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2 Tony Robbins Business Results Training,What can you expect from. Business Results Training, Over the course of six months we will train and coach you and your team. in the essential philosophies processes and systems that allow Tony. Robbins to successfully oversee 53 highly successful companies During. this period we will coach your team on Tony s systems and show you. exactly how to implement those systems Once you ve completed the. training you and your team members will each receive your Tony Robbins. Business Results Training Certification,What will I get with Business Results Training. You will receive one team training each month for six months focused on one of Tony s six core business. competencies In between these monthly team trainings you as the business owner will also receive two 30 minute. 1 1 implementation calls with your Business Results Trainer to keep you on track and accountable to your goals. How will this affect the employee experience What skills will my team be trained on. Your employees want more more growth and Tony has identified six core competencies that once. greater results People don t leave an environment mastered will elevate your organization and ultimately. in which they feel coached and in which they know increase your bottom line Your training will cover. they are growing This training provides both which Triad emotional mastery. means you will see a radical decrease in attrition DISC personality communication styles. rate Additionally happy employees are on average Optimization and maximization system. 12 more productive and companies with high Rapid Planning Method RPM time management system. levels of employee engagement are 22 more Workflow Tony s Value Chain. profitable 7 master steps to effective leadership,Source University of Warwick study 2014. Source Gallup 2017,SUCCEED AT THE,HIGHEST LEVEL,ARE NOT LUCKY.
EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP,Tony Robbins Business Results Training 5. Six months to explosive growth, For six months you and your team will be trained in these six key areas You will be challenged engaged. and invested at a higher level than ever before and as a result you ll reach new heights of success in. your business,onth 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6,6 Tony Robbins Business Results Training. Triad emotional, Tony s Triad will help you and your team master emotion through a deep understanding of strategy story and. state This training will align your team and help identify your path for the greatest success by empowering your. employees with the perspective to recognize their own patterns Mastery of the Triad will help your organization fix. problems before they start and maximize everyone s potential Without Triad mastery you risk the full operational. capacity of your team without the ability to recognize patterns associated with a disempowered state your team. wastes precious time and resources spinning their wheels all the while costing you money. An employee has an ill parent a failing relationship or a sudden health scare. PICTURE THIS While you do everything in your power to support them in the meantime they. come to work bringing with them the stress from their personal life potentially. causing undue tension with their coworkers or a loss of focus and productivity. The Triad provides the tools necessary for building the mental fortitude to. tackle all of life s challenges inside and outside of the workplace. The Triad provides a powerful frame from which to view the world as you. CORE BENEFIT identify your team patterns of speaking and acting both when you are in a. peak state and when you are in a low state With this perspective you and your. team are empowered to break negative cycles before they start acting. Each person in attendance will complete a Triad worksheet to discover their. emotional styles and to help guide their future interactions with each other. WHAT YOU GET,with clients or in their personal lives.
Tony Robbins Business Results Training 7,DISC personality. communication styles, DISC is the ultimate hiring tool allowing you a deeper understanding of how a prospective employee will fit into. your team culture so you can avoid a potentially poisonous hire If you aren t using DISC you are leaving much. of your hiring up to chance If you can t assess personality before bringing a new employee on board you risk. making the wrong choice and compromising your carefully built culture We ll also teach you and your team how to. interpret and implement the DISC profile to improve communication across your company well beyond hiring. Your team is a cohesive high achieving group of individuals who work. PICTURE THIS exceptionally well together but now you need to hire another person DISC will. allow you to assess the personality types of current employees and of new. candidates in order to find the best personality and culture fit DISC will ensure. that your high functioning team doesnt lose any momentum when a new team. member starts, The DISC assessment will provide you and your team insights to improve. communication and execute better hiring practices to boost overall team. CORE BENEFIT,cohesiveness, Each team member will receive their personal DISC report and analysis plus. WHAT YOU GET training in it s practical application your trainer will walk your team through how. to best work together based on their newly discovered communication styles. You will also get access to the assessment for all your future hiring needs. 8 Tony Robbins Business Results Training,management system.
Statistically the average employee logs under three hours of productive work in an eight hour work day Hack this. statistic by implementing Tony s personal time management system to create action plans and quickly move past. roadblocks With the Rapid Planning Method RPM employees will prioritize tasks in service of achieving specific. outcomes creating a renewed sense of purpose and drive Without RPM day to day tasks lack purpose and. direction and employees are likely wasting time energy and money. You have a product launch coming up and with it QA testing a marketing. PICTURE THIS campaign sales training logistics to implement and more This could be an. overwhelming process with much room for costly errors or you could use. the Rapid Planning Method RPM will help your teams and employees break. down and prioritize their tasks to achieve the very best result while remaining. focused on the crucial outcome for themselves and for the organization a. successful launch, The Rapid Planning Method creates a shift in mindset for radically increased. productivity efficiency,CORE BENEFIT, Get Tony s Rapid Planning Method workbook and system which you can. WHAT YOU GET customize to your business needs,Source Inc com 2019. Tony Robbins Business Results Training 9,Optimization. maximization system, Take an in depth look at how you can optimize and maximize the five most critical areas of your business that.
