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Telangana State Council of Higher Education Govt of Telangana. B Sc CBCS Common Core Syllabi for all Universities in Telangana wef 2016 17. PROPOSED SCHEME FOR CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM IN,B Sc BIOCHEMISTRY. FIRST YEAR SEMESTER I,Code Course Title Course Type HPW Credits. BS 101 Environmental Studies AECC 1 2 2,BS 102 English CC 1A 5 5. BS 103 Second Language CC 2A 5 5, BS 104 Chemistry of Biomolecules DSC 1A 4T 2P 6 4 1 5. BS 105 Optional II DSC 2A 4T 2P 6 4 1 5,BS 106 Optional III DSC 3A 4T 2P 6 4 1 5.
SEMESTER II,BS 201 Gender Sensitization AECC 2 2 2. BS 202 English CC 1B 5 5,BS 203 Second Language CC 2B 5 5. BS 204 Chemistry of Nucleic acids DSC 1B 4T 2P 6 4 1 5. and Biochemical,Techniques,BS 205 Optional II DSC 2B 4T 2P 6 4 1 5. BS 206 Optional III DSC 3B 4T 2P 6 4 1 5,SECOND YEAR SEMESTER III. BS 301 Computational SEC 1 2 2,Biochemistry,BS 302 English CC 1C 5 5.
BS 303 Second Language CC 2C 5 5, BS 304 Bioenergetics Biological DSC 1C 4T 2P 6 4 1 5. oxidation and Enzymology,BS 305 Optional II DSC 2C 4T 2P 6 4 1 5. BS 306 Optional III DSC 3C 4T 2P 6 4 1 5,SEMESTER IV. BS 401 Medical Lab Technology SEC 2 2 2,BS 402 English CC 1D 5 5. BS 403 Second Language CC 2D 5 5, BS 404 Intermediary Metabolism DSC 1D 4T 2P 6 4 1 5.
BS 405 Optional II DSC 2D 4T 2P 6 4 1 5,BS 406 Optional III DSC 3D 4T 2P 6 4 1 5. THIRD YEAR SEMESTER V,BS 501 Applied Biochemistry SEC 3 2 2. BS 502 Physiology and GE 1 2 2,Biochemistry, BS 503 Physiology and Clinical DSC 1E 3T 2P 5 3 1 4. Biochemistry,BS 504 Optional II DSC 2E 3T 2P 5 3 1 4. BS 505 Optional III DSC 3E 3T 2P 5 3 1 4,BS 506 A Molecular Biology DSE 1E 3T 2P 5 3 1 4.
B Cell Biology and,BS 507 Optional II A B C DSE 2E 3T 2P 5 3 1 4. BS 508 Optional III A B C DSE 3E 3T 2P 5 3 1 4,SEMESTER VI. BS 601 Mini Project 4 weeks SEC 4 2 2,BS 602 Nutrition in health and GE 2 2 2. BS 603 Nutrition and Immunology DSC 1F 3T 2P 5 3 1 4. BS 604 Optional II DSC 2F 3T 2P 5 3 1 4,BS 605 Optional III DSC 3F 3T 2P 5 3 1 4. BS 606 A Microbiology and DSE 1F 3T 2P 5 3 1 4,r DNA technology.
B Biotechnology,BS 607 Optional II A B C DSE 2F 3T 2P 5 3 1 4. BS 608 Optional III A B C DSE 3F 3T 2P 5 3 1 4,TOTAL CREDITS 164. CC Core Course,AECC Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course. DSC Discipline Specific Core,SEC Skill Enhancement Course. DSE Discipline Specific Elective,GE Generic Elective.
HPW Hours per week,UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University,SYLLABUS I SEMESTER. BS104 Theory Chemistry of Biomolecules,Unit 1 Introduction. Scope of biochemistry,Water as biological solvent,Weak acids and bases. pH buffers Biological Buffers Henderson Hasselbalch equation. Simple numerical problems, Stereo chemistry with reference to carbohydrates amino acids.
UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University,Unit 2 Carbohydrates. Classification of carbohydrates, Mono saccharide straight chain and ring structures. Reactions of monosaccharides mutarotation aminosugars glycosides. Disaccharides oligosaccharides polysaccharides, Storage and structural polysaccharides glycosaminoglycan s and. bacterial cell wall polysaccharides,Unit 3 Lipids, Classificationof lipids essential fatty acids Reactions properties of lipids. General properties and structures of neutral fats waxes phospholipids. sphingolipids cholesterol glycolipids,Prostaglandins and lipoproteins.
