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Cindy March Hello Everyone,Apr 27 9 34 PM, JudiPartlo You re going to one Carrie How cool that we all are. Apr 27 9 34 PM, ShannonMinner Preparing for a crop is over rated Ha ha ha. Apr 27 9 34 PM, CarrieAnderson im looking out my balcony doors at the ocean in nuevo vallarta. Apr 27 9 34 PM,Tysha King Shay Thanks Shannon,Apr 27 9 34 PM. Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen Carrie I usually pack the MORNING of yikes Today. I worked on keeping focus it feels so much better,Apr 27 9 34 PM.
Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen Welcome Tysha,Apr 27 9 34 PM. Jennifer Wilson I WANT TO GO TO A CROP,Apr 27 9 34 PM. Carol AnneWall So do I,Apr 27 9 34 PM, CarrieAnderson judi no i just meant thats how i pack hahahaa im in mexico on the. Apr 27 9 35 PM,Tysha King Shay Thanks Kim,Apr 27 9 35 PM. JudiPartlo I feel like a kid going to summer camp,Apr 27 9 35 PM.
CarrieAnderson judi i love that feeling where youre too excited to sleep hahaaaa. Apr 27 9 35 PM,JudiPartlo Yes,Apr 27 9 35 PM, Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen Jennifer we have room this weekend You could join. us Though I think it s a bit of a drive,Apr 27 9 35 PM. Jennifer Wilson WELCOME TYSHA AND ANY OTHER NEWCOMERS. Apr 27 9 35 PM, Jennifer Wilson WHAT I LL BE DOING IS SHARING QUOTES FROM THE BOOK. FOLLOWED BY DISCUSSION QUESTIONS,Apr 27 9 36 PM, ShannonMinner There is a big local crop starting tomorrow My husbands work schedule. is unreliable so I m not going Not to mention there is always one Saturday a month where. 50 things get planned on That is one of them Other Saturday s stay empty. Apr 27 9 36 PM, Jennifer Wilson THIS TIME I M FOCUSING ON THE SAVOR SPACE CHAPTER SINCE.
IT PERTAINED BEST TO SCRAPBOOKING THE FIRST HALF OF THE BOOK IN. PARTICULAR WAS SO FOCUSED ON WORK I DIDN T HIGHLIGHT MUCH FOR THIS. DISCUSSION,Apr 27 9 37 PM, JudiPartlo I agree I felt like it was for mom s with young kids and big careers. Apr 27 9 37 PM,Cindy March and husbands,Apr 27 9 37 PM. JudiPartlo and nanny s,Apr 27 9 37 PM,Jennifer Wilson LET S JUMP IN. Apr 27 9 38 PM, ShannonMinner So you ladies are describing me but I didn t get to read it. Apr 27 9 38 PM, Jennifer Wilson QUOTE p 231 Between the demands of work and family free time.
must only come in bits of time confetti,Apr 27 9 38 PM. CarolWhite I ve only had the book for two days I m only around page 205 and I believe. Savor starts on 230 I was plowing my way through the beginning. Apr 27 9 38 PM, Jennifer Wilson QUESTION Q1 Do you have uninterrupted blocks of time or do you. have to squeeze things into small pockets,Apr 27 9 38 PM. MoniqueMeese No uninterrupted blocks of time for me. Apr 27 9 38 PM, CarolWhite I like that Bits of time raining down on me. Apr 27 9 38 PM,DionneJack There are times when I have both.
Apr 27 9 38 PM, Guest5476 Guest So based on that if my kids are grown and I don t have a career I. haven t read the book yet should I just start halfway through and skip the first part. Apr 27 9 38 PM,CarrieAnderson both,Apr 27 9 38 PM, Tiffany Mitchell Pockets unless I have a day crop that I attend where I get the whole. Apr 27 9 39 PM,JudiPartlo Mostly pockets,Apr 27 9 39 PM. Edie Banks I have both,Apr 27 9 39 PM, Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen I have both depending on the day. Apr 27 9 39 PM,CarolWhite I agree I have both,Apr 27 9 39 PM.
Tysha King Shay Both daily basis small pockets usually have to schedule larger blocks. Apr 27 9 39 PM, Carol AnneWall It depends on the day and if one of my teenagers is particularly needy. Apr 27 9 39 PM, Kelly Sroka My schedule ebbs and flows Some weeks I have time blocks and other. weeks I have just small chunks of time,Apr 27 9 39 PM. Cindy March During the week confetti Weekends more blocks of time. Apr 27 9 39 PM, CarrieAnderson no kids so i dont have the interruptions as much but i often squander. blocks of time and feel like i only have pockets,Apr 27 9 39 PM.
