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The school, d Overbroeck s is a co educational independent day and boarding school in. Oxford for students aged 11 18 The school roll currently stands at c 660. and this is set to grow in the coming years, The school was founded in 1977 Initially only a sixth The school is currently in a phase of rapid growth and. form d Overbroeck s successfully pursued a policy of expansion. extending its age range becoming an all through, In September 2017 all sixth form teaching moved to its. 11 18 school in 2005, new site at 333 Banbury Road and the d Overbroeck s. In a city and a county which boast a good number of International School moved into the Swan Building. independent schools with resounding names and which was previously used for sixth form teaching. long histories d Overbroeck s has in a comparatively. Taken together these changes have brought, short time established itself as a thriving forward.
substantially more physical space and enable the, looking and highly successful school with a robustly. school to take its facilities and its educational,distinctive ethos an outstanding staff team and a. provision to a whole new level in a host of areas, strong reputation for the quality of its educational. including the sciences art music and drama as well. and pastoral provision, as its library social and dining provision This is. therefore an opportunity to join the school at an,enormously exciting point in its development.
Academic achievement and personal growth are at the gives people staff as much as students the space to. heart of what we aim to achieve at d Overbroeck s and grow to learn to engage with complexity and to. the school s success in achieving these goals is evident achieve their goals while also making time for. in students achievements and in the enthusiastic friendship for laughter and for living life to the full. endorsement we receive from current and former, The policy at d Overbroeck s is for everyone staff and. parents and students,students to be on first name terms throughout the. The dominant note at d Overbroeck s is one of school The school s experience is that this fosters more. purposeful informality The ethos is firmly built on mutual respect and truer more motivating interactions. personal relationships on a relative lack of stuffiness between staff and students. and overly formal hierarchies and on a strong, Students wear school uniform up to Year 11 there is no. conviction that the individual lies at the heart of the. uniform in the Sixth Form This is a relatively light. touch uniform designed to allow each student a sense. The school believes in leading by example in a healthy of her or his own individual personality. dose of flexibility and in the power of laughter and. d Overbroeck s does not have any particular religious. humanity Enthusiasm maturity and courtesy are, affiliation and welcomes students and staff of all faiths. words that very frequently feature in the observations. of visitors to the school This is an environment which. A defining characteristic of d Overbroeck s is its close knit informal atmosphere within which students grow. in confidence self esteem respect for themselves and for others Students are very supportive of each. other and behaviour throughout is excellent exemplified in considerate warm relationships. ISI inspection report October 2013,Structure of the school.
The school consists of three sections on different sites in North Oxford Years 7 11 the Sixth Form and the. International School Due in part to its history and in part to the physical configuration of its buildings. d Overbroeck s is a mushroom shaped school The Sixth Form is numerically the largest part of the school in. addition to students progressing from the lower years into the Sixth Form we draw a large intake of students. around 160 annually at present directly into the Lower Sixth a combination of local and international. students As the present time the composition of the school is as follows. Years 7 11 190 students all day students Based at 333 Banbury Road. Leckford Road OX2 6HX From September 2017 when the new site at 333. Banbury Road was completed the Sixth Form,The Sixth Form 370 students a mixture of day and. benefitted from a considerable upgrade in facilities. boarding Based at a new purpose built site at 333,and physical space The new building includes five. Banbury Road that opened in September 2017,science laboratories and spacious suites for art. The International School around 100 international music and drama as well as more library and. students who are all boarders The move into the common room space. Swan Building in September 2017 has provided, The new Hall provides daily dining facilities for staff. considerably more space and greatly improved, and students as well as a 200 seater auditorium for.
facilities including laboratories and an art room We. music drama performances and all kinds of other, fully expect the student numbers in the International. school events not only for the Sixth Form but for the. School to increase in the coming years,whole school. Teaching and learning, d Overbroeck s offers a broad academic curriculum with The teaching approach at d Overbroeck s has always. a wide choice of subjects at GCSE and A level Students been built around comparatively small classes Classes. in the International School are prepared for IGCSE are generally kept to a maximum of 15 students up to. examinations Year 11 and 10 students in the Sixth Form Classes in. the International School are kept to a maximum of 11. The school places an emphasis on fostering resilience. and independent learning skills and this starts as early In the International School most students follow a. as Year 7 In the Sixth Form many students complete an one year programme which prepares them for IGCSE. EPQ alongside their A level programme and students exams in up to 8 subjects alongside intensive teaching. regularly take part in Maths and Science Olympiads in English for academic purposes EAL The School. Special programmes are provided for Oxbridge and also offers a two year IGCSE programme for younger. medical veterinary applicants A wide range of trips students which runs alongside the current one year. and visiting speakers enriches the taught curriculum programme. A Personal Development PSHE programme is Exam results are very strong At A level both raw. integrated into the curriculum from Year 7 through results and value added data show impressive. to Year 11 and students in the Lower Sixth have an achievement across the ability range and progression. Enrichment Programme which introduces them to to Oxbridge and other top Russell Group universities is. information views and debates on a wide range of consistently strong. issues There is a focus on reflective teaching and. on CPD and the school has repeatedly been,complimented by IStip on its work in supporting. NQTs through their induction year 5, There are currently around 280 residential boarders Whichever it is our aim is to create a close knit.
