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BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011,Created by Smith Steele Page 2 of 168 1 6 2011. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011,Table of Contents. Table of Contents 3, Safety Measures for Students In General Biology Classes 5. Metric System Conversions 9,How big is a 18,Lab Equipment 22. Measuring Liquids 25,The Scientific Method 28,Week 1 Lab Report Instructions 33.
GOOD GRAPH OR BAD GRAPH 38,Brain Warm Up Molecular Modeling 44. Molecular Modeling 45,Functional Groups of Organic Molecules 52. Solvent properties of oil water and alcohol 54,Brain Warm Up Organic Macromolecules 56. Testing for Organic Compounds 57,Denaturation and Coagulation of Proteins 68. Measuring pH 70,LAB SUMMARY NOTES 71, Determining the Solute Concentration of Potato Cells 74.
Osmosis Lab Report and Questions 77,Cell Membranes and Osmosis Lab Stations 81. Brain Warm Up Cells 83,Microscope and Cells Lab 84. Brain Warm Up Calorimetry thermodynamics 97,Food Calorimetry Measuring the energy in Food 98. Brain Warm Up Enzymes 109,Enzyme Lab Problem Chemical Production 110. Enzyme Experiment Lab Report 126,How to use a Spec 20 128.
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Review Lab 131. Brain Warm Up DNA Structure 136,DNA and RNA Structure 137. Brain Warm Up DNA replication 144,DNA Replication PUZZLE 145. DNA replication COMPUTER 148,The Cell Cycle 150,Brain Warm Up Gene Expression 152. Gene Expression Team 1 154,Gene Expression Team 2 156. Recovering the Romanovs 160,Brain Warm Up Meiosis 162.
Meiosis Reebops 163,Lab Final Study Guide 168,Created by Smith Steele Page 3 of 168 1 6 2011. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011,Created by Smith Steele Page 4 of 168 1 6 2011. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011, Safety Measures for Students In General Biology Classes. CAUTIONARY STATEMENT, In several of the laboratory exercises in Biology you will use materials that are toxic. flammable reactive or corrosive Since exposure to any of these materials could pose a. health risk it is necessary that you understand and carry out basic lab safety procedures. If you are allergic to any of the chemicals used in specific labs it is your responsibility to make. note of it and consult with your instructor, If you are pregnant or have a compromised immune system that is you are on a.
chemotherapy regimen you are taking corticosteroids you have leukemia AIDS active. tuberculosis etc the consequences of an exposure to certain chemicals are slightly greater. than for individuals with a normal immune system If you are pregnant or if you have reason. to suspect that your immune system is not fully functional you should consult with your. instructor and your physician for advice about taking Biology at this time. LABORATORY SAFETY MEASURES, Please follow the safety and preventative measures outlined below any time you are in the. lab If you do not follow these guidelines your instructor may ask you to leave the lab. Wear proper eye protection goggles or safety glasses that are ANSI approved any time. glassware or chemicals are used Glasses without side shields are NOT sufficient The. bookstore has safety glasses which meet current safety standards You should NOT. wear contact lenses in lab, Wear gloves and safety goggles for any labs that involve animal dissection or hazardous. Be able to read and interpret the hazard labels on chemicals provided in lab Be sure to. read the hazard label before using each chemical If you wish more information about. chemicals used in lab consult your instructor, Follow explicitly directions given by the instructor for the use and disposal of chemicals. used in the lab, NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE PERMITTED IN THE LABORATORY No smoking is. permitted in the laboratory, Tie back long hair and do not wear loose jewelry You should not wear shorts or.
expensive clothes to lab Open shoes such as sandals should not be worn in lab. Keep open flames away from flammable materials and chemicals and YOU Familiarize. yourself with the location of the fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the room. Use equipment carefully Ask your instructor for assistance if you have questions or. Report to the instructor any injury to yourself or another student no matter how minor. Report to your instructor any spills so they can be cleaned up immediately. Created by Smith Steele Page 5 of 168 1 6 2011,BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011. Created by Smith Steele Page 6 of 168 1 6 2011,BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011. This means it is easier,What s up with this,Why don tCreated by Smith Steele. we use the metric system Page 7 of 168 1 6 2011,BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011. MARS DISASTER One Small Mis step For NASA Can Lead To One Giant Step. Forward For America October 1999, The recent loss of the 125 million spent by NASA in developing the Mars Climate Orbiter.
might be the catalyst that wakes up Congress to realize that the U S cannot continue using two. measurement systems This realization could be the beginning of the completion of U S. metrication, U S Metric Association USMA president Lorelle Young blames the problem on a much. larger issue the failure of the U S to fully adopt the metric system This failure has much. greater implications for the American public she said There is no question that we will. become a fully metric nation but by foot dragging the process we are depriving ourselves of. the many benefits the American people could be enjoying now By supplying the world with. exports of metric goods we could greatly strengthen our economy and provide more jobs for. American workers and our math and science education reform efforts would greatly accelerate. if the metric system were taught consistently in our schools. NASA has been using the metric system for years according to JPL Administrator Tom Gavin. NASA mistakenly thought Lockheed its contractor was using metric data but it turned out they. were using inch pound measures Noel Hinners vice president of flight systems for Lockheed. Martin Astronautics in Denver admitted We should have had them the measurements in. metric units, NASA reported that the minimum survivable altitude would have been between 85 and 100. kilometers 53 to 62 miles But the mismatch of measurement units allowed the spacecraft to. come within 57 kilometers 35 miles of Mars where the temperature was too high NASA s plan. was to approach the planet at 140 kilometers 87 miles. 2009 December 31,All products sold in Europe with limited. exceptions will be required to have only,SI metric units on their labels Dual. labeling will not be permitted,Implementation of the labeling directive.
