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Mission 3 Regional Panels Regional Marine Forums 27. Chairman s report 4 OCIMF in numbers 28,OCIMF membership 5 Maritime Security 30. Director s review 6 Maritime Trade Information,Sharing Centre for the Gulf of Guinea 31. International Maritime Organization IMO 33,OCIMF today 8. Programme of IMO meetings 39,Organisational chart 9. International Oil Pollution,Secretariat 10 Compensation Funds IOPC Funds 40.
OCIMF objectives 11 OCIMF programmes 42, OCIMF Committee Structure 12 Ship Inspection Report Programme SIRE 44. Marine Terminal Information System MTIS 46,OCIMF Committees 13. Offshore Vessel Inspection Database OVID 48,Executive Committee ExCom 13. Legal Committee 14 OCIMF milestones 50, General Purposes Committee GPC 15 OCIMF publications 52. Marine Technical Sub committee MTSC 16,OCIMF information papers 54.
Ice Sub committee ICE 17,Navigation and Routeing Sub committee NARSUC 18. Maritime Security Sub committee 19,Global Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group. Ports and Terminals Committee PTC 21,Marine Terminal Focus Group MTFG 23. Ship to Ship Focus Group STSFG 23,Marine Structures and Civil Engineering Focus. Group MSCEFG 24,Offshore Marine Committee OMC 25,Floating Systems Group FSG 26.
Offshore Marine Operations Group OMOG 26, We would like to thank all the member companies who contributed photographs for this annual report If your company would like to. contribute photographs for future annual reports please contact publications ocimf org. Cover image Courtesy of ExxonMobil,CONOCOPHILLIPS,2 OCIMF ORG. To be the foremost authority on the,safe and environmentally responsible. operation of oil tankers terminals and,offshore support vessels promoting. continuous improvement in standards,of design and operation.
Annual Report 2017 3,Chairman s report, I am delighted with the progress successfully Working closely with. the Secretariat and supporting our colleagues in the UK and French. Committees have made in navies this was transitioned into the. 2016 which directly supports Marine Domain Awareness for Trade. the safety of seafarers and the Gulf of Guinea MDAT GoG which. environmental performance of will be sustained into the future. the global tanker fleet The focus The success of the MTISC GoG pilot. on safety and the environment project was recognised in winning the. during the last 47 years has made 2016 Seatrade Award for Countering. OCIMF world renowned OCIMF is Piracy,a trusted source of information. On your behalf I made,for ship masters and operators. representations at high level meetings,governments and our regulator. at the EU to extend their Operation,the International Maritime.
Atalanta mission in the Indian Ocean,Organization IMO. I am pleased to report the mission will, OCIMF has supported an impressive continue until the end of 2018 Until. improvement in tanker safety and then OCIMF will be deeply engaged. GRAHAEME HENDERSON CHAIRMAN, environmental performance over the in promoting a managed transition to. years but there is still much to do normal trading ensuring the security. OCIMF has supported an The Executive Committee and I will structures and networks remain in. continue to focus the efforts of the place in case they are needed in the. impressive improvement organisation on improving the tanker future The piracy threat in the Indian. in tanker safety sector by making it safer and cleaner Ocean and Gulf of Aden remains a risk. and environmental The review of our forward looking. and has been further complicated,by a wider maritime security threat. performance over the Strategy 2020 was completed and. We will maintain relationships with,delivered to the Executive Committee.
years but there is still in June It confirmed Strategy 2020. regional groups to ensure members,much to do as the compass by which we can. have the best information available, steer the organisation We will be OCIMF is well positioned to engage. developing the Regional Panels to with the important issues facing the. engage with the broader regional industry We have expanded our focus. maritime industry and bring the on barges with a new global focus. wealth of knowledge OCIMF provides group We also have new working. to a greater audience groups to address Human Factors and. CO2 both important subjects that,The year 2016 has proven to be one. need our attention Our membership,of much hard work by the Secretariat. continues to grow along with the use,and the Committees and together.
of both the SIRE and OVID inspection,with the working groups that form. programmes,the backbone of OCIMF Our revised, objectives to engage promote and I would like to thank you for the. advocate will support the OCIMF vital support you continue to give to. mission OCIMF and the OCIMF Secretariat for,their dedication and professionalism. Piracy and armed robbery are,I look forward to continuing our focus. a continuing threat to seafarers,on improving safety security and.
and global maritime trade It is,further driving the environmental. pleasing to see that this threat has,performance of our maritime. reduced globally but we cannot be,complacent as hot spots in Southeast. Asia and the Gulf of Guinea remain,The OCIMF managed pilot project. in Ghana the Maritime Trade,Information Sharing Centre Gulf of.
