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1 INTRODUCTION 3,2 PURPOSE OF AND OUTCOMES FOR THE MODULE 4. 2 1 Purpose 4,2 2 Outcomes 4,3 LECTURER S AND CONTACT DETAILS 4. 3 1 Lecturers 4,3 2 Department 5,3 3 College 5,3 4 University 6. 4 MODULE RELATED RESOURCES 8,4 1 Prescribed books 8. 4 2 Recommended books 8,4 3 Electronic Reserves e Reserves 8.
4 4 Library services and resources information 8,5 STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES FOR THE MODULE 9. 6 MODULE SPECIFIC STUDY PLAN 10, 7 MODULE PRACTICAL WORK AND WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING 10. 8 ASSESSMENT 10,8 1 Assessment plan 10, 8 2 Assignments and assessment methodology applicable only to AUE3702 11. 8 3 Due dates and unique assignment numbers 12,8 4 Submission of assignments 12. 8 5 Assignments 13,8 5 1 Semester 1 Compulsory assignment 01 13.
8 5 2 Semester 1 Compulsory assignment 02 19,8 5 3 Semester 2 Compulsory assignment 01 20. 8 5 4 Semester 2 Compulsory assignment 02 34,9 OTHER ASSESSMENT METHODS 42. 10 EXAMINATIONS 42,11 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 43. 12 SOURCES CONSULTED 43,13 CONCLUSION 43,14 ADDENDUM 43. AUI3702 101 3 2017,1 INTRODUCTION,Dear Student, It gives us great pleasure to welcome you as an AUI3702 student in the Department of Auditing.
We as lecturers are at your disposal and will gladly assist you in your studies Be assured of. our willingness to support you with advice during your studies. You will receive a number of tutorial letters during the semester A tutorial letter is one way of. communicating with you about teaching learning and assessment Please read the. my Studies Unisa brochure in combination with this tutorial letter Tutorial Letter 101 as it. gives you an idea of generally important information when studying within our College. Right from the start we would like to point out that you must read all the tutorial letters you. receive during the semester immediately and carefully as they always contain important and. sometimes urgent information, This tutorial letter contains important information that will assist you in your studies Please. read it carefully and keep it at hand when working through the study material preparing the. assignments preparing for the examination and addressing questions to your lecturers We. trust that you will benefit from everything that this module has to offer. Study material, You will be supplied with the following tutorial material for this module by the Despatch. Department, Study guide included in tutorial letter MO001 and also available online through the. learning units on myUnisa and,Tutorial Letters, All tutorial material will be mailed to you upon registration Tutorial matter that is not available. when you register will be posted to you as soon as possible but is also available on myUnisa. To contact the Department of Despatch regarding tutorial material that you have not received. use the telephone numbers indicated in the booklet entitled my Studies Unisa which you. received with your tutorial material, You may access the tutorial letters for the modules for which you are registered on the.
University s online campus myUnisa at http my unisa ac za You can also use myUnisa to. confirm that you have received all the tutorial letters Students must be registered for a myLife. email address and must be able to access myUnisa to be able to access their study material. and important announcements submit assignments gain access to the Library functions and. various learning resources download study material chat to their lecturers and fellow students. about their studies and the challenges they encounter and participate in online discussion. Note Some of the tutorial matter may not be available when you register Tutorial matter that is. not available when you register will be posted to you as soon as possible When you register. you will also receive an inventory letter containing information about your tutorial matter See. also the booklet entitled my Studies Unisa which you received with your tutorial matter. myUnisa and myLife email address, In addition to registering on myUnisa it is crucial that you activate your myLife email address. as all your official correspondence regarding this module will be sent to your myLife address. and not your private email address Please consult with the my Studies Unisa publication for. more information on the activation of your myLife email address as well as obtaining access to. the myUnisa module site, Go to the website https my unisa ac za and login with your student number and password. Then you will see AUI3702 in your row of modules in the orange bar across the top of the. 2 PURPOSE OF AND OUTCOMES FOR THE MODULE,2 1 Purpose. The purpose of the module is for students to gain knowledge skills and competence in the. testing of controls as part of the internal audit process based upon the International. Professional Practices Framework and other relevant guidelines. 2 2 Outcomes, The outcomes of this module can be found in the beginning of each of the different learning. During the semester you should, work through your study material make summaries and complete the activities.
read the announcements on myUnisa, answer the questions contained in Tutorial Letter 102 and compare your answers with the. suggested solutions, complete and submit assignment 01 compulsory assignment for examination admission. and assignment 02 before the due dates, prepare yourself for the examination for examination preparation and technique refer to. the my Studies Unisa brochure, All students will receive the solution to assignment 01 even if they do not submit their. assignment,3 LECTURER S AND CONTACT DETAILS,3 1 Lecturers.
Lecturer for AUI3702, The lecturer responsible for this module and to whom you should direct your enquiries is. Ms M Edwards,AUI3702 101 3 2017,E mail edwarm unisa ac za Tel 012 429 6442. Course coordinator,Ms BM van Wyk,E mail vwykbm unisa ac za. PLEASE NOTE Personal appointments should be arranged beforehand. Always have your student number and module code ready when you contact the. university,3 2 Department,Department of Auditing, If you wish to write to us letters should be addressed to. The Module leader AUI3702,Department of Auditing,PO Box 392.
