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Uniting Lines 1 6 2019,CAS Cosmic Creators, digital prints on canvas reconstructions from original works. Drawing upon the vivid colours of the 60s Warhole pop era Uniting Lines combines individual outlines. painted and penned by the CAS Cosmic Creators scanned and combined into consolidated works by Pam. Bain Their artistic efforts also symbolise the global and collaborative nature of the science community who. join forces in the search for answers pertaining to the mysteries of the Universe. Astronaut Descending Staircase 2019,Pamela Bain,Watercolour pencil ink on paper. Inspired by Duchamp s Nude Descending Staircase 1912 a famous example of the early modernist art. movement and a Cubist forerunner Astronaut Descending Staircase staggers slices of the painted image. to echo Duchamp s line work while commenting on the awkward and cumbersome movements of the. astronaut s descent physical mobility on the lunar surface and vagueness of TV image By referencing a. time when art was expanding into innovative realms of expression and when new understandings of. science were blooming with Einstein s famous equation a link is created to the Moon landing event which. was also a time of progress and revelation,Painted Astronaut 1 and 2 2019. Pamela Bain,Watercolour pencil ink on paper,Red Moon 2019. Acrylic paint on paper,The Exquisite Astronaut 1 2 3 2019.
CAS Cosmic Creators,ink acrylic paint pencil and collage on paper. We share one sky We achieve more working together than working apart. quote from the Deeper Wider Faster video, Scientists and science institutions around the world often collaborate on projects contributing individual. skill sets and areas of expertise joining forces in an effort to understand more about the Universe The. Exquisite Astronaut is symbolic of that exercise where individual styles and abilities unite in one image. The method of creating The Exquisite Astronaut series is based on the Cadavre Exquis Exquisite Corpse. which was coined in 1925 by the surrealists Yves Tanguy Jacques Pr vert Andr Breton and Marcel. Duchamp each artist paints or draws a piece of body without knowing what the other parts look like For. The Exquisite Astronaut each artist worked on their segment separately in their own style The pieces. were later assembled to create three complete figures The third astronaut is playfully hung sideways to. signify Michael Collins orbiting the Moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were on the lunar landscape. Rocket 2019,James Josephides,Acrylic paint on paper. APOLLO DREAMING 2019, A collection of six still images taken from the animation Apollo Dreaming which is one of eight videos in. THE APOLLO 11 exhibition,Pamela Bain and James Josephides.
Digital prints on paper, Rocket Launch using Pamela s Apollo 11 model filmed by James. Moon photograph by Pamela Bain shot on Christmas night 2019 the 50 th anniversary of Apollo 8. Antenna from Pamela s mono print of the tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek which caught the first. eight minutes of the Moon landing that was broadcast to the global audience. Parkes Radio Telescope from Pamela s mono print of the telescope that took over from the previous. antenna to broadcast images to the globe for the remainder of the lunar visit. Earth from original painting by Pamela and graphically apheresed by James. TV from monoprint by Pamela,Laser Reflector 2019,Pamela Bain. Watercolour and ink on paper with Earth print on silver painted card affixed onto surface. Apollo 11 astronauts left a lunar laser ranging retroreflector array on the Moon on July 21 1969. Subsequent ones were also left on the Moon via other Apollo missions It measures the distance between. Earth and the Moon by aiming lasers from the Earth to the Moon s retroreflectors a grid of 100 mirrors. The time for the reflected light to return is measured and the distance is calculated Laser Reflector is an. interpretation of the instrument,Tenuous Transport 2019. Grace Lawrence and Daniel Berke,Tetraptych acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas. This tetraptych features four canvases that suggest the journey from Earth 1 st work to the Moon 4th. work The third canvas depicts the lunar module the outline of which has been embroidered to convey. the fragility of the craft and the imminent danger on the other side of the thin module material if the. vehicle becomes undone The darkness of space can be seen through the outline a reminder of how. little there is between the astronauts and the dangerous space outside Survival hangs by a fine t hread. Earth Daniel Berke,Starry Space Daniel Berke,Lunar Module embroidered by Grace Lawrence.
