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Application Note,Application,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 1. Introduction 3,Modulation Basics 5,Understanding Signal Pattern File 10. Programming Examples to Create I Q Data File,Analog Modulation 19. Pulse Modulation 26,PSK QAM 31,Simulink 42,Programming Example to Convert and Transfer. I Q Data File without IQproducer 64,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 2.
Introduction, Electronic Design Automation EDA tools such as MATLAB and. Microwave Office can save IQ simulation data to CSV text files. Easy comparison between simulation and measured data. The IQproducer application software MG3700A standard accessory. can import user I Q sample data from CSV files into MG3700A. making it useful for various applications, R D into next generation wireless systems RFID PWM analog. modulation such as AM FM and PM,User specific Processing Simulating. Software signals using C program or,EDA tools such as MATLAB. Creating CSV files,of baseband signals,Converting to signal.
pattern files for MG3700A,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 3,Introduction. MG3700A supports Arbitrary Waveform Generator,AWG features. Sample rate Fs,20 k to 160 MHz,Waveform memory,2 128 Msample channel 1 GB. 2 256 Msample channel 2 GB with Option Memory upgrade. Dual baseband memory,DAC resolution,Marker output,3 definable TTL. This document presents MATLAB usage examples,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 4.
Modulation Basics, Modulation imposes source data on a passband signal with carrier. frequency c by using amplitude and or phase perturbations. Modulating signal Baseband signal Passband signal,Baseband circuits RF circuits. m t g t s t, Data Signal processor Carrier circuits Modulated signal. fm 0 fm fc fm fc fc fm,Baseband Passband,bandwidth bandwidth. MG3700A E F 11 Slide 5,Modulation Transmitter,Baseband circuits RF circuits.
R t v t R t cos ct t,Baseband signal,R t x 2 t y 2 t. Equivalent,Quadrature IQ Baseband circuits RF circuits. x t R t cos t,y t R t sin t,technique x t,m t v t x t cos ct y t sin ct. Baseband signal c cos ct,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 6,Baseband Waveform. AM PM IQ modulation,Modulation,R t t x t y t Remark.
m t sin 2 mt,AM Ac 1 m t 0 Ac 1 m t 0 Modulation depth. m Modulation freq,Dp Phase deviation,PM Ac Dpm t Accos Dpm t Acsin Dpm t rad V. FM Ac D f m d Ac cos D f m d,Ac sin D f m d,t D Frequency. deviation rad V s,m2 t m1 t 1,Ac m1 t m2 t tan 1 Acm1 t Acm2 t. m1 t m2 t 1,QM Quadrature Modulation,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 7.
Baseband Signal, Any type of modulated signal may be generated using either the AM. PM technique or quadrature technique, Any modulation scheme can be achieved by selecting the. appropriate software algorithm, In a Vector Signal Generator VSG the passband signal s t is often. partitioned into two channels one for x t called the I in phase. channel and one for y t called the Q quadrature phase channel. In digital computer simulations of passband signals the sampling. rate used in the simulation can be minimized by working with the. baseband signal instead of with the passband signal s t because. the baseband signal is equivalent of the passband signal. MG3700A E F 11 Slide 8,Fundamental I Q Constellation. Magnitude R t,Phase shift,FM Ac PSK 2 rad,Angular velocity.
MG3700A E F 11 Slide 9,Understanding Signal Pattern File. Signal pattern files consist of three data,Marker data. File header,Text file to binary file FTP connection. Large File size Small,User created I Q data wvd,and Marker data Binary file. I Q data scaled to DAC input values,File header,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 10.
The data file wvd contains the I and Q data points signed 14 bit. integers for each I and Q data point Each I Q point equals one. baseband waveform point, The MG3700A uses a 14 bit DAC to process each of the 2 byte. integer values for the I and Q data points The 14 bit DAC has a. range of 0 to 16383 but MG3700A divides this range between. positive and negative values,I data DAC LPF I,Q data DAC LPF Q. I Q data range DAC range I Q output voltage,8191 16383 Vmax Positive full scale. 0 8191 0 V,8192 0 Vmin Negative full scale,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 11. I Q Data Range, The MG3700A performance is guaranteed within I Q DAC RMS.