Tel 012 429 4707 27 12 429 4707,Departmental Webpage. http www unisa ac za Default asp Cmd ViewContent ContentID 194. Mr RE Hlakudi is the chair of the department,3 3 College. College related undergraduate enquiries should be directed to 2712 429 2233 2982 or. CASenquiries undergraduate unisa ac za,3 4 University. If you need to contact Unisa about matters not related to the content of this module please. consult the brochure my Studies Unisa which you should have received with your study. material In this document you will find the contact details of various administrative departments. If you did not receive this document and have access to the Internet you can find it on myUnisa. under the Resources option Remember to always have your student number ready when. making an enquiry, Please ensure that you contact the correct section or department for each enquiry as this. will result in a speedy resolution of the enquiry,The contact details are.
E mail addresses,info unisa ac za for general enquiries. study info unisa ac za for application and registration related enquiries prospective and. registered students, international unisa ac za for international students registration related enquiries. assign unisa ac za for assignment enquiries,exams unisa ac za for examination enquiries. despatch unisa ac za for study material enquiries,finan unisa ac za for student account enquiries. gaudeamus unisa ac za for graduation enquiries, myUnisaHelp unisa ac za for assistance with myUnisa.
myLifeHelp unisa ac za for assistance with myLife email accounts. aegrotats unisa ac za for aegrotat exams,remark unisa ac za for remarking of papers. recheck unisa ac za for rechecking of papers,condiscipuli unisa ac za for fellow student names. counselling unisa ac za for student counselling and career development. vospresc unisa ac za for enquiries about prescribed books. purhasescript unisa ac za for purchasing of papers. The my Studies Unisa booklet which is part of your registration package lists all the. services offered by the Unisa library, General library catalogue enquiries bib oasis unisa ac za. Library Web co coordinator bib web unisa ac za, Inter library loans enquiries libr ill unisa ac za. Enquiries about subject databases bib dbase unisa ac za. Library information desk bib help unisa ac za, Enquiries about training presented by the library bib oplei unisa ac za.
Send a question to the library staff bibrefq unisa ac za. AUI3702 101 3 2017,SMS numbers, Send an SMS to 32695 for more information on how to contact Unisa via SMS only for students. within the borders of South Africa Students will receive an auto response SMS with the various. SMS options Standard SMS rates apply,Students can also SMS enquiries directly to. 43578 for applications and registrations,43584 for assignments. 43584 for examinations,43579 for study material,31954 for student accounts. 43582 for myUnisa and myLife, The SMS number is only for students residing in South Africa International students are urged.
to make use of the e mail address info unisa ac za. Fax number,Fax enquiries to 27 0 12 429 4150,Online address http my unisa ac za. Unisa website http www unisa ac za,Other means of contacting the university are. Physical address University of South Africa,Preller Street. Muckleneuk,City of Tshwane,Postal address University of South Africa. PO Box 392, NB Lecturers cannot assist you with registration payments module codes.
examinations etc These are administrative issues which should be discussed with the. relevant sections,4 MODULE RELATED RESOURCES, The resources at your disposal are classified into the following three categories. 4 1 Prescribed books, The following is a list of the prescribed books for this module NB all three books are essential. to pass this module, Jackson RDC Stent WJ Auditing notes for South African students latest edition. Durban LexisNexis, Auditing Legislation and standards Latest edition Durban LexisNexis. Gowar H Jackson RDC 2016 Graded Questions on Auditing 2017 Durban LexisNexis. Reding KF Sobel PJ Anderson UL Head MJ Ramamoorti S Salamasic M Riddle. C 2013 Internal auditing Assurance advisory services 3rd edition. Please consult the list of official booksellers and their addresses listed in the my Studies. Unisa brochure, Prescribed books are available at the university s official booksellers If you have any difficulties.
in obtaining books from these bookshops please contact the Prescribed Book Section as soon. as possible at telephone number 27 12 429 4152 or e mail address vospresc unisa ac za. Information on the use of and the sources of information available in the Unisa Library are. detailed in the my Studies Unisa brochure,4 2 Recommended books. There are no recommended books prescribed for this module. 4 3 Electronic Reserves e Reserves, Information contained in Volume 2 of the SAICA handbook can be downloaded on. http www irba co za handbooks of international standards Refer to the latest edition. 4 4 Library services and resources information, For brief information go to http www unisa ac za contents studies docs myStudies at. Unisa2017 brochure pdf, For more detailed information go to the Unisa website http www unisa ac za click on. For research support and services of Personal Librarians go to. http www unisa ac za Default asp Cmd ViewContent ContentID 7102. The Library has compiled numerous library guides, Find recommended reading in the print collection and e reserves.
http libguides unisa ac za request undergrad, Request material http libguides unisa ac za request request. Postgraduate information services http libguides unisa ac za request postgrad. AUI3702 101 3 2017, Finding obtaining and using library resources and tools to assist in doing research. http libguides unisa ac za Research Skills, How to contact the Library find us on social media frequently asked questions. http libguides unisa ac za ask,5 STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES FOR THE MODULE. For student support services you are referred to the my Studies Unisa brochure. FREE COMPUTER AND INTERNET ACCESS, Unisa has entered into partnerships with establishments referred to as Telecentres in various.
locations across South Africa to enable you as a Unisa student free access to computers and. the Internet This access enables you to conduct the following academic related activities. registration online submission of assignments engaging in e tutoring activities and signature. courses etc Please note that any other activity outside of these is for your own costing e g. printing photocopying etc For more information on the Telecentre nearest to you please visit. www unisa ac za telecentres,UNISA LIBRARY LOGIN, You will be required to provide your login details i e your student number and your myUnisa. password in order to access the library s online resources and services. This will enable you to,View or print your electronic course material. Request library material,View and renew your library material. In additionto registering on myUnisa it is crucial that you activate your myLife email address as all your official correspondence regarding this module will be sent to your address myLife

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