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Category Name Category ID Comments,Playmats 131082. Shape Sorters Blocks 100225,Soft Toys 131084,Swings Bouncers 2990. Other Toys Activities 179013,Walkers 134282,Other Baby 1261. Books Comics Magazines 267,Accessories 45110,Antiquarian Collectable 29223. Audio Books 29792,Calendars 45673,Children s Young Adults 1093.
Children s Annuals 157878,Fiction 171219,Non Fiction 171210. Children s Dictionaries 171211,Children s General Interest 171212. Children s Maps Atlases 171217,Children s Novelty Activity 171275. Pre School Early Learning 171277,Young Adults General Interest 171215. Young Adults References 171224,Other Non Fiction 171216.
Other Children Young Adults 279,Textbooks Education 2228. Food Drink 11104,Fiction 171228,Adult Erotic 171234. Crime Thriller 171235,Fantasy 171237,General Literary Fiction 171230. Category Name Category ID Comments,Historical Mythological 171238. Horror Ghost Stories 171236,Humour 28657,Poetry Theatre Scripts 11431.
Romance Sagas 171239,Science Fiction 171240,Short Stories Anthologies 171231. War Fiction 171241,Westerns 171242,Other Fiction 377. Non Fiction 171243,The Arts 171244,Biographies True Stories 171279. Business Economics Industry 171293,Computer IT 171265. Dictionaries Reference 171273,Engineering Technology 171309.
Environment Nature Earth 171356,Family Parenting Relations 171318. Health Treatments Medicine 171409,History Military 171361. Language 171486,Law 171377,Leisure Hobbies Lifestyle 171387. Literature Poetry Criticism 171395,Maps Atlases 69496. Mathematics Sciences 171402,Mind Body Spirit 171417.
Personal Development 171426,Philosophy 171434,Politics Government 171437. Psychology Help 29355,Category Name Category ID Comments. Puzzles Trivia Indoor Games 171370,Religion Beliefs 171444. Society Education 171456,Sports 171465,Transport 171477. Travel Guides Travel Stories 7689,Other Non Fiction 378.
Magazines 280,Collections Lots 29399,Other Books Comics Magazines 268. Business Office Industrial 12576,Cameras Photography 625. Cars Motorcycles Vehicles 9800,Clothes Shoes Accessories 11450. Coins 11116,Collectables 1,Advertising 34,Animals 1335. Animation 13658,Autographs 14429,Badges Patches 32615.
Bottles Pots 29797,Breweriana 562,Casino 898,Cigarette Tea Gum Cards 79973. Clocks 397,Decorative Ornaments Plates 13777,Disneyana 137. Ethnographic 3913,Fantasy Myth Magic 10860,Flags 13881. Category Name Category ID Comments,Household 13905. Jukeboxes 13720,Keyrings 3628,Kitchenalia 81,Masonic 50188.
Memorabilia 13877,Metalware 1430,Militaria 13956,Moneyboxes Piggy Banks 66503. Paper Ephemera 124,Pens Writing Equipment 966,Phone Cards 60811. Photographic Images 14277,Accessories Storage 98795. Postcards 914,Advertising 3634,Amusement Parks Fairgrounds 13996. Animals 915,Artist Signed 916,Children 79975,Comic Seaside Humour 4093.
Disasters 101144,Ethnic 917,Exhibitions 918,Fashion Clothing 60660. Glamour 80613,Greetings 919,Holiday Butlins 101145. Hotel Restaurant 13997,Military 60661,Music 108919. Novelty 79977,Category Name Category ID Comments,People 69701. Political 79976,Religious 99942,Risqu Erotic 156351.
Royal Mail 96825,Royalty 13998,Social History 60665. Song Cards 101149,Sport 4094,Topographical British 63810. Topographical Ireland 122531,Topographical Rest of World 20245. Transportation 29485,Collections Bulk Lots 53584,Publications 86696. Other Postcards 127,Radio Television Telephony 29832.
Religion Spirituality 1446,Rocks Fossils Minerals 3213. Royalty 39630,Science Fiction 152,Scientific 412,Sewing Fabric Textiles 113. Theatre Opera Ballet 2362,Tobacciana Smoking 593,Tools Hardware 13849. Trading Cards CCG 868,Trains Railway Models 479,Transportation 417. Vanity Perfume Grooming 597,Vintage Retro 69851,Weird Stuff 1466.
