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sadagopan org,1 Introduction to Bhustuti 3,2 Shlokam 1 8. 3 Shlokam 2 10,4 Shlokam 3 11,5 Shlokam 4 13,6 Shlokam 5 14. 7 Shlokam 6 15,8 Shlokam 7 17,9 Shlokam 8 18,10 Shlokam 9 19. 11 Shlokam 10 20,12 Shlokam 11 22,13 Shlokam 12 24. sadagopan org,14 Shlokam 13 25,15 Shlokam 14 26,16 Shlokam 15 28.
17 Shlokam 16 29,18 Shlokam 17 30,19 Shlokam 18 32. 20 Shlokam 19 33,21 Shlokam 20 34,22 Shlokam 21 35. 23 Shlokam 22 37,24 Shlokam 23 39,25 Shlokam 24 41. 26 Shlokam 25 43,27 Shlokam 26 44,28 Shlokam 27 46. 29 Shlokam 28 48,30 Shlokam 29 50,31 Shlokam 30 52.
32 Shlokam 31 54,33 Shlokam 32 56,34 Shlokam 33 57. 35 Nigamanam of Bhustuti 58,sadagopan org,Imte ramanujay nm. Imte ingmaNt mhadeizkay nm,Introduction, Sri Bhumi Devi is the consort of Sri Oppiliappan in Thiruvinnagara Kshetram I will. focus here on some of the shlokas of Swami Desikan s Bhusthuthi where he. explained to us about Her special role in Sri VaishNava sampradhAyam If Sri Sthuthi. was an elaboration of Sri Sooktham Bhusthuthi is an elaboration of the concepts. covered by Bhusooktham, In thirty three shlokas Swami offers his homage to Sri Bhudevi as the Dharma. sadagopan org, Sri Bhumi Devi with Lord Oppiliappan Thiruvinnagara Kshetram.
Pathni of Yajna Varaha Murthy who fought with the Asura known as HiranyAksha to. bring back the stolen Bhumi Devi from under the ocean Our Acharya points out here. that she is easy to approach by Chetanas and she is the sustenance of the Chetanas. He states that Sriman Narayana is enriched by His association with Bhumi Devi The. seventh Shloka covers his thoughts on this aspect of Bhumi Devi Through the latter. half of this verse he proclaims,TvTs mat vit maxiv lBxpae. zaoa ztEr Aixgtae hir cNdnae saE 7,TVATH SANGAMAATH BHAVATHI MAADHAVI LABDHAPOSHA. SAAKA SATAI ATIGATHO HARICHANDANOSOU, Here Swami Says that Sriman Narayana who is like a Harichandana tree a variety of. Kalpaka Tree gets His nourishment by His association with Sri Bhumi Devi and. thereby becomes empowered to perform His duties as praised by the hundreds of. branches of the Vedas,sadagopan org,The Lord gets His nourishment from Sri Bhumi Devi. Swami Desikan s reverence for Bhumi Devi is revealed in the sixth shloka where he. recites her many names to provide an unambiguous description of her and dwells on. her many glories as the dear wife of the Lord His choice of words is Sarvam Sahaa. Avani Viswambhara Achalaa Vipulaa Vasumdharaa Ananthaa PruthvE et al By. the holy name of Sarvam Sahaa he points out that she represents her infinite patience. with us in putting up with our many trespasses By the name Avani She indicates Her. functions in protecting the universe by the name Achalaa She represents Her steady. resolve in helping the Prapannaas to receive the mercy of Her Lord by the name. Viswambharaa She hints at Her duties of bearing the Universe by the name Vipulaa. she points out to Her Immeasurable auspicious qualities by the name Vasundharaa. She reveals Her enormous wealth, To show the unique distinction of Bhuma Devi and Her special place in the.
affection of Sriman Narayana Swami states that Bhagavan carries Sri Devi only in. His chest where as He carries Bhuma Devi on His thousand heads in His role as. VISWAMBHAREH MADHURIPU PRANAYAANURODHAATH,sadagopan org. SESHAATMANAA TU BHAVATHEEM SIRASAA DHADAATHI, In resonance with the first Rk of Bhusooktham Swami Desikan states that she. enriches and nourishes the Earth and makes it produce all riches including food and. minerals The First Rk of Bhusooktham is as follows. BHUMIR BHOOMNAA DHYAURVARINAANTHARIKSHAM MAHITVAA, UPASTEH TEH DEVYADHITEH AGNIM ANNADHAM ANNAADHAYAAYAADATEH. In this Taitiriya samhita mantram the invocation in honor of Bhumi Devi is referred. to The meaning of this Mantram is as follows, O Bhumi Devi You are immeasurable in Your dimensions it is not possible to. assess your expanse You shine forth in a manner that is respected by every one Your. qualities of compassion and forbearance elevate you to dizzying heights You can not. be divided into finite pieces by anyone We offer the Agni that is capable of. consuming the Havis for you in appreciation of our recognition of you producing the. food that nourishes us, Swami Desikan s twelfth shlokam of Bhusthuthi echoes the sentiments of the above.
