Assessing Human Exposures for Risk Assessment and Risk

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Acknowledgments,US Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Research and Development, Brad Schultz Nicolle Tulve Kent Thomas Roy Fortmann Ross Highsmith Susan. Pearce Pamela Williams Larry Reiter Linda Sheldon, Office of Prevention Pesticides and Toxic Substances. David Miller David Hrdy Cathy Fehrenbacher,Office of Air and Radiation. Harvey Richmond Deirdre Murphy David Pawel Mike Boyd Jerry Puskin. Regional Offices,Marian Olsen,Risk Assessment Forum.
Gary Bangs,US Department of Agriculture,Kerry Dearfield Eric Ebel. US Consumer Product Safety Commission,Treye Thomas Michael Babich. Office of Research and Development 1,National Exposure Research Laboratory. Why Is Exposure Important,How Do We Currently Address Exposure in the U S. Models and measurements, Examples air pollutants pesticides other chemicals.
What Are the Issues Challenges Going Forward,Extra Slides with Additional Examples. microbials in food phthalates in toys hazardous waste radiation. Office of Research and Development 2,National Exposure Research Laboratory. Source L Reiter Exposure Science in the 21st Century. Presented to NAS October 2008, Exposure Assessment Steps Important Exposure Questions. What are the routes pathways and factors,Specify purpose and scope of assessment. influencing exposures, Develop scenario What is the population distribution of exposure.
including high end exposures to pollutants of,health concern. Conduct monitoring and or modeling,What are exposures for susceptible subpopulations. Specify the inputs and select data especially children and the elderly. Will the exposure cause a health effect,Discuss analysis assumptions and limitations. Intensity duration frequency route timing, Present key inputs and outputs How do we effectively reduce the exposure. Interpret and communicate results Route and pathway. Did we reduce exposure,Office of Research and Development 4.
National Exposure Research Laboratory,Examples of Key Exposure Sources and Pathways. Residential Vehicles,Outdoor mobile commuting Gas Station. commercial lawn smoking refueling,Indoor smoking service. cooking radon,pesticides,Attached garage Personal Parking. Garage Lot,Exposure outdoor,Office School,roadway Water.
other outdoor Other Indoor,indoor sources outdoor,vapor inhal. other sources, Tiered Approach to Exposure and Uncertainty Analysis. Exposure Risk and Uncertainty characterization,Tier 3 Probabilistic. Increasing Regulatory Significance,Greater Decision making Needs. Tier 2 Deterministic,Increasing Complexity,Tier 1 Analysis with.
Case Specific Inputs,Tier 0 Screening,Analysis with Defaults. Office of Research and Development 6,National Exposure Research Laboratory. MODELS MEASUREMENTS,Models drive measurements and,measurements inform models. Office of Research and Development Source L Reiter Exposure Science in the 21st Century 7. National Exposure Research Laboratory Presented to NAS October 2008. EXPOSURE MODELS,Lower Tier Higher Tier,Input Algorithms Output. HTM Exposure Equation and Calculation Databases Population Exposure. Hand to Mouth Census 100,ADD Average daily dose mg kg day Human Activity.
E xpo sure,Ambient Conc 0 1, ADD DR SA FQ SE ET Food Residues Calculate Individual. 0 20 40 60 80 100,Recipe Food Diary,Percentile,BW Exposure Dose Profile. Exposure Factor E,Inhalation,Population Dose,Distributions. DR Dislodgeable Residue mg cm2,Ingestio n Dermal 1. SA Surface area of fingers 20 cm2 event P,0 20 40 60.
Percentile,FQ Frequency of activity 20 hr E,SE Saliva Extraction factor 50. Source EPA ORD NERL,ET Exposure Time 2 hr,BW Body Weight 15 kg Source EPA OPP. General information on EPA models and guidance documents at U S EPA s Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling CREM. Knowledge Database http cfpub epa gov crem crem report cfm deid 75916. Inventory description of EPA models by CREM http cfpub epa gov crem knowledge base crem results cfm Act. EPA NERL Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling CEAM http www epa gov ceampubl. EPA ORD Exposure Models http www epa gov heasd risk projects c1b exposure models development htm. Office of Research and Development 8,National Exposure Research Laboratory. Application of EPA s Computerized Exposure Assessment Prediction Tools Models. Worker Tool, Model Consumer Exposure General Population Exposure Agg Cum Exposure Lead. Residential Post,Application, Dermal Inhalation Drinking Dietary Fish Inhalation.
