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Elements of the Ars Celebrandi,Structure of the Rite. Texts of the Rite,Architecture for the Rite,Painting and Sculpture for the Rite. Vestments Furnishings and Sacred Vessels for the Rite. Liturgical Song for the Rite,Structure of the Rite. Morning Prayer SC pp 272 286,Gathering of the Community. Introductory Remarks,Procession,Invitatory,Invitatory Psalm Hymn.
Morning Thanksgiving,Morning Psalm Psalm 63 51 148 150 Psalm Prayer. OT Canticle,Praise Psalm Psalm Prayer,Word of God,Responsory. Homily Reflection, Gospel Canticle Canticle of Zechariah Benedictus OR. Hymn of Praise Glory to God in the highest,Intercessions. Lord s Prayer,Announcements,Collection,Texts and Music for the Rite.
Introductory Remarks, At the beginning of a new day a day forever made holy by the. Lord Jesus Christ we the people of God gather to give praise. and thanks We look forward to that day when we will again. celebrate the Eucharist as Christ commanded us to do in his. memory Our community offers this morning praise in union. with the Church throughout the world with N our Pope N. our bishop our pastor Fr N who is unable to be with us and. with our brothers and sisters in neighbouring parishes who keep. holy the Lord s day in the celebration of his sacrifice and supper. INVITATORY,V O Lord open our lips,R And we shall proclaim your praise. Invitatory Hymn metrical Psalm 95,1 O come and sing to God the Lord. To him our voices raise,Let us in our most joyful songs. The Lord our Savior praise,2 Before his presence let us come.
With praise and thankful voice,Let us sing psalms to him with joy. With grateful hearts rejoice,3 He is a great and mighty King. Above all gods his throne,The depths of earth are in his hands. The mountains are his own,4 To him the spacious sea belongs. He made its waves and tides,And by his hand the rising land.
Was formed and still abides,5 O come and bowing down to him. Our worship let us bring,Yes let us kneel before the Lord. Our maker and our king,Morning Thanksgiving,V Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. R It is right to give him thanks and praise, V We give thanks O Lord our God for raising us from sleep. this day and pouring the words of your praise into our mouths. that we may adore and invoke your holy name, We entreat your mercies which you have revealed throughout.
our lives Now send forth you help to those who gather here. Let us sing your praises with heart and mind and voices. standing in your presence waiting for your mercy, For you deserve all glory honor praise and worship Father. Son and Spirit now and always and forevermore,R Amen amen. Morning Psalm Psalm 63, REFRAIN As morning breaks I look to you I look to you O. Lord to be my strength this day as morning breaks as morning. 1 O God you are my God for you I long For you my soul is. thirsting My body pines for you like a dry weary land without. water So I gaze on you in your holy place to see your strength and. your glory, REFRAIN As morning breaks I look to you I look to you O. Lord to be my strength this day as morning breaks as morning. 2 For your love is better than life my lips shall speak your praise. So I will bless you all my life in your name I will lift up my hands. My soul shall be filled as with a banquet My mouth shall praise. you with joy, REFRAIN As morning breaks I look to you I look to you O.
Lord to be my strength this day as morning breaks as morning. 3 On my bed I remember you On you I muse through the night For. you have been my help in the shadow of your wings I rejoice My soul. clings to you your right hand holds me fast, REFRAIN As morning breaks I look to you I look to you. O Lord to be my strength this day as morning breaks as. morning breaks,Psalm prayer for Psalm 63,Lord our God Fountain of refreshing love. divine address, In morning light we seek your presence and strength for your love is. better than life itself,divine activity and characteristics. Accept our prayers with uplifted hands as we proclaim your praise in. songs of joy Satisfy our longing hearts and renew our thirsting. spirits that our worship may give you glory and our lives be poured. out in loving service, Glory and praise to you loving God through our Lord.
Jesus Christ your Son who lives and reigns with you in the. unity of the Holy Spirit God for ever and ever,stereotyped ending. Y Dialogue aise ymn 5 d aise songs se ome e y e g e hands wn belongs tides d him bring d

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