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THE NS PROFILE, For six decades Ralph Steadman s savage cartoons have thrilled. angered and shocked readers He is not done yet,By Xan Rice. n the summer of 1970 a 34 year old a heap of shit with the Northern Irish un renown in America for his book about liv. Welsh artist with a shock of prema ionist Ian Paisley buzzing in from the side ing and riding with the Hell s Angels The. turely white hair and a thick mous Go find your own heap Paisley Powell two men had met earlier that year when. tache less goatee was asked by the says as Mr Weath approaches from behind Scanlan s Monthly magazine commissioned. Times to draw political cartoons dur with a fly swatter Steadman to join Thompson at the Ken. ing the general election campaign Idealistic The then Times editor William Rees tucky Derby horse race and provide pen. and mistrustful of authority Ralph Stead Mogg worried that the drawings were in and ink illustrations for his article. man saw little that was likeable or even flammatory but others on the paper liked The collaboration started badly Thomp. distinguishable in the Conservative Party s Steadman s strange savage style After the son greeted Steadman with the line. Edward Heath and Labour s Harold Wil election he was offered a three month trial They told me you were weird but not that. son But he had four children to support as a staff cartoonist which he took As the weird and got worse Steadman showed. from a recently ended marriage and needed letters of complaint from readers began some of the locals the grotesque portraits. a steady income so he accepted the assign to pile up at the newspaper Steadman was he had drawn of them and came close to. ment and got on with causing offence receiving another stream of correspondence being beaten up Thompson who was six. Steadman s first cartoon for the news from the United States which often start foot three drunk and ill tempered sprayed. paper featuring the diminutive Mr Weath ed like this Steadman with Mace Yet when the maga. and Mr Hilson as he named them along zine published their work under the head. with the Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thor Dear Ralph line The Kentucky Derby is decadent and. You filthy twisted pervert I ll beat, pe was titled Happiness Is a Small Politi depraved it caused a sensation in literary. your ass like a gong for that drawing, cian Another used the three faces to form you did of me. journalism circles Bill Cardoso an editor at, the undulations of a landscape which he the Boston Globe Sunday magazine wrote.
called The Wasteland Most memorably The author was Hunter S Thompson to Thompson praising the piece which he. he portrayed Enoch Powell as a fly sitting on a renegade journalist who had achieved called pure gonzo Gonzo journalism. 16 DECEMBER 2016 5 JANUARY 2017 NEW STATESMAN 57, in which the reporter becomes the It was just a schoolboy prank Stead he tells me But I am over that. story was born man says But if I had managed to spray Seeing my notebook he takes his own. Now a few months later Thompson was the graffiti and got caught I may never have out of his pocket a small soft cover version. eager to capitalise on the success by tak been allowed to leave America that he always keeps with him He thumbs. ing on more assignments with Steadman through it and shows me what he has writ. In what he described as a king bitch dog early half a century has passed ten Gonzo koala DRAW Senet old. fucker of an idea he suggested that they and Steadman is now 80 but Egyptian game. travel around America and produce a series the details of the escapade are How did I find that out he wonders I. of articles so weird and frightful as to stag still fresh in his mind Ralph don t know I m properly ill informed. ger every mind in journalism we must flee he says chuck He is not of course He may be best. Steadman knew that he was not cut out ling as he imitates Thompson s deep voice known for his brutal ink blot cartoons. for a long term career in newspapers and It s autumn and he is sitting on a stool in which have appeared in many of the world s. so that August he took leave from the the kitchen of his large Georgian house in leading English language newspapers and. Times and flew to Newport Rhode Island the village of Loose in Kent With him is magazines but he has also written and il. to cover the America s Cup yacht race for his second wife Anna and their daugh lustrated books about Leonardo da Vinci. Scanlan s Though they lacked accredita ter Sadie who lives with her husband and Sigmund Freud fine wine and God among. tion Thompson had hired two berths on their two sons on the property They are other things. a boat the other occupants were members having a breakfast of boiled eggs Marmite And though his most famous collaborator. of a rock band so they could sail out and on toast and tea is gone Thompson depressed and strug. gling with chronic medical problems com,mitted suicide in 2005 aged 67 Steadman. One of his assignments with Thompson has shown no sign of laying down his nib. pen and paintbrush His output in recent, involved shouting Run you bastards months includes the poster for Louis Ther. oux s new film on Scientology the artwork, at marathon runners in Honolulu for the indie musician Ed Harcourt s latest. album and dozens of paintings of real and,imaginary creatures for his own forthcom.
