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AP English Literature and Composition Names Madison Corriher Sarah Tallman Ella Muetterties Oliver Bunner Morgan Lewis. Major Work Data Sheet attach critical article and summary and response to the back. Plot Summary Think in terms of the plot diagram exposition rising action etc. At the beginning the city of Thebes is in turmoil with citizens dying of the plague. women dying during childbirth and their children are stillborn Priests go to the royal. palace to ask Oedipus to help because 20 years prior he had saved them from Sphinx. Oedipus had sent Creon his brother in law to the oracle at Apollo to see what could be. done Creon returns and says Laius murderer must be found and punished and the. plague will be lifted Oedipus says he will find the unknown murderer and punish. him her The Chorus suggests that Oedipus call for Tiresias the blind prophet to find. some answers about who the murderer is When Tiresias arrives he says that Oedipus. is the murderer and Oedipus accuses Creon and Tiresias of commiting treason. Oedipus is preparing to exile Creon but is interrupted by Jocasta his wife Jocasta. stops Oedipus from exiling Creon and Jocasta also convinces Oedipus that the prophets. are not always correct She inserts her situation that a prophet came to her while she. was still married to Laius and told her that their son would kill his father That never. happened because the child was sent to the mountains to die after his birth Oedipus. shares a similar story An oracle came to him and told him he was going to murder his. father and then marry his mother Oedipus fled from his parents in order to avoid his. fate Oedipus sends for the shepherd who witnessed Laius murder in order to clear his. name While awaiting the arrival of the shepherd a messenger arrives and tells Oedipus. that his father has died The messenger says that he used to be a shepherd and. discovered Oedipus on the mountain with his feet bound Jocasta has a revelation and. begs Oedipus to call off the search for the murderer The other shepherd finally arrives. and says that Jocasta gave him the baby to kill but he couldn t do it so he left the baby. on the side of the mountain where the other shepard found it Oedipus finally realizes. what had happened and runs back to the palace A messenger says that Jocasta was. dead and when Oedipus finds out he sees it out as an act of suicide and blinds himself. so he cannot see anymore of the horrible things he had done Creon going along with. Oedipus order from earlier banishes Oedipus from Thebes Oedipus says goodbye to. his daughters and continues with his exile and the play ends with a resolution from the. chorus though it is a trick The chorus at the end makes it sound as if Oedipus has died. and there has been a new found relief throughout Thebes knowing that Oedipus is. dead because of his actions The truth is really that Oedipus is wandering somewhere. outside of Thebes hopeless alone and blind, AP English Literature and Composition Names Madison Corriher Sarah Tallman Ella Muetterties Oliver Bunner Morgan Lewis. Major Work Data Sheet attach critical article and summary and response to the back. Setting Time and place Significance of the opening scene exposition. Written in the 400s BC Oedipus Rex takes place in,establishing setting character and conflict. the city state Thebes Greece Despite the location, of the play being set in a very real location the play In the opening scene of the play Oedipus is listening. contains many mythical characteristics such as the to the chorus complain about the famine and plague. sphynx that reflect the culture of the society that has ravaged Thebes Throughout the discussion. Sophocles was writing for the cause of the plague is discovered to be that the. murderer of Laius has to be exiled from Thebes and. Oedipus proceeds to assure the townspeople that he. will do everything in his power to rid Thebes of this. plague by finding Laius murderer This scene gives, AP English Literature and Composition Names Madison Corriher Sarah Tallman Ella Muetterties Oliver Bunner Morgan Lewis. Major Work Data Sheet attach critical article and summary and response to the back. insight into Oedipus character and shows the audience. that Oedipus is very proud of his position as King and also. an honorable man who seems to truly care about the. condition of Thebes The scene also sets up the entirety of. the play by introducing the central conflict immediately. that conflict being the discovery of who murdered Laius. Significance of the closing scene how does it relate. to the opening scene The protagonist s journey,resolution of conflict and theme.
The closing scene reveals the fact that Oedipus,despite the precautions made by both of his. biological parents has indeed killed his father and. married his own mother and shows the effects of this. revelation Oedipus blinds himself and his mother,commits suicide The closing scene brings Oedipus. hero s journey to an end with the tragedy of his, mother wife s dead and the blinding of his eyes It. also helps to create sympathy for Oedipus from the. audience which is the goal for every story that tells. the journey of a tragic hero, Motifs and their explanations key scenes Minimum of 3 symbols. Blindness vs Sight This is prominent in Tiresias s blindness and how his sees through the truth rather than. through his eyes This also reoccurs when Oedipus gouges his eyes out in horror over what he had done. This motif develops the suffering in Oedipus and is a large part of Oedipus s pursuit of final truth with. Illness This motif strengthens the idea of wisdom through suffering throughout the play Both Oedipus and. Jocasta believe that their only option after discovering the truth of the horrible prophecy they had helped. fulfill Their quick jump to self harm was because what they had done made them physically ill just as how. Oedipus found the people of Thebes so ill at the beginning of the play. Scars of Feet Oedipus s scars from his feet being pinned on the mountain strengthen the theme of fate. versus free will These scars act as symbols for his fate and how he will never be able to avoid fate. regardless of what he does to escape it The scars on his feet will never leave him just as fate will not leave. him either, Crossroads Oedipus murdered King Laius his true father at a crossroads of three intersecting roads.
