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THE RESPONSIBLE JEWELLERY COUNCIL, The Responsible Jewellery Council RJC is a not for profit standard. setting and certification organisation founded in 2005. Our vision is a responsible worldwide supply chain that. promotes trust in the global fine jewellery and watch. About this manual, The RJC Assessment Manual sets out how RJC members and auditors should assess an organisation s conformance with RJC. standards It applies to all RJC members in the gold silver platinum group metals PGM diamond and coloured gemstones1. jewellery supply chain, The status of this document is a live and this document will be reviewed as is required It was approved by RJC management on 24. January 2020 The official language of this document is English If you have been provided with a translation of this or any other. RJC document please refer to the English original in case of inconsistency between versions The English versions published on the. RJC website supersedes all other versions see www responsiblejewellery com. Disclaimer, No guarantee warranty or representation is made as to the accuracy or completeness of this document and other documents or information. sources referenced in it Using this document is not intended to nor does it replace contravene or otherwise alter the requirements of any. applicable national state or local governmental statute law regulation ordinance or other requirement. This document gives general guidance only and should not be regarded as a complete and authoritative statement on any of the topics covered by it. Using the manual is entirely voluntary for non members of the RJC and is neither intended to nor does it create establish or recognise any legally. enforceable obligations or rights against the RJC and or its members or signatories Non members shall have no legal cause of action against the. RJC and or its members or signatories for failing to follow this document. Enquiries feedback or complaints, The RJC welcomes comments and feedback from all stakeholders on this document this can be submitted at any time to email consultation.
responsiblejewellery com Or Telephone 44 0 20 7321 0992. The RJC will make all efforts to resolve any issue or grievance regarding this document in an impartial and documented manner If you wish to. register a complaint please refer to the RJC complaints mechanism on the RJC website. Version history,Current version Assessment Manual 2019 V1 2. Release date 24 January 2020,Previous version Assessment Manual 2019 V1 1. Release date 26 July 2019,Copies of this document, Hard copies of this document may be obtained on request from the RJC please contact consultation responsiblejewellery com. The Responsible Jewellery Council is a trading name of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices Ltd which. is registered in England and Wales with company number 05449042. RJC 2019 All rights reserved, 1 The RJC aims to eventually include all coloured gemstones used in the jewellery supply chain Check the most recent version of the RJC Code of Practices. see www responsiblejewellery com files RJC COP April 2019 pdf for more information on the current scope of coloured gemstones. We will consider expanding the scope of coloured gemstones by April 2021. List of figures 5,List of tables 5,1 Introduction 6.
1 1 What are the RJC certification programmes 6,1 2 What is this manual for 7. 1 3 How should I use this manual 7,1 4 Where can I find more information 7. THE RJC CERTIFICATION FRAMEWORK 9,2 Roles and responsibilities 10. 2 1 The RJC 10,2 2 RJC members 10,2 3 RJC accredited auditors 10. 3 The certification cycle 12,3 1 Five steps to RJC certification 12.
3 2 Audit types 13,3 3 Certification periods 13, 3 4 Reviewing the report and issuing certification 14. 3 5 Labelling and marketing 15,4 Governance and support 16. 4 1 Quality control 16,4 2 Reminders 16,4 3 Data confidentiality 16. 4 4 Training and knowledge exchange 17,5 Complaints mechanism 18. 5 1 The RJC Complaints Mechanism 18,5 2 Disciplinary proceedings 18.
5 3 Confidentiality and legal advice 19,PRINCIPLES FOR EFFECTIVE ASSESSMENT 20. 6 Harmonisation with other standards 21,6 1 Recognised frameworks 21. 6 2 Claims of equivalency 24,7 Set a clear and accurate certification scope 25. 7 1 About certification scope 25,7 2 Setting the COP certification scope 26. 7 3 Documenting the COP certification scope 28,7 4 Setting the CoC certification scope 29.
