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Current and upcoming exhibits,Exhibit of recent acquisitions opens. What We Collect Recent Art Acquisitions previewed on 12. September 2006 The Hunt Institute continues to acquire. watercolors drawings and prints for our collection of over. 30 000 artworks depicting plants on paper and vellum This. exhibition of 80 recently acquired artworks ranging from. the 17th century through the present provides an overview. of what we collect in the Hunt Institute Art Department. This selection of artworks is an important contribution to the. record of our natural world They were prepared for floras. monographs horticultural and educational publications and. for exhibitions in galleries and museums These artworks. came to us via many channels but chiefly and fortunately. for us as gifts Some donations included every illustration. for a specific publication while others included additional. artworks from artists who have participated in our International. Exhibition of Botanical Art Illustration Sometimes we were. given or bequeathed works from earlier centuries or given. funds to add to our limited acquisitions budget, The gallery is arranged in groupings that compare the. subject style and composition of older botanical artworks to. contemporary ones within the framework of several topics. We start with a restrike made in 1988 from the original. 16th century woodblock of Pisum minus P sativum Pea for. Left Euphorbia adenochlora No uru shi Field Sumac, watercolor by Kazuto Takahashi above A Few More Nuts. Carya Juglans Quercus watercolor by Richard Carroll 1992. New Kre terbuch Prague 1563 an early botanical work by. Pietro Andrea Mattioli This edition is a German translation. with commentary of Dioscorides treatise on the medicinal. properties of plants Materia Medica 1st century a d. Mattioli had insisted that the artists Liberale and Meyerpeck. work from direct observation For centuries plant images. reproduced in herbals had been copied repeatedly resulting. in a degradation of the identifiable properties This restrike. is grouped with contemporary ink drawings including. two created in a similar style by Smithsonian artist Alice. Tangerini and used for William Stern s Humanistic Botany. 1977 a text for beginning botany students, In the 17th cent ur y wea lthy landowners popu larly. commissioned artists to create florilegia or catalogues of. plants growing in their elaborate gardens We have included. a hand colored engraving of Narcissus from one of the most. famous florilegia of this period Hortus Eystettensis 1613. Basil Besler a Nuremburg apothecary facilitated this. beautiful two volume work containing images of over 1 000. plants arranged by season In 1998 these volumes were used. as a guide to recreate the Bastion Garden of Willibaldsburg. 2 Bull Hunt Inst Bot Doc 18 2 Fall 2006, goal of this artist is to change the perspective of the viewer.
and amplify the commonplace, Floras lists and descriptions of all the plants growing in a. particular country or region and monographs the most. complete taxonomic information available on a particular. plant group are represented by a selection of 18th and 19th. century prints and contemporary ink drawings One of these. is a hand colored engraving of yarrow Achillea millefolium. published in William Curtis Flora Londinensis 1798 The. original publication which the Hunt Institute holds in its. Library collection includes over 430 plates of wildflowers. growing within a ten mile radius of London and is an. excellent record of English flora Delicate ink drawings of. the genus Tigridia growing in Mexico and Central America. by Judith Scheidig were created for Elwood Molseed s 1970. monograph on this subject, An unusual grouping of drawings watercolors and prints. shows a variety of perspectives of trees that range from. the scientifically accurate to the purely artistic Whether. emphasizing specific details or the overall landscape each. artist shows us the intriguing architecture and beauty in. the natural world This grouping includes work created for. scientific publications by Dorothy Allen Isaac Sprague and. Jesse Markman artist authored educational books by Anne. Ophelia Todd Dowden and Stanley Maltzman and work for. exhibitions by Elizabeth Cadman Richard Carroll Harry. Schwalb and Steven Fisher,continued on page 4, Above 1 Cloustershire Costard 2 Herefordshire Costard. 3 Catshead chromolithograph by G Severeyns Brussels. printmaker from painting by Alice B Ellis and Edith E. Bull for The Herefordshire Pomona 1876 1885 pl 50, right Beija flor Heliothryx aurita auriculata gouache and. watercolor by Etienne Demonte 1984, Castle exemplifying the significance of florilegia in garden.
