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Property Index,8th edition July 2019 Property Index. 8th edition July 2019,Introduction, Introduction 03 We are pleased to present you the eighth edition. Highlights 05 of the Property Index Overview of European. Residential Markets During its long history the, Where Does Residential Price Growth End 06 Property Index has become one of the most important. Economic Development in Europe 08 European real estate publication and has acted as. Comparison of Residential Markets Housing Development Intensity 10 a valuable source for many whether private or public. institutions, Comparison of Residential Property Prices in Selected Countries and Cities 15. Mortgage Markets in Europe 28 Property Index analyses factors influencing the. Annex Comments on Residential Markets 30 development of residential markets and compares. residential property prices in selected European,Contacts 40 countries and cities.
Our goal is to provide you with European residential. market data on a regular basis and answer questions. on how Europeans live and at what costs, We hope you will find this eighth issue of the publication. interesting and inspiring for you and for your business. Property Index,8th edition July 2019 Property Index. 8th edition July 2019,This year we especially focus our. attention on,Austria AT,Most presented indicators are on a year on. year basis and are to some extent also,influenced by geopolitical situation or.
Highlights,various factors affecting the volume of. Belgium BE supply and demand,Croatia HR,The Property Index was prepared by. Czech Republic CZ a proven international and cross functional. team of Deloitte professionals in the,Denmark DK, development mortgage and real estate Dwelling prices surprisingly. France FR markets This publication has been increased by 22 in Prague. Germany DE prepared using data collected by individual which was the largest growth The most affordable. Deloitte offices in selected countries among all examined capitals housing can be found. Hungary HU newly in Portugal where Properties in Paris inside. The Property Index capitalises on you need to save on were on average 321. Deloitte s extensive knowledge of the real average only 3 8 years of the national average. Latvia LV estate and development industry enabling to buy a new dwelling and recorded therefore. us to provide you with independent and the largest difference. Netherlands NL, credible information A virtually identical figure EUR sq m. Norway NO was observed in Lisbon,Paris inside was the.
Poland PL 320,most expensive city,Portugal PT among surveyed cities. with a price tag reaching,Spain ES and 12 910 EUR sq m. United Kingdom UK,4 043 EUR sq m,Despite close economic. connection within the EU the,residential market evolved 25 3 EUR sq m. diversely in particular count Newly provided data from. ries For the first time Norway Norway show that rental. took a leading position from the housing is comparatively. United Kingdom as the most expensive Oslo followed. expensive country in our rese by Trondheim occupied. arch 4 043 EUR sq m second and third place Housing prices rose in. within our research with the 15 out of the 16 selected. value 25 3 EUR sq m and countries since 2015 The,21 3 EUR sq m per month only exception was Italy.
respectively after Paris where dwelling prices,have been dropped. constantly since the Despite the current disor, beginning of the financial ders due to rising rental. crisis prices mainly in Berlin,rent levels are low. compared to other,European cities,Property Index,8th edition July 2019 Property Index. 8th edition July 2019, Where Does Residential Another reason may also be that the.
price base has always been lower in CEE,countries and now we see an elimination. a result of expansionary monetary policy,from the European Central Bank ECB. in the future If the ECB maintains its,The House Price Index HPI published by. Eurostat measures price changes of all resi,dential properties purchased by households. Price Growth End, of price differences and gradual approxi monetary policy stance further average flats detached houses terraced houses.
mation to Western countries However it house prices will exceed pre crisis levels etc both new and existing independently. should be noted that there are still funda Potential impacts of the real estate of their final use and their previous owners. mental discrepancies in terms of average bubble on the real economy depend in Only market prices are considered self. wages for example which implies worse part on the extent to which rising house build dwellings are therefore excluded. conditions for housing affordability prices are accompanied by rising debt The land component is included. What has been the defining characteristic of the and a construction boom It is clear that. residential market within Europe in recent years The majority of European countries may rapid price growth will have to end once. be at risk of a future development as,Undoubtedly the price growth. Housing prices have been on the rise in The average annual growth of property ownership tends to diminish The culprit. 15 out of the 16 selected countries since prices in the EU was 5 in the last three is the consequences of the debt crisis or European Union Denmark. France Poland Germany, 2015 The only exception was Italy where years The dwelling prices in the Czech the poor and slow administration of the. dwelling prices have been dropping Republic Hungary Latvia and Portugal state building authorities which hampers Spain Austria Czech Republic Latvia. constantly since the beginning of the grew twice as fast as the EU average Due the construction of new real estate This Netherlands Belgium United Kingdom. financial crisis to the significant rise in property prices in reduces the supply that eventually fails to. those countries the possibility of home meet the high demand for housing Hungary Croatia Portugal Norway. House Price Index 2015 100 quarterly data, 2015 Q1 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2015 Q4 2016 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2017 Q1 2017 Q2 2017 Q3 2017 Q4 2018 Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4. Source Eurostat,Property Index,8th edition July 2019 Property Index. 8th edition July 2019, from a surplus of EUR 22 billion to a deficit Europe still faces geopolitical risks that The long term prospects of the EU and the.
