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1 Foreword 3,2 Safety instructions 5,2 1 Proper use 5. 2 2 General notes 5, 2 3 Fuel Lubricants and Coolants Filling the tank 6. 2 4 Starting up 7,2 5 Cutting discs 8,2 6 Kickback and pulling motion 11. 2 7 Maintenance 12,3 Starting up 13,3 1 Attaching the cutting disc 14. 3 2 Fuel lubricants and coolants 15,3 3 Storing fuel 17.
3 4 Filling the tank 18,3 5 Starting the engine 19. 3 6 Cold start 20,3 7 Warm start 21,3 8 Turning off the engine 21. 3 9 Setting the carburetor 22,4 Technical data 23,5 Special tools 25. 6 Disassembly 27,6 1 Cover Handle 27,6 2 Clutch 29. 6 3 Recoil starter 33,6 4 Filter cover Filter 37,6 5 Ignition system module intake manifold 39.
6 6 Tank 45,6 7 Cylinder Crankshaft 47,6 8 Vibration dampers 51. 6 9 Protective hood V belt pulley 53,7 Disassembly Inspection 57. 7 1 Carburetor Inspection 57,8 Assembly 61,8 1 Protective hood V belt pulley 61. 8 2 Vibration dampers 65,8 3 Cylinder Crankshaft 67. 8 4 Tank 71,8 5 Ignition system module intake manifold 73.
0208118en 001IVZ fm 1,8 6 Filter cover Filter 77,8 7 Recoil starter 79. 8 8 Clutch 83,8 9 Cover Handle 87,9 Malfunction 89. 10 Maintenance 91,10 1 Maintenance schedule 91,10 2 Cleaning the protective hood 93. 10 3 Replacing the V belt 94,10 4 Tightening the V belt 95. 10 5 Carburetor setting 96,10 6 Cleaning Changing the air filter 98.
10 7 Replacing the spark plug 101,10 8 Replacing the suction head 103. 10 9 Replacing the starter rope 103,10 10 Miscellaneous 104. 11 Torque values 107,0208118en 001IVZ fm 2,1 Foreword. 1 Foreword, In the interest of your own safety and to prevent accidents you should carefully. read through the safety instructions familiarize yourself with them and observe. them at all times, The safety of the operator was one of the most important aspects taken into.
consideration when this machine was designed Nevertheless improper use or. incorrect maintenance can pose a risk Please operate and maintain your. Wacker machine in accordance with the instructions in the operator s manual. Your reward will be troublefree operation and a high degree of availability. Defective components should be replaced immediately. If you have any questions regarding operation or maintenance please contact. your Wacker representative, All rights reserved especially reproduction and distribution rights. Copyright 2005 Wacker Construction Equipment AG, No part of this manual may be reproduced processed copied or distributed by. any means without the expressed written permission of Wacker. Any type of reproduction distribution or storage on data media of any type and. form not authorized by Wacker represents an infringement of copyright and will. be prosecuted, We expressly reserve the right to make technical modifications even without. special notice which aim at further improving our machines or their safety. 1 Foreword,2 Safety instructions,2 Safety instructions. 2 1 Proper use,1 Cut off saw, The cut off saw must only be used outdoors for cutting cutting to length suit.
able materials with the cutting disc approved for the unit. 2 Non approved work methods, The cutting discs of the cut off saw must not be used as a grinding tool re. moving material with the side surface of the cutting disc This may cause the. disc to break It is prohibited to attach saw blades knives or brushes to the. cut off saw,3 Non approved operators, Persons unfamiliar with the operator s manual children juveniles as well as. persons under the influence of alcohol drugs or medication must not attempt. to operate the unit,2 2 General notes, Note This repair manual is not intended to replace the operator s manual. To ensure safe handling the operating person must read the operator s. manual even if that person is experienced in using a cut off saw to be. come familiar with the cut off saw Operators can endanger themselves and. others if they are unaware or insufficiently informed about how to properly. use the unit,5 Proper use,2 Safety instructions,2 3 Fuel Lubricants and Coolants Filling the tank. Before you fill the tank go to a a safe and level area It is prohibited to fill. the tank on a scaffolding a mound of material or similar elevated struc. Turn off the motor before you fill the tank of the cut off saw. Smoking and open fires are not permitted 1,Let the motor cool down before you fill the tank.
Fuels can contain solvent like substances Avoid skin and eye contact with. mineral products When filling the tank wear gloves not work gloves. Change and wash your clothing more often Do not inhale fuel vapors Inhal. ing fuel vapors can damage your health, Do not spill fuel If you have spilled fuel clean the cut off saw immediately. Avoid getting fuel on your clothing Should you spill fuel on your clothing. change your clothes immediately, Make every effort to ensure that you do not allow fuel to soak into the ground. environmental protection Use a suitable base, Do not fill the tank in closed rooms Fuel vapors accumulate near the floor. danger of explosion,Tightly close the screw plug on the fuel tank. To start the cut off saw go to another location at least 3 meters 10 feet. away from the place where you filled the tank 2 however not in the extend. ed swing area direction of flying sparks of the cutting disc. Fuels cannot be stored indefinitely Purchase only enough fuel as you can. possibly use in the foreseeable future, When preparing the correct gasoline oil mixing ratio first always pour oil into.
the mixing container and then the gasoline, Transport and store fuel only in approved and specially marked canisters. Do not allow children near the fuel,6 Fuel Lubricants and Coolants Filling the tank. 2 Safety instructions,2 4 Starting up, Do not work alone someone must be nearby in case of an emergency. within calling distance, When using cut off saws in residential areas please observe the local noise. regulations, Do not use the cut off saw near combustible materials or explosive gas.
