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Table of Contents,Premier Issue January 2012,The Bond Servant. Michael K Lake Th D,Marcion The Heretic the Church Follows. Chad Kottke M Div,Rabbi Bruce Booker Th D, Why Should Christians Learn Their Biblical Hebraic Roots. Richard Booker Ph D,The Foundation of Wisdom,A Michael Rodhouse B A. Biblical Life Mentor s Tip The Power of Core Values. Michael K Lake Th D,From a Jewish Perspective,Jennifer Willford M S W.
King of Kings,Karl Coke Ph D, Biblical Life eMagazine is published quarterly by the ministries of Biblical life Although this. publication is copyrighted we encourage you to pass this eMagazine along to your friends and. neighbors anyone who is hungry for more of God and to walk in His truth. Michael K Lake Th D Editor in Chief,Mary L Lake Editor. BIBLICAL LIFE,Assembly College Seminary Publishing. P O Box 588 Marshfield MO 65706 0588, Phone 417 859 0881 Email biblicallife centurytel net. Assembly http www biblicallifeassembly org,College Seminary http www biblical life com.
Publishing http www biblical life net,Copyright 2012 by Biblical Life. The Bond Servant,by Michael K Lake Th D, O ver the last few years God has been speaking to me. quite a bit about the bond servant This is not, something that we hear a lot about We have articles. and books on how to become a master preacher how to. influence people or how to release the leader that is within. you Seldom do we hear teachings on becoming a bond. servant of God To be truthful books like that will not sell on the Christian market Everyone. will pay good money to learn how to be somebody or to get everyone to see how gifted you. are No one will let loose of their hard earned money to become a nobody Yet is that not. what Jesus taught, For whosoever will save his life shall lose it and whosoever will lose his life for my sake. shall find it Matthew 16 25, It seems that our generation is too worried about our ministry getting the exposure that it.
needs or people hearing what we have to say To be honest most of what we have to say has. little Kingdom content Spiritually it is not worth hearing It is self serving and self. exalting To become a bond servant is to lose sight of us and to see only Him It is not. worrying whether or not people hear or notice us but that people hear notice and submit to. I have got to realize that I am not going to save the world My teaching and my preaching in. itself will do nothing Jesus has and is saving this world His teaching and preaching is. changing lives and setting the captives free The hard part is getting me out of the way so. that He can teach preach and lead through me That is a good place for an amen for anyone. that is being real honest with him or herself, In this book I want to introduce you to some scriptures and concepts that I pray will change. your paradigm regarding ministry and leadership For the true Body of Messiah to rise up and. be that wife that prepared herself for her husband in the Book of Revelation we must change. and change soon,The Bond Servant and the Book of Revelation. The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to shew unto his servants. things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified by his angel unto his. servant John Revelation 1 1, Now let s look at this verse again in the Amplified Bible. Biblical Life eMag Premier Issue, This is the revelation of Jesus Christ His unveiling of the divine mysteries God gave it. to Him to disclose and make known to His bond servants certain things which must. shortly and speedily come to pass in their entirety And He sent and communicated it. through His angel messenger to His bond servant John. I am amazed at how many in the Body of Christ seem to think that the Book of Revelation is. irrelevant I have even had many tell me But Michael I am not even going to be here Why do. I need to read and understand it First God in His economy does not write things that do not. need to be used There is not even one redundant word in the entire Bible Everything has. meaning and purpose whether we understand it or not If the book was not so important. why did God promise a blessing simply to those that read it Maybe it is because as the. prophetic fulfillment of the Book of Revelation is hitting the fan in events around us we will. be able to contextualize its message and know what to do in that hour I would definitely call. that a blessing, The core issue is this We do not believe it was written for us It was written for all those.
that will miss the Rapture and be found in the Tribulation Right Well first let me say this. without opening a big can of worms The pretribulation rapture of the Church is the newest. end times teaching in the Church Prior to the early 1800 s when it first appeared on the. scene it was never the position of any of the Church Fathers or theologians All believed that. they would live through most or all of the tribulation period Now I do not want to waste my. time arguing this position It will not be productive for either one of us Let me say that it is. much better to be prepared for tribulation and surprised by rapture than to be prepared or. counting on the pretribulation rapture and be surprised by tribulation. I think that the real problem of why the Book of Revelation does not seem relevant to us is that. we are not BOND SERVANTS and bond servants were the only ones that it was written to My. concern is not whether our eschatological position is correct or not Believe me as Almighty. God works His plan our positions will change to what He is really doing if we are following His. Spirit My greatest concern is that our hearts are not right We do not have the heart of a. bond servant We want to rule and reign as kings for Jesus that is in His Kingdom here and. now We are too self aware and not Him aware Jesus told us I can of mine own self do. nothing as I hear I judge and my judgment is just because I seek not mine own will but the. will of the Father which hath sent me John 5 30 Jesus was not self aware but rather. Father aware If we are truly His followers are we not required to follow His example. The History of the Bond Servant, In searching through the many biblical references in my library finding information on the bond. servant was difficult I was able to find one minor reference that I would like to share. Biblical Life eMag Premier Issue, 6 Voluntary Surrender In the case of a slave s release in the seventh year there was. allowed a willing choice of indefinite slavery The ceremony at such a time is interesting. Then his master shall bring him unto the judges margin and shall bring him to the. door or unto the door post and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl and. he shall serve him forever Exodus 21 6 A pierced ear probably meant obedience to. the master s voice History however does not record a single instance in which such a. case occurred 1, First of all I think that the placement of this scripture is important In Exodus 20 Moses gives. the Children of Israel the Ten Commandments We then have their response and a short. statement regarding provision for approaching God Then we jump right into the scriptures. dealing with slaves and becoming a bond servant I do not think that Israel or the Body of. Christ gets the prophetic picture here God just delivered them from slavery He then tells. them that if they have a Hebrew servant for example someone indebted to them that. servant must be set free after seven 7 years Seven is a significant number in dealing with. God s plan of salvation Anytime you see seven in scripture it should grab your attention. Israel s response to her new freedom should have been to become bond servants of the Most. High God just as the Church should,A Correction to ISBE. The editors of the ISBE may have been right when they said that not a single instance of the. bond servant happened as outlined in Exodus But the truth of the matter is that its prophetic. picture was fulfilled and it was fulfilled in none other than Jesus. 5 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus 6 Who being in the form of. God thought it not robbery to be equal with God 7 But made himself of no reputation. and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men 8 And. being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death. even the death of the cross 9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him and given. him a name which is above every name 10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should. bow of things in heaven and things in earth and things under the earth 11 And that. every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2 5 11 KJV, Dr Wuest in his Word Studies from the Greek New Testament makes this comment about the.
