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General Principles of Ventilation,Introduction,Need for ventilation. Contamination Control,both maintain healthy work environment. General Principles of Ventilation,Office buildings In door air quality. Occupational exposure OSHA,Environmental releases EPA. General Principles of Ventilation,Regulatory Agencies compliance concerns.
Good Practice,Standard of care industry standards ANSI ASME etc. Work productivity,Process control,Types of Systems. Supply Temperature Humidity,Replacement make up air. Return recirculated air,General dilution,Exhaust Local Control hoods. HVAC Systems,Air Handling System with Economizer,Air Balance in a Conditioned Space.
Design Concerns,Temperature Equipment Selection,Pressure Energy Conservation. Air Contaminants Maintenance,Work Practices Security. Product Protection Expansion,Worker Protection,Building Codes. Patient Isolation Room with HEPA Exhaust Filtration. Air Conditioning System Water and Refrigeration Circuits. Factors in the Perception of Air Quality,Conversion Factors. Quantity To Convert Into Multiply By, Volumetric cubic feet minute cubic meters second 4 719 x 10 4.
Flow ft3 min m3 sec,Velocity feet minute meters second 0 00508. Pressure inches water Pascals 249 1,Conservation of Mass. 1 velocity 50 FPM,Hood 2 velocity 3000 fpm,Flow rate at point 1 is called Q1. and is equal to,flow rate at point 2 which is called Q2. Where Q Volumetric Flow Rate ft3 min,V Air Velocity ft min or fpm.
A Cross Sectional Area ft2 or SF,Conservation of Mass. 12 inch duct,8 inch duct,6 inch duct,V1A1 V2A2 V3A3. At standard temperature and pressure STP,1 atmosphere 70o F. The density of air is 0 075 lbm ft3,Air will flow from a higher pressure region to a. lower pressure region,Three Different Types of Pressure Measurements.
Bench Grinder Exhaust Ventilation However there are losses thru the grinder hood entry SP 2 VP 2 h e where h e is the energy loss of the hood entry Static pressure SP must decrease due to acceleration of air up to the duct velocity F h is defined as the energy loss factor for that hood design Energy losses will be measured as a function of the velocity pressure in

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