7 5 Dealing with changes in scope 30,RJC Assessment Manual 3. 8 Rate conformance honestly and consistently 31,8 1 Defining conformance ratings 31. 8 2 Using not applicable ratings 33,8 3 Identifying critical breaches 33. 8 4 Documenting non conformances 34,9 Develop smart corrective action plans 35. 9 1 The consequences of non conformance 35,9 2 Designing corrective action plans 35.
10 Use objective evidence 38,10 1 Evidence types 38. 10 2 Collection and sampling 39,PRACTICAL GUIDANCE 40. 11 For members preparing for an audit 41,11 1 Preparation overview 41. 11 2 Establishing oversight 42,11 3 Using external expertise 42. 11 4 Choosing self assessment formats 42,11 5 Correcting self assessed non conformances 43.
11 6 Getting documents and staff ready 44,11 7 Requesting an audit 45. 12 For auditors doing an independent third party audit 46. 12 1 Overview 46,12 2 Phase I Planning 47,12 3 Phase II Audit 56. 12 4 Phase III Report 59,References 61,Appendices 62. Appendix 1 Applicability of RJC standards by sector 62. Appendix 2 Corrective action plan template 65, Appendix 3 Examples of records and documentary evidence 66. Appendix 4 Sampling techniques 68, Appendix 5 Guidelines for auditors conducting effective audits 71.
4 RJC Assessment Manual,LIST OF FIGURES, Figure 1 Steps in the RJC certification process 12. Figure 2 A simple structure typical of small and medium sized enterprises 26. Figure 3 A multi layered complex structure typical of a large organisation 27. Figure 4 A multi layered complex structure where the member is a subsidiary of a larger group 27. Figure 5 COP versus CoC certification scope for an entity and its parent member 29. Figure 6 Six steps to preparing for audit 41, Figure 7 The individual steps taken by RJC accredited auditors 46. Figure 8 Organisation types and complexity factors that affect auditing times 50. Figure 9 The seven principles for effective auditing as identified by the ISO 54. LIST OF TABLES, Table 1 Comparing the RJC certification programmes 6. Table 2 Audit types by RJC standard 13, Table 3 Certification period by audit findings for each audit type 13. Table 4a Recognised frameworks for the COP 21, Table 4b Recognised frameworks for the CoC Standard 23.
Table 5a COP conformance ratings 32,Table 5b CoC Standard conformance ratings 32. Table 6 List of critical provisions in the COP 33, Table 7 Consequences and follow up action resulting from a non conformance 35. Table 8 Dealing with COP and CoC Standard corrective action plans instructions for members and auditors 37. Table 9 RJC workbooks and toolkits available to help with self assessment 43. Table 10 Minimum number of sites to visit excluding the central office for RJC audits except retail 49. Table 11 Criteria for including mining exploration to pre commissioned activities in a COP audit scope 50. Table 12 Guidelines for on site time requirements for an RJC certification audit according to business type 51. Table 13 Guidelines for on site time requirements for subsequent RJC audits 52. Table 14 Criteria for determining whether and what type of mid term review is required COP only 58. Table A1 Application of COP provisions by sector 62. Table A2 Application of CoC Standard provisions by sector 64. Table A3 Corrective action plan template 65, Table A4 Recommended sample sizes and durations for group and individual interviews to be held at. each one of the RJC member s sites for initial and recertification audits only 69. Table A5 Recommended sample sizes for simple and complex sampling plans 70. RJC Assessment Manual 5,1 INTRODUCTION, Find out What this manual is for and where else you might find useful information. 1 1 WHAT ARE THE RJC CERTIFICATION PROGRAMMES, The RJC has two certification programmes to promote responsible business practices throughout the gold silver platinum.
