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CALIFORNIA Candidate Handbook,TABLE OF CONTENTS,INTRODUCTION 2 Examination Restrictions 7. Misconduct 7,STATEMENT OF NONDISCRIMINATION 2,Copyrighted Examination Questions 7. EXAMINATION INFORMATION 2 Computer Login 7,Practice Examination 7. HOW THE EXAMINATION IS ADMINISTERED 2 Timed Examination 7. EXAMINATION FEE 2 Candidate Comments 8, SCHEDULING AN EXAMINATION APPOINTMENT 2 FOLLOWING THE EXAMINATION 8. Special Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities 3 Your Score Report 8. If You Pass the Examination 8, EXAMINATION APPOINTMENT CHANGES 3 If You Fail the Examination 9.
For specific information about licensing procedures For inquiries and general registration information write. contact the or call, California Bureau of Real Estate PSI Candidate Services. Appraisers BREA 18000 W 105th St,1102 Q St Olathe KS 66061 7543. Ste 4100 Telephone 800 345 6559,Sacramento CA 95811 Fax 913 895 4651. Telephone 916 552 9000, Copyright 2017 PSI Services All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical. including photocopy or recording or any information and retrieval system without permission in writing from PSI Services. Rev 12 19 2017,CALIFORNIA Candidate Handbook,INTRODUCTION EXAMINATION FEE.
PSI Services provides a range of services to the states. that use the Real Estate Appraiser Examination Program Examination Fee 85. RAP This handbook provides information that you will. need to register for the California Real Estate Appraiser Payment may be made by credit card VISA MasterCard. Licensing examinations Be sure to keep the handbook Discover or American Express or money order made. after you have registered for the examination you may payable to PSI Services Inc Examination registration fees. wish to refer to it later are not refundable or transferrable and expire in one year. The appraiser examinations are developed by the, Credit card transactions that are declined will be subject. Appraiser Qualifications Board AQB through a combined. to a 25 handling fee A certified check or money order for. effort of appraisal experts and testing professionals. the amount due including the handling fee must be sent. The content outline used to develop the examination to PSI to cover declined credit card transactions. is based on a job analysis conducted by the Appraiser. Qualifications Board AQB It reflects areas of knowledge. required to perform those tasks that practicing real estate. SCHEDULING AN, appraisers judged to be important Appraisal experts EXAMINATION APPOINTMENT. who write questions use this content outline as a guide After receiving your letter of eligibility from BREA you. Thus examinees are tested only on subjects judged by may register for the examination by one of the following. real estate appraisers as most important for beginning methods. licensees to know,1 Online Scheduling Go to www goAMP com at. any time and select Candidates Follow the simple, STATEMENT OF step by step instructions to choose your examination. NONDISCRIMINATION program and register for the examination Please. have your credit card available for online payment of. PSI does not discriminate among candidates on the basis examination fees. of age gender race religion national origin disability or. marital status OR,2 Telephone Scheduling Call PSI at 800 345 6559.
to schedule an examination appointment This toll, EXAMINATION INFORMATION free number is answered from 5 00 a m to 7 00 p m. The California Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers BREA Pacific Time Monday through Thursday 5 00 a m. has approved PSI to administer the following California to 5 00 p m on Friday and 6 30 a m to 3 00 p m on. Real Estate Appraiser Licensing Examinations Saturday Please have your credit card available for. State Licensed payment of examination fees,Certified Residential OR. Certified General 3 Mail your registration form Complete the. This handbook contains general information regarding registration form included in this handbook and mail it. the examinations and the testing process to PSI with the examination fee paid by money order. to the address indicated on the form All sections,of this form must be completed This form will be. HOW THE EXAMINATION returned if it is incomplete illegible or submitted with. an incorrect fee, IS ADMINISTERED Call PSI at 800 345 6559 seven to ten days after your. The California Real Estate Appraiser Licensing registration form is mailed to schedule an examination. Examinations are administered by computer at appointment. more than 190 PSI Test Centers located throughout, the United States Please visit www goAMP com for a.
complete listing of PSI Test Center locations Appointment. starting times may vary by location,CALIFORNIA Candidate Handbook. If special accommodations are being requested 2 Candidates with visual sensory or physical disabilities. please submit the Request for Special Examination that would prevent them from taking the examination. Accommodations form included on pages 15 16 prior under standard conditions may request special. to contacting PSI at 800 345 6559 to schedule your accommodations and arrangements The Request. examination for Special Examination Accommodations form is on. pages 15 16, When you contact PSI to schedule an appointment please. be prepared to confirm a date and location for testing. and to provide your name and Social Security number EXAMINATION APPOINTMENT. Note Your Social Security number is required for unique CHANGES. identification All individuals are scheduled on a first come. first served basis Refer to the following chart You may reschedule your appointment ONCE at no. charge by calling PSI at 800 345 6559 at least 2 business. Depending on availability days prior to your scheduled appointment The following. If you contact PSI by your examination may be schedule applies. 1 00 p m Pacific Time on scheduled beginning,You must contact PSI. Monday Wednesday,by 1 00 p m Pacific Time to, Tuesday Thursday If your examination reschedule the examination. Wednesday Friday Saturday is scheduled on by the previous. Thursday Monday Monday Wednesday,Friday Tuesday Tuesday Thursday.