Guinea MTISC GoG was completed Grahaeme Henderson Chairman. 4 OCIMF ORG,OCIMF membership, Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Excelerate Energy LLC Petronas Sungai Udang Port Sdn Bhd. Operations ADCO, Gas Natural Aprovisionamientos SDG Petron Corporation. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company SA,ADNOC Petroperu SA. Gazprom Global LNG Ltd,Addax Oryx Group Petrovietnam. Hellenic Petroleum SA,Administracion Nacional de Phillips 66 Company.
Combustibles Alcohol y Portland Hess Corporation,Pluspetrol Peru Corporation SA. ANCAP Husky Energy,Preem Petroleum AB,Aker BP ASA Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Primorsk Oil Terminal,Ampol Group Ineos Manufacturing Scotland Ltd. PTT Public Limited Company,Angola LNG INPEX Corporation. Qatar International Petroleum, Axion Energy SA International Marine Transportation Marketing Co Ltd Tasweeq.
Bakri International Energy Company Ltd IMT,Qatar Petroleum Corporation. Ltd Irving Oil Ltd,Quadrant Energy Australia Ltd,BASF SE KMG International NV. Reliance Industries Ltd,BHP Billiton Ltd Koch Shipping PTE Ltd. BP Shipping Ltd Kosmos Energy LLC,Royal Vopak NV,Braskem SA Kuwait Oil Company. Cargill Ocean Transportation LUKOIL Oil Company,Saudi Arabian Oil Company Saudi.
Cenovus Energy Inc Maersk Oil Aramco,Centrica PLC Marathon Oil Company Sempra LNG. Cheniere Energy Inc Marathon Petroleum Co LP Shell International Trading and. Chevron Shipping Company LLC Shipping Company Ltd,Marquard Bahls AG. CNOOC Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd,Martin Midstream Partners. Compagnie de Distribution des Sonangol USA,Maxcom Petroli SpA. Hydrocarbures Statoil ASA,Motor Oil Hellas Corinth Refineries.
Compania Espanola de Petroleos SA SA Suncor Energy Inc. Neste Corporation Sunoco Logistics Partners L P,ConocoPhillips. Nigeria LNG Ltd Targa Resources,Dana Petroleum Ltd. Noble Americas Corp Tesoro Maritime Company,Dong E P A S. NuStar Energy LP Total SA,Ecopetrol S A,Occidental Energy Marketing Inc Tullow Oil Plc. Emirates National Oil Company,ENOC OCENSA Valero Marketing Supply Co.
Empressa Nacional del Petroleos OLT Offshore LNG Toscana SpA Vermillion Energy Resources. ENAP OMV Refining Marketing GmbH Viva Energy Australia Ltd. Enel Trade SpA PDV Marina SA Vivo Energy, Engen Petroleum Ltd Pertamina World Fuel Services Corporation. Engie Petrobras Woodside Energy Ltd,Eni SpA Petr leos de Portugal PETROGAL YPF S A. EP Petroecuador SA,ERG SpA Petroleos Mexicanos PEMEX. Essar Oil Ltd Petroleum Industry Marine,Association of Japan. Correct January 2017 For an up to date membership list please visit www ocimf org. The Petroleum Industry Marine Association of Japan PIMA is counted as four OCIMF Members a full list of PIMA companies is held at the OCIMF Secretariat. Annual Report 2017 5,Director s review, 2016 was a busy year for OCIMF new contribution to the maritime.