value 1157 to 1634, Tunable DAC RMS value considered crest factor peak power RMS. Tunable I Q RMS power on MG3700A display,78 27 dB 20 log10 81912. 67 28 dB 20 log10 1634 2 1634 2,1157 64 28 dB 20 log10 1157 2 1157 2. 8191 0 1157 1634 8191,Margin for crest factor,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 12. Marker Data, The marker data uses 4 bits per I Q data point to set the state of the.
four markers either On 1 or Off 0 for each I Q data point. The marker data consists of three event markers and an RF gate. When an event marker is active On it outputs a trigger signal at the. rear panel marker connector corresponding to active marker number. An RF gate flag is used for pulse modulation and drives the internal. pulse modulator, When I Q data is imported without marker data event markers are set. automatically to inactive Off and the RF gate flag is set to active On. MG3700A E F 11 Slide 13,Internal Pulse Modulator,Baseband Modulator Modulator. Adjustment,RF Gate flag,Burst power,Specification 40 dBc. Power at I Q 0 If the RF gate flag is not used carrier leakage occurs. Specification 60 dBc On Off ratio 60 dB,If the RF gate flag is used the RF output is off. Power at RF gate flag Off,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 14, Because markers are set at each I Q data point the marker data.
contains the same number of samples as I Q data points. I Q1 I Q2 I Q3 I Q4,Gate1 1 Gate2 0 Gate3 1 Gate4 1. Modulator Modulator,Delay Marker 1,Adjustment Marker 2. The time difference between the event markers output connector and. RF connector is adjusted to be within 1 sample,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 15. File Header, The data file wvd and file header wvi have the same file name. The MG3700A stores the files in same package folder. The file header contains settings for the ARB modulation format. such as sample rate number of samples I Q DAC RMS value etc. When the MG3700A finds unspecified header settings it either uses the. default settings or the settings from previous signal pattern if a signal. pattern was played previously,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 16.
Data File Size, The data file wvd is loaded into baseband memory meaning that. the occupied memory size equals the data file size. A baseband waveform consists of samples One sample contains 4. I Q Data Marker Data 1 Waveform Sample,14 bits I 4 bits 4 bytes 32 bits. I Q Marker 1 Marker 2 Marker 3 RF gate flag,Sampling rate sample per second Fs. Sampling frequency expressed in Hz,Sampling interval Ts 1 Fs. Time between samples in uniform sampling,Maximum of.
256 000 000 sample,512 000 000 sample with Option,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 17. Programming Examples to Create I Q Data File, There are various programming environments to create ARB I Q. Generally there are two types,Simulation software EDA tool. MATLAB Microwave Office etc,Advanced programming languages. C C VB LabView etc, The example uses MATLAB and shows the programmable M files.
M file MATLAB program for command script,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 18. Analog Modulation, Analog modulation schemes are most basic techniques and it is. simple to create I Q data,Basic analog modulation schemes. Amplitude Modulation AM,Frequency Modulation FM,Phase Modulation PM. Q Q Q Phase shift,Modulation depth,FM PM 2 rad,Angular velocity.
I Ac I Ac I,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 19,Modulating signal m t. Modulation depth 80,Amplitude V,Envelop R t,s t Modulated signal. Amplitude V,Carrier c t 0,Amplitude V,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 20. AM Programming Example,I x t Ac 1 m t 1 sin 2 mt,Ac Carrier signal amplitude 1. Modulation depth Modulating signal peak Carrier signal peak amplitude. clear all close all clc,fm 1 Modulating frequency kHz.
Depth 0 8 Modulating depth,CSVfile AM1kHzDepth80 csv. DataPoints 1000,Fs fm DataPoints Sampling rate kHz. t 0 DataPoints 1,I 1 Depth sin 2 pi fm t DataPoints. Q zeros 1 DataPoints,csvwrite CSVfile data,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 21. Modulating signal m t,Peak frequency deviation 50 kHz.
Frequency deviation kHz,Amplitude V,Carrier c t s t Modulated signal. Amplitude V,Amplitude V,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 22,FM Programming Example. Ac cos D f m d cos sin 2 mt,Ac sin D f m d sin sin 2 mt. Ac Carrier signal amplitude 1,Modulation index m,Peak frequency deviation. clear all close all clc,fm 1 Modulating frequency kHz.