Bhusooktha Mantram It begins with the words,BHUTHESHU YATH. Here Swami says that those living beings which are the object of the mercy of. Bhumi Devi get nourished through Her blessings very well he also says that among. the five elements Pruthvi Water Agni Vayu and ether only Pruthvi the amsam of. Bhu Devi has the five qualities such as Taste Fragrance Shape Touch and Sound. The rest of the four Pancha Bhoothams have one or two of the above attributes only. As a result Bhoomi Devi is the embodiment of the mighty riches. In the twenty eighth shlokam of this Sthuthi Swami addresses her as Kshameh and. goes on to describe her influence with Her Lord to help chetanas approach Him Our. Acharya says that she is like a ladder Svarga apavarga SaraNi for Svargam and. Moksham In yet another verse Swami describes Her as the possessor of blemishless. quality of Mercy Anapaanukampaa She prepares therefore the fearing Jivans to. approach Her Lord The chetanas are bent down by the fear that their enormous sins. can not be expiated by any amount of Praayaschittam They are scared to experience. the fruits of their accumulated sins through prolonged residence in Narakam While. they are in the grip of such terror they pray to You and You out of your infinite. compassion take pity on them and use Your influence with Your Lord to get the boon. of entering Srivaikuntam,sadagopan org,Adi Varaha Mahishi Kalahalli temple. Swami Desikan concludes the Bhusthuthi with a splendid word picture enshrined in. the Dhyana shlokam Here he describes her as the Adivaraha Mahishi seated on the. immense tusk of her Lord Bhuvaraha Murthy arising out of the Pralaya waters. pTyur di pai p j puqe ivNySt padaM uja,vam p g savR aEm s z pyR yNtI ujm. pae SpzR lst kpael lka u arivNde a,sa me pu ytu m laNynuidn svaRi sv sha 32. PATHYUR DAKSHINA PAANI PANKAJA PUTEH VINYASTHA PAADHAAMBHUJAA. VAMAM PANNAGA SAARVABHOWMA SADHRUSAM PARYANKAYANTHEE BHUJAM. POTHRA SPARSA LASAT KAPOLA PALAKAA PULLAARAVINDHEKSHANAA. SAA MEH PUSHYATU MANGALAANY ANUDHINAM SARVAANI SARVAM SAHAA. The above verse is set in the majestic Sardhoola Vikrititham meter in contrast to. almost all of the other shlokas of this Sthuthi which are set in the lilting Vasantha. Tilaka meter,sadagopan org, In the above Dhyana Shlokam Swami describes the beautiful vision of Bhumi Devi.
resting both of Her Lotus feet on the right palm of Sri Varaha Bhagavan and placing. Her head on His Cheek while being embraced by His left hand Our Acharya says. that the intimacy of her cheek touching the cheek of Her Lord made her experience. the sensation of horripilation Our Acharya prays that Sri Bhumi Devi in that state of. auspiciousness Romanjali and the enjoyment of the proximity of Her Lord s. presence Saamepyam to confer on us all blessings every day. COMMENTARY ON THE INDIVIDUAL SHLOKAMS OF,BHUSTHUTHI. Iman ve q nawayR kivtaikRk kesrI,vedaNtacayR vyaeRme si x a sda id. shrImaan h ve NkaTa naathaaryaH kavitaarkika kesarI. vedaantaachaarya varyo me sannidhattaaM sadaa hR idi. s Lp kLp litkam AvxI maya,SveCDa vrah mih I sul anukMpam. iv Sy matrm Aik n kamxenum,iv ram Azr zr p e 1,sa Nkalpa kalpa latikaam h avadhiiM xamaayaaH. svechchhaa varaaha mahiShiiM sulabhaanukampaam h,vishvasya maataram h aki nchana kaamadhenum h.
vishvaMbharaam h asharaNaH sharaNaM prapadye 1, AdiyEn without any support seeks the refuge of Bhumi Devi who is the Mother of the. sadagopan org, universe and who incarnated as the dear consort of the Lord who took the form of a. divine boar Varaham out of His own will Sankalpam She is the boon granting. treasure KaamdhEnu for those with out any spiritual capital akinchana. KaamdhEnu and is the limit of forbearance KashamayA avadhi She grants the. boons requested by us readily out of Her limitless Mercy and soulabhyam sulaba. anukampA In this context of granting the desired boons She is like the divine. Kalpaka creeper sankalpa kalpa lathikA, Among the hierarchy of the wives of the Lord BhUmi DEvi is second in order next. to MahA Lakshmi BhagavAn incarnated as VarAhappirAn out of His own wish In. that avathAram BhUmi DEvi became His divine consort She is like a Kalpaka. creeper in the matter of blessing Her devotees with the desired boons She stands as. the limit of compassion and forbearance in overlooking the transgressions of Her. erring and unrepentant children She grants the desired boons of Her adiyArs readily. She acts as the Mother of the Universe and considers the sentients as Her children. She is like the divine wish granting KaamadhEnu in the matters of blessing the. PrapannAs with their desired wishes i e Moksham adiyEn without any other. available means of support perform prapatthi to this most illustrious consort of Sri. Aadhi VarAha BhagavAn, The key words of this shlokam are aSaraNa VisvambharAm SaraNam aham. sadagopan org,Bhumi Devi the protectoress of the Universe.