Carol AnneWall And husband and dogs Needs must be met. Apr 27 9 39 PM,Edie Banks Me too Carrie,Apr 27 9 40 PM. CarrieAnderson sometimes husbands are needier than anyone haahahahaaaa. Apr 27 9 40 PM, Jennifer Wilson I CAN USUALLY FIND THE TIME I JUST DON T ALWAYS HAVE THE. ENERGY OR MOTIVATION TO USE IT WELL I NEED TO BREAK UP WITH MY PHONE. Apr 27 9 40 PM, CarolWhite Guest 5476 I personally would skip it You might want to read browse the. very beginning just to see what she means by the Mosaic Project But you could probably. even skip that,Apr 27 9 40 PM, Tysha King Shay Carrie Edie Jennifer s planning day has helped me with focused goals. so I m trying to have as much squandered time,Apr 27 9 41 PM.
Jennifer Wilson RELATEDLY QUOTE p 237 Humans invent all sorts of ways to. make themselves miserable,Apr 27 9 41 PM, Jennifer Wilson QUESTION Q2 What habits might be inadvertently making you. Apr 27 9 41 PM,CarolWhite Break up with your phone Me too. Apr 27 9 41 PM,Cindy March I think it takes awareness. Apr 27 9 41 PM,Guest5476 Guest Ok thanks Carol,Apr 27 9 41 PM. CarrieAnderson tysha i need to make the time to watch those thank you for the. Apr 27 9 41 PM, Tiffany Mitchell Facebook Time Suck used to get me I broke up with Facebook.
Apr 27 9 41 PM,ShannonMinner I can find some pockets of time. Apr 27 9 41 PM,CarolWhite Perfectionism FOMO,Apr 27 9 41 PM. Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen I think I m happier when I stay focused and am not. jumping from project to project,Apr 27 9 41 PM, Jennifer Wilson CHECKING EMAIL CONSTANTLY CYCLING THROUGH APPS ON MY. PHONE MULTITASKING STAYING UP TOO LATE,Apr 27 9 41 PM. Cindy March Facebook,Apr 27 9 41 PM, Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen Carol good one I can relate.
Apr 27 9 42 PM,JudiPartlo Facebook and what Jennifer said. Apr 27 9 42 PM, DionneJack For sure multitasking isn t helping me most of the time. Apr 27 9 42 PM, Tysha King Shay Tiffany I ve recently had to break up with FB too. Apr 27 9 42 PM,MoniqueMeese Social media it s a waste for me. Apr 27 9 42 PM,Edie Banks YouTube,Apr 27 9 42 PM, Carol AnneWall The habit of responding immediately to everything Even at work I.
bounce around like a bunny when ever someone calls my name. Apr 27 9 42 PM, CarolWhite Social Media Not going to sleep before MN. Apr 27 9 42 PM, JudiPartlo Except for the staying up late part I m an early to bed early up girl. Apr 27 9 42 PM,Tysha King Shay Yes Jennifer,Apr 27 9 42 PM. CarolWhite Doing the bunny hop I can relate to that. Apr 27 9 42 PM, Kelly Sroka Multitasking here too I try to do too many little things at one time and then I. never get anything accomplished,Apr 27 9 42 PM,CarolWhite Information Overload.
Apr 27 9 43 PM, CarrieAnderson all of them the only habits i can make stick are the bad ones lol. Apr 27 9 43 PM, CarrieAnderson i definitely need to break up with my phone. Apr 27 9 44 PM, CarolWhite I ve spread myself too thin with this course and that course and reading this. and agreeing to that and this blog and that blog and the list goes on. Apr 27 9 44 PM, Carol AnneWall Carrie I wish I knew why that was true Bad habits are easy to form. Apr 27 9 44 PM, Tiffany Mitchell Carrie you are here every month for book club Thats a good habit.
Apr 27 9 44 PM,CarrieAnderson thanks tiffany,Apr 27 9 44 PM. Jennifer Wilson FOR SURE,Apr 27 9 45 PM, Jennifer Wilson QUOTE p 237 Leisure time is a choice and celebrating life s fullness. means not only making leisure time a priority but acknowledging that it is happening. Apr 27 9 45 PM, Jennifer Wilson QUESTION Q3 Are you honest about you leisure time. Apr 27 9 45 PM,Tysha King Shay Supportive Tiffany love it. Apr 27 9 45 PM, CarrieAnderson procrastinating i always put off something i think will be hard and it.
takes ten times longer to avoid it then to just do it. Apr 27 9 45 PM, CarolWhite I do think I squander too much of my leisure time and then don t think I have. Apr 27 9 45 PM, JudiPartlo And Carrie you did a TON of layouts for LOAD in Feb I was impressed. Apr 27 9 46 PM,Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen Carrie yes. Apr 27 9 46 PM, Carol AnneWall What Carol said I squander and fritter time away. Apr 27 9 46 PM, JudiPartlo Not always I think I fool myself about how I use my time at least sometimes.