history and preservation With this engraving are two. contemporary watercolors by the artist Kazuto Takahashi. that were prepared for a traveling exhibition and published. florilegium of Japanese endangered plants in 2004 Today. florilegium societies have been founded in Australia England. and the United States to create an important visual record. of plants in public gardens, In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the study of nature. was quite popular due to the publications of the Swedish. botanist and naturalist Carolus Linnaeus One of the most. celebrated flower books of this period Robert Thornton s. The Temple of Flora 1812 is represented by a hand colored. aquatint and stipple engraving of A Group of Hyacinths This. publication was not a scientific treatise but instead celebrated. science art and nature with illustrations of plants in romantic. and exotic settings accompanied by sentimental poetry and. prose One of the accompanying contemporary artworks. by Gary Bukovnik contains a lone white peony in a clear. vase that sits atop a folded napkin containing an image of a. Slovenian landscape a tribute to the artist s heritage The. Bull Hunt Inst Bot Doc 18 2 Fall 2006 3, The horticultural prints shown are a record of some of the whose work we have included have focused on ordinary. fruits grown for private and commercial use in the 19th horticultural subjects including Celia Crampton s watercolor. century Examples by Joseph and William Henry Prestele of a partially husked ear of corn with an extraordinarily. whose work we featured in our recent exhibition Inspiration delicate rendering of a tassel Suzanne Olive s graphite. and Translation Botanical and Horticultural Lithographs of Joseph drawing of a halved artichoke showing the amazing inner. Prestele and Sons 2005 were created for nursery plates to structure and Bronwyn Van de Graaff s watercolor of a small. promote the sale of plants throughout the United States imperfect apple with leaves curled by the wind. and for the U S D A Division of Pomology to distribute. information about new varieties to growers and breeders The The paintings on display by the American artist Anne. color lithograph of the Costard apple by Alice Ellis and Edith Ophelia Todd Dowden and the Brazilian artist Etienne. Bull was included in the serial publication The Herefordshire Demonte show the relationship between plants and the birds. Pomona 1876 1885 Even in the late 19th century the and insects that pollinate them Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden. preservation of heirloom varieties was an issue and the aim is well known for her books educating young readers on the. of this publication was to have a record of the apple and pear interdependency of plants animals and insects Her delightful. varieties grown in that rural county in England Along with paintings were used to illustrate The Clover and the Bee A. these horticultural prints are a selection of drawings that fall Book of Pollination 1990 and feature honeybees wasps. in the category of economic botany which is the study of moths and hummingbirds feeding and pollinating Etienne. the relationship between people and plants and how botanical Demonte who is known for his paintings of Brazilian. resources for food medicine clothing and shelter can be birds and associated plants worked to preserve a record of. sustained Many of these drawings are of economic plants of the endangered natural history of his native country His. Latin and South America and were intended for publications painting features a Heliothryx a short billed hummingbird. of the plant explorer Wilson Popenoe He worked for the species known for robbing nectar by piercing the flower at. U S D A and the United Fruit Company of Honduras and its base on a bromeliad. was an authority on the avocado introducing Mexican Organisms such as algae moss and slime mold often go. and Guatemalan varieties to California He also established unnoticed but these scientifically accurate and aesthetically. an agricultural school in Honduras on behalf of the United beautiful drawings rendered from microscopic images. Fruit Company in 1943 to teach native growers to improve show their elegant structures Algae are a diverse group of. their techniques and crop yields one celled to many celled plants that includes pond scums. Many artists create botanical artworks purely for their artistic seaweeds and the greenish organisms found on bark and. merit and for exhibition in galleries and museums The artists rocks in shaded moist areas They are represented by an. 4 Bull Hunt Inst Bot Doc 18 2 Fall 2006,twenty herbs in four categories of. use aromatic cu l inar y dye and,medicinal This exhibition will give us. an opportunity to show a selection of,herbals and older watercolors and prints.