PrapathyE adiyEn is totally helpless adiyEn has no clue about the means for my. rescue from the samsAric afflictions adiyEn seeks this Ocean of mercy the limit of. forbearance the Mother of the Universe as my upAyam means for ujjeevanam. survival and upliftment from the terrors of this samsAram. Tvm Vya it wmt v i ySte,s vedyTyiol m g Stmev,Tw tIt iv vam trei vdanI. Staetu ywavdvne k vahRit Tvam 2,tvam h vyaahR itiH prathamataH praNavaH priyaste. saMvedayatyakhila mantra gaNastameva,itthaM pratiita vibhavaam h itareShvidaaniiM. stotuM yathaavadavane ka ivaarhati tvaam h 2, Oh BhUmi PirAtti The VyAhruthi in the front of Gaayathri Manthram defines You. sadagopan org, The meaning of first letter of the VyAhruthi BhU has You as its content and.
lakshaNam The PraNavam before BhU announces clearly Your dear Consort All. the Veda Manthrams instruct us about Your divine consort Sriman NaarAyaNan. These Veda ManthrAs praise Him with the full awareness of Your unique vaibhavam. Thus You have the glories of being eulogized by the eternal VedAs themselves Who. else has the fitness and qualifications to eulogize You who is the object of Sthuthi by. the VedAs in an appropriate manner adiyEn of meager qualifications dare however to. engage in attempts to eulogize You, The key words of this shlokam are ittham pratheetha vibhavAm ThvAm YathAvath. sthOthum Ka iva arhathy Swamy asks a rhetorical question and answers it himself. The question is who indeed among us can venture to eulogize You of this much. vaibhavam befittingly The answer is a resounding one No One can. inTy ihtaiht ivpyRy b ave,Tv I Ek ivinvtRy b Vypaye. muGxa rEriol xairi maedmana,mat StnNxy ixy miy vtRyewa 3. nityaM hitaahita viparyaya baddha bhaave,tvadviixaNaika vinivartaya bahu vyapaaye. mugdhaaxarairakhila dhaariNi modamaanaa,maataH stanandhaya dhiyaM mayi vartayethaaH 3.
sadagopan org, Oh Mother BhUmi PirAtti who holds aloft all the things in this Universe akhila. dhAriNi Maatha Always adiyEn does not possess the discriminating intellect to. identify the auspicious aspects of a doctrine from its inauspicious features nithyam. hitha ahitha viparyaya bhaddha bhAva It is only Your sacred saving glances which. can remove the sins arising from such ignorance that holds me back from sorting out. what is hitham beneficial and nourishing and what is ahitham injurious and. destructive to adiyEn Thvath VeekshaNa yEka vinivarthya Bahu vyapayE mayi. May Thou out of Your infinite compassion accept my uninformed prattle mugdha. aksharai sahitham about Your celebrated Vaibhavam pratheetha Vaibhavam. ThvAm as that arising from an infant at the stage of breast feeding You must accept. adiyEn s incoherent prattlings as the Mother who is delighted at her infant baby s. incoherent utterances Mayi mugdha aksharai mOdhamAnA sthanandhaya dhiyam. iva vartha yETA, Oh Mother BhUmi who bears the burden of carrying the entire Universe and. its beings adiyen is totally ignorant about what is auspicious for me and what is. injurious to me adiyEn does not have the analytic faculty to tell them apart Driven. by this deficiency adiyEn has always ended up considering what is auspicious as. amangaLam amd vice versa As a result adiyEn has ended up accumulating huge. bundles of sins akruthya karaNa kaaraNa janitha paapa raasis Those bundles of. sins can only be destroyed by Your benevolent glances In this state of mine I am. unable to organize my thoughts to come up with a coherent and meaningful praise. about Your matchless Vaibhavams As a direct result of this incapability adiyEn s. speech is incomprehensible like that of a helpless infant at the stage of being. nourished with its mother s milk Although the mother can not clearly understand the. noises that the infant makes she is mighty pleased to hear the sounds emanating. from the toothless mouth of her infant trying hard to communicate She enjoys the. Mazhalai soRkaL Yaazhinithu Kuzhal inithu yenpAr makkaL mazhalai soll. aRiyAthAr In a similar manner Oh Mother BhUmi PirAtti You should derive

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