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Please draw an aerial view of the property showing the outline of buildings property lines well location s. water lines location of septic tank and drainfields location of drainfield replacement area ditches and. streams easements and right of ways driveway and parking area cut banks and location of street or. road Indicate dimenions and separation distances of each from septic tank and drainfield. Idaho Public Health Districts,Plot Plan Scale 1,Signature Date. By my signature above I certify that all answers and statements on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that should evaluation disclose untruthful or misleading answers my application may be rejected or my permit canceled I. understnd that any deviation from the plans conditions and specifications is prohibited unless it is approved in advance by the Director. or his designee I hearby authorize the Health District to have access to this property for the purpose of conducting a site evaluation. Official Use Only,Plot Plan Approval Date EHS Name EHS. Revision Date 7 2012 df,VALLEY COUNTY,INSTRUCTIONS FOR OBTAINING A PERMIT FOR AN. ON SITE SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM,APPLICATIONS, The application for an on site septic permit and the fee must be submitted prior to scheduling a. site visit The application must include an accurate legal description of the property to include the. county parcel number and street name, There may be additional fees for more than one dwelling and excess gallons of flow.
NOTE Neither this document the On Site Sewage System Feasibility Assessment. form nor the application is your permit, Please provide the inspector with a proposed plot plan with the application and fee Please provide. the following information of the site location of proposed dwelling site well site septic site and. replacement septic site ditches scarps streams and bordering roads If the property is within a. subdivision which has pre engineered test holes and pre located areas of placement of the septic. system a to scale plot plan should be provided when the application and fee is submitted. TEST HOLE INSPECTIONS, Test Holes are needed to evaluate the soils in the area where the drainfield is to be placed Test. holes are required for all lots and parcels unless the subdivision is pre engineered Additional test. holes or deeper test holes may be required if the natural soils are inadequate for sewage disposal. It is the responsibility of the owner or his agent to make the necessary arrangements for digging. The test holes shall be excavated within fifty 50 feet of an area of the proposed drainfield to a. depth of eight 8 feet The test holes shall be ramped or stepped to allow access if the inspector. is not present during the digging of the test hole The inspector prefers to be on site when the test. hole is dug, It is necessary to make an appointment with the inspector to view the test holes The owner or. their agent should be present at the time of the inspection. continued on back,ON SITE SEWAGE SYSTEM FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT FORM. An On Site Sewage System Feasibility Assessment form will normally be completed at the time of. the inspection of the test hole The form will be made available to the applicant or their agent. Please read carefully to provide any further information or paperwork needed to continue. processing the application This form is not the permit. ZONING CERTIFICATE, A Zoning Certificate from Valley County Planning Zoning is required if the property lies.
outside the city limits of McCall or its impact area Cascade and Donnelly It is necessary to. obtain the Zoning Certificate prior to the issuance of the on site sewage permit. A Zoning Certificate from the City of McCall is required if the property lies inside the McCall. impact area,GROUNDWATER MONITORING, Systems proposed in areas of high ground water may require ground water monitoring during the period. of high ground water Ground Water Monitoring Forms are available from any health department office. ON SITE SEWAGE PERMIT, When the steps listed on this sheet are completed and all of the criteria have been met your permit. will be written Once the permit has been written the on site sewage permit will be available to be. issued between 8 am and 5 pm Permits may also be mailed or a facsimile may be sent. The on site sewage permit is the document required for installation of your sewage system and for. obtaining your building permit Owner installed systems require the owner to operate the. backhoe equipment If not installed by the owner the system must be installed by a licensed. and bonded installer, Having complete accurate and necessary documentation will make the permitting. process easier and faster The key is to have all the necessary documents properly. prepared and ready for Central District Health Department. Separation Distances for a Standard Drainfield Technical Guidance Manual. 3 Standard Subsurface Disposal System Design,3 1 Dimensional Requirements. Revision July 18 2013, Figure 3 1 shows the major horizontal separation distance requirements for a standard drainfield.
Figure 3 2 shows the major horizontal separation distance requirements for a septic tank. Figure 3 1 Horizontal separation distance requirements for a standard drainfield IDAPA. 58 01 03 008 02 d and 58 01 03 008 04, Controlled Document Users are responsible for ensuring they work to the latest revision Printed or electronically transmitted. copies are uncontrolled, Separation Distances for a Septic Tank Technical Guidance Manual. Figure 3 2 Horizontal separation distance requirements for a septic tank IDAPA 58 01 03 007 17. 1 Minimum separation distance of 20 feet is required between a drainfield and a dwelling. with a basement IDAPA 58 01 03 008 02 d If the basement is a daylight style. basement and the drainfield installation is below the daylight portion of the basement the. minimum separation distance can be reduced to 10 feet. 2 Minimum separation distance of 6 feet is required between absorption trenches and from. installed trenches or beds to the replacement area Separation distance must be through. undisturbed soils IDAPA 58 01 03 008 04, 3 Minimum separation distance of 6 feet is required between the septic tank and the. drainfield Separation distance must be through undisturbed soils IDAPA. 58 01 03 008 04, 4 Minimum separation distance of 50 feet is required between an effluent line and a septic. tank to a domestic well IDAPA 58 01 03 007 17 and 58 01 03 007 22. Controlled Document Users are responsible for ensuring they work to the latest revision Printed or electronically transmitted. APPLICATION Subsurface Sewage Disposal Central District Health Department Valley County 703 North 1st McCall ID 83638 208 634 7194 Applicant s Name Phone Legal Description Section Township Range Subdivision Lot Block Idaho Public Health Districts Property Address If Available Directions nearest crossroad City State Zip Code Mailing Address Applicant is

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