Apr 27 9 46 PM, Cindy March As I get older yes I sometimes brag about going to the dock with a. coffee ahh,Apr 27 9 46 PM, ShannonMinner I procrastinate and squander my time I have poor time management. skills How is that for honest,Apr 27 9 46 PM, CarolWhite Cindy that sounds wonderful Except I would sub tea for the coffee. Apr 27 9 46 PM, Tysha King Shay I thought about how she referenced that so many people exaggerate. their time commitments but when she pointed out that I likely have 70 80 hours besides. work and sleep to do things it definitely had an effect on how much little time I think I have. Apr 27 9 47 PM, DionneJack I am honest in that I recognize that I m not making the best of my leisure time.
for at least part of it,Apr 27 9 47 PM, Tysha King Shay Sometimes it s hard to recognize that I m entitled to leisure time. Apr 27 9 48 PM, CarrieAnderson no i have way more time then i think i do and i dont realize it cause i. dont make it count i do mindless phone scrolling ugh. Apr 27 9 48 PM,CarolWhite Tysha that s what I fight with. Apr 27 9 48 PM, Jennifer Wilson WHILE READING THIS BOOK I HAVE PAID ATTENTION A LOT TO. HOW LONG THINGS TAKE ME I M KIND OF JUST SLOW AT EVERYTHING AND I. DON T ALWAYS PLAN FOR THAT,Apr 27 9 48 PM,MoniqueMeese Carrie me too.
Apr 27 9 48 PM, Cindy March Like anything else it has to be practiced. Apr 27 9 48 PM, CarrieAnderson thats a great quote im going to remember that one. Apr 27 9 49 PM, Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen Did this book make anyone want to track their time. Apr 27 9 49 PM, Jennifer Wilson THINGS TAKE ABOUT TWICE AS LONG AS I THINK THEY DO MY. HUSBAND ALWAYS ASKS WHY IT TOOK SO LONG AT THE GROCERY STORE. Apr 27 9 49 PM, JudiPartlo Yes I noticed that idea about timing things too.
Apr 27 9 49 PM, CarolWhite Doing a time study is an interesting practice Sometimes you realize it only. takes you 5 minutes to unload the dw and then you wonder why you put off doing it. Apr 27 9 49 PM, CarrieAnderson yes Jennifer my husband timed me one time on all the household. chores i complain about cause im a complainer it was like 1 5 hours a week not counting. cooking haahahaaaa,Apr 27 9 50 PM, CarrieAnderson real eye opener because stuff that i was estimating 20 mins to. do took me like 5,Apr 27 9 50 PM, Guest1212 Guest it takes me a long time to do tasks too yes i thought about tracking my. time the idea of that sort of exhausted me,Apr 27 9 50 PM.
Cindy March Writing would make it real,Apr 27 9 50 PM. Tiffany Mitchell I thought it was interesting that I read this book right before week in the. life I liked what she said about typical weeks and realized that atypical are my typical. Apr 27 9 50 PM, CarrieAnderson thats my ADHD though we are TERRIBLE time judgers lol. Apr 27 9 50 PM, DionneJack yes it made me want to try it to see if I m guessing correctly where all my. wasted time is going,Apr 27 9 51 PM, Carol AnneWall I wish I was consistent I overestimate here and underestimate there. Apr 27 9 51 PM, Edie Banks I waste so much time agonizing over doing a chore.
Apr 27 9 51 PM,CarolWhite I do too Edie,Apr 27 9 51 PM. CarrieAnderson Edie exactly and then you do it and it takes a fraction of the time and. then youre mad at yourself for wasting all that time agonizing over it. Apr 27 9 52 PM, CarolWhite Sometimes I try to make it a game and then I might even end up doing the. whole thing instead of doing the game as pre planned. Apr 27 9 52 PM,CarolWhite If that makes any sense,Apr 27 9 52 PM. CarrieAnderson oooh carol i like that,Apr 27 9 52 PM. Tysha King Shay Edie yes Carol I totally get the dishwasher task. Apr 27 9 52 PM, CarolWhite I also underestimate how long things take me.
Apr 27 9 52 PM, CarrieAnderson i will set my timer and say i only have to do it for this long i ALWAYS. finish way before the timer goes off hahahahaaa,Apr 27 9 52 PM. CarolWhite I have to go change my mom s dressing Hope to be back in a jif. Apr 27 9 53 PM, NancyGaumer Have you seen the time tier app It s used a lot for people with ADHD WE. find it useful,Apr 27 9 53 PM, NancyGaumer If you mentioned it before I m sorry I just logged in. Apr 27 9 53 PM, Teaching Assistant Kim Edsen I have not seen that Nancy will check it out TFS.
Apr 27 9 53 PM, CarrieAnderson time tier that sounds interesting i ll look it up after chat. Apr 27 9 53 PM,Tysha King Shay Thanks for sharing Nancy. Apr 27 9 54 PM, NancyGaumer It also works great to get kids going on homework. Apr 27 9 55 PM,NancyGaumer time timer not tier sorry. Apr 27 9 55 PM, Jennifer Wilson QUOTE p 240 And yet precisely because we presume we don t have.
time we don t think this matter what you want to do with your leisure time through Leisure. time appears and we are not prepared to seize it,Apr 27 9 55 PM. Jennifer Wilson QUESTION Q4 Do you feel prepared to use your leisure time well If. so what habits or practices contribute,Apr 27 9 56 PM

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