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Full Employment History, Please do not leave any gaps in your employment history Complete in date order with most recent employer first All periods. since leaving secondary school should be accounted for including any voluntary work or periods of unemployment for. unemployed periods please state location of benefit office This is particularly important for posts involving working with. children Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. Month Year Organisation Job Title brief outline of post Reason for. From To Name Address salary details including benefits leaving. If your last employment was in local government did you complete a probation period and if so how long. No Yes Length of probation,Supporting Information, This section must be completed as it is used for shortlisting Please relate your answers to the advertisement job. description and person specification Where a person specification has been supplied please use the headings to provide. details of your knowledge skills and experience You will need to provide examples of your statements for example what. makes you a good team player or communicator,Experience. If you are applying for a tutor s post please advise what subject s you teach. Skills and aptitudes,Attitude motivation,Special circumstances equal opportunities. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary,Welsh Language.
Please describe your Welsh language ability by ticking the relevant box es below. Understand Speak Read Write,References, Please provide details of two references as part of your application One must be from your current most recent employer tutor. where applicable, Current Most Recent Employer Other Professional Personal Reference. Name Name Name,Job Title Job Title Job Title,Address Address Address. Tel Tel Tel,e mail e mail e mail, May we contact before interview May we contact before interview May we contact before interview. Yes No Yes No Yes No, For some positions verbal references are also required and anything written on this application form or stated in the interview may be.
verified from previous employers, Availability Please state times when you are unavailable for work. Work Permits, Do you require a work permit to work in this country Yes No. If yes please provide details including type of permit and. expiry date,Unspent Convictions, Do you have any unspent convictions Yes No Date of convictions. Detail of conviction, Positions requiring access to Government Secure Intranet will require a Baseline Security Check. Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, Positions involving working with children and vulnerable adults are exempt from the above act and require a Disclosure and Barring.
Service DBS check The amendments to the Exceptions Order 1975 2013 provide that certain spent convictions and cautions are. protected and are not subject to disclosure to employers and cannot be taken into account Guidance and criteria on filtering of. these cautions and convictions can be found at the Disclosure and Barring Service website Requirement for a DBS check will be. indicated in the advert If you are applying for a position requiring a DBS check you must complete the following. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence Yes No. Do you have any pending charges Yes No, If you have answered yes to the above please provide details of the offence using the formal name of the charge the date occurred. and the sentence of the court, Additional information for candidates who require Disclosure and Barring Service Disclosure and are exempt. from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act e g Posts working with vulnerable adults and children. Declaration of Criminal Record, Because of the sensitive nature of the duties the post holder will be expected to undertake you are required to disclose details of any. criminal record Only relevant convictions and other information will be taken into account so disclosure need not necessarily be a. bar to obtaining this position, If you have declared a criminal record and we believe this to have a bearing on the requirements of the post we will discuss the. matter with you at interview if you are shortlisted for the post If we do not raise the record with you it is because we have taken the. view that it should not be taken into account in deciding your suitability for the post If you have any concerns about filling in the. declaration please contact our Human Resources Department. The information you provide will be kept confidential and in line with requirements of the Data Protection Act. Privacy Statement, In line with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 the Vale of Glamorgan Council accepts the following responsibilities for.
personal information recorded through this application process. The information will only be used for the agreed reason and will be looked after securely The information will only be kept for as long. as needed or to comply with statutory requirements and will then be securely destroyed If your information needs to be shared with. other agencies the department or service concerned will seek explicit signed consent as soon as possible unless we are obliged by. law to disclose the information, By answering yes to this statement you are agreeing that you have read and understood the Council s privacy notice. Detailed guidance can be found on www valeofglamorgan gov uk. I have read and understood Vale of Glamorgan Council s Privacy Statement Yes No. All applications are held for six months If you are unsuccessful for this post would you be happy to be. contacted should a similar position become available within the next six months. Declaration, I understand the importance of the information provided and certify that what I have given is true and correct I understand that. providing false information may lead to immediate termination of employment. If I am applying for a post requiring registration with the Disclosure Barring Service and or a Government Secure Intranet check I. give my permission for the Vale of Glamorgan Council to contact the appropriate body bodies access the DBS update service and. supply appropriate documents as required by the Council. Signed Date,Complete Equal Opportunities form below. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES MONITORING FORM, The Vale of Glamorgan Council is committed to achieving equality of opportunity. We want to make sure that there are opportunities for everyone to work for us We collect information about. protected characteristics when people apply for jobs We look at this information to make sure that people. from all protected groups apply for jobs If this is not happening we can think about ways to encourage more. people from those groups to apply for jobs We would like you to complete this form to provide us with that. information We will take it away from your application form before we send it to Managers to decide who. they would like to interview Please see our equality policy on our Website or phone us for a hard copy for. more information about this,Post Information,Surname First Name s Title.
Position Post title Post ref,Gender and Gender Identity. What is your gender Female,At birth were you described as Female. Prefer not to say,Disability, Are your day to day activities limited because of a Yes limited a lot. physical or mental health condition illness or Yes limited a little. disability which has lasted or is expected to last 12. months or more No,Prefer not to say,What is your date of birth. National Identity, National Identity how would you describe your national identity.
Welsh English Scottish Northern Irish British,Other please specify Prefer not to say. Ethnic Group, Ethnicity how would you describe your ethnic group. Welsh English Scottish Northern Irish British Irish. Gypsy or Irish Traveller Any other white background please specify. Mixed multiple ethnic groups, White and Black Caribbean White and Black African White and Asian. Any other Mixed multiple ethnic background please specify. Asian Asian British,Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese. Any other Asian background please specify,Black African Caribbean Black British.
African Caribbean, Any other Black African Caribbean background please specify. Other ethnic group,Any other ethnic group please specify. Prefer not to say,Sexual Identity, Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself. Heterosexual straight Gay or lesbian Bisexual,Other Prefer not to say. What is your religion,No religion Christian all denominations Buddhist.
Hindu Jewish Muslim Sikh, Any other religion please specify Prefer not to say. Pregnancy and Maternity, Are you currently pregnant or have you been pregnant within the Yes. last year No,Prefer not to say, Have you taken maternity leave within the past year Yes. Prefer not to say,Marriage and Civil Partnership, What is your legal marital or same sex civil partnership Single that is never married and never registered in a. status same sex civil partnership,Married and living with husband wife.
Separated but still legally married, In a registered same sex civil partnership and living with. your partner, Separated but still legally in a same sex civil partnership. Formerly in a same sex civil partnership which is now. legally dissolved, Surviving partner from a same sex civil partnership. Prefer not to say, Your personal information will not be disclosed without your prior written consent Your personal information will only be monitored in. order to assist statistical analysis and to help us to develop our policies and practices so that they include all sections of the. community For example it will help the council to identify whether our recruitment and selection strategies are succeeding in providing. a workforce that is representative of the Vale of Glamorgan Your information will not be given to external organisations. Full Employment History Please do not leave any gaps in your employment history Complete in date order with most recent employer first All periods

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