Bio membranes behavior of amphipathic lipids in water formation of. micelles bilayers vesicles membrane composition and fluid mosaic model. Unit 4 Amino acids proteins, Classification structure stereochemistry and chemical reactions of amino acids. Titration curve of glycine pk values, Essential nonessential amino acidsand non protein aminoacids. Peptide bond Nature and conformation Naturally occurring peptides. Glutathione encephalin, Outlines of protein classification structural organization of proteins primary. secondary tertiary and quaternary structures ex hemoglobin myoglobin. General properties of proteins denaturation and renaturation of proteins. Determination of amino acid composition of proteins. BS104 practical Qualitative Analysis of biomolecules. Laboratory general safety procedures,Preparation of standard solutions. Determination of pKa values of amino acids by titration. Preparation of buffers, Qualitative identification of Carbohydrates Amino acids Lipids.
UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University,SYLLABUS II SEMESTER. BS204 Theory Chemistry of Nucleic Acids Biochemical Techniques. Unit 1 Composition of Nucleic acids,Nature functions of nucleic acids. Structure of purines and pyrimidines,Nucleosides nucleotides DNA RNA. Stability and formation of phosphodiesterlinkages effect of acids alkali and. Photochemical and Spectral characteristics of Nucleic acid. Unit 2 Structure of nucleic acids,Watson Crick DNA double helix structure. Introduction to circular DNA supercoiling helix to random coil transition. denaturation of nucleic acids, Hyper chromic effect Tm values and their significance.
Reassociation kinetics cot curves and their significance. Different types of RNA and their biological functions. Unit3 Specrophotometric and Centrifugation Techniques. Colorimetry and spectrophotometry,Beer Lamberts law and its limitations. UV visible spectra molar extinction coefficient,Principle of fluorimetry. Principle and applications of Centrifugation technique in biology. Unit 4 Chromatography techniques,Principle in chromatographic technique. Application of chromatographic technique in paper chromatography. dimensional TLC gel filtration molecular sieve ion exchange. Chromatography and affinity chromatography,UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University. BS204 practical Quantitative Analysis of Biomolecules. Aminoacid Estimation by Ninhydrin method,Protein Estimation by Folin s Method.
Total Sugar Estimation by Anthrone Method, Total Reducing Sugar Estimation by Dinitrosalicylate. Estimation ofKeto sugar by Roe s resorcinol Method. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University, Semester III Paper BS 301 COMPUTATIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY. 2 Credits 2 Hr week, Credit I Biochemical Data Analysis and Molecular Graphics. 1 Computational Science and Applications of Computers in Biochemistry. 2 Biochemical data analysis and Management Spread sheets and Databases. 3 Internet resources and data retrieval, 4 Visualization of Biomolecules by computer graphics. 5 Drawing and display of structures,Credit II Dynamics of Computational Biochemistry.
1 Databases of Receptor Biomolecule interactions,2 Study of Enzyme Kinetics. 3 Metabolic databases,4 Gene identification Protein sequence analysis. 5 Principles of molecular modelling,References, 1 An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry by C Stan Tsai A JOHN WILEY SONS. INC PUBLICATION, 2 Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics by Oren M Becker Alexander D MacKerell Jr. Benoit Roux Masakatsu Watanabe CRC Press Taylor Francis Group. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University, Semester III Paper BS304 Theory BIOENERGETICS BIOLOGICAL OXIDATIONS.
AND ENZYMOLOGY,4 Credits 4 Hr week,Credit I Bioenergetics. 1 Energy transformations in the living system,2 Free energy Enthalpy and Entropy concepts. 3 Exergonic and endergonic reactions,4 High energy compounds. 5 Phosphate group transfer potential,6 Substrate level phosphorylation. 7 Cytochromes structure types and their functions,Credit II Biological Oxidations.
1 Biological oxidations Definition enzymes involved oxidases dehydrogenases and oxygenases. 2 Redox reactions Redox couplers Reduction potential o o Standard reduction potential. o of some biochemically important half reactions, 3 Ultrastructure of mitochondria Electron transport chain and carriers involved. 4 Oxidative phosphorylation theories of oxidative phosphorylation Mitchell s chemiosmotic. theory Fo F1 ATPase Inhibitors of respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation uncouplers. 5 Formation of reactive oxygen species and their disposal through enzymatic reactions. 6 Ultrastructure of chloroplast,7 Cyclic and non cyclic photophosphorylation. Credit III Introduction to Enzymology, 1 Introduction to biocatalysis differences between chemical and biological catalysis. 2 Nomenclature and classification of enzymes, 3 Definition of holo enzyme apo enzyme coenzyme cofactor Fundamentals of enzyme assay. enzyme units,4 Methods of Enzyme purification,5 Enzyme specificity Active site.