Deviation 50 Peak frequency deviation kHz,CSVfile FM1kHzDeviation50kHz csv. DataPoints 1000,Fs fm DataPoints Sampling rate kHz. t 0 DataPoints 1,I cos Deviation fm sin 2 pi fm t DataPoints. Q sin Deviation fm sin 2 pi fm t DataPoints,csvwrite CSVfile data. MG3700A E F 11 Slide 23,Modulating signal m t,Peak phase deviation 5 rad 1 6 rad.
Phase deviation rad,Amplitude V,Carrier Modulated signal. Amplitude V,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 24,PM Programming Example. I x t Ac cos Dp m t cos Dp sin 2 mt,Q y t Ac sin Dp m t sin Dp sin 2 mt. Ac Carrier signal amplitude 1,Dp Peak phase deviation. clear all close all clc,fm 1 Modulating frequency kHz.
Deviation 5 Peak phase deviation kHz,CSVfile PM1kHzDeviation5rad csv. DataPoints 1000,Fs fm DataPoints Sampling rate kHz. t 0 DataPoints 1,I cos Deviation sin 2 pi fm t DataPoints. Q sin Deviation sin 2 pi fm t DataPoints,csvwrite CSVfile data. MG3700A E F 11 Slide 25,Pulse Modulation, Pulse modulation is used for radar and satellite signals using a.
combination with either FM or PM and time multiplexed burst. PRF PRR Pulse repetition frequency rate pps pulse s. Pulse period s 1 PRF,Pulse width duration s Including rise time. Duty ratio cycle Pulse width Pulse period,Pulses per burst pulses burst. Burst length s,Burst period s,Rise time s Pulse period. Pulse width Rise time,Pulses per burst,Burst length Burst period. MG3700A E F 11 Slide 26,Pulse Modulation Programming Example.
I x t Ac 1,Q y t Ac 1,Ac Carrier signal amplitude 1. PRF 700 pps,Pulse width 1 s,Pulses burst 18,Burst period 10 s. clear all close all clc,PRF 700 pps,PulseWidth 1E 6 s. PulsesPerBurst 18 pulses burst,BurstPeriod 10 s,CSVfile Pulse700ppsW1us18ppbB10s csv. zerofile Pulse700ppsW1us18ppbB10sZero csv, Fs LCM PRF 1 PulseWidth Sampling rate Hz LCM Least Common Multiple.
Number of samples,W PulseWidth Fs,PulseGap 1 PRF PulseWidth Fs. Continued on the next page,MG3700A E F 11 Slide 27. Pulse Modulation Programming Example,Continued from previous page. I ones 1 W 2 zeros 1 PulseGap 2,RF gate flag Q ones 1 W 2 zeros 1 PulseGap 2. RFgateFlag zeros 1 1 ones 1 W zeros 1 PulseGap,Burst zeros 1 1 ones 1 W.
for n 2 PulsesPerBurst,I Q I I ones 1 W 2 zeros 1 PulseGap 2. Q Q ones 1 W 2 zeros 1 PulseGap 2,Burst Burst ones 1 PulseGap W. if n PulsesPerBurst,RFgateFlag RFgateFlag ones 1 W zeros 1 PulseGap 1. RFgateFlag RFgateFlag ones 1 W zeros 1 PulseGap,Marker1 Burst zeros 1 PulseGap 1 Burst. Marker2 RFgateFlag Pulse,Marker3 RFgateFlag Pulse,data I Q Marker1 Marker2 Marker3 RFgateFlag.
csvwrite CSVfile data, BurstGapPulseLength PRF BurstPeriod PulsesPerBurst. zero zeros 1 Fs PRF samples pulse,zerodata zero zero zero zero zero zero. csvwrite zerofile zerodata, zerofileMultiple PRF BurstPeriod PulsesPerBurst Pulse length in Burst gap. Application Note MATLAB A pplication MG3700A Vector Signal Generator 1 MG3700A E F 11 Slide 1 Application Note Application Anritsu July 2007 2 00 MG3700A E F 11 Slide 2 Contents Introduction 3 Modulation Basics 5 Understanding Signal Pattern File 10 Programming Examples to Create I Q Data File 18 Analog Modulation 19 Pulse Modulation 26 PSK QAM 31 Simulink 42

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