observe the contest But the wind was mild Steadman wears two fleeces over his ing book Critical Critters. and the racing boring grey and white striped shirt a necklace He also continues to produce for the New. With just a day of the competition left with several shiny pendants navy trou Statesman his political drawings that reflect. they had no story and Steadman was sea sers and black leather slip on shoes He s his dismay at the state of the world and the. sick He asked Thompson who had shown still warming up after spending 15 minutes role of the powerful in its decay Sometimes. no sign of discomfort on the water for one in the pool in his back garden swimming it s a commission such as the drawing of. of the little yellow pills that he had been a few lengths and then jogging through Nicola Sturgeon with tartan horns or Nigel. popping It was a bad mistake Steadman the water as he does most mornings even Farage with a braying donkey grin At other. had little experience with drugs halluci through the winter times it s something that he sends in un. nogens in this case unlike his companion He dislikes sport one of his reporting as prompted to the NS creative editor Gerry. Hunter had no fear of the effect of drugs signments with Thompson involved shout Brakus who joins me on the visit to Stead. on his body he tells me when I visit him ing Run you bastards at competitors in man s house for instance Donald Trump as. in October People would come to him and the Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii and be a pig wearing Stars and Stripes underpants. say Have one of these He d eat it and then ing out in the elements is more important to Titled Porky Pie it ran in the paper exactly. say What was that him than the health benefits of the exercise a year ago and now seems highly prescient. The yellow pill made Steadman feel At one point in my life I did wonder I don t know what else to do he tells. weird and brave That night when Thomp Why does the human heart keep beating me when I ask him why he keeps work. son produced two cans of spray paint and ing He does not need the money It can. suggested that they row out in a dinghy to be hard to fill the hours so I try to make a. deface the racing boats Australia s Gre mark every day. tel II and America s Intrepid Steadman, was game As the artist it fell on him to alph Steadman was born in the. decide on the graffiti He suggested spray town of Wallasey near Liver. ing FUCK THE POPE on one of the mul pool in 1936 His mother was. timillion dollar yachts As they approached a Welsh coal miner s daugh. the vessels in the darkness Steadman shook ter who had dreamed of be. one of the cans of paint The clicking noise ing a teacher but ended up as a shopgirl. alerted a guard on the jetty who pointed his at a branch of the T J Hughes department. torch and shouted at the trespassers store His father was a commercial traveller. Ralph we must flee Thompson said who sold ladies costumes out of a van but. and frantically rowed the dinghy away wanted to build cars. KEVIN MAZUR WIREIMAGE, from the yachts To distract the police he When war broke out and the German. fired two flares towards the harbour one of bombs started falling Steadman s mother. which landed on the wooden deck of a boat would rush him and his sister to an Ander. He and Steadman caught a lift on a passing son air raid shelter where she knitted to try. fishing boat and escaped the scene Hellraisers with Hunter S Thompson in 1996 to stay calm Eventually the danger became. 58 NEW STATESMAN 16 DECEMBER 2016 5 JANUARY 2017,well as the German artists George Grosz. and Otto Dix who were prominent mem,bers of the New Objectivity movement in. 1920s Germany His daughter Sadie chimes,in Dix s portrait of the journalist Sylvia.