Category Name Category ID Comments,Other Collectables 159. Computers Tablets Networking 58058,Crafts 14339,Dolls Bears 237. Doll Accessories 15957,Dolls Houses 2458,Dolls House Miniatures 1202. Bathroom 63647,Books Magazines Newspapers 47180,Carpet Floor Coverings 101378. Cookware Tableware 47181,Curtains 112549,Dolls House Dolls 86823.
Fireplace 112547,Fixtures Fittings 70001,Food Drinks 47182. Furniture 179309,Garden 80017,Home D cor 179251,Kitchen Fittings Appliances 63649. Lighting Lamps 75528,Pets Animals 47178,Toys 47179. Wallpaper 101379,Hand Made Items 2461,Kits 101380,Mixed Lots 47184. Vintage Items 1203,Other Dolls House Miniatures 333.
DVDs Films TV 11232,Category Name Category ID Comments. Events Tickets 1305,Garden Patio 159912,Health Beauty 26395. Holidays Travel 3252,Home Furniture DIY 11700,Appliances 20710. Bath 20438,Bath Accessory Sets 176990,Bath Mats 133696. Bath Pillows 66721,Baths 42025,Bath Screens 147155.
Bathroom Suites 147156,Caddies Organisation 54075,Mirrors 133693. Non Slip Mats Stickers 66722,Plumbing 57212,Rubber Ducks Bath Toys 166355. Scales 108298,Shower Curtain Hooks 32874,Shower Curtain Rails 168132. Shower Curtains 20441,Shower Enclosures 147146,Shower Enclosure Unit Sets 147151. Shower Plumbing 147152,Sinks 71283,Soap Dishes Dispensers 25451.
Taps 42347,Tile Decals 77488,Tiles 122754,Toilet Brushes Holders 66723. Toilet Roll Holders 32876,Category Name Category ID Comments. Toilet Seats 37637,Toilets Bidets 122755,Toothbrush Holders 25453. Towel Rails 20442,Towels 40587, Whirlpool Spa Baths 46249 Renamed from Jacuzzi Spa. Other Bath 1282,Bedding 20444,Celebrations Occasions 16086.
Children s Home Furniture 176988,Clocks 20558,Conservatories 109072. Cookware Dining Bar 20625,Curtains Blinds 63514,DIY Materials 3187. DIY Tools 631,Fireplaces Accessories 38219,Food Drink 14308. Furniture 3197,Heating Cooling Air 41986,Home Decor 10033. Household Laundry Supplies 299,Kitchen Plumbing Fittings 177073.
Lighting 20697,Luggage Travel Accessories 157967,Metaphysical New Age 19266. Rugs Carpets 20571,Security Home Automation 41968,Stationery School Equipment 16092. Storage Solutions 43502,Wedding Supplies 11827,Other Home Furniture DIY 1280. Category Name Category ID Comments,Jewellery Watches 281. Mobile Phones Communication 15032,Music 11233,Musical Instruments 619.
Pet Supplies 1281,Pottery Porcelain Glass 870,Property 10542. Sound Vision 293,Sporting Goods 888,American Football 21214. Archery 20835,Badminton 106460,Baseball 16021,Basketball 21194. Bowling Ten Pin 20846,Bowls 117103,Boxing 30100,Camping Hiking 16034. Canoeing Kayaking 36121,Climbing Mountaineering 30105.
Cricket 21557,Cycling 7294,Darts 72575,Equestrian 3153. Exercise Fitness 15273,Fishing 1492,Football 20862. Football Shirts 33485,English Clubs 123493,Irish Clubs 179233. Scottish Clubs 123584,Welsh Clubs 179213,Category Name Category ID Comments. Overseas Clubs 179214,National Teams 123620,Other Football Shirts 112897.
Gymnastics 79792,Hockey 4388,Hunting 7301,Ice Hockey 40154. Ice Skating 21225,Inline Roller Skating 16258,Kitesurfing Powerkites 117146. Martial Arts 36279,Paintballing 16045,Rugby League 123687. Rugby Union 21563,Running Athletics 64685,Sailing 98952. Scooters 11330,SCUBA Snorkelling 16052,Skateboarding 16262.
