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O REILLY Bernard Wild River Cassell, FLETCHER Jane Ada Little Brown Piccaninies of Tasmania John Sands. Illus Margaret Senior,REES Leslie Kurri Kurri the Kookaburra John Sands. Illus Margaret Senior, SPECIAL MENTION DAWSON Dagma Lyrebird Garden Australasian Publishing. CONSIDERED, EXCELLENT Poetry KINSELLA Claire and Donald McLEAN ed Shakespeare Head. Adventures in Poetry Illus Jill Blunt, MACKANESS Joan and George ed Frolic Fair Angus Robertson.
Illus Pixie O Harris, 1951 WINNER WILLIAMS Ruth C Verity of Sydney Town Angus Robertson. Illus Rhys Williams,HIGHLY COMMENDED,McNAIR W A Starland of the South Angus Robertson. Illus William Taplin,COMMENDED HANDFORD Nourma Carcoola Dymocks. ALDOUS Allan Kiewa Adventure Oxford University Press. GRAVES Richard H Spear and Stockwhip Dymocks, WILSON Erle Churinga Tales Australasian Publishing. Illus Sally Medworth, 1952 WINNER POWNALL Eve The Australia Book John Sands.
Illus Margaret Senior,HIGHLY COMMENDED,POWNALL Eve Cousins Come Lately Shakespeare Head. Illus Margaret Senior, VARIOUS AUTHORS The Blue Wren Series Angus Robertson. Illus Margaret Horder, COMMENDED HATFIELD William Wild Dog Frontier Oxford University Press. HANDFORD Nourma Carcoola Adventure Dymocks,1953 JOINT WINNERS. PHIPSON Joan Good Luck to the Rider Angus Robertson. Illus Margaret Horder, MARTIN J H W D Aircraft of Today and Tomorrow Angus Robertson.
COMMENDED No Award, 1954 WINNER PARKER K A Australian Legendary Tales Angus Robertson. edited by Henrietta Drake Brockman Illus Elizabeth Durack. HIGHLY COMMENDED, HILL Fitzmaurice Southward Ho with the Hentys Whitcombe Tombs. NORTON Frank Fighting Ships of Australia and New Zealand. Angus Robertson, 1955 WINNER TINDALE N R H S LINDSAY Longmans Green. The First Walkabout Illus Madeleine Boyce,HIGHLY COMMENDED. PATCHETT Mary Wild Brother Collins,Illus John Rose.
COMMENDED PALMER Helen Jessie McLEOD Longmans Green. The First Hundred Years Illus Harold Freeman, 1956 WINNER WRIGHTSON Patricia The Crooked Snake Angus Robertson. Illus Margaret Horder,CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 2. HIGHLY COMMENDED,CHADWICK Doris John of the Sirius Nelson. Illus Margaret Senior,DALZIEL Ken Penguin Road Angus Robertson. Illus Frank Norton,STEVENS Lyla Birds of Australia Whitcombe Tombs.
Illus Anne Lissenden, 1957 WINNER MOODIE HEDDLE Enid ed The Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales. Illus Nancy Parkes Longmans Green,HIGHLY COMMENDED. CLARK Mavis Thorpe The Brown Land was Green Heinemann. Illus Genevieve Melrose, PALMER Helen McLEOD Jessie Makers of the First Hundred Years. Illus Pamela Lindsay Longmans Green, MOODIE HELDDLE E ed The Boomerang Book of Australian Poetry. Illus M R Dods Longmans Green, 1958 WINNER CHAUNCY Nan Tiger in the Bush Oxford University Press.
HIGHLY COMMENDED, PHIPSON Joan It Happened One Summer Angus Robertson. Illus Margaret Horder,GARDENER Lyndsay Pacific Peoples. Illus Nancy Parker Longmans Green,1959 JOINT WINNERS. CHAUNCY Nan Devil s Hill Oxford University Press,Illus Margaret Horder. GUNN John Sea Menace Constable,HIGHLY COMMENDED,MITCHELL Elyne The Silver Brumby Hutchinson.
Illus Ralph Thomson, COMMENDED WRIGHTSON Patricia The Bunyip Hole Angus Robertson. Illus Margaret Horder,POWNALL Eve Exploring Australia Methuen. Illus Noela Young, NORTON Frank Australian and New Zealand Ships of Today. Angus Robertson, 1960 WINNER TENNANT Kylie All the Proud Tribesmen Macmillan. Illus Clem Seale,COMMENDED TINDALE N R LINDSAY H A Rangatira Rigby.
