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BUSNEWS COM AU THE BUS YOU WANT IS NOW EASIER TO FIND. ALREADY 25 UNITS SOLD,2005 MERCEDES,46 53 or 57 passenger option 2007 VOLVO B7R. 1999 SCANIA L94 6sp man 12 5m Mills Tui bodies 2011 BONLUCK 2007 HINO RB8 Auto Coach Design body 1995 MAN 11 190 1995 MOTORCOACH. 46 49 lap sash seat belted, 8sp manual 57 passenger recliners 2 door Thermo King 8 5m automatic 5sp manual Chiron body 34 lap sash seat belted 6sp manual PMC Apollo HI DECK 14 5M. fixed lap sash seat belts just A C mid toilet urn DVD ducted 28 leather lap sash seat belted 34 lap sash seat belted recliners toilet 2 door body 34 lap sash Detroit Series 60. retrimmed Coachair A C vac pull down blinds to salooon recliners toilet A C seats A C wheeelchair lift A C underfloor bins seat belted recliners Allison auto 62 lap sash. underfloor bins DVD bull bar kneel raise alloys many extras underfloor bins DVD LCD screen rear boot school many extras travelled A C toilet DVD seat belted recliners. tachograph travelled approx travelled approx 720 000klm tachograph travelled approx lights very clean travelled approx 1 1 million underfloor bins A C large underfloor bins. 850 0000klm Red to 130 000 00 GST 152 000klm approx 90 000klm Reduced to tachograph toilet DVD. 105 000 00 GST only 2 units left 110 000 00 GST 90 000 00 GST 130 000 00 GST 39 000 00 GST Reduced to 69 000 GST. 2005 MAN 24 420,2012 MITSUBISHI 2012 TOYOTA HIACE,ABC HH2 5129255 TS 333 XCC. 1998 MAN 10 220 8sp manual 12 5m Coach 2010 ANKAI 13 7M 2011 HIGER MUNRO 1999 SCANIA K124. 6sp manual AB Denning ROSA DELUXE Design body 46 lap sash COMMUTER Cummins ISM 410 Allison Cummins ISF eng Opticruise 12 5m Autobus. body 24 lap sash seat belted 6sp manual 24 fixed coach seat belted recliners DVD 6 3 0lt diesel automatic auto 50 lap sash seat belted Allison auto body 48 lap sash seat belted. recliners A C rear boot seats inc lap sash seat belts door underfloor bins toilet 14 passenger inc lap sash recliners in leather DVD mid 28 lap sash seat seats toilet A C underfloor. side bins DVD A C towbar very clean travelled fridge drinking water plus seat belts A C towbar very toilet A C underfloor bins belted seats bins alloys DVD Ducted. tachograph travelled approx approx 135 000klm more travelled 635 000klm clean travelled approx alloys many extras travelled A C travelled approx vacuum many extras traveled. 495 000klm Reduced to very clean 78 000klm approx 180 000klm 65 000klm very clean approx 1 100 000klm. 47 000 00 GST 65 000 00 GST 195 000 00 GST 35 000 00 GST Reduced to 195 000 GST 75 000 00 GST Reduced to 115 000 GST. PLUS MANY MORE CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE AT,www roddhoodsbusandcoachsales com. Mobile 0417 699 980 Email rodd hood bigpond com au. LICENSED MOTOR DEALER 3341258 Over 30 years experience in the bus and coach industry. Yutong Simply Better Value,AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE NOW.