Water Ingestion,Priority Setting Tools,Screening Level Tools. ChemSTEER OPPT,SOPs PIRAT OPP,EFAST OPPT,Higher Tier Tools. IGEMS OPPT,MCCEM OPPT,APEX OAQPS,HAPEM OAQPS,SHEDS ATOX ORD. Multimedia,Modified from http www epa gov oppt exposure. COMPARISON OF AGGREGATE RESIDENTIAL,HUMAN EXPOSURE MODELS.
Draft Protocol EPA SOP,0 36 mg kg d 0 73 mg kg d,90 Draft Protocol. 70 ConsExpo,Percentile,30 Percentile,Calendex ConsExpo. 99 9 0 96 1 95 2 15,99 0 74 1 50 1 47 0 55,20 95 0 61 1 13 1 01. 90 0 53 0 95 0 81 0 43,75 0 44 0 70 0 56 0 38,Indoor Pesticide Fogger Scenario 10. Office of Research and Development,National Exposure Research Laboratory.
Dermal Exposure mg kg d 10, Source Young et al 2008 ISEA Conference Pasadena CA. Assessing Exposures with Surveys and Measurements, Questionnaires Residue Sampling Personal Monitoring. An outdoor,Monitoring,Source Adgate 2004,Office of Research and Development. National Exposure Research Laboratory Indoor Monitoring 11. Ambient Monitoring,Sources of Data for Exposure Assessments USA. Pollution Source Meteorological Housing Personal Behavior. Emissions Exposure Factors Time Activity, Pollution Source Emissions Air Water Exposure Factors Data US EPA.
Land US EPA EF and CSEF Handbooks, Toxic Release Inventory http permanent access gpo gov lps35390 cfpub. http www epa gov tri epa gov ncea cfm recordisplay cfm. deid 55145 htm,Total Maximum Daily Load Program, http www epa gov owow tmdl intro html Time Activity Surveys. Water http www epa gov ow Consolidated Human Activity Database. Land http www epa gov superfund http www epa gov chadnet1. Meteorological American Time Use Survey Bureau of,Labor Statistics http www bls gov tus. NOAA s National Weather Service General EPA Exposure Assessment. Data http www nws noaa gov Guidelines, National Climatic Data Center http cfpub epa gov ncea cfm recordisplay cfm deid. http www ncdc noaa gov oa ncdc html 15263,Housing Factors.
Department of Housing and Urban Data may be obtained from many different. Development Data sources at the federal state and local levels. http www hud gov,Office of Research and Development 12. National Exposure Research Laboratory,Courtesy Nicolle Tulve et al EPA ORD. Sources of Data for Exposure Assessments USA,Consumer Dietary Consumption and Environmental. Product Use Data Residues Concentrations, Dietary Consumption and Residue Data Consumer Product Use Data. The Continuing Survey of Food Consumer Product Safety Commission. Intakes by Individuals Data http www cpsc gov,http www ars usda gov Main site main US EPA data.
htm modecode 12 35 50 00,Environmental Concentrations. http www cdc gov nchs nhanes htm US EPA Reports EPA 600 R 07 013. Total Diet Study Human Exposure Database System, http www cfsan fda gov comm tds http oaspub epa gov heds study list frame. toc html Water air and ecological data sources, Other Market Basket Surveys FDA USGS Fish and Wildlife Service. USDA Biomonitoring for surveillance and model,Pesticide Data Program USDA evaluation. http www ams usda gov AMSv1 0 ams CDC NHANES,fetchTemplateData do template Templat.
eC navID PesticideDataProgram right http www cdc gov nchs nhanes htm. Nav1 PesticideDataProgram topNav l, eftNav ScienceandLaboratories page P Data may be obtained from many different. esticideDataProgram r,sources at the federal state and local levels. Office of Research and Development 13,National Exposure Research Laboratory. Courtesy Nicolle Tulve et al EPA ORD,EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. Use of Exposure Assessment in NAAQS RA Process,Air Quality.
Monitoring Inhalation Exposure Dosimetry,Modeling Modeling Modeling. O3 exposure,PM and O3 CO and Pb,ambient internal dose. concentration response,response Risk Assessment,Characterization. Office of Research and Development 14,National Exposure Research Laboratory. Courtesy Deirdre Murphy and Harvey Richmond EPA OAQPS. Assessing Human Exposures for Risk Assessment and Risk Management A U S Perspective Exposure Session of 1st International Conference on Risk Assessment Global Risk Assessment Dialogue November 13 14 2008 Brussels Belgium Office of Research and Development 1 National Exposure Research Laboratory Acknowledgments US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development Brad

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