of EUR 25 billion The unemployment rate could have an impact on its economy EU Eurozone are expected to be negatively. descended from its high of 10 9 in 2013 faces threat of tariffs on exports of cars affected by the slow growth of total factor. to 6 8 in 2018 and car parts to the USA tariffs on exports productivity An aging population will add. of steel and aluminium were already impo some pressure to the labour markets and. Fiscal policy in most European countries sed Sanctions on Iran lead to higher oil could slowdown GDP growth as well While. remained neutral or tightened in an effort prices that negatively affect EU economy the average growth in the 10 years before. to get closer to the long term sustainability Sanctions against Russia are still in place the financial crisis 1998 2007 reached. of public finances General government The United Kingdom entered the process 2 6 expected long term growth in. deficit declined or surpluses increased in of leaving the EU in March 2017 but did not coming years is likely to oscillate between. 19 out of 28 EU countries in 2017 leave yet The date of departure has been 1 5 2 0. postponed to 31st October 2019,Growth of Real GDP in EU 28. Development 4, Similarly to other economies the European 0 8 The Russian and Brazilian economy 4 3. economy was significantly affected by the continued in moderate growth Because of. global financial crisis of 2008 It slightly tough external conditions the EU economy 6. recovered during 2010 and 2011 after the decelerated from 2 5 to 2 0 Further 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020. resulting recession However the EU was deceleration is expected this year. struck by the debt crisis of some of its,Source Eurostat Forecast Deloitte. member states in 2012 and the economy In December 2018 the ECB decided to. went through another short recession terminate its asset purchases programs. The last five years were years of moderate ECB policy rates remained on their histori. growth The European economy continued cal lows deposit rate 0 40 refinancing. growing in 2018 however the growth dece rate 0 00 marginal lending rate 0 25. lerated GDP in the whole EU 28 grew by Despite termination of asset purchases The housing market is usually sensitive in house prices in the coming years On the. 2 0 the Eurozone rose by 1 8 programs the monetary policy of ECB will to economic conditions especially GDP other hand the accommodative mone. remain very accommodative ECB could growth and interest rates Correlation tary policy of the ECB and other central. External conditions were tough as the renew asset purchases programs this year between lagged GDP growth and house banks in the EU will keep interest rates at. US China and US EU trade tensions in response to slowdown of EU economy prices in the EU reached 83 during the low levels and together with the steadily. continued The US growth accelerated to last 10 years Thus the expected sluggish falling unemployment rate supporting the. 2 9 from 2 4 in 2018 despite these ten The real unit labour costs remained at economic growth is likely to limit inflation housing market. sions The Chinese economy slightly dece the level of the year 2017 0 56 In 2018. lerated from 6 9 to 6 6 The Japanese imports grew more than exports and con. economy also decelerated from 1 9 to sequently the trade surplus of EU turned. Property Index,8th edition July 2019 Property Index. 8th edition July 2019,Comparison of Residential Initiated Dwellings.
From 10 European countries which were,observed both in 2017 and 2018 the ave. The lowest intensity 1 1 initiated,apartment per 1 000 citizens and total. number of initiated dwellings 2 100 was,Similarly Denmark has also risen significa. ntly throughout the 2018 to 17 400 initia,ted dwellings up from 11 600 last year. Markets Housing, rage increase of 2 7 of initiated dwellings again recorded in Latvia and partially.
signals a positive impulse for housing predicts possible completions in the future The ranking within the first three coun. development in the future in the smallest country out of edition s tries based on total number of initiated. Development Intensity, selection apartments was identical to ranking within. In this year s edition an average country completed apartments France has scored. initiated construction of 3 8 dwellings per The highest year on year growth in the the highest 419 000 initiated dwellings. 1 000 citizens Netherlands Germany intensity of initiated dwellings has been followed by Germany 347 300 initiated. Belgium Poland Norway and France man marked by Belgium which rose from dwellings and Poland 221 900 initiated. aged to start more than average per 1 000 4 4 initiated dwellings per 1 000 citizens dwellings. Completed Dwellings In terms of the highest total number of com ted in total On the other hand the highest citizens last year to 5 5 initiated dwellings per 1 000. The indicator of housing development inten pleted dwellings France has again made it intensity could be seen again in France It has citizens this year. sity on the residential market shows number to the top with more than 459 000 new dwe gone down a bit in comparison to last year. of completed dwellings per 1 000 citizens of llings constructed Distantly follows Germany but still reached above 6 8 completions per. a given country where we have recorded an increase of 5 3 1 000 citizens. in total number of completed dwellings from, Similarly to last year s edition the lowest last year s 284 000 to 300 000 this year From the local point of view Poland has. total number of completed dwellings has recorded both the highest total number. been observed in Latvia Throughout the Considering the intensity of completed of completed dwellings 184 800 and the. 2018 only 3 000 dwellings were completed dwellings the worst performance has been highest intensity of completions 4 81 per. in the country which is still almost a 100 observed in Portuguese residential market 1 000 citizens therefore establishing itself. increase in comparison with 2017 where only 1 2 dwelling was completed per as a leader in housing development within. 1 000 citizens or 12 300 dwellings comple eastern European countries. Housing Development Intensity Housing Development Intensity. Index of the number of completed dwellings per 1 000 citizens Index of the number of initiated dwellings per 1 000 citizens. 8 0 459 8 8 0,32 8 419 0,6 86 221 9 31 5,184 8 5 8 5 9. 6 0 52 9 6 0,5 0 66 0 4 64 5 0 36 7,18 3 33 9 4 2,17 4 33 1 4 0. 4 0 3 82 4 0 128 8 3 8,149 5 3 15 3 18 149 6 3 1,3 0 17 7 3 0 2 8.
12 3 59 4 2 25 2 2,2 0 1 81 2 0, PT ES LV HU UK DK CZ DE NL BE PL NO FR LV PT UK ES DK CZ HU NL DE BE PL NO FR. Number of completed dwellings per 1 000 citizens Total number of completed dwellings th Number of initiated dwellings per 1 000 citizens Total number of initiated dwellings th. Source National Statistical Authorities Euromonitor International calculated by Deloitte Source National. The Property Index was prepared by a proven international and cross functional team of Deloitte professionals in the development mortgage and real estate markets This publication has been prepared using data collected by individual Deloitte offices in selected countries The Property Index capitalises on

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