2015 Mini Bus Coach 2015 Midi Bus Coach 2015 Charter Coach. 27 Seats UK Cummins ISBe5 160hp Allison Auto 2x2 39 Seats UK Cummins ISBe5 250hp Allison Auto Heat 53 Reclining Seats UK Cummins ISLe5 360hp Allison Auto. Seating A C Retarder PA LCD DVD Curtains Alloys Cool AC LCD DVD PA Curtains Alloys Perfect size for Heat Cool AC PA LCD DVD Curtains PA Alloys. school and mid sized charters Ready to Work Great Value Great Quality. CALL NOW FOR GREAT PRICING CALL NOW FOR GREAT PRICING SPECIAL DEMO PRICING AVAILABLE. ABC FP 5204582 CS 330 XCC,NOW REDUCED AVAILABLE NOW CALL US NOW. 2014 Daewoo 3 Axle Luxury Coach 57 Seat School Bus Charter Coach 2015 SLF LOW FLOOR CITY BUS. 57 Reclining Seats Huge Bins Thermo King Air conditioner 57 ADR 68 Fixed Seats UK Cummins ISLe5 360hp Allison 44 Seats 25 Standees Cummins ISL 8 9L ZF EcoLife ZF. Bull Bar Allison Automatic w Retarder 3 DVD Screens Dark Auto Heat Cool AC PA LCD DVD Curtains PA Alloys Front Rear Axles Mobitec Desto Boards DDA Compliant. Tint Ready to Work School Spec Available Thoreb C90 Data System Bolted Aluminium Body. CALL NOW FOR GREAT PRICING SPECIAL DEMO PRICING AVAILABLE BEST VALUE CITY BUS AVAILABLE. COMPARE THE UNBEATABLE QUALITY AND VALUE AND LET S DO A DEAL. CALL PETE WHITE 0410 644 828 ROB YEATES 0408 271 444. www busstopbrisbane com au,54 AUSTRALASIAN BUS COACH May 2015 busnews com au. Bus Coach International, Australia s Largest independent New Used Bus Dealership. END FINANCE YEAR CLEARANCE SALE, Hino FD 2007 Build 2009 Compliance 2012 BCI DX Airporter 1998 Hino RG230. 42 metro seats air cond 6 Speed manual 192 000kms Chiron Body Only 71 160kms 25 TST reclining combo trim seats parcel racks 53 seats side luggage bins 6 speed manual bull bar 445 453kms. NSW School bus spec air cond curtains DVD Monitor walk in rear boot plus through bins. 110 000 GST 120 000 GST 23 364 GST, 1999 MAN 18 310 2007 BCI Cruiser 9 2011 Mitsubishi Rosa Deluxe.
Coachair air cond 310hp 6 speed manual TV with DVD VHS 250hp 6 speed auto air cond 43 lap sash seat belts through bins 25 seats manual bull bar tow bar air cond 35 870kms. 650 266kms 176 500kms,50 000 GST 86 318 GST 55 000 GST. 2014 Fuso Canter 4 x 4 Bus Demo 2009 BCI Cruiser 12 1994 Scania K113. RAV Body 19 reclining seats air cond LCD screen auto door ZF auto Cummins ISL 330hp 49 APM reclining seats with lap sash Denso air cond 61 lap sash reclining seats toilet kneel. seat belts 535 000kms,138 000 GST 139 990 GST 74 990 GST. ABC FP 5189726 TS 333 XCC, 1997 Scania K93 2008 BCI Cruiser 8 1999 HINO RM260. Air cond 48 lap sash seat belted seats reading lamps curtains Air cond 6 speed manual with retarder 33 lap sash seat belted seat Alloy rims bull bar driver s air cond 53 bench seats 6 speed manual. 5 speed manual through bins low kms 126 115 436 675kms. 50 000 GST 77 727 GST 41 818 GST,WA WA QLD NSW NSW VIC TAS SA NT. Peter Chinnery Chris Talbot John Hurley Warren Young Cameron Millen Bruce Moseley. 0419 049 976 0403 162 777 0407 499 172 0419 136 818 0455 085 133 0428 580 507. BUSNEWS COM AU THE BUS YOU WANT IS NOW EASIER TO FIND. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST,Bus and Coach Business,in the Snowy Mountains.
