGY TYPE MEASURE. USE OF THE BOOKLET, This second way of looking up methodologies focuses on.
The booklet is intended for use by varied audiences the technology applied in the project activity The. interested in the CDM and in particular potential CDM categorization by technology type enables project. project developers who already have an idea of the developers to identify a set of comparable methodologies. mitigation project activities they intend to implement applicable to the technology that is going to be. It facilitates the initial selection of potentially applicable implemented in their project activities. methodologies However it cannot provide detailed, guidance on specific elements of each methodology nor. replace the approved methodologies Therefore the project. developers should refer to the original methodologies 1. There are no approved methodologies for CCS project activities. available on UNFCCC CDM methodologies website 2, For the purpose of this booklet CDM project activities also refer to CDM programme of. activities, United Nations CDM Methodology Booklet November 2019 up to EB 105 6. Framework Convention on Methodologies and the Booklet. Climate Change, AFTER FINDING POTENTIALLY SUITABLE METHODOLOGIES USEFUL LINKS. After identifying potentially applicable methodologies UNFCCC CDM website. through the summary sheet users should access the full https cdm unfccc int. text of the methodologies available on the UNFCCC CDM. methodologies website It is also advisable to look at CDM methodologies submission of proposed new. information about existing CDM project activities that have methodologies and requests for clarification and revision. already applied the methodologies which is also available https cdm unfccc int methodologies index html. through this website,CDM project cycle, If there is no approved methodology applicable then one http cdm unfccc int Projects diagram html.
can propose a new methodology or request a revision of an. approved methodology or methodological tool In general CDM project activities. the new methodology option should be pursued if a project https cdm unfccc int Projects index html. activity requires methodological approaches substantially. different from an approved methodology The revision CDM programmes of activities PoA. option is suitable if an approved methodology is not https cdm unfccc int ProgrammeOfActivities index html. applicable to a project activity but the project activity. is broadly similar to the one to which the approved CDM sectoral scopes. methodology is applicable For cases where an approved https cdm unfccc int DOE scopes html. methodology is applicable to a project activity but minor. changes in the methodology application are required due CDM standardized Baselines. to the project specific circumstances requesting a deviation http cdm unfccc int methodologies standard base. of an approved methodology could be considered index html. If an approved methodology is unclear or ambiguous in its UNEP Ris CDM pipeline analysis and database. CDM has played a critical role in promoting climate action on the ground in more than one hundred developing countries and remains one of the most successful running international market mechanisms

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