along with contemporary illustrations,of these plants We have asked four. members of the Western Pennsylvania,Unit of the Herb Society of America. to assist us with the research on the,individual plants We also plan to. schedule a few presentations on herbal,uses by some of the members We are. pleased to again display selections from,both our Art and Library collections for.
this exhibition,12th International opens fall 2007. Time has flown so quickly and we,again are in the process of looking. at artworks to include in our 12th,International Exhibition of Botanical Art. Illustration opening on 30 September,2007 This promises to be another. Page 4 Left Dictydium cancellatum Batsch Macbr watercolor by Henry Stempen exciting event featuring works by. 1976 right Willkommlangia reticulata Alb et Schw Kuntze watercolor by artists new to the Hunt Institute and. Henry Stempen page 5 Hosta 2 lithograph by Wilfred A Readio we look forward to sharing the work. of this international field of artists with,the public As has been a tradition.
18th century ink and wash drawing a piece of wood of Campanula and. since our 8th International 1995 we, by the prominent French botanical Cobaea are incredibly detailed Stephen. will be holding the preview reception, artist Pierre Jean Fran ois Turpin Frederick s soft ground etching of a. and opening of this exhibition in, and minutely detailed ink drawings fern was created by making a direct. conjunction with the annual meeting, of several South African species by impression of the plant material on the. of the American Society of Botanical, contemporary artists Olive Anderson prepared surface of the metal plate and.
Catherine J Hanforth Steiner and then etching into the plate with acid. Ann Robertson The moss species to create the printed details We are. Trachyodontium is one of a complete set fortunate to have a pencil study and New travel exhibition available. of illustrations for Zander s Genera of the corresponding lithograph of a grouping This fall we will offer a travel exhibition. Pottiaceae Mosses of Harsh Environments of hostas that was created by Wilfred of Yuuga Contemporar y B otanical. 1993 donated by the artist Patricia Readio a student and later professor at Watercolors from Japan to galleries and. Eckel Some of the most fascinating the Carnegie Institute of Technology museums in the continental United. and otherworldly images are of slime now Carnegie Mellon University States We were thrilled with the. molds myxomycete Watercolors by response to the exhibit and catalogue. Henry Stempen illustrate examples of We hope that the connections we have. which sold out this past spring We, these moving viscous and slimy masses made between older and contemporary. have a limited number of catalogues, of protoplasm that feed on bacteria and bot a n ica l a r t work s w i l l del ig ht. reserved for those who would like to, organic matter as well as the fruiting our visitors and give them a better. join as 2006 Associates, bodies sometimes resembling cages understanding of the breadth of our. and maypoles that release their spores Art collection This exhibit continues. through 20 December except for Recent news,to be transported by the wind to.
germinate again 23 26 November and 15 December Machiko Kaji daughter of the botanical. artist Yoshiko Kamei accompanied, The exhibition concludes with a Herb exhibit opens spring 2007 five of Kamei s students Junko Haga. selection of contemporar y pr ints Keiko Hamada Yoko Nishimura Chiyo. that include some of the techniques An exhibition on the subject of herbs. Watakabe and Junko Yoshitomi to, still used in botanical art wood will open on 22 March and be on. Pittsburgh in June to view their, engraving etching and lithography display through 29 June of next year. Yvonne Skargon s wood engravings We will look at this fas. Bulletin of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Vol 18 No 2 Fall 2006 Inside What We Collect on display Linnaean dissertations online 2006 Lawrence Award recipient 2007 Associate membership renewal 4 Top left Onikusa pristoides pen and ink by Ann Robertson 1990 for Memoirs of the Botanical Survey of South Africa 1992 top

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