von Harden with the monocle and,Steadman nods,In the early 1960s at Richardson s urging. Steadman studied further at the London,College of Printing and Graphic Arts while. pursuing a freelance career publishing in,Punch and Private Eye He also started il. lustrating books He takes down a couple,of them from a shelf in his living room in. cluding his first one Fly Away Peter 1964,about a short necked giraffe and a bird that.
cannot fly and The Yellow Flowers from,1968 about the children of immigrants. in Islington north London a subject that,seems even more relevant today He reads. a few pages aloud and says approvingly,Isn t that sweet. The artwork is tame by his later stand,ards these are children s books but all. the while his style was developing As he,drew with his William Mitchell 0565 steel.
Enoch Powell sits on a dungheap as Ian Paisley flies close and Mr Weath prepares to strike 1970 nib dipping pen and Snowdon 300 grams. per square metre paper his work became, too great Father drove us out in the middle His next job was as a tea boy at a small edgier more instinctive and his confidence. of the night in his Rover car I was four and advertising company where he saw in a grew He seldom felt the need to sketch. my sister was eight We ended up in Ab brochure an advert for Percy V Bradshaw s out a picture before inking it I always say. ergele in Wales and stayed with one of my Press Art School that said You too can a mistake is just an opportunity to do some. father s customers Mrs Hudson My moth learn to draw and earn pounds The cor thing different. er did not like it but we could not go back respondence course cost 12 for 12 lessons Among his peers and those who followed. Steadman tells me and an extra 5 to study cartooning That him Steadman s work has been recog. As a child he showed little sign of rebel second part especially appealed to Stead nised as groundbreaking It was all about. lion or artistic talent He was a choirboy and man whose father had introduced him to the potency of his line says Martin Row. a Boy Scout neither of which especially Giles cartoons years earlier son the cartoonist and writer who regards. pleased his father a lovely fellow whose His parents paid for the course which he Steadman as one of the most brilliant illus. experiences in the First World War had completed while doing his two years of na trators of the 20th and 21st centuries Very. left him mistrustful of God and anything tional service as a radar operator in the RAF early on Ralph found the courage not to. militaristic Steadman liked to build mod I would sit on my bed drawing pictures of care about the niceties of the line It was so. el planes and hoped to become an aircraft my boots he says Soon he was proficient rough like dirty sex not airbrushed por. engineer After leaving Abergele Grammar enough to start sending off his work to re nography He s a true artist. School at 16 he was taken on as an appren gional newspapers such as the Manchester We are meant to be going for an early. tice by de Havilland Aircraft Company in Evening Chronicle which published his first lunch at a pub and Steadman s wife Anna. Broughton Flintshire He learned technical cartoon about Gamal Abdel Nasser and and Sadie are trying to hurry him along. drawing circles and straight lines would the Suez crisis in 1956 But he keeps brushing them off saying. later mark his art but hated factory life After moving to London to find work This is part of the story. and quit within a year he was hired as a cartoonist for a group of In an adjoining sitting room he picks up. Unsure of what he wanted to do with his newspapers distributed in the north of Eng a black box that looks like a walkie talkie. life he took a job at Woolworths in Colwyn land In the evenings he took classes at East and a smaller box with a button He press. Bay in north Wales One day while sweep Ham Technical College where the art teach es it and the larger box emits a loud fart. ing outside the entrance to the shop his old er Leslie Richardson became his mentor sound And then another with a differ. headmaster walked past He was a vicious I wanted to learn to draw properly ent pitch He keeps pressing the button on. bastard who would cane boys whenever he says We would go to the museums of the Fart Machine No 2 Boom Box Blaster. he could Steadman says He sneered and science and natural history and the Victoria a gift from a friend in the United States. Steadman s strange savage style After the election he was offered a three month trial as a staff cartoonist which he took As the letters of complaint from readers began to pile up at the newspaper Steadman was receiving another stream of correspondence from the United States which often start ed like this Dear Ralph

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