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1 2018 19 Activities 1,2 Members Partnerships 8,3 Goals for 2019 2020 14. 4 Financial Report 16,5 Student Involvement 18,6 Grants 21. 7 Publications 23,8 Director s Accomplishments Goals 25. 9 Appendix 28,FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters i,1 2018 19 ACTIVITIES. In 2003 the Russell Family Foundation granted funding to conduct a feasibility study at which. time an Urban Waters Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Group were established to. support operations as a non profit organization In March of 2018 the Center for Urban Waters. Advisory Board was reenergized as a UW Tacoma Advisory Board As we approach 10 years of. operations we realize the need for creating a plan for the future After a year of getting to know. our organization and getting comfortable in their roles Dr Joel Baker and several advisory board. members led us through a thoughtful strategic planning process incorporating input from Urban. Waters staff and outside partners The plan will be finalized following an upcoming round of staff. input is completed We are confident that our strategic plan will help to carry the Center into our. second decade with a strong focus on the values and goals of our organization. See appendix for Urban Waters Advisory Board roster and Center for Urban Waters draft. strategic plan, The UW Tacoma Urban Waters advisory board held a day long retreat as part of the strategic planning.
FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 1, Current students and recent graduates are involved in almost every facet of what we do at Urban. Waters While the majority are students enrolled in undergraduate programs at UW Tacoma we. also have participation from students studying on the Seattle campus as well as outside. institutions We provide flexible opportunities for students to learn and gain valuable experience. that will help in their studies as well as in the job market. Nearly all of the student opportunities here are paid positions whether that is a position in our. annual summer internship program or a research assistant position working with one of our. research teams in the lab While we are confident that these positions give students valuable. research experience that may be offered on an unpaid basis at other labs we acknowledge that all. students do not have the privilege to take unpaid positions We believe this also shows that our. students provide significant benefits to our research programs for which they should be. compensated fairly, In FY 2019 we have trained thirteen undergraduate students through internships and research. assistant positions and seven graduate students have conducted their research and held research. assistant positions in our labs, See section 5 for information about the students involved at Urban Waters. Urban Waters collaborator Julie Masura received the 2018 Research. Mentor award for her mentorship of students who presented at the. UW Undergraduate Research Symposium on the UW Seattle campus. FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 2, We are constantly working to build new and strengthen existing partnerships We have been. working with faculty from across campus to start new collaborations and to build off of existing. ideas We are currently collaborating with faculty from our home school Interdisciplinary Arts and. Sciences as well as the School of Engineering and Technology Urban Studies and Nursing and. Healthcare Leadership In addition our recent strategic planning session and many of the. activities that have come out of it so far have been around growing these collaborations and. working to make them more visible to the public Practicum projects for the most recently. graduated cohort in Urban Studies MA in Community Planning were focused on future. development on the Foss Waterway We look forward to working with the next graduating cohort. as they are expected to have a similar focus in 2020. Students directly involved in our programs and research have opportunities to co author peer. reviewed publications In FY 2019 six undergraduate research assistants were named in Center. for Urban Waters publications a total of ten times We also encourage students to present their. research and make an effort to create our own opportunities for them to do so On August 23 rd. 2019 we held our annual Urban Waters Summer Internship Symposium where students who. completed Urban Waters summer internships along with Julie Masura s TESC 495 students gave. presentations on their summer research and findings Additional Environmental Science students. from a summer course taught by Jeremy Davis participated in a poster session before and after. the presentations,See section 7 for our full list of publications.
Urban Waters scientists Ed Kolodziej and Kathy Peter were featured in a documentary about. a Seattle Public Utilities led restoration project in Thornton Creek which was shown at the. Seattle International Film Festival The filmmakers were interested in this project because it. used new approaches to address real stormwater and water quality problems that we are. facing locally The film is titled Engineering with Nature. FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 3, The Center for Urban Waters is engaged in the community through our programs involvement of. our staff with outside organizations and our advisory board These relationships provide avenues. to introduce people to the benefits of working with UW Tacoma and to create community. partnerships We strive to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial where Urban Waters. scientists can help solve problems that our partners are facing and we can leverage partnerships. for funding and increased community recognition while providing students with valuable learning. opportunities dealing with local real world issues. Our research has a wide reach and often draws, interest from the media we also have extensive reader Research performed at the Center for. base with the Puget Sound Institute PSI and the Urban Waters in collaboration with. Encyclopedia of Puget Sound EoPS PSI s quarterly NOAA and the Washington. newsletter reaches an audience of over 2 600 Stormwater Center identified tire wear. subscribers and often features stories about our,particles as the likely cause of urban. research EoPS gains an average of 2 800 new users,runoff mortality syndrome a. each week1 and published 21 in depth magazine,condition that endangers coho.