Crossroads in literature typically signifies choices Here the crossroads calls attention to Oedipus choice to. kill Laius This choice starts the prophecy and seals Oedipus fate. AP English Literature and Composition Names Madison Corriher Sarah Tallman Ella Muetterties Oliver Bunner Morgan Lewis. Major Work Data Sheet attach critical article and summary and response to the back. Possible Theme s Topics for Discussion min 3 each, Don t just list them explain them and include an example of a scene for each. Fate vs Free Will This is a prominent throughout all of Oedipus s journey Laius first tries to escape the. prophecy by leaving his baby Oedipus on the mountainside to die of his own free will but fate catches up to. him and Oedipus kills Laius without knowing him many years later Oedipus also tries to escape the. prophecy by his own free will by leaving Corinth but fate leads him to his real father and mother and the. prophecy is fulfilled unknowingly by Oedipus just as projected This pattern proves that in the story of. Oedipus Rex fate is inescapable regardless of free will. Pursuit of Final Truth Oedipus continuously pushes the characters in the play to find out the truth no matter. the circumstances Oedipus ignored all warnings by Tiresias and continued to pursue the truth This. pushing causes Oedipus and Jocasta to find out that they had fulfilled the prophecy and leads to their. Wisdom through Suffering This theme strengthens throughout his journey because the more Oedipus. discovered about himself the more pain he endured A perfect example of this theme is when Oedipus. discovers that he has fulfilled the prophecy he is in so much pain that he gouges his eyes in horror As he. gains wisdom he also gains in suffering and the pain had become too much for him to bear and he could no. longer look at his life without being disgusted, Consider and describe how setting symbols serve to emphasize or illustrate the. Describe the author s style figurative 2 examples that illustrate that style include page reference Type. language syntax imagery aspects of out the example. narrative technique, The most critical aspect to Sophocles Creon My Lord a king named Laius ruled our land before you. style consists of his use of dramatic came to steer the city straight. irony throughout the play Dramatic Oedipus I know So I was told I never saw him page 1042. irony is seen constantly throughout the lines 103 105. duration primarily to hint about the,tragedy that is coming to Oedipus by. the end of the story Sophocles Oedipus Not on behalf of any distance kinships it s for myself I. primarily uses Oedipus himself to will dispel this stain Whoever murdered him may also wish to. convey the dramatic irony which only punish me and with the selfsame hand Page 1042 lines. adds to the effect as the subject that is 137 140,ironic revolves around Oedipus himself.
There are many many more examples as there are already. these two examples just in the very beginning of the play. AP English Literature and Composition Names Madison Corriher Sarah Tallman Ella Muetterties Oliver Bunner Morgan Lewis. Major Work Data Sheet attach critical article and summary and response to the back. Memorable Quotes 5 minimum not quotes from Spark Notes Cliffs Notes. etc These should be from throughout the work, Quote include page numbers Significance in demonstrating theme. I thought it wrong my children to This quote is important because it justifies the amount of. hear the truth from others fame and power Oedipus has over the people of Thebes It. messengers also shows hubris because Oedipus thinks very highly of. Here i am myself you all know me himself and has excessive pride in himself and his image. the world knows my fame i am Oedipus is known by the people of Thebes for defeating the. Oedipus Lines 6 9 Sphinx and by the audience of the play This is where. dramatic irony is implemented for the theater audience. knows Oedipus s fate even though he doesn t at the. time This is a great introduction to the story because it sets. the mood for the work at the beginning as Oedipus being a. strong and well liked leader of Thebes This makes the. audience like him as a person so when he finds out that he. has killed his father and committed incest with his mother. the audience feels pity for him especially given that he tried. to prevent his fate by moving away This ultimately leads to. the emotional release or catharsis at the end of the work. when he stabs his eyes Without this powerful quote at the. beginning of the work justifying Oedipus s credibility the. audience would not feel this pity for him or catharsis at the. end of the work, I curse myself as well if by any This quote is when Oedipus puts a curse on the murderer. chance he proves to be an intimate of Laius This quote is significant because it shows how. of our house Section II lines oblivious Oedipus is about his fate and how innocent he. 284 285 thinks that he is He is so set on the fact that it was another. person that he cursed whoever actually committed the. crime Little did he know that he actually cursed himself. because in fact Oedipus did kill his father Laius, Of the children inmates of his This quote is extremely important to the work as a whole. home because it is when Tiresias reveals the dreaded truth that. He shall be proved the brother and Oedipus has killed his father and committed incest with his. AP English Literature and Composition Names Madison Corriher Sarah Tallman Ella Muetterties Oliver Bunner Morgan Lewis. Major Work Data Sheet attach critical article and summary and response to the back. Of he who bare him son and mother The entire work is centered around this revelation. husband both of this truth showing how crucial it is to the plot line and. Co partner and assassin of his sire story as a whole. Lines 357 561,I count myself the son of,Chance the great goddess giver of. Once again Oedipus is completely oblivious to the,all good things I ll never see.
prophecy and in an innocent state of mind This quote is. myself disgraced Lines, before he finds out the prophecy has become true He. thinks that he is their savior rather than their destroyer. Dark dark The horror of darkness, which he will soon find out is an incorrect assumption. like a shroud, Wraps me and bears me on through This quote is said by Oedipus himself after he had just. mist and cloud found out the unfortunate truth that he had killed his own. Ah me ah me What spasms father and committed incest with his mother This disturbing. athwart me shoot news pushed him over the edge He figures since he has. What pangs of agonizing memory been blind figuratively to this for so long that he should. Lines 1313 1320 just blind himself This is exactly what he does during this. scene and quote He stabs himself in his eyes making him. literally blind for the rest of his life and then says these. lines This quote is significant because it shows the tragic. hero s punishment,What good were eyes to me, Nothing i could see could bring me Oedipus has given up hope and now sees that he has. Major Work Data Sheet a Title Oedipus Rex Author Sophocles Pub Date 430 B C Genre Tragedy Historical information about the literary era Oedipus Rex was written during the Classical Period of Ancient Greece The period consisted of numerous battles with the Persians Many of famous Greek works originated during this period of time The most renowned artists philosophers and

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