previously 1999 December 31 was,extended by the EU Commission for 10. years giving more time for companies to,comply and for U S regulations to allow. metric only labeling on consumer products,Created by Smith Steele Page 8 of 168 1 6 2011. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011, Unit Conversions and the Metric System BIO 181 CHM130. Converting between units of measurement is an important skill to learn The most. common systems of measurements are the English system and the metric system. While many people in the United States still use the English system of measurements. most scientists and many applications in healthcare use the metric system. If you grew up in the United States you are probably most familiar with the English. system of measurements,1 Give an example of an English unit for.
b mass or weight, In this lab you will learn how to convert between different units in the metric system and. convert between the English and metric system, We are going to learn how to use unit equivalencies to convert measurements. As long as you know the equivalency you can convert between any units English. English English metric or metric metric,UNIT EQUIVALENCIES. You are familiar performing unit conversions when you convert something like 36 eggs. into dozens of eggs You know 36 eggs are equal to 3 dozen eggs but that s because. you already know the unit equivalency 12 eggs 1 dozen eggs. Here it is mathematically DON T FREAK OUT This is not hard math Take a deep. breath and read this through,Problem Convert 36 eggs to dozen eggs. 36eggs 3dozen, The math you end up doing is 36 x 1 which is the same as 36 divided by 12 which.
equals 3 12, Notice that we write our unit equivalency as a fraction with the unit we want dozens in. this case in the answer on top and the unit we want to cancel or get rid of individual. eggs on the bottom,Created by Smith Steele Page 9 of 168 1 6 2011. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011,1 ft 12 in, Here are some more UNIT EQUIVALENCIES 1 cup 8 fluid oz. for converting between English units 1 gallon 4 qts. 1 yard 36 inches, Any of these can be writing as fractions for example 1T 3teaspoons. 1 ft or 1gallon or 12inches,12inches 4 quarts 1 ft.
Note that the fraction can be written either way up look at the feet and inches. examples Which one you use will depend on what the problem you are trying to solve. is asking for,EXAMPLE PRACTICE PROBLEM, Use the above unit equivalencies to practice converting English English. measurements, a Your waist measures 28 inches How many yards is this. There are 3 steps to solving these problems, 1 Write out the problem as shown below with the quantity you are given in this. example 28inches on the left then leave a gap to write the unit equivalency and. then equals and the unit you are trying to convert into in this example yards. on the right,28 inches yards STEP ONE, 2 Next find the unit equivalency that relates inches to yards look at the sticky note. at the top of this page 1 yard 36 inches, 3 Write the unit equivalency as a fraction in the gap you left Put the unit you.
WANT in the answer yards in this example on the top of the fraction and the. unit you are starting with inches in this example on the bottom. 28 inches x 1 yard yards STEP TWO, 4 Now just do the math 28 multiplied by 1 and divided by 36. The inches units will cancel and that will leave you with the answer in yards. 28 inches x 1 yard 0 77 yards STEP THREE,Created by Smith Steele Page 10 of 168 1 6 2011. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011, NOW you try these two problems on your own Use the space give to write out the steps. for each problem, b You need to take 2 teaspoons of medicine Convert this to tablespoons. c You ordered a 22 ounce steak How many pounds is it. Now you can use this exact same method to convert 1 in 2 54 cm. from English to Metric units or vice versa provided 1 oz 28 4 g. you know the unit equivalencies 1 gallon 3 79 liter. 1 kg 2 2 lb,For example 1 fl oz 30 ml,1 pint 500 ml.
Problem Convert 346 5lb to kg,346 5lb 157 5kg,Using the problems at the left. Problem Convert 23 6 cm to ft show how units are cancelled. 1inch 1 ft,23 6cm 0 77 ft,2 54cm 12inch,What is happening in that second example. To go from cm to feet we are first converting from cm to inches because we have an. unit equivalency for that 1in 2 54cm and then from inches to feet because we have a. unit equivalency for that 1ft 12 inches We have to do this in two steps because we. don t have a unit equivalency for cm and feet directly. HOW do you know which way up to put the equivalency fractions You always put the. unit you are converting into on the top so in this example the first step turns cm into. inches and the second step converts inches into feet. Before you go on check your understanding about the example problems above. 1 T or F For the first problem what you know is the number of pounds while what. you want to know or have to figure out is the number of kilograms. Created by Smith Steele Page 11 of 168 1 6 2011,BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011. 2 T or F For the second problem what you know is the number of inches while what. you want to know or have to figure out is the number of feet. 3 T or F For all problems the unit you want has to end up being on the top of the last. unit equivalency or fraction that you use, Practice Problems use the unit equivalencies given on pages 10 and 11 to solve. these problems Some problems will require you use more than one equivalency. 1 Convert your 28 inch waist to centimeters, 2 A person weighs 150 pounds What is his weight in kilograms.
3 An average male has a lung capacity of 6 liters Convert this to quarts. 4 A patient receives 1500mL of blood How many pints did they receive. 5 A bottle of alcohol contains 375 ml Convert this to fluid ounces. 6 A person s height is recorded as 152 4 cm How tall are they in feet. Created by Smith Steele Page 12 of 168 1 6 2011,BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011. Now that you understand how to convert within different English system units and. between some English and metric units we need to look at metric units in more detail. Scientists and most countries use the Metric System of measurement An advantage of. this system is that it is based on powers of 10 therefore it is easy to convert between. different metric units, The practice problems you did earlier using unit equivalencies were actually done by a. technique called Dimensional Analysis This technique is also used to do metric to. metric conversions, The scale below shows you the common metric prefixes centi milli micro etc and. BIO181 Lab Manual EMCC Spring 2011 Determining the Solute Concentration of Potato Cells Use the space give to write out the steps

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