6 Principles of energy of activation transition state. 7 Interaction between enzyme and substrate lock and key induced fit models. Credit IV Enzyme Kinetics and Enzyme action, 1 Rate of a Reaction Law of Mass action Factors affecting the catalysis substrate concentration. pH temperature Time Enzyme concentration and Product concentration. 2 Michaelis Menten equation for single substrate reaction significance of KM and Vmax. 3 Enzyme inhibition irreversible and reversible types of reversible inhibitions competitive and. non competitive, 4 Outline of mechanism of enzyme action acid base catalysis covalent catalysis electrostatic. catalysis and metal ion catalysis, 5 Regulation of enzyme activity allosterism and cooperatitvity ATCase as an allosteric enzyme. covalent modulation covalent phosphorylation of phosphorylase. 6 Zymogen activation activation of trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen. 7 Isoenzymes LDH and Multienzyme complexes PDH Ribozyme. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University,References. 1 Lehninger s Principles of Biochemistry Nelson D L and Cox M M Freeman Co. 2 Biochemistry Berg J M Tymoczko J L and Stryer L Freeman Co. 3 Biochemistry Voet D and Voet J G John Wiley Sons. 4 Textbook of Biochemistry West E S Todd W R Mason H S and Bruggen J T V Oxford. IBH Publishers, 5 Outlines of Biochemistry Conn E E Stumpf P K Bruening G and Doi R H John Wiley.
6 Harper s Illustrated Biochemistry Murray R K Granner D K Rodwell V W McGraw Hill. 7 Bichemistry Lippincott s Illustrated Reviews Champe P C and Harvey R A Lippincott. 8 Fundamentals of Biochemistry Jain J L Jain S Jain N S Chand Co. 9 Biochemistry Satyanarayana U and Chakrapani U Books Allied Pvt Ltd. 10 Fundamentals of Enzymology Price N C and Stevens L Oxford University Press. 11 Understanding Enzymes Palmer T Ellis Harwood, 12 Enzymes Biochemistry Biotechnology Clinical Chemistry Palmer T Affiliated East West. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University,Semester III Paper BS304 Practicals ENZYMOLOGY. 1 Credits 2 Hr week,1 Assay of salivary amylase,2 Assay of amylase from sweet potatoes. 3 Assay of urease,4 Assay of catalase,5 Assay of phosphatase. 6 Determination of optimum temperature and pH for amylase. 7 Determination of optimum pH for phosphatase, 8 Effect of Substrate concentration of amylase activity.
References, 1 Experimental Biochemistry A student companion Beedu Sashidhar Rao and VijayDeshpande. 2 Laboratory Manual in Biochemistry Jayaraman J Wiley Eastern. 3 Enzyme Assays A practical Approach Eisenthal R and Dawson M l IRL Press. 4 Biochemical Methods Sadasivam S and Manickyam A New Age International Publishers. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University,Semester IV Paper BS 401 MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY. 2 Credits 2 Hr week,Credit I Clinical Laboratory principles and Tests. 1 Basic principles of Clinical Laboratory Commonly used equipment and their maintenance. Preparation of reagents and Quality control, 2 Phlebotomy Collection processing preservation and transportation of various clinical samples. 3 Physical and chemical examinations of urine CSF Semen. 4 Complete blood picture CBP, 5 Tests for sickling osmotic fragility G6PD enzyme deficiency Coomb s test Identification of.
Blood parasites and Clinical Enzymology,Credit II Microbiology and Immunology. 1 Histopathology and cytopathology Preparation of common stains. 2 Microbiology Basic principles of culture isolation of bacteria from blood CSF tissue sputum. throat swab sasal eye swabs aural swab vaginal swab wound swab rectal swab urine pleural. fluid ascetic fluid AFB culture, 3 Identification of Coci Corynebacteria Diptheria Mycobacteria Gran negatice bacilli and Gran. positive bacilli, 4 Techniques of RA factor VDRL Widal Auto Antibodies Hepatitis HIV testing and EBV etc. 5 Immuno histochemical staining methods for auto antibodies and tumour markers. References, 1 Fischbach 2005 Manual of lab and diagnostic tests Lippincott Williams Wilkins. 2 Gradwohls 2000 Clinical laboratory methods and diagnosis ed Ales C Sonnenwirth and. leonard jarret M D B I New Delhi, 3 J Ochei and Kolhatkar 2002 Medical laboratory science theory and practice Tata.
McGraw Hill New Delhi, 4 Kanai L Mukherjee 2007 Medical laboratory technology Vol 1 Tata McGraw Hill. UG Biochemisrty CBCS Palamuru University, Semester IV Paper BS 404 Theory INTERMEDIARY METABOLISM. 4 Credits 4 Hr week,Credit I Amino acid Metabolism. 1 General reactions of amino acid metabolism transamination decarboxylation and deamination. 2 Urea cycle and regulation, 3 Catabolism of carbon skeleton of amino acids glycogenic and ketogenic amino acids. 4 Metabolism of glycine serine aspartic acid methionine phenylalanine and leucine. 5 Biosynthesis of creatine,6 Inborn errors of aromatic amino acids.
BS104 Theory Chemistry of Biomolecules Unit 1 Introduction Scope of biochemistry Water as biological solvent Weak acids and bases pH buffers Biological Buffers Henderson Hasselbalch equation

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