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For your own safety and protection from bodily injuries carefully read understand and follow the safety instruc. tions in this manual, Please operate and maintain your Wacker machine in accordance with the instructions in this manual Your. Wacker machine will reward your attention by giving trouble free operation and a high degree of availability. Defective machine parts are to be replaced as soon as possible. All rights especially the right for copying and distribution are reserved. Copyright by Wacker Construction Equipment AG, No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical including. photocopying without express permission in writing from Wacker Construction Equipment AG. Any type of reproduction distribution or saving on data carriers of any type or method not authorized by Wacker. represents an infringement of valid copyrights and will be prosecuted. We expressly reserve the right to technical modifications even without express due notice which aim at im. proving our machines or their safety standards,TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOREWORD 1,DELIVERY INVENTORY 5,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 7. General precautions 7,Personal protective 7,Fuels Refuelling 8.
Putting into operation 10,Cutoff discs 10,Kickback and lock in 12. Working behavior Method of working 13,Cutting metals 13. Transport and storage 16,Maintenance 16,First aid 17. TECHNICAL DATA BTS 930 935 19,TECHNICAL DATA BTS 1030 1035 20. DENOMINATION OF COMPONENTS 21,PUTTING INTO OPERATION 22.
Mounting the cutting disc 22,Tightening the V belt Checking V belt tension 23. Refuelling 26,Starting the engine 26,Cold starting 28. Warm starting 28,Stopping the engine 29,Working in winter 29. Adjusting the carburetor 31,MAINTENANCE 33,Changing the V belt 33. Cleaning the protection hood 35,Cleaning changing the air filter 35.
Foam prefilter and inner filter 37,Replacing the spark plug 37. Checking the ignition spark 39,Replacing the suction head 39. Replacing the starter cable 39,Replacing the return spring 41. Cutting attachment in central side position 43,Repositioning the cutting attachment 43. 0109824GBIVZ GB fm,TABLE OF CONTENTS,SPECIAL ACCESSORIES 45.
Instructions for periodic maintenance 46,Service spare parts and guarantee 47. Troubleshooting 48,Guide trolley 51,Safety precautions 51. CUTTING DISCS 52,CUTTING DISCS 54,EC CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE 55. 0109824GBIVZ GB fm,Thank you for purchasing a WACKER product. Congratulations on choosing a WACKER Power Cut cutoff saw The WACKER Power Cuts feature specially. designed high performance engines with outstanding power to weight ratios for heavy duty yet lightweight. Other advantages of the WACKER Power Cuts,Sturdy construction and high reliability.
Maintenance free electronic ignition hermetically sealed to protect against dust and moisture. Vibration damping with 2 mass system for tireless working even when guiding the Power Cut by hand. Five stage air filter system for reliable working even under very dusty conditions. Two options for mounting the cutter attachment Either centrally for good balance when guiding the unit man. ually or on the side for flush cuts along walls or curbsides or horizontally directly above the ground. Extensive range of accessories available such as resinoid bonded or diamond tipped cutting discs as well as. a guide trolley water sprinkling system or angled tank filler neck. We want you to be satisfied with your WACKER product. In order to guarantee the optimal function and performance of your Power Cut and to ensure your personal. safety we would request you to perform the following. Read this instruction manual carefully before putting the Power Cut into operation for the first time. and strictly observe the safety regulations Failure to observe these precautions can lead to severe in. jury or death, Your WACKER Power Cut is packed in a cardboard box to prevent shipping damage. Cardboard is a basic raw material and is consequently reuseable or suitable for recycling waste paper. DELIVERY INVENTORY,1 Power Cut,3 Universal wrench 13 19. 4 Offset screwdriver, 5 Screwdriver for carburetor adjusment In case one of the parts listed should not be included in. 6 Instruction manual not shown the delivery inventory please consult your sales agent. You will notice the following symbols on the saw and in the Instruction Manual. Read instruction manual and follow Combination Start Stop I O switch. the warning and safety precautions choke,Particular care and caution Locked Unlocked. Forbidden Press starting valve, Wear protective helmet eye and ear Engine manual start.
protection,Wear protective gloves Working in winter. Wear respiratory protection Stop engine,No smoking Warning Kickback. No open fire Fuel and oil mixture,Direction of cutting wheel rotation First aid. Warning the max peripheral speed Recycling,of the cutting disc is 80 m s. Cutting disc dimensions CE Marking,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.
General precautions,The operator MUST read this instruction manual to. ensure safe operation even if you already have, experience in using cutoff saws It is important to. be familiar with the operation of this particular cutoff. saw Users insufficiently informed will endanger,themselves as well as others due to improper. Let only persons who have experience in using cutoff. saws work with this unit When letting another person. use the Power Cut this instruction manual must be 1. provided along with it, First time operators should ask a specialist to instruct. them in working with gasoline powered cutoff saws, Children and persons under 18 years of age must not.
be allowed to use this Power Cut Persons over the,age of 16 years may however use the Power Cut for. the purpose of being trained as long as they are under. the supervision of a qualified trainer,Working with the Power Cut requires high. concentration, Operate the Power Cut only if you are in good physical. condition If you are tired your attention will be, reduced Be especially careful at the end of a working. day Perform all work calmly and carefully The user. has to accept liability for others,Never work while under the influence of alcohol.
drugs medication or other substances which may,impair vision dexterity or judgement. Ar fire extinguisher must be available in the immediate. vicinity when working in easily inflammable vegetation. or when it has not rained for a long time danger of. Asbestos and other materials that can release toxins. may be cut only with the necessary safety precautions. and after notification of the proper authorities and 2. under their supervision or that of a person appointed. Personal protective, In order to avoid head eye hand or foot injuries as. well as to protect your hearing the following,protective equipment must be used during. operation of the Power Cut,The kind of clothing should be appropriate i e it. should be tight fitting but not be a hindrance Clothing. in which grains of material can accumulate trousers. with cuffs jackets and trousers with wide open,pockets etc must not be worn particularly when.