Illus D F Mansted,COLLINS Dale Anzac Adventure Angus Robertson. Illus Frank Norton, SPENCE Eleanor The Summer in Between Oxford University Press. Illus Marcia Lane Fraser, 1961 WINNER CHAUNCY Nan Tangara Oxford University Press. Illus Brian Wildsmith, COMMENDED ALDOUS Allan Doctor with Wings Hodder Stoughton. Illus Robert Payne, MITCHELL Elyne Silver Brumby s Daughter Hutchinson.
Illus Grace Huxtable, SPENCE Eleanor Lillipilly Hill Oxford University Press. Illus Susan Einzig,CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 3. 1962 JOINT WINNERS,EVERS L H Racketty Street Gang Hodder Stoughton. WOODBERRY Joan Rafferty Rides a Winner Parrish, COMMENDED PARK Ruth The Hole in the Hill Ure Smith. ROLAND Betty The Forbidden Bridge Bodley Head,Illus Prudence Seward.
THIELE Colin The Sun on the Stubble Rigby, 1963 WINNER PHIPSON Joan The Family Conspiracy Constable. Illus Margaret Horder,HIGHLY COMMENDED,HILL Robin Bushland and Seashore Lansdowne. COMMENDED KELLAWAY Frank The Quest for Golden Dan Cheshire. WRIGHTSON Patricia The Feather Star Hutchinson,Illus Noela Young. CRAWFORD R M A Picture History of Australia Oxford University Press. Illus Clarke Hutton, WOTHERSPOON John The Australian Pet Book Lansdowne. 1964 WINNER SPENCE Eleanor The Green Laurel Oxford University Press. Illus Geraldine Spence,HIGHLY COMMENDED, CHAUNCY Nan The Roaring 40 Oxford University Press.
Illus Annette Macarthur Onslow,COMMENDED THIELE Colin Storm Boy Rigby. Illus John Bailey,PHIPSON Joan Threat to the Barkers Constable. Illus Margaret Horder,GOUGH Irene One Sunday Morning Early Ure Smith. Illus Noela Young,ROLAND Betty Jamie s Discovery Bodley Head. Illus Geraldine Spence,ODELL Carol Fires and Firemen Angus Robertson.
1965 WINNER BRINSMEAD Hesba F Pastures of the Blue Crane Oxford University Press. Illus Annette Macarthur Onslow,HIGHLY COMMENDED,MITCHELL Elyne Winged Skis Hutchinson. Illus Annette Macarthur Onslow,ROLAND Betty Jamie s Summer Visitor Bodley Head. Illus Prudence Seward, COMMENDED CHAUNCY Nan High and Haunted Island Oxford University Press. Illus Victor Ambrus,DURACK Mary The Courteous Savage Ward Lock. Illus Elizabeth Durack,ODELL Carol A Day at the Zoo Angus Robertson.
MASS Nuri Wonderland of Nature Writers Press, 1966 WINNER SOUTHALL Ivan Ash Road Angus Robertson. Illus Clem Seale,HIGHLY COMMENDED, OTTLEY Reginald By the Sandhills of Yamboorah Deutsch. Illus Clyde Pearson, COMMENDED SOUTHALL Ivan Indonesian Journey Lansdowne. SPENCE Eleanor The Year of the Currawong Oxford University Press. Illus Gareth Floyd,THIELE Colin February Dragon Rigby. CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 4, 1967 WINNER CLARK Mavis Thorpe The Min Min Lansdowne.
Illus Genevieve Melrose,HIGHLY COMMENDED,SYRED Celia Cocky s Castle Angus Robertson. Illus Astra Lacis Dick, COMMENDED CHAPMAN Jean The Wish Cat Angus Robertson. Illus Noela Young and photographs by Dean Hay,GOUGH Irene The Golden Lamb Heinemann. OTTLEY Reginald The Roan Colt of Yamboorah Deutsch. Illus Clyde Pearson,FATCHEN Max The River Kings Hicks Smith. illus Clyde Pearson, SPECIAL MENTION BRINSMEAD Hesba F Beat Of The City Oxford University Press.