ABC 12 5133996 TS 333 XCC,THE EXPERTS IN GROUP TRAVEL. and Canberra Area,TASMANIA S COACH The business is based. TOUR EXPERTS in Cooma,ABC 12 5205377 TS 333 XCC,7 Category Four Contracts. Free Hold Depot,After 38 years in the ALL Vehicles. industry Austrips are unencumbered 1998 Volvo B7 Autobus body. 11 Vehicles Auto Transmission 57 seatbelted Air Con. trusted by many of Tour and Charter work TV DVD Curtains. Australia s leading coach Included 78 000 GST,Contact Our Office 02 6452 1584.
operators to organise Preferred Contact,Charlie Crespo 0488 973 333. charlie dineengroup com au, their group tours John 0409 789 476 or Peter 0411 201 635 BN 1008349 CN 5133996. Professional experienced staff, Customised itineraries BUSINESS MINI BUSES FOR SALE. Detailed crew delivery notes,Qualified tour guides. FOR SALE LATE MODEL,ABC 12 5165203 TS 333 XCC, Spirit of Tasmania air bookings North West NSW ever expanding 2008 Toyota Coaster 20 seats.
ABC SV 5164824 TS 326 X, Brochure design production rural and mining area 245 000 km 55K. Strong Australia wide network Long established successful tour and 2009 Mitsubishi Rosa 24 seats. charter business with clientele data 180 000km 77K. Running at present vehicles ranging 2011 Mitsubishi Rosa 24 seats. from 13 to 57 seats negotiable 162 000km 84K, Also available depot in town centre Presented and maintained to Rover standards. ABC 12 5185119 TS 324 X, 1800 777 726 for purchase or rent Mostly used for vineyard tours. Contact Michael Kerr,www austrips com au Phone Kevin on 02 4990 1699. info austrips com au 02 6742 4667 busman rovercoaches com au. FROM 39 000 GST REDUC 145 000 GST,2006 2007 Mitsubishi 2003 Scania K94 TO.
Rosa Deluxe 48 lap sash cloth reclining seats,Air conditioned. 18 or 24 lap sash belted cloth seats,Opti cruise transmission. Air conditioned,12 5 metre length,Automatic transmission 2 axle. TV some vehicles Under floor luggage bins,Rear luggage compartment Toilet equipped. 18 seaters DVD TV,Km range 520 000 to 730 000, 313 Mercedes Sprinter FROM 29 000 GST 2008 ANKAI 3 AXLE.
TO 160 000 GST, 12 Seater 2002 White 50 lap sash belted leather reclining seats. Wheelchair lift Air conditioned Allison automatic transmission. ABC HH 5165311 TS 330 X,Lap sash seat belt, 13 7 metre length Cummins ISM Euro4 Engine Toilet equipped. Air Conditioning, 5 Speed manual transmission Underfloor luggage bins TV DVD. 11 Seater 2002 Silver,Wheelchair lift,Lap sash seatbelts. 5 Speed manual transmission, Contact Justin Cannon 13 22 59 enquiries murrays com au LUXURY 3 AXL.
56 AUSTRALASIAN BUS COACH May 2015 busnews com au,USED BUS SALES AUSTRALIA. www usedbussales com au, 2 x 2012 Mercedes Benz 0500 06 07 09 12 13 Mitsubishi Rosa Deluxe 5 x 2011 Daewoo BH117 Chassis Chiron Bodied. 1830 Chassis BCI Bodied 55 57 Pass Belts 24 Pass Belts Auto Manual Mine Spec 57 Pass Belts Airconditioned Automatic Trans. Airconditioned Automatic Trans Under Floor Airconditioned Low Klm Under Floor Bins Average. Bins Low Klm 150 000 Klm,250 000 GST From 75 000 to 90 000 GST 255 000 GST. 2 x 2008 1 x 2011 1 x2013 Toyota Hiace Commuter 6 x 2013 Higher School Charter Buses 2006 MAN 18 360 Coach Design. ABC FP 5031925 TS 332 X, 11 14 Pass Belts Airconditioned Mine Spec 57 Fixed belted 44 Lap sash Belted Cloth Recliners. Automatic Manual Air conditioned Automatic Trans Cummins Toilet Equipped Automatic Trans Airconditioned. TV DVD Large Under Floor Luggage Bins,Ideal for extended tour work.