when compounded together will give you geometric growth You and your team will utilize Tony s Opt Max. system and proprietary software to brainstorm strategies for increasing leads conversion rates transaction value. and more Using this software you will be able to identify small areas of improvement in your business that can. yield massive results You ll clearly map out expected outcomes in order to measure your success and then build. upon it by continuing to Opt Max your business Without optimizing and maximizing your systems you run the. risk of leaving profits on the table, You have an ambitious revenue goal for the coming year You know your team. PICTURE THIS is capable of achieving this number but how Using the Opt Max calculator. you ll be able to make incremental changes in each area of your company to. increase efficiency performance and ultimately profits This calculator will show. you how you can make small manageable shifts to achieve massive results. Optimize any data driven process and identify realistic goals for getting your. CORE BENEFIT business to the next level, Get Tony s proprietary Opt Max software to continue to identify areas of your. WHAT YOU GET business where you can increase your bottom line. 10 Tony Robbins Business Results Training,Workflow Tony s. Value Chain, Understand and implement your company s Value Chain to identify personnel chokeholds and weak links that. may be costing you time and money The Value Chain will help each team member understand their specific. and integral role give them ownership of their outcomes and instill personal responsibility for the success of the. organization You ll also learn how the Clarify and Verify method can help maintain your Value Chain and a high. functioning workflow Without the Value Chain your entire organization suffers Your team morale suffers your. bottom line suffers and your clients suffer, You ve noticed more frustration than normal in communications with an.
PICTURE THIS outside partner By tracing your Value Chain you can discover exactly. where the breakdown occurs When you are able to pinpoint the problem. you can easily and efficiently correct it in the early stages It turns out a. miscommunication between assistants was the break in your chain and this. discovery averts a strained partnership or even broken partnership. You know that you are only as strong as your weakest link When you identify. CORE BENEFIT your weak links in the Value Chain you will strengthen your entire system. After mapping your current Value Chain you ll clearly identify where you have. WHAT YOU GET room for improvement During the training your team will create your company s. optimized Value Chain Map which you can implement immediately. Tony Robbins Business Results Training 11,7 Master steps for. effective leadership, Effective leadership is a skill that can be learned and practiced and in this training you will learn the same. techniques Tony uses in his interventions You and your team will be trained on Tony s 7 step process to eliminate. the limiting beliefs that hold people back from reaching their full potential This process is incredibly powerful. when used within your company as well as when addressing client objections or concerns Training better leaders. will increase conversion rates and skyrocket achievement. You ve been working on securing a game changing client for weeks and. PICTURE THIS you just can t seem to break through But implementing Tony s 7 master steps. can help you communicate benefits block objections and negotiate to get. the yes you need And when your entire team is trained in these powerful. techniques they ll be unstoppable, Understanding Tony s 7 master steps gives each member of your team the. power to level up their leadership giving your company a competitive edge. CORE BENEFIT, You ll receive Tony s Creating Lasting Change program which you can use for. WHAT YOU GET continued training with your current team and for training future hires. 12 Tony Robbins Business Results Training,About Tony Robbins.
Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur 1 NY Times bestselling author philanthropist and the nation s 1 life and business. strategist For more than 40 years millions of people have enjoyed the warmth humor and transformational power of. his business and personal development events, Author of six internationally bestselling books including the recent New York Times 1 best sellers MONEY Master. the Game and UNSHAKEABLE Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through. his audio video and life training programs He created the 1 personal and professional development program of all. time Ultimate Edge and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars. Mr Robbins is the chairman of a holding company comprised of more than 53 privately held businesses with. combined sales exceeding 6 billion a year He has been honored by Accenture as one of the Top 50 Business. Intellectuals in the World by Harvard Business Press as one of the Top 200 Business Gurus and by American. Express as one of the Top Six Business Leaders in the World In a cover story Fortune named him the CEO. Whisperer and he has been listed in the Top 50 of Worth Magazine s 100 most powerful people in global finance for. four consecutive years 2015 2018, Tony Robbins work has touched the lives of top entertainers and athletes such as Usher Pitbull Serena Williams. Andre Agassi and the Golden State Warriors Peak performers seek him out both at the top of their game to maintain. their position and in moments of distress to strategize their return to greatness Billionaire business leaders also seek. out Robbins for his advice investor and hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones and Salesforce com founder Marc. Benioff are among those he has personally coached, Robbins is also a passionate philanthropist and his generosity has touched the lives of millions through his personal. causes ranging from hunger relief to ending child trafficking Started in 1991 his Foundation has awarded over 2 000. grants and other resources to health and human services organizations implemented life changing curriculum in. Over the course of six months we will train and coach you and your team in the essential philosophies processes and systems that allow Tony Robbins to successfully oversee 53 highly successful companies During this period we will coach your team on Tony s systems and show you exactly how to implement those systems Once you ve completed the training you and your team members will each

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