Illus William Papas, 1968 WINNER SOUTHALL Ivan To the Wild Sky Angus Robertson. Illus Jennifer Tuckwell,HIGHLY COMMENDED,STOW Randolph Midnite Cheshire. Illus Ralph Steadman, COMMENDED CHAUNCY Nan Mathinna s People Oxford University Press. Illus Victor Ambrus,CLARK Mavis Thorpe Blue Above the Trees Lansdowne. Illus Genevieve Melrose,SOUTHALL Ivan The Fox Hole Methuen.
Illus Ian Ribbons, 1969 WINNER BALDERSON Margaret When Jays Fly to Barbmo Oxford University Press. Illus Victor Ambrus,HIGHLY COMMENDED, WRIGHTSON Patricia I Own the Racecourse Hutchinson. Illus Margaret Horder, COMMENDED SOUTHALL Ivan Let the Balloon Go Methuen. Illus Ian Ribbons, 1970 WINNER MACARTHUR ONSLOW Annette Uhu Ure Smith. HIGHLY COMMENDED,THIELE Colin Blue Fin Rigby,Illus Roger Haldane.
1971 WINNER SOUTHALL Ivan Bread and Honey Angus Robertson. HIGHLY COMMENDED,HUI MIN Lo Story of China Angus Robertson. Illus Elaine Haxton, COMMENDED FINKEL George James Cook Royal Navy Angus Robertson. decorations by Amnon Sadubin,NORMAN Lilith Climb a Lonely Hill Collins. 1972 WINNER BRINSMEAD Hesba Longtime Passing Angus Robertson. HIGHLY COMMENDED, MATTINGLEY Christobel The Windmill at Magpie Creek Hodder Stoughton. illus by Gavin Rowe,COMMENDED MARTIN David Hughie Nelson.
Illus Ron Brooks,FAVOURABLE MENTION, MATTINGLEY Christobel Worm Weather Hamish Hamilton. MACARTHUR ONSLOW Annette Minnie Ure Smith,CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 5. 1973 WINNER SHELLEY Noreen Family at the Lookout Oxford University Press. Illus Robert Micklewright,HIGHLY COMMENDED, WRIGHTSON Patricia An Older Kind of Magic Hutchinson. Illus Noela Young, COMMENDED HOOPER Meredith Everyday Inventions Angus Robertson. 1974 WINNER WRIGHTSON Patricia The Nargun and the Stars Hutchinson. HIGHLY COMMENDED,FATCHEN Max The Spirit Wind Methuen Hicks Smith.
Illus Trevor Stubley, COMMENDED THIELE Colin The Fire in the Stone Rigby. WAGNER Jenny The Bunyip of Berkeley s Creek Longman. Illus Ron Brooks,1975 No Award,HIGHLY COMMENDED,PARK Ruth Callie s Castle Angus Robertson. Illus Kilmeny Niland,COMMENDED THIELE Colin Magpie Island Rigby. Illus Roger Haldane,WORTHY OF MENTION,THIELE Colin Uncle Gustav s Ghosts Rigby. SHELLEY Noreen Faces in a Looking Glass Oxford University Press. 1976 WINNER SOUTHALL Ivan Fly West Angus Robertson. HIGHLY COMMENDED, BALDERSON Margaret A Dog Called George Oxford University Press.
Illus Nikki Jones,COMMENDED No Award,WORTHY OF MENTION. MARTIN David Mr P and His Remarkable Flight Hodder Stoughton. DONKIN Nance Patchwork Grandmother Hamish Hamilton. SPECIAL MENTION,FRENCH Simon Hey Phantom Singlet Angus Robertson. 1977 WINNER SPENCE Eleanor The October Child Oxford University Press. HIGHLY COMMENDED,PHIPSON Joan The Cats Macmillan, COMMENDED SYRED Celia Hebe s Daughter Hodder Stoughton. 1978 WINNER WRIGHTSON Patricia The Ice is Coming Hutchinson. HIGHLY COMMENDED, SPENCE Eleanor A Candle for Saint Antony Oxford University Press. COMMENDED ROY Thomas The Curse of the Turtle Bodley Head. BENNETT Jack The Lieutenant Angus Robertson, 1979 WINNER MANLEY Ruth The Plum Rain Scroll Hodder Stoughton.