both within the Secretariat and the information network in the region. Committees and working groups I was very happy when MTISC GoG. that support our mission The received the Seatrade Award which. results will be seen throughout recognises the hard work of the. 2017 in books information papers Secretariat over the preceding four. and programme changes some of years,which are detailed below. The success of EUNAVFOR Operation, Our mission is unchanged Atalanta in the Indian Ocean has. to be the foremost authority on the meant that no vessel has been. safe and environmentally responsible hijacked in almost five years. operation of oil tankers terminals and However it is clear that Somalia. offshore support vessels promoting based pirates still have the capability. continuous improvement in standards and intent to resume their attacks. of design and operation on merchant vessels they only need. I am grateful to the growing OCIMF the opportunity to present itself. membership for the support Operation Atalanta will end on 31. ANDREW CASSELS DIRECTOR, they have given me that allows December 2018 OCIMF is working. OCIMF to achieve this mission with industry partners governments. OCIMF s reputation in the world and militaries to ensure its legacy. 2016 was a busy year is undiminished we will strive to continues This broad cooperation is. for OCIMF both within maintain this reputation in the years almost unique in our history outside. ahead of war time We will ensure that post, the Secretariat and Atalanta those close connections are. the Committees and Our company objectives have been retained so that should any piracy. working groups that revised to make them simpler activity return we have the structures. and more focused We Engage to and networks in place to act quickly. support our mission identify and resolve safety security. and environmental issues we OCIMF has 90 books and information. Promote our publications and papers plus a suite of programmes. programmes to support continuous that offer guidance on the safe. improvement in safety and pollution operation of ships barges and. performance and we Advocate to offshore support vessels to vessel. contribute to legislative development and terminal operators Our three. and encourage adoption of our flagships are the Ship Inspection. guidance and recommendations Report Programme SIRE the. Our unwavering focus on safety and International Safety Guide for Oil. pollution prevention means our Tankers and Terminals ISGOTT and. voice is listened to when we talk with the Mooring Equipment Guidelines. industry and regulators around the MEG MEG is used across all shipping. world sectors and in 2016 considerable,effort has been put into its fourth.
As the Chairman has mentioned edition We have worked closely. maritime security has been high with shipbuilders ship and terminal. on our external agenda this year operators rope manufacturers and. In the Gulf of Guinea we proved fellow NGOs on the new edition It. through MTISC GoG that a maritime will include considerable learnings. information sharing centre was on the behaviour of High Modulus. possible The MTISC GoG pilot Synthetic Fibre HMSF ropes the. project concluded in June 2016 and impact of human factors in the design. a joint operation from the French of mooring decks and innovative. and UK navies began offering a vessel mooring arrangements Work. 6 OCIMF ORG, on other publications including The Marine Terminal Information The depth and breadth of marine. the Tanker Management and Self System MTIS database now includes knowledge our membership has. Assessment TMSA will come to the most visited terminals for tankers allows OCIMF to produce the. fruition in 2017 At the end of 2016 600 terminals publications and programmes that. covering 1400 berths were loaded make us the foremost authority on. The SIRE programme is now 23 years into the MTIS database Our focus for maritime safety for our industry. old and continues to be a valued next year will be to connect with berth. and essential programme to support and terminal operators through their We thank you all for your support. and maintain high tanker operating associations and at our new Regional. standards Whether I am speaking to Andrew Cassels,Marine Forums to encourage them to Director. ship or terminal operators charterers use this important system. or fellow NGOs they all recognise the, value that SIRE has delivered In 2016 The review of our Strategy 2020. 21 000 inspections were conducted on confirmed that OCIMF is well. 8 600 ships meaning that on average positioned to fulfil its mission During. a ship will only be inspected about the review we concluded that the. once every five months The number Regional Panels were not generating. of reports downloaded continues the flow of issues and ideas from. to rise resulting in a wider use of our global membership that they. SIRE for marine assurance across were designed to encourage These. the globe We routinely review and regional engagements will continue. Annual Report 2017 7 on other publications including the Tanker Management and Self Assessment TMSA will come to fruition in 2017 The SIRE programme is now 23 years old and continues to be a valued and essential programme to support and maintain high tanker operating standards Whether I am speaking to ship or terminal operators charterers

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