Wednesday Friday, You will be notified of the time to report to the Test Center. You will only be allowed to take the examination type Thursday Monday. for which you have applied no changes in examination Friday Saturday Tuesday. type will be made at the Test Center UNSCHEDULED,CANDIDATES WALK INS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED to. the Test Center MISSED APPOINTMENTS,AND FORFEITURES. Special Arrangements for You will forfeit the application and all fees paid to take the. Candidates with Disabilities examination under the following circumstances A complete. PSI complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act application and examination fee are required to reapply for. and strives to ensure that no individual with a disability is the examination. deprived of the opportunity to take the examination solely You wish to reschedule an examination but fail to contact. by reason of that disability PSI will provide reasonable PSI at least two business days prior to the scheduled. accommodations for candidates with disabilities testing session. Accordingly the following special needs have been,addressed You wish to reschedule a second time. You appear more than 15 minutes late for an examination. 1 Wheelchair access is available at all established. Test Centers Candidates must advise PSI at the time You fail to report for an examination appointment. of registration that wheelchair access is necessary. CALIFORNIA Candidate Handbook, INCLEMENT WEATHER POWER The State Licensed Certified Residential and Certified.
General examinations are based upon eight major content. FAILURE OR EMERGENCY areas Although the topics of the major content areas are. In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen the same for all three examinations the emphasis devoted. emergencies on the day of an examination PSI will to the content areas differs in each examination. determine whether circumstances warrant the cancellation. Each of the content areas is briefly described in the. and subsequent rescheduling of an examination The, following table In addition the approximate number of. examination will usually not be rescheduled if the Test. questions devoted to each of the three examinations is. Center personnel are able to open the Test Center, indicated for each major content area The examinations. You may visit www goAMP com prior to the examination are composed of 125 items In addition to the 110. to determine if PSI has been advised that any Test questions that are used to determine your score the. Centers are closed Every attempt is made to administer examinations may contain up to 15 questions that. the examination as scheduled however should an are being pretested for use in future versions of the. examination be canceled at a Test Center all scheduled examination Pretest questions are not identified and are. candidates will receive notification following the not included in the candidate s score. examination regarding rescheduling or reapplication. The percentage of questions for the State Licensed. procedures, Certified Residential and Certified General Real Estate. If power to a Test Center is temporarily interrupted during Appraiser Examinations within each category are shown. an administration your examination will be restarted below. where you left off and you may continue the examination. The responses provided up to the point of interruption will Content Outline. remain intact but for security reasons the questions will be. scrambled Content Area Description LR CR CG,1 Real estate market 20 20 20. A Types of influences on real estate value,NO REFUNDS B Types of government power.
C Types of real estate value, If you fail to arrive at the Test Center on the date and time D Date of value premise. you are scheduled for examination you will not be refunded E Market analysis. any portion of your examination fee and must reregister by F Investment analysis. contacting PSI examination fees may NOT be transferred to G Tests of highest and best use. another appointment H Analysis of highest and best use. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment 2 Property description 12 12 11. you will not be admitted will forfeit your examination fee and A Description of land or site. B Description of improvements and building components. must reregister for the examination by contacting PSI. C Legal interest,D Rights to use,EXAMINATION CONTENT E Property taxation. 3 Land or site valuation 4 4 4, To begin your preparation in an informed and organized A Land or site valuation methods. manner you should know what to expect from the actual 4 Sales comparison approach 22 22 14. examination in terms of the content Information regarding A Identification of comparable sales. the content of the examination you will be taking is B Units of comparison. presented in the following sections This includes a content C Elements of comparison. outline sample questions and answers D Quantitative adjustments. E Qualitative adjustments, Appraiser Test Specifications F Reconciliation to indicated value by the sales. comparison approach, The test specifications have been established by the 5 Cost approach 15 14 13.
Appraiser Qualifications Board AQB The authority for the A Sources of cost information. AQB to set standards and approve examination content B Cost components. was established by Title XI of the Financial Institutions C Depreciation. Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 D Methods of estimating depreciation. E Reconciliation to indicated value by the cost,CALIFORNIA Candidate Handbook. 6 Income approach 9 10 20 2 The assignment is a warehouse located in an. A Sources of income generation industrial park The client requires the cost approach. B Occupancy vacancy analysis be completed There are no vacant land comparables. C Expenses in the market area There are 3 sales of commercial. D Capitalization buildings in the industrial park with similar lots that the. E Estimation of value using income approach appraiser has researched extensively The appraiser. F Reconciliation to indicated value by the found the following information. income approach, 7 Reconciliation of value indications 2 2 2 Sale 1 sold for 1 750 000 The buyer allocated 20. A Reconciliation of approaches to value of the value to the site and 80 to the value of the. 8 Uniform standards of professional appraisal structure. practice USPAP 16 16 16,Sale 2 sold for 1 000 000 The buyer was not. available for verification but the seller was available. that use the Real Estate Appraiser Examination Program RAP This handbook provides information that you will need to register for the California Real Estate Appraiser Licensing examinations Be sure to keep the handbook after you have registered for the examination you may wish to refer to it later The appraiser examinations are developed

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