Moon Daniel Berke highlighted with Grace s embroidery. Finding Tranquility 2019,Pamela Bain,Acrylic paint on canvas with gold ink. This work features a painted Moon and rings of text that have been selected from the goodwill messages. from the leaders of seventy two nations wishing success for the Apollo 11 mission At a time when the. world was in upheaval with race riots and the Vietnam war negative feeling between groups of people and. discord between nations was abundant The artist finds solace in the sense of global community that. these messages symbolise from such nations as Vietnam Iran Iraq Afghanistan Dominican Republic and. Estonia China s message was It is our sincere desire that the astronauts upon the date of their landing on. the moon will have made a significant contribution to a world Utopia and peace through the Universe. Chiang Kai Shek President Republic of China Kore s message reads On this historic occasion we do. solemnly pledge ourselves to work together on this Earth for the better world with lasting peace and prosperity. for all mankind Let us celebrate the first landing of men on the Moon the symbol of eternal grace and the. mirror of man s true heart with a new spirit which will inspire mankind to realize the ideal of civilization in. which men live in justice freedom and unity These are lofty sentiments that may not have gained long term. traction nevertheless as examples of the overall terminology used the document as a whole conveys a. uniting quality that ignores political boundaries embraces religious diversity and crosses racial divides If such. events as the Moon landing can achieve this even if only for a moment it was worth the effort The text in. the painting stops then starts at intended leaving a space These gaps form 4 invisible lines that can direct the. eye to the landing zone and here the viewer can find Tranquillity Base. Feeling Alien 2019,Arianna Adolphi,Ink and acrylic paint on paper. Craters and Rocks 1 and 2 2019,CAS Cosmic Creators. pencil house paint ink and acrylic paint on paper, Assembled from the work of many of the Cosmics this work reflects the tiling of the Moonscape. photographs that was done to create the overall vista. For the Record 2019,Pamela Bain and Rebecca Allen, Vinyl records mono prints watercolour acrylic paint on painted circular canvas.
With vinyl records a symbol of past eras layered meanings are at work metaphorically combining. sound waves inherent in vinyl recording and also sound waves caught by instruments such as Parkes. Observatory which were transmitted as image to a global audience With TV monoprint sitting centre this. work also features painted inner circles and monoprints of TV antennae Parkes Observatory and the. antenna at the Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station in reference to the Australian facilities used in the. broadcasting of the Moon landing event The vinyl has been shaped into curved undulating structures to. symbolise sound waves,Vallis Marinaris Afternoon Overlook 2019. Daniel Berke,Acrylic on canvas,Marsscape 2019,James Josephides. Pencil and watercolour on paper,Mars Escape 2019,Pamela Bain. Pencil and watercolour paint on paper,Starring Main Sequence 2019. Daniel Berke, Heptaptych Acrylic on canvas with glass beads in medium resin sand gel ceramic stucco gel and.
course pumice gel, The seven star paintings from largest to smallest O Star B Star A Star F Star G Star K Star M Star. represent the seven spectral types of stars in what astronomers refer to as the main sequence A star will. spend about 90 of its lifetime on the main sequence during which it stably fuses hydrogen in its core into. helium which releases energy in the form of heat and light The sizes are to scale for comparison our Sun is a. G type star The colours are of necessity an artistic license due to the overwhelming brightness of stars but. are based on real scientific principles of thermodynamics and blackbody radiation. Cosmic Fever Dream 2019,Dexter Hon,ink and watercolour on paper. 01 Stargazer, Long ago humans started gazing at the vast open sky full of sparkling stars not knowing why they were fascinated by. such simple things We start our long journey from the drive of curiosity. 02 The First Step, Eventually humans landed on the moon In this historic moment this once distant celestial body became a closer. neighbour It was the first small step in a long journey but often the first steps are the most important ones. 03 The Pillar to Heaven, Human will create marvellous structures They will construct the space elevators a tower piercing through the.
atmosphere reaching all the way to space From this point on they become a space faring species. Inhaling Flames from the Sun, Humans will learn how to harvest the power of the sun A swarm of solar satellites encloses a star absorbing its. enormous energy for their own purpose After conquering their star the only way to go is venture outward. Vibrant Cosmic Firework, Humans will send out space probes with which to view the Universe The lone explorer drifts across the cosmos. encountering all the wonders in the celestial realm It sees many supernova the violent explosion that marks the end of. a massive star The fireworks of that stellar event illuminate the universe. 06 Dense Darkness, In the centre of the galaxy lies a supermassive black hole The gravity is so strong it rips apart anything approaching and. incinerates the matter in the process A bright ring forms around the dense darkness. 07 The Elusive Elves, The explorer wanders away from the galaxy to see the neighbours The dwarf galaxies hover above the milky way. watching us from a distance In every galaxy there are many little elves hiding nearby. 08 The Forever Dance, Andromeda and the milky way are locked in a forever dance Being the only equals in our local universe these two.
spin around each other for eons In the end the two will merge into one becoming a new massive galaxy. 09 Cosmic Baby, The further we see the more backward in time we travel The cosmic microwave background the light from the baby. universe is the last to arrive due to the speed limit of light Our baby universe has gone through an epic journey of. growth and decay,The Exploding Growth, The universe was once a tiny place The rapid inflation cools down the hot soup of matter gives an opportunity for. CAS Cosmic Creators ink acrylic paint pencil and collage on paper We share one sky We achieve more working together than working apart quote from the Deeper Wider Faster video Scientists and science institutions around the world often collaborate on projects contributing individual skill sets and areas of expertise joining forces in an effort to understand more about the Universe

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