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ITP 250 Syllabus, An understanding of some critical management issues. An increase in ability as a user of information systems and the technology that. surrounds it, A firm understanding of the ethical issues in information management. The ability to follow and understand new trends in emerging technology. Develop tools related to written case solution technology reporting. The above goals will be achieved through readings discussion case studies. and written assignments,Class Participation 15,Technology report 20. Environmental impact report Presentation 20,Final Exam 25. Assignment descriptions, Participation Refers to not only showing up to class but being a productive.
member of the class and in group projects when assigned. Technology report TechR This will be a mid semester report I suggest. not waiting too long to start The paper should consist of at least one. primary source and two supporting documents about new updated or legacy. MIS technology, Environmental impact report Presentation EIR Upload report and. presentation to Blackboard Come to class with a USB drive with everything. needed to present in class, Final exam The final exam will be comprehensive over the reading learning. objectives The exam will be comprised of true faults multiple choice and. short written answers,Copyright 2019 William Pooler. ITP 250 Syllabus,ITP 250 Lecture Schedule Schedule can change. Class Date Subject covered Activity Assignments,Syllabus Information.
Go over syllabus,Week 1 Systems System Ch1 2,individual activity. Components OS,Week 2 Databases Ethics policy Quiz Ch 3 4. Information Security,Week 3 Moving Data Quiz CH 5 6. Data communications,The Ints of Nets E,Week 4 Quiz CH 7 8. Going Global Planning,Week 5 Quiz Ch 9 10,Design System life Cycle.
Enterprise,Week 6 Systems Management Quiz CH11 12,support Systems. Intelligent Information,Week 7 Quiz CH13 14,Systems Emerging trends. Week 8 Tech report free time Quiz,Tech Report,Week 9 EIR review EIR. Week 10 Final Final Final,Copyright 2019 William Pooler. ITP 250 Syllabus, references the corresponding Project from Assignment descriptions.
Grading Scale,97 100 A 93 96 A 89 92 B 85 88 B 81 84 B. 77 80 C 73 76 C 69 72 C 65 68 D 57 60 D,56 and below F. Projects and assignments are graded based on the following. guidelines,A exceeds standards goes beyond stated measures. B meets the stated standards with high quality work. C marginally meets the stated standards,D does not meet stated standards. F unacceptable,Specific Guidelines, The following guidelines must be followed for written assignments.
They must uploded to Blackboard in a standard document format 1 5. spaced using 11 or 12 point font They should be free from spelling. grammatical or other errors and concisely written, Direct quotes from the readings must be set off in quotes or inset. paragraphs and cited as to author and page number e g Hottola. The length should be outlined in the assignment description Quotes. from the readings should make up no more than 10 of the word. There should be a list of the readings cited at the end of the written. assignment using a consistent reference style Please consult the. LibGuide or contact a librarian for more information on sources. I only want sources as outlined in the project overview section of the. late assignments will not be accepted unless arrangements have been. made between the student and the instructor,Copyright 2019 William Pooler. ITP 250 Syllabus,Grading Rubric, Written assignments are graded on a four point scale The following table. shows points in each of the four areas,Scoring Area and Grade on the 0 4 point scale. Scoring 0 1 2 3 4, Basic Guidelines Did not meet any Major gaps in Minimum Met minimum Easily met or.
of the guidelines meeting guidelines met in standards in all exceeded guidelines. guidelines most areas areas, Writing Quality Extremely poor Poor many Repeated errors Decent writing Excellent writing. riddled with writing errors and or weak with a few errors few or no mistakes. errors sloppy writing, Use of Readings No use of Minimum use of Modest reference A clear reference Excellent use of both. and Videos readings or readings videos to to readings and videos. videos in the readings videos readings videos, Analysis Virtually no Minimum and Decent analysis of Strong analysis Excellent analysis. Critique analysis or basic analysis of one or more and some critique of multiple. critique ideas ideas critique ideas, Insights No real insights One or two good Several decent Clear insights and Highly original and. Originality nothing original ideas or insights insights and original thought insightful work. Course Policies part I, Late Assignments Will not be excepted unless otherwise agreed upon by the.
instructor, Assignment schedule It is important that you keep up with scheduled. assignments See Late Assignments, Blackboard and email The official mode of communication for. announcements some assignment submission grade entries etc will be. via Blackboard however if a student needs to communicate with me in. another manner please use the email address listed on the first page of the. syllabus Should I need to communicate with a student on an individual. basis it will be done using his her official email account with the University. Required Text e tools The reading quizzes presentation materials case. studies etc will be through the textbook student e tools unless otherwise. stated Please make sure you have your book and have followed the. Copyright 2019 William Pooler,ITP 250 Syllabus, instructions to link to the class from the e tools I will provide extra. instructions during the first week,Course Policies part II. All assignments and projects are mandatory and must be submitted on time. Unless otherwise stated by the instructor assignments must be. submitted by the assignment due date, No assignment can be skipped if any of these are missed you will.
receive an F for that assignment, We will discuss in class how to decide on whether to submit an. incomplete assignment or submit an assignment late. o Late assignments are not excepted, o Likewise assignments that are incorrect will be penalized with a. significant reduction in grade, o Back up your work periodically and check submitted assignments. to ensure they were submitted correctly Computer viruses. blank failed submissions etc do not excuse you from the deadline. Make up assignments are allowed only in extreme cases If a quiz or exam. is missed due to unexpected circumstances contact the instructor as soon. as possible to determine if a make up can be offered Failure to turn in or. complete an assignment project quiz or exam will result in a grade of zero. for that item, Grade challenges Should a student wish to challenge a grade received on. course assignments exams etc the student has one 1 week from the. original grade receipt to bring the case before me. Course Evaluations, End of the semester course evaluations is administered electronically During.
the last week of classes students will receive an email notice that asks them. to complete a course evaluation online That email will include a direct link. to the course evaluation and students will log in by using their Mainstreet ID. and password Student ratings on the evaluation are very important to. instructors and it is important that students answer thoughtfully and. honestly The responses are confidential and will be collected by the Office of. Academic Assessment After the final grades are posted instructors will. Copyright 2019 William Pooler,ITP 250 Syllabus, receive a summary report of the student responses All student feedback is. valued and will be used for course and program improvement purposes. Academic integrity policy, Everyone associated with the University of Southern Maine is expected to. adhere to the principles of academic integrity central to the academic. function of the University Any breach of academic integrity represents a. serious offense Each student has a responsibility to know the standards of. conduct and expectations of academic integrity that apply to academic tasks. Violations of student academic integrity include any actions that attempt to. promote or enhance the academic standing of any student by dishonest. means Cheating on an examination stealing the words or ideas of another. i e plagiarism making statements known to be false or misleading. falsifying the results of one s research improperly using library materials or. computer files or altering or forging academic records are examples of. violations of this policy which are contrary to the academic purposes for. which the University exists Acts that violate academic integrity disrupt the. educational process and are not acceptable Evidence of a violation of the. academic integrity policy will normally result in disciplinary action A copy of. the complete policy may be obtained from the Office of Community. Standards 780 5242,Students with disabilities, Students requiring accommodations should identify themselves and meet. with their instructor to discuss any requirements as soon as the course. commences so that arrangements for accommodations can be addressed. Additionally if you need course accommodations because of a disability. please make an appointment with me or with the Disabilities Services Center. located in 242 Luther Bonney Hall 96 Falmouth Street P O Box 9300. Portland Maine 780 4706 or TTY 780 4396 as soon as possible. ITP 250 Syllabus receive a summary report of the student responses All student feedback is valued and will be used for course and program improvement purposes

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