at d Overbroeck s and this number is set to homely boarding environment where students are. increase in the next few years as the school grows physically comfortable and personally at ease where. We take day pupils only in Years 7 11 so our they can live and work happily enjoy freshly cooked. boarders are either in the Sixth Form where around well balanced meals and make strong and lasting. half the students are boarders or in the friendships Like our teaching space our boarding. International School where almost all the students provision has seen considerable development. board A brand new sixth form boarding house Islip House. For some of our boarders home is just 30 or 40 opened in September 2017 and we also have a sixth. miles away for others it is another part of the form boarding house in St Aldate s in the heart of the. world Some will have boarded before while for city We have three further boarding houses in the. others this may be the first experience of being North Oxford area for International School students. away from home and family The majority of Upper Sixth opt for accommodation. with a host family for their final year,Extra curricular. Alongside the academic curriculum a varied and It s hard to imagine a better school for nurturing. vibrant programme of co curricular activities opens up and developing students Without exception all. all sorts of opportunities for students throughout the staff are dedicated to the aspirations of the school. age range Sport is varied and wide ranging music and resulting in a lovely and thriving atmosphere that. drama are very strong and concerts and school produces excellent results and well rounded. productions are always big events to look forward to teenagers. Though it does not have its own playing fields or Parent survey 2015. sporting facilities the school is fortunate to have. the use of an excellent range of venues and,facilities nearby including those of Oxford. University at Iffley Road and these are used on a,daily basis. Association membership Safer recruitment, d Overbroeck s is a member of the Independent d Overbroeck s is committed to safeguarding. Schools Council ISC the Society of Heads of and promoting the welfare of all its students. independent schools and of the Boarding Schools and this is a responsibility that is shared by all. Association The school is also an associate member members of staff The successful candidate will. of AGBIS be subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure,Please see the section on Disclosure below.
Accreditation and inspection, d Overbroeck s is an accredited member of the Disclosure. Independent Schools Council,Please note that d Overbroeck s school aims to. The most recent ISI inspection took place in promote equality of opportunity for all with the right. October 2017 This was a regulatory compliance mix of talents skills and potential without respect to. inspection which found the School to be fully age gender or race and welcomes applications from. compliant Prior to that the most recent full diverse candidates As d Overbroeck s meets the. integrated ISI inspection was in October 2013 and requirements in respect of exempted questions under. the school was judged Excellent in all aspects of its the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 all applicants. educational and boarding provision Notably the who are offered employment will be subject to an. inspection team also noted the extremely high Enhanced Disclosure of criminal background from the. levels of satisfaction with the school overall Disclosure and Barring Service before their. expressed in the parental responses in the pre appointment is confirmed This will include details of. inspection survey Informally the school was told cautions reprimands and final warnings as well as. that these were exceptionally high even by the convictions Criminal records will be taken into. high standards of most independent schools account for recruitment purposes only when the. Copies of both the 2013 and 2017 ISI reports can be conviction is relevant Further information about the. found at disclosure scheme can be found at, https www doverbroecks com home school www gov uk government organisations disclosure. inspection reports and barring service about,Lead Teacher of Art Head of Department. The International School, We are seeking to appoint an experienced Art teacher as Head of Art sole teacher in.
our International School The post also involved a pastoral component as a form tutor. The advertised post is full time starting in September 2020. The Art Department Outside of lessons we are keen to provide students. This is an opportunity to lead a successful and with opportunities for extension and support with. thriving Art department in d Overbroeck s drop in clinics for support trips to museums and. International School section Art is part of the core galleries etc. curriculum in year 9 and an option for IGCSE in years. 10 and 11 We typically have two classes in each of Duties and responsibilities. years 10 and 11 taking Art We follow the Edexcel, exam board at IGCSE Results are strong with most Teaching Pastoral and Extra. years producing a large number of A 9 8 grades as Curricular. well as 100 success at C 4 or higher,The successful candidate will be the lead. teacher of Art and Head of Department in TIS, Teaching either as sole teacher or with one other part. time colleague You will work as part of the,This is primarily a classroom teaching post with. wider team of Art teachers across the three, additional leadership responsibilities for a small.
sections of the school in collaboration with, department in one of the sections of d Overbroeck s. the Heads of Art for the Sixth Form and Years, The post will involve teaching approximately 80 of. 7 11 You will have the assistance of an Art, a full timetable alongside departmental leadership. technician for a few hours a week but much,and form tutor responsibilities You will also be. of the day to day management of the Art, expected to contribute to the International School s.
room will be your responsibility, programme of activities some of which run after the. As Head of Department at TIS you will have a,end of the school day and at weekends You will. coordinating and planning role for Art for,have sole responsibility for Art teaching at the. Candidate brief for the position of Lead Teacher of Art Head of Department The International School to start September 2020 2 The school dOverbroeck s is a co educational independent day and boarding school in Oxford for students aged 11 18 The school roll currently stands at c 660 and this is set to grow in the coming years The school was founded in 1977 Initially only a

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