word servant in verse seven The word servant is the translation of the Greek word which. Paul used in 1 1 to describe himself a bondslave 2. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Volume 8 AGES Software Albany OR USA Version 1 1996. Wuest K D 1997 c 1984 Wuest word studies from the Greek New Testament For the English reader Php. 2 7 Grand Rapids Eerdmans,Biblical Life eMag Premier Issue. Jesus took upon himself the form of a bond servant or slave to His Heavenly Father His ear. was only attentive to the voice and wishes of His Father not those around Him His ear was not. nailed to the door post of the Cross but rather His hands and His feet Although He is LORD he. came as a servant to do the will of His Heavenly master Father God. What a different climate the Church would have today if we followed His example In fact Paul. stressed that this same mind or mind set should be within us What would happen in the. Church if every member deacon board member and minister threw out their own agendas and. struggles for political power within their Church denomination etc and hit their knees until. each fully and completely submitted to the will of God and knew exactly what Jesus wanted in. the Church I can tell you that the structure and plans of most Churches would change. dramatically Everyone would also be saying the same thing and moving in the same direction. The state of the Church today could be considered strong evidence that we have not become. bond servants to Messiah,We Like Israel of Old are Slaves Set Free. In the New Testament Paul uses two specific Greek words to describe our redemption in. Messiah They are 1 agoridzo and 2 exagoridzo Let s take a look at these two important. a Agoridzo a go rid zo This Greek word described those sold into the SLAVE. MARKET This reminds us that we WERE slaves to sin We were past from one sinful. influence or demon spirit to another We were Satan s the real Pharaoh of this world. property and he was working his evil in us to destroy every fiber of our humanity We. did what Satan wanted like puppets on a string, b Exagoridzo ex a go rid zo This Greek word signifies the purchase of a slave in. order to permanently set that slave FREE from that heinous place never to be put on. the trading block of slavery again This is the price that Jesus paid purchasing us from. slavery to sin and Satan in order to permanently set us free. These two words tell the story of redemption We were born into slavery to sin The only thing. that we had to look forward to was being passed from one master of lust filth and sin to. another When these masters finish with us death takes hold and we die The good news is. that Jesus paid the price as our Kinsman Redeemer to set us free He translated us out of that. sinful kingdom into His kingdom We were like the Children of Israel of old We did not do. anything to deserve to be freed from the Pharaoh of this world Like Israel of old we were. redeemed by the grace of God We stand before God as a people that have been assembled by. His hand by His grace and for His purposes, The greatest figure in the Old Testament besides Almighty God is Moses His life so. resembled Jesus that Moses told the Children of Israel that there was a prophet coming just. Biblical Life eMag Premier Issue, like me We could say that the greatest title for Moses might be Moses the Law Giver or.
Moses the Deliverer But the title that resounds through the Old and New Testaments and. from the mouth of God is Moses the Servant of God Again he was a type and shadow of. Jesus Jesus came and was found in the form of a bond servant If we are going to honor the. Almighty with our lives upon this earth we MUST learn to follow the example of Jesus. Predestined to be Conformed, For those whom He foreknew of whom He was aware and loved beforehand He also. destined from the beginning foreordaining them to be molded into the image of His. Son and share inwardly His likeness that He might become the firstborn among many. brethren Romans 8 29 Amplified Bible3, For whom he did foreknow he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of. his Son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren KJV. This verse from the Book of Romans is a very powerful one There is one major point that I. would like to address without delving into foreknowledge or predestination. To be conformed molded into the image and inward likeness of Jesus. The power of this statement is almost beyond our ken When we see Jesus in the Gospels we. see how the Father wants us to be or should I say become Let s look at some. Richard Booker Ph D Biblical Life eMag The Biblical Life Quarterly eMagazine A rming Believers with Gods Truth P l e a s e

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