cutting metal 3, Do not wear any jewellery or clothing that can get. caught or distract from the operation of the Power Cut. It is necessary to wear a protective helmet whenever. working with the Power Cut The protective helmet, A is to be checked in regular intervals for damage. and is to be replaced after 5 years at the latest Use. only approved protective helmets, The helmet visor B protects the face from dust and. material grains In order to prevent injuries to eyes and. face always wear protective goggles C or visor,when using the Power Cut. To prevent hearing damage always wear suitable,personal hearing protection ear muffs D ear.
plugs etc Octave brand analysis upon request,When dry cutting dust producing materials such as. stone or concrete always wear approved respiratory. protection E,Work gloves F of tough leather are part of the. required work kit of the Power Cut and must always be. worn when working with the Power Cut,Always wear safety shoes or boots G with steel. toes non skid soles and leg protectors when working. with the Power Cut Safety shoes equipped with a, protective layer provide protection against cuts and. ensure a secure footing,Always wear a work suit H of sturdy material.
Fuels Refuelling,Go to a safe level place before refuelling Never. refuel while on scaffolding on heaps of material,or in similar places. Switch off the engine before refuelling the Power Cut. Do not smoke or work near open fires 6,Let the engine cool down before refuelling. Fuels can contain substances similar to solvents Eyes. and skin should not come in contact with mineral oil. products Always wear protective gloves when, refuelling not the regular work gloves Frequently 6. clean and change protective clothes Do not breathe in. fuel vapors Inhalation of fuel vapours can be,hazardous to your health.
Do not spill fuel If a spill occurs clean off the Power. Cut immediately Fuel should not come in contact with. clothes If your clothes have come in contact with fuel. change them at once, Ensure that no fuel oozes into the soil environmental. protection Use an appropriate base, Refuelling is not allowed in closed rooms Fuel vapors. will accumulate near the floor explosion hazard, Ensure to firmly tighten the screw plug of the fuel tank. Before starting the engine move to a location at least. 3 meters approx 3 1 4 yards from where you fuelled. the Power Cut 7 but not within the extended swing,range of the cutting disc direction of sparks. Fuel cannot be stored for an unlimited period of time. Buy only as much as will be consumed in the near, When making up the gasoline oil mixture always put.
the oil in the mixing container first and then the. gasoline 7,Use only approved and marked containers for the. transport and storage of fuel,Keep fuel away from children. Putting into operation,Do not work on your own There must be someone. around in case of an emergency within shouting, Observe all anti noise regulations when working in. residential areas,Never use the Power Cut near inflammable.
materials or explosive gases The Power Cut can,create sparks leading to fire or explosion. Make sure that all persons within 30 meters 33, yards such as other workers are wearing protective. gear see Protective Equipment 8 Children and, other unauthorized persons must remain more than 30. meters away from the working area Keep an eye out,for animals as well 9. waring Protective,Before starting work the Power Cut must be.
checked for perfect function and operating safety,according to the prescriptions. In particular make sure that the cutting wheel is in. good condition replace immediately if torn damaged. or bent the cutting wheel is properly mounted the, protective hood is locked in place the hand guard is. properly mounted the V belt has the proper tension. the throttle moves easily and the half throttle lock. button functions properly the grips are clean and dry 9. and the combination switch functions properly, Start the Power Cut only after complete assembly and. inspection Never use the Power Cut when it is not,completely assembled. Cutoff discs,The protection hood must always be on Change.
discs only with the engine off,There are two basic types of cutoff discs. For metal hot cutting,For masonry cold cutting,NOTE When using diamond cutoff discs always. make sure to observe the direction of rotation,markings Diamond discs should not be used for. cutting metal, Cutoff discs are intended only for radial loading i e for 10. cutting Do not grind with the sides of the cutting disc. This will break the disc 10,Never change direction turning radius less than 5.
meters 5 1 2 yards exert lateral sideways,pressure or tip the Power Cut during cutting 11. Use a cutting disc only for cutting the materials it is. intended for The proper type of disc must be used for. either metals or concrete, The arbour hole bore of the cutting disc must fit the. shaft exactly If the arbour hole is larger than the shaft. diameter a spacer ring must be used accessories 11. Use only cutting wheels approved by the DSA,German Abrasive Disc Committee or equivalent. organisation for freehand cutting at up to 4370 RPM. 80 m sec at circumference for 14 355 mm discs or,up to 5100 RPM 80 m sec at circumference for. 12 300 mm discs,The disc must be free of defects 12 Make sure by.
sound testing with a piece of wood Do not use,defective cutting discs. Always tighten the cutting disc mounting bolt to a. torque of 30 Nm Otherwise the cutting disc can, Before starting the cutting disc make sure you have a. steady footing, Put the Power Cut into operation only as described in. this instruction manual 13 Always place your left foot. in the rear handle and grasp the other handle firmly. with thumb and fingers Other starting methods are,not allowed. When starting the Power Cut it must be well supported. and securely held The cutting disc must not be,touching anything 13.
If the cutting disc is new test it by running it at least 60. BTS 930 BTS 935 BTS 1030 BTS 1035 FBTS 0200367en 10 2002 0008340 103 0008341 103 0008339 102 0007975 102 0125766 T00778GB 1 FOREWORD Foreword For your own safety and protection from bodily injuries carefully read understand and follow the safety instruc tions in this manual Please operate and maintain your Wacker machine in accordance with the instructions in this manual Your Wacker

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