es There is a risk of sparking,Wear protective gear. Ensure that persons for example those assisting you within a range of 30 m. 100 feet also wear protective gear see Personal Protective Gear 3. Children or other persons must keep a distance of at least 30 m 100 feet. from the work area of the cut off saw Be aware of any animals in the vicinity. Before you start to work with the cut off saw check to see that is in proper. working order and in a safe operating condition, In particular inspect the condition of the cutting disc replace immediately if. the disc is cracked bent or otherwise damaged Check that the disc is prop. erly mounted the protective hood is locked in place the belt guard is firmly. attached the V belt is properly tightened the throttle lever moves unhindered. and functions correctly the handles are clean and dry and the multifunction. switch works, Do not start the cut off saw until you have completely assembled and tested. it in operation The cut off saw must only be operated when it is completely. 7 Starting up,2 Safety instructions,2 5 Cutting discs. The protective hood must always be attached Change the cutting disc only. when the motor has been turned off, If you are using diamond edged cutting discs make sure you observe the at.
tached rotational direction mark, Cutting discs are only designed to cut materials on their edges Never use the. side surfaces for grinding purposes as this can break the disc 5. Note It is prohibited to change the direction a radius of 5 m 16 feet or less. apply lateral pressure or tilt the cut off saw while you are cutting 6. Cutting discs must only be used to cut materials they were designed for De. pending on the material you wish to cut metal or concrete you must select. the proper disc type, The center hole of the cutting disc must fit exactly onto the shaft If the center. hole is larger you must use an intermediate ring as an adapter. 8 Cutting discs,2 Safety instructions, The cutting disc must be approved for freehand cutting with a 350 mm 14. cutting disc diameter up to 4370 rpm or 80 m s 260 ft sec or with a 300 mm. 12 cutting disc diameter up to 5100 rpm or 80 m s 260 ft sec Use only. cutting discs that comply with EN 12413 EN 13236 or with the BGV D 12. The cutting disc must be completely undamaged 7 Test it by performing a. sound test with a piece of wood, Always tighten the cutting disc to 30 Nm otherwise you may distort the cut. Before starting the operator must stand at safe distance away from the cut. Start the cut off saw only as described in the operator s manual 8 Always. set your left foot into the handle and firmly hold the bow handle grip handle. by using your thumb Starting the unit in any other way is not permitted. When you start up the machine support it well and hold it firmly The cutting. disc must be freestanding, A new cutting disc must be tested before you cut with it by running it at least.
60 seconds at the specified maximum speed Ensure that no one is in the ex. tended swing area of the cutting disc,9 Cutting discs. 2 Safety instructions, When operating the cut off saw hold it firmly with both hands The right. hand on the rear handle and the left hand on the bow handle grip Hold the. grips firmly using your thumbs, When you release the throttle lever the cutting disc will continue to run briefly. Always ensure that you are standing in a secure position. Hold the cut off saw in such a way that you cannot inhale the exhaust fumes. Do not work in closed rooms or in deep trenches danger of poisoning. through exhaust fumes, If you notice any changes in the way the unit operates turn off the motor im. Maintenance,Filling the tank,Changing the cutting disc.
Remounting the cutting,attachment,Taking a break,9 Transport. You must turn off the motor before you check the V belt tension. retighten the belt change the cutting disc remount the cutting attach. ment outer or center position and eliminate malfunctions 9. If you hear or feel a change in the way the unit is cutting turn off the motor. immediately and check the cutting disc, During breaks and after you finish work turn off the cut off saw and set it. down so that the cutting disc is freestanding and cannot endanger anyone. Do not lay the hot cutting disc on dry grass or onto combustible objects The. muffler radiates an enormous amount of heat danger of fire. CAUTION After a wet cutting procedure first shut off the stream of water. and then let the cutting disc run another 30 seconds so that it can spin off the. remaining water This prevents corrosion,10 Cutting discs. 2 Safety instructions,2 6 Kickback and pulling motion. When working with the cut off saw it can kick back or suddenly pull you. Please see the relevant pages in the operator s manual. 11 Kickback and pulling motion,2 Safety instructions.
2 7 Maintenance, Before you carry out any maintenance work always turn off the cut off. saw 10 and pull off the spark plug connector, Check that the cut off saw is in a safe operating condition before you start. work Make sure that the cutting disc has been attached according to instruc. tions Alos make sure that the cutting disc is undamaged and suited for the. application at hand, While operating the machine try to produce as little noise and exhaust fumes. as possible Check the carburetor setting,Clean the cut off saw regularly. Check the tank cap regularly to make sure it is on tightly. Observe the accident prevention regulations set forth by the professional lia. bility insurance association Never attempt to modify the cut off saw Doing. so will endanger your safety,11 SERVICE, Maintenance and repair work must be carried out only to the extent detailed.
in this repair manual All other procedures must be performed by Wacker. Use only original Wacker replacement parts, If you use non original Wacker replacement parts accessories and cutting. discs you will increase you changes of having an accident Any accidents or. damage that occur with non original Wacker parts will invalidate your warran. 12 Maintenance,3 Starting up,3 Starting up, Before working on the cut off saw always turn off the engine pull off the spark. plug connector and wear protective gloves, The cut off saw must not be started until it has been completely assembled and. Always use the assembly tools included in delivery for the following proce. 1 Combination wrench 13 19 mm,2 Offset screwdriver. 3 Screwdriver for,setting the carburetor, Set the cut off saw onto a sturdy base and carry out the following assembly.
form not authorized by Wacker represents an infringement of copyright and will be prosecuted We expressly reserve the right to make technical modifications even without special notice which aim at further improving our machines or their safety standards 1 Foreword 4 2 Safety instructions 5 Proper use 2 Safety instructions 2 1 Proper use 1 Cut off saw The cut off saw must only be

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