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LIABILITY DISCLAIMER, NEC America reserves the right to change the specifications functions. or features in this document at any time without notice NEC America. has prepared this document for use by its employees and customers The. information contained herein is the property of NEC America and shall. not be reproduced without prior written approval from NEC America. Copyright 1997,NEC America Inc,APM System Installation Manual CONTENTS. TABLE OF CONTENTS,Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1,Typical UAP 1. Sequential Step by Step Process 2,Sequential Organization of Manual 3. Chapter Layout 3,Use of Figures and Typefaces 4,References 4.
General Guidelines 5,Chapter 2 BASELINE SYSTEM 7,Introduction 7. Necessary Materials 7,Necessary Preparation 8,Installation Procedure 8. Testing Procedure 8,Chapter 3 SCO UNIX SYSTEM V INSTALLATION 9. Introduction 9,Necessary Materials 9,Necessary Preparation 10. Installation Procedure 10,Adding Drivers to UNIX 23.
Parallel I O Device 23,Second Serial I O Device 24. SCSI Adapter Device 25,SCSI Tape Device 25,3C509 Ethernet Device 27. TCP IP Runtime System 29,LLI Drivers 31,Network Configuration 33. SunRiver Controller Device 35,Chapter 4 APPLICATION MANAGER INSTALLATION 39. Chapter 5 BACKUP AND RESTORATION PROCEDURES 49,Creating Boot and Root Floppy Disks 49.
Tape Backup and Restore 50,Restore 53,Chapter 6 TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUES 57. TCP IP Connectivity to PBX 57,16 Mbyte RAM 58,COM Port Usage 59. Video Adapter Addressing 59,Root File System Recovery 59. NDA 30025 Revision 4 0 Page i,CONTENTS APM System Installation Manual. This Page Left Blank,Page ii NDA 30025 Revision 4 0.
APM System Installation Manual FIGURES,LIST OF FIGURES. Figure Title Page,1 1 Open Application Interface OAI Architecture 1. 1 2 Sequential Installation Process 2,1 3 System Configuration Data Sheet 6. 3 1 Initial SCO UNIX Boot Prompt 10,3 2 Filesystems Allocation Table 16. NDA 30025 Revision 4 0 Page iii,FIGURES APM System Installation Manual.
This Page Left Blank,Page iv NDA 30025 Revision 4 0. APM System Installation Manual INTRODUCTION,Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION. The Open Application Interface OAI physical architecture provides a link. between the NEC NEAX 2400 switching family and one or more general purpose. computers The general purpose computer or User Application Processor UAP. as it is referred to throughout this manual provides a powerful processing platform. for the introduction of new switching features via an Ethernet communication link. Figure 1 1 illustrates the simplicity of this architecture. N EC N EA X 2400 ICS, Figure 1 1 Open Application Interface OAI Architecture. The UAP equipped with the Application Manager APM Platform provides the. necessary system configuration installation controls system logging error. recovery management and communications required to support OAI and non OAI. applications For complete details of the APM environment refer to the APM. Operations Manual and other OAI related documentation. Typical UAP, The following hardware components are required to provide the full functionality. of what is referred to in this manual as a typical UAP. a 386 486 Pentium based PC,an Ethernet TCP IP communication card.
a 130 MB or larger hard disk,a VGA graphics card and color monitor. a line printer,the SCO UNIX System V 386 Operating System OS. NDA 30025 Revision 4 0 Page 1,INTRODUCTION APM System Installation Manual. This profile of a typical UAP serves as a base of reference for the process of. installing the required hardware and software Any deviation from this system. profile or the software associated to it in this manual may result in the need to adapt. the instructions provided in this manual It is important to ensure that the. components chosen for installation are supported with manufacturer. documentation and software drivers that operate within the SCO UNIX. environment,Sequential Step by Step Process, The installation procedures described in this manual are sequential The success of. each step is in large part dependent upon the success of the preceding step s. Therefore each step in the sequence must be performed completely and tested. thoroughly before the next step is begun, The sequence of steps is shown below in Figure 1 2.
This step involves installing the baseline hardware formatting the hard. Baseline System, drive and configuring the systems internal memory with the correct. settings required for the peripherals installed, This step involves installation of the SCO UNIX Operating System which UNIX Operating. requires preparing the hard disk defining the file systems and System. installing the software, The APM Platform is installed from floppy disk or cartridge tape. APM Platform, OAI Applications are installed through the APM administration menu OAI Applications. apmadm using the installation option,and Packages,Figure 1 2 Sequential Installation Process.
Page 2 NDA 30025 Revision 4 0,APM System Installation Manual INTRODUCTION. Sequential Organization of Manual, The chapters in this manual correspond to this sequence of steps. 1 Introduction This chapter introduces the basic OAI APM architecture the. requirements of a typical UAP system the step by step and sequential. installation process described in this manual and useful information on how. this manual should be used to assist in the installation process. 2 Baseline System This chapter supplements manufacturer guides simply by. introducing order to the installation of the required hardware and its baseline. configuration, 3 Operating System This chapter supplements manufacturer installation. guidelines for SCO UNIX System V 386 The complete installation procedure. is presented with the normal decision criteria answered for a typical UAP. 4 APM Platform This chapter covers the steps necessary to install the APM. Platform This installation represents the heart of the OAI environment It. should not be attempted until the previous components have been installed and. 5 Troubleshooting Issues This chapter discusses a few concerns that may. arise during the course of the installation,Chapter Layout. Each chapter in the sequenced installation process introduces the step discussed in. the chapter discusses any materials or preparation required to perform the step. indicates the necessary status of the system before the step can be performed. presents or refers to a detailed procedural guide to performance of the step and in. some cases describes testing methods for verifying success of the installation step. Each chapter then contains the following sections, Introduction This section introduces the system component that is covered.