28 000 GST to 45 000 GST 215 000 GST 145 000 GST,MINI BUSES USED BUS SALES AUSTRALIA. OVER 25 YEARS,EXPERIENCE IN THE BUS,COACH INDUSTRY. Toyota Commuters, LUXURY 3 AXLE COACHES LUXURY 2 AXLE COACHES COACHES. SCHOOL BUSES MINI BUSES,Motorcoach Classic 2 3,Mitsubishi Rosa Deluxe Standard Coach seats. 53 54 Pass,Mercedes Benz Austral Denning,SCHOOL BUSES 53 pass.
Iveco Custom Volgren 57 Pass Iveco Irizar 13 5 14 5m. Mercedes Benz BCI 57 Pass 60 pass,Daewoo Chiron 53 57 Pass Volvo B7 NorthCoast. Renauld AB Denning 57 Pass,USED BUS SALES AUSTRALIA. For Further Listings,OVER 25with Colour Photos Specs Sheets. www usedbussales com au Go online to,EXPERIENCE IN THE BUS. COACH INDUSTRY All new stock available,LUXURYAUSTRALIA USED BUS SALES AUSTRALIA.
DUE TO OUR CONTINUAL FLEET UPGRADES,TRANSIT SYSTEMS HAS THE FOLLOWING BUSES. AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE,Privacy Policy,2 Vehicles for Sale. Brisbane Location This issue of ABC magazine is published by. Make Volvo Bauer Media Pty Ltd Bauer, Model B10M Bauer may use and disclose your information in. Body Manufacturer Austral accordance with our Privacy Policy including to. Colour BT provide you with your requested products or services. Year of Manufacture 1992 and to keep you informed of other Bauer publications. Gearbox ZF, products services and events Our Privacy Policy is. AC Make Coach Air,located at www bauer media com au privacy It also.
Wheelchair No, School Lights YES sets out on how you can access or correct your personal. Passenger Door 2 Door information and lodge a complaint Bauer may disclose. Price From 7 900 GST ONO your personal information offshore to its owners joint. venture partners service providers and agents located. 11 Vehicles for Sale throughout the world including in New Zealand USA. ABC 3SQ 5205094 TS 331 XCC,the Philippines and the European Union. Sydney Location In addition this issue may contain Reader Offers. Make Volvo being offers competitions or surveys Reader Offers. Model B10M may require you to provide personal information to. Body Manufacturer Austral, enter or to take part Personal information collected. Colour White, Year of Manufacture 1992 for Reader Offers may be disclosed by us to service. Gearbox ZF providers assisting Bauer in the conduct of the Reader. AC Make Coach Air Offer and to other organisations providing special. Wheelchair No prizes or offers that are part of the Reader Offer. School Lights YES An opt out choice is provided with a Reader Offer. Passenger Door 2 Door Unless you exercise that opt out choice personal. Price From 16 900 GST ONO information collected for Reader Offers may also be. disclosed by us to other organisations for use by them. to inform you about other products services or events. For more information contact Greg Balkin or to give to other organisations that may use this. information for this purpose,email gbalkin transitsystems com au.
If you require further information please contact Bauer s. Privacy Officer either by e mail at privacyofficer. bauer media com au or mail at Privacy Officer Bauer. Media Pty Ltd 54 Park Street Sydney NSW 2000,QUALITY COMMERCIAL. VEHICLE REFINISHERS,ALL BODY PANEL PAINT REPAIRS, COMPLETE RE SPRAYS RE BRANDS TO EXISTING FLEET VEHICLES. ABC QPH 5164872 TS 328 XCC,QUALITY REFINISHING OF OEM MAJOR FLEET VEHICLES. PAINT LIVERY SIGNWRITING DESIGN SERVICES, PROUD MEMBERS OF PPG FLEETPOOL NATIONAL GROUP OF PREFERRED REPAIRERS. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US NOW 07 3344 4544 OR VISIT WWW COACHWORKS COM AU. 1998 MAN 10 220 6sp manual AB Denning body 24 lap sash seat belted recliners A C rear boot side bins DVD tachograph travelled approx 495 000klm 47 000 00 GST 2007 VOLVO B7R Auto Coach Design body recliners toilet 2 door many extras travelled approx 1 1 million Reduced to 130 000 00 GST 2010 ANKAI 13 7M Cummins ISM 410 Allison

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