articles and dozens of encyclopedia overviews reports. salmon runs in the region, and blogs in FY 19 In May 2018 a PSI article about. Andy James research on opioid detection in Puget, Sound mussel tissue was picked up in the media and. reached millions of readers worldwide Among the dozens of outlets covering the story were KIRO. News the BBC NPR NBC CBS CNN The Guardian The Daily Mail Newsweek USA Today and. Fortune Magazine Over the past year our articles have also been re printed in other publications. such as the Kitsap Sun Whatcom Watch Sustain magazine and the Statesman Journal. PSI staff participate in the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference which attracts about fifteen hundred. participants and has become the premier scientific research and policy gathering in the Pacific. Northwest The presentations and discussions that occur at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. are a platform to build shared policies practices and procedures necessary to guide future actions. for protecting and restoring the Salish Sea and its watersheds The outcome is improved scientific. collaboration data sharing and dynamic discussions and on the state of the Salish Sea. ecosystem 2 In 2018 five PSI members led sessions at the conference Materials from the 2018. conference have been downloaded over 32 000 times at over 1 200 institutions through the. Western CEDAR open access repository 3, From Google Analytics based on activity from October 15 2018 to October 14 2019. 2020 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference https cpb us, e1 wpmucdn com wp wwu edu dist 1 2658 files 2019 05 2020 SSEC One Pager pdf. Conference Archives https wp wwu edu salishseaconference past conferences. FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 4, March 12 2018 Representative Derek Kilmer visited for a lab tour and presentations by.
CUW researchers including Dr Kathy Peter on the work we are doing. including research on identifying the cause of urban runoff mortality. syndrome in coho salmon, August 6 2018 Urban Waters hosted a luncheon for former secretary of the interior Sally. Jewel and Ben Packard to celebrate and bring attention to the newly formed. October 17 2018 Representative Derek Kilmer Ryan Mello the Executive Director of Pierce. Conservation District and Tacoma city council member Jessica. Knickerbocker with the City of Tacoma s Environmental Services Department. and Dr Joel Baker had a live streamed discussion about the P3 Act a bill. Kilmer had recently co introduced with Rep Denny Heck that would help. communities and developers team up to create more green infrastructure. June 18 2019 Nagaoka International Corp CEO Lead engineer visited Urban Waters to. assist with the installation of the CHEMILES groundwater treatment system. which they donated to Urban Waters As a part of their visit we held a public. event thanking them for their gift to the University and to the city of Tacoma. The event was well attended with remarks by Mayor Woodard Urban. Waters advisory board chair Jim Waldo Pierce County Executive Bruce. Dammeier and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Jill Purdy. September 6 2019 Japanese Consul General Yoichiro Yamada and Senior Specialist for. Cultural Affiras Public outreach Lynn Shiori Miyauchi visited the Center. to learn about the Nagaoka CHEMILES system and discuss the cleanup of the. September 18 2019 Troy Alstead former COO of Starbucks and founder of Ocean5 and EarthLab. advisory board member came for an introductory tour of the Center. See section 2 for more information about our partnerships. Knickerbocker Joel,Baker Derek,Kilmer and Ryan,Mello having a. livestreamed,discussion about,the P3 act,FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 5. The Center for Urban Waters has been a supporter of the Math Science Leadership program since. it was founded We value the opportunity to connect with young students and show them first. hand that the work we do is something they can be a part of We feel that this is especially. important to connect with the students that MSL serves those that are historically. underrepresented in STEM low income minority female and potential first generation college. students On April 17 2019 students and parents involved in the MSL program visited Urban. Waters to speak with scientists learn about career paths and see some of the mass spectrometry. research happening in our labs They also got a VIP building tour highlighting the sustainable site. features of our LEED Platinum facility, See section 2 for more information about our partnerships. The work culture at the Center for Urban Waters is founded in our collaborative interdisciplinary. approach to solving community relevant environmental problems Productive relationships with. our community partners including local regional federal and government natural resource. agencies tribes and ports requires strong communication transparent decision making and. clear roles and responsibilities As a research center Urban Waters must thrive in the hyper. competitive peer reviewed funding climate and must be willing to lead with new ideas. The excellent workplace culture at the Center for Urban Waters is exemplified by our high. employee retention rates There has not been a single employee action taken nor have we failed. to cover our expenses during 10 years of operations. UWT Global Honors,students visited Urban,Waters for a VIP tour.
with Joel Baker on,October 29 2018,FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 6. The Center for Urban Waters has enjoyed exception growth during our first ten years of. operations including, Growing the number of independent Principal Investigators from one J Baker in 2010 to. 5 6 currently This growth has dramatically increased the diversity of our research interests. and capabilities fostering highly competitive interdisciplinary work. Growing extramural research support approximately ten fold since 2010 to a fairly stable. annual research expenditure level close to 2M year. Increasing the opportunities for UW Tacoma students to participate in undergraduate. research and to work as paid laboratory technicians. Increasing contributions to operations costs rent and utilities from external grant sources. more than five fold during the past three fiscal