in the chapter It also addresses the general purpose of the given component. within the scope of the APM Platform, Necessary Materials Specific configuration issues are addressed with. suggested parameters for a typical UAP installation Any installation media and. documentation that may be required is identified, Necessary Preparation This section provides a reference for the required. status of the UAP before installing the given component It also discusses any. preparations that should be completed before beginning the installation. Installation Procedure A step by step installation procedure is provided in. this section Each step is presented under a dedicated subheading with all. supporting decision criteria explained and further illustrated in figures that. show expected display sequences, Optional Testing Most chapters include simplified test criteria for the given. component In most cases the component installation can be verified by. observing the information displayed during a boot process This section offers. the minimal amount of testing that should be completed before going onto the. NDA 30025 Revision 4 0 Page 3,INTRODUCTION APM System Installation Manual. Use of Figures and Typefaces, Throughout this document figures are used to show actual UAP display sequences.
including prompts and user input at those prompts System supplied data in these. figures is typically represented in plain typeface whereas user supplied data is. represented in boldface type Wherever user input is variable i e what is shown. is only an example mention is made of that fact in the narrative description that. accompanies the display Partial display sequences are illustrated via incomplete. display figures as shown below Irrelevant or unimportant screen information may. be replaced with three vertical dots within a figure to show the incomplete nature. of the display,Login Prompt user id RET,Password password RET. References, Manufacturer installation guides that are provided with each hardware component. should be considered the primary references in the installation of the components. which they accompany The guidelines presented in this manual supplement these. documents with supporting procedures and configuration information that must be. addressed to meet minimum system requirements The following documentation. should prove most helpful to the installation processes described in this manual. NEC America Inc Documentation, OAI Module Installation Manual for the NEAX2400 IMS. OAI Concept Manual,Applications Manager APM Operations Manual. Operating System References, SCO UNIX System V 386 Release 3 2 Version 4 2 Operating System In.
stallation Guide and Release Notes Santa Cruz Operation Inc. SCO UNIX System V 386 Release 3 2 Version 4 2 System Administrator s. Guide Santa Cruz Operation Inc, SCO UNIX System V 386 Release 3 2 Version 4 2 SCO TCP IP Release. and Installation Notes Santa Cruz Operation Inc,Page 4 NDA 30025 Revision 4 0. APM System Installation Manual INTRODUCTION,General Guidelines. This section simply provides advice that is intended to make the overall installation. process as painless and clean as possible As with any major hardware software. system installation there are many potential problems to be avoided It is hoped. that by sequencing the installation into steps laying out each step as methodically. as possible and working in concert with manufacturer documentation such. problems are minimized and each step is performed successfully the first time. 1 Prepare It is important to allow enough time to prepare and perform each step. without interruption or hurry Many of the installation steps are quite simple. when everything is organized properly and taken one step at a time The first. consideration should include a complete survey of the available hardware. manuals and tools necessary for the installation Then step by step move. through the sequenced installation process detailed in this manual. 2 Read and follow instructions The typical UAP is generally shipped as. individual components with separate documentation and installation guides for. each It is a common mistake to simply unpack everything connect the hard. drive plug in the video card install all of the peripheral devices into whatever. slots are available connect the keyboard and power up This approach could. result in a significant loss of time, 3 Map the system Hardware components must be configured into the system. without conflicting with each other It is therefore important to map out the. Interrupt Request IRQ Port Addressing and memory requirements for each. device installed The System Configuration Data Sheet on the next page can be. used to centralize the location of the typical information needed for the. installation Reference is made to this data sheet at those points in the. installation process where documenting system data is important Recording the. overall system configuration on the System Configuration Data Sheet not. only helps in the installation process but when stored in a safe place it can save. valuable time in the future when maintenance and upgrade issues need to be. 4 Test check test check Most chapters contain some suggested test. procedures that can be performed after completing the installation step to make. sure that the step has been completed successfully If these test procedures are. not performed at each step error situations can compound making it very. difficult to discern the source of error conditions Failure to record the overall. system configuration and test each component could result in a failure severe. enough to make it necessary to start over again at the operating system level. 5 Be methodical Using a standardized approach such as the following can. increase the likelihood of a successful installation. Collect the hardware devices software installation media and installation. guides for the given component, Check any switch setting on the hardware and record any addressing mem.
ory or IRQ assignments on the System Configuration Data Sheet. Install the component according to manufacturer guidelines and the specifi. cations provided in this manual,Rebuild the kernel and reboot as required. Test the component before beginning the installation of anything else. NDA 30025 Revision 4 0 Page 5,INTRODUCTION APM System Installation Manual. Confidential SYSTEM CONFIGURATION DATA SHEET Confidential. Company Name,ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION,Administrator Date of Last Configuration Change. between the NEC NEAX 2400 switching family and one or more general purpose computers The general purpose computer or User Application Processor UAP as it is referred to throughout this manual provides a powerful processing platform for the introduction of new switching features via an Ethernet communication link Figure 1 1 illustrates the simplicity of this architecture Figure 1 1 Open

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