Skiing Snowboarding 36259,Snooker Pool 21567,Squash 62166. Surfing 22709,Swimming 74050,Table Tennis 97072,Tennis 13340. Waterskiing Wakeboarding 23806,Windsurfing 117165,Other Sporting Goods 40141. Sports Memorabilia 64482,American Football Memorabilia 24475. Category Name Category ID Comments,Boxing Memorabilia 31633.
Cricket Memorabilia 27391,Football Memorabilia 6093. Football Programmes 53621,Football Shirts 53597,English Clubs 106485. Irish Clubs 123733,Scottish Clubs 112992,Welsh Clubs 179234. Overseas Clubs 112972,African Clubs 123728,Argentinian Clubs 123729. Brazilian Clubs 123730,Danish Clubs 123731,Dutch Clubs 112973.
French Clubs 112974,German Clubs 112975,Greek Clubs 123732. Italian Clubs 112976,Japanese Clubs 123734,Norwegian Clubs 123735. Polish Clubs 123736,Portuguese Clubs 112977,Russian Clubs 123737. Spanish Clubs 112978,Swedish Clubs 123738,Swiss Clubs 123739. Turkish Clubs 123740,US MLS Clubs 2888,Other Overseas Clubs 53627.
National Teams 112979,Other Football Shirts 10366,Category Name Category ID Comments. Golf Memorabilia 31647,Horse Racing Memorabilia 31663. Ice Hockey Memorabilia 24510,Motor Sport Memorabilia 68362. Olympic Memorabilia 27291,Rugby League Memorabilia 53653. Rugby Union Memorabilia 53656,Subbuteo 21550,Tennis Memorabilia 430.
Wrestling Memorabilia 31677,Other Sports Memorabilia 75690. Stamps 260,Great Britain 3499,Elizabeth II 65152,George VI 3508. Edward VIII 3507,George V 3509,Edward VII 3510,Victoria 23739. Booklets 65130,Commemorative 65137,Covers 65144,First Day Covers 65158. Fiscals Revenues 80117,Local Issues 70091,Officials 70092.
PHQ Cards 65165,Plate Block Multiples 3505,Postage Dues 101763. Postal History 65185,Presentation Packs 65143,Regional Issues 65166. Category Name Category ID Comments,Sheets 3500,Collections Mixture 65154. Other British Stamps 179326,Africa 162071,Asia 47174. Armenia 179328,Azerbaijan 179329,Bangladesh 179330.
Bhutan 123786,Burma Myanmar 1948 Now 179331,Cambodia 162054. China 68114,Georgia 179332,Hong Kong SAR 1997 Now 170608. India 1947 Now 169978,Indonesia 123787,Japan 127408. Kazakhstan 179333,Korea 146901,Kyrgyzstan 179327,Laos 127409. Macau 179334,Malaysia 1963 Now 179335,Maldives 1965 Now 179336.
Mongolia 123789,Nepal 91577,Pakistan 1947 Now 179337. Philippines 91578,Singapore 1963 Now 179338,Sri Lanka 179339. Taiwan 91579,Tajikistan 179340,Category Name Category ID Comments. Thailand 47176,Timor 179341,Turkmenistan 179342,Uzbekistan 179343. Vietnam 91580,Collections Mixture 127410,Other Asian Stamps 127411.
Australia Oceania 150923,Australia 3468,States Territories 153379. Booklets 3470,Covers 3472,Flight Covers 3474,Individuals 111861. Kangaroos 23851,Plate Blocks Multiples 3475,Sheets 3476. Collections Mixture 3471,Other Australian Stamps 80109. Cook Islands 1965 Now 179344,Fiji 1967 Now 179345,Micronesia 179346.
New Zealand 70089,Niue 1974 Now 179347,Papua New Guinea 1975 Now 179348. Samoa 1962 Now 179349,Solomon Islands 1978 Now 179350. Tokelau Islands 179351,Tonga 1970 Now 179352,Tuvalu 73240. Horror amp Ghost Stories Computer amp IT Dictionaries amp Reference Engineering amp Technology Environment Nature amp Earth Westerns Other Fiction Non Fiction The Arts Biographies amp True Stories Business Economics amp Industry Humour Poetry Theatre amp Scripts Romance amp Sagas Science Fiction Short Stories amp Anthologies War Fiction

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