HIGHLY COMMENDED,SCOTT Bill Boorie Oxford University Press. COMMENDED GREENWOOD Ted The Pochetto Coat Hutchinson. Illus Ron Brooks, PARK Ruth Come Danger Come Darkness Hodder Stoughton. 1980 WINNER HARDING Lee Displaced Person Hyland House. CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 6,HIGHLY COMMENDED. BRINSMEAD Hesba F Once There was a Swagman Oxford University Press. Illus Noela Young, COMMENDED GOODSIR Don The Gould League Book of Australian Birds. Illus Tony Oliver Golden Press Gould League,THIELE Colin River Murray Mary Rigby.
Illus Robert Ingpen,1981 WINNER PARK Ruth Playing Beatie Bow Nelson. HIGHLY COMMENDED, SCOTT Bill Darkness Under the Hills Oxford University Press. COMMENDED BOLTON Barbara Jandy Malone and the Nine O Clock Tiger. Illus Alan White Angus Robertson, SPENCE Eleanor The Seventh Pebble Oxford University Press. BOOK OF THE YEAR OLDER READERS,1982 WINNER THIELE Colin The Valley Between Rigby. HIGHLY COMMENDED,WRIGHTSON Patricia Behind the Wind Hutchinson.
COMMENDED FRENCH Simon Cannily Cannily Angus Robertson. MATTINGLEY Christobel Rummage Angus Robertson,Illus Patricia Mullins. SHORT LIST BARNETT Gillian The Inside Hedge Story Oxford University Press. FATCHEN Max Closer to the Stars Methuen,FOWLER Thurley Wait for Me Wait for Me Rigby. PHIPSON Joan A Tide Flowing Methuen, 1983 WINNER KELLEHER Victor Master of the Grove Penguin. HIGHLY COMMENDED,SPENCE Eleanor The Left Overs Methuen. COMMENDED WHEATLEY Nadia Five Times Dizzy Oxford University Press. Illus Neil Phillips,LURIE Morris Toby s Millions Kestrel.
Illus Arthur Horner, SHORT LIST BRINSMEAD Hesba Long Time Dreaming Angus Robertson. MANLEY Ruth The Dragon Stone Hodder Stoughton,NICHOLLS BronThree way Street Hutchinson. PHIPSON Joan The Watcher in the Garden Methuen, 1984 WINNER WRIGHTSON Patricia A Little Fear Hutchinson. HIGHLY COMMENDED, KLEIN Robin Penny Pollard s Diary Oxford University Press. Illus Ann James,COMMENDED FRANCIS Helen The Devil s Stone Omnibus.
WILLMOTT FrankBreaking Up Collins, SHORT LIST DANN Max Bernice Knows Best Oxford University Press. HARDING Lee Waiting for the End of the World Hyland House. KLEIN Robin Junk Castle Oxford University Press,KLEIN Robin People Might Hear You Penguin. SOUTHALL Ivan The Long Night Watch Methuen, 1985 WINNER ALDRIDGE James The True Story of Lilli Stubeck Hyland House. HIGHLY COMMENDED,GLEESON Libby Eleanor Elizabeth Angus Robertson. COMMENDED SPENCE Eleanor Me and Jeshua Dove Communications. Illus Shane Conroy,CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 7.
WHEATLEY Nadia Dancing in the Anzac Deli Oxford University Press. Illus Waldeman Buczynsk,SHORT LIST BAILLIE Allan Adrift Nelson. KELLEHER Victor Pappio Kestrel,KLEIN Robin Hating Alison Ashley Penguin. KLEIN Robin Penny Pollard s Letters Oxford University Press. RODDA Emily Something Special Angus Robertson,1986 WINNER FOWLER Thurley The Green Wind Rigby. HIGHLY COMMENDED,BAILLIE Allan Little Brother Nelson. COMMENDED WHEATLEY Nadia The House that was Eureka Viking Kestrel. LAKE David The Changelings of Chaan Hyland House,SHORT LIST CARR Roger Vaughan Firestorm Nelson.
KLEIN Robin Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left Viking Kestrel. SCOTT MITCHELL Clare comp Apples from Hurricane Street Methuen. Illus Louise Hogan, SPENCE Eleanor Miranda Going Home Dove Communications. CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1946 4 1962 JOINT WINNERS EVERS L H Racketty Street Gang Hodder amp Stoughton WOODBERRY Joan Rafferty Rides a Winner Parrish COMMENDED PARK Ruth The Hole in the Hill Ure Smith ROLAND Betty The Forbidden Bridge Bodley Head Illus Prudence Seward THIELE Colin The Sun on the Stubble Rigby 1963 WINNER PHIPSON Joan The Family Conspiracy Constable

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