group metals PGM diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery supply chain. The RJC Code of Practices COP provides a common standard for ethical social human rights and environmental practices and. all RJC members must be certified against it within two years of joining In addition RJC members or individual entities under. their control can choose to be certified against the RJC Chain of Custody CoC Standard which defines the requirements for. creating a chain of custody of precious metals that are responsibly produced processed and traded Table 1 summarises the key. features of both certification programmes, Table 1 Comparing the RJC certification programmes. Feature RJC COP 2019 RJC CoC Standard 2017, Certification against the COP is mandatory for all Certification against the CoC is voluntary and is not a. RJC members and must be achieved within two requirement of RJC membership. years of joining Only RJC members or entities under the control of. Participation, Members are certified as a whole rather than by an RJC member can be certified against the CoC. each facility Ongoing recertification is required to Standard so that in all cases the COP also applies. retain RJC membership, Auditing involves an initial certification audit Auditing involves an initial certification audit followed. followed by a mid term review if recommended by a surveillance audit within 12 24 months. If the auditor finds no or only minor non If the auditor finds no or only minor non. conformances recertification is required every conformances recertification is required every three. three years years,Third party, auditing If the auditor finds major non conformances the If the auditor finds major non conformances the.
member will only be certified for one year and member will not be certified. only on the condition that it develops an auditor,approved corrective action plan Members cannot. have more than three consecutive one year,certificates. COP certified members can claim that they CoC certified companies members or individual. conform with the RJC COP the RJC s standard for entities under their control can claim that they have. responsible business practices verified systems in place for custody and or supply of. responsibly sourced jewellery materials,They can use the generic RJC logo and a unique. Resulting claim COP certification logo on their websites and They can also claim that their material comes from. marketing material responsible sources in accordance with the RJC CoC. They can use the generic RJC logo CoC stamp and,unique CoC certificate on or with CoC material. 6 RJC Assessment Manual,1 2 WHAT IS THIS MANUAL FOR.
To be certified against either the COP or the CoC Standard members must use third party auditing to verify their conformance. with the standard s requirements This manual sets out the assessment processes and procedures that members and third party. auditors need to follow during certification In particular it gives instruction and guidance on. The process for achieving RJC certification,How members should carry out self assessment. How auditors should conduct independent third party audits. The principles for conducting effective assessments to drive continual improvement. 1 3 HOW SHOULD I USE THIS MANUAL, All RJC members and accredited auditors should use this manual to direct their activities and responsibilities associated with. RJC certification, This is the 2019 version of the RJC Assessment Manual which applies from date of publication and supersedes all previous. versions It includes changes to the layout cross recognition critical provisions CoC audit scope criteria for determining a mid. term review and new sampling criteria for employee interviews a summary of the changes is available on the RJC website The. RJC has established a transition approach to using the new manual as follows. All certification audits to the 2019 COP must follow the 2019 Assessment Manual. Certification audits to the 2013 COP and 2017 CoC can follow the 2018 version of the Assessment Manual for a limited time. only all audit firms must transition to using the 2019 version by 1 October 2019. Please note that the RJC will still accept certifications against the 2013 COP for existing members until 22 April 2020 In these. cases auditors should use Table 2 in the 2018 version of the Assessment Manual1 to identify recognised external standards. 1 4 WHERE CAN I FIND MORE INFORMATION, The RJC has various freely available toolkits and guidelines to help companies implement its standards. and get through certification, RJC Code of Practices the verifiable requirements for achieving COP certification.
RJC COP Guidance business level guidance for meeting individual COP requirements. Self Assessment Workbook instructions for assessing conformance and designing corrective actions. Risk Assessment Toolkit instructions for assessing risk. Human Rights Due Diligence Toolkit instructions for carrying out due diligence. RJC CoC Standard, RJC CoC Standard the verifiable requirements for achieving CoC certification. The RJC Assessment Manual sets out how RJC members and auditors should assess an organisation s conformance with RJC standards It applies to all RJC members in the gold silver platinum group metals PGM diamond and coloured gemstones1 jewellery supply chain The status of this document is a live and this document will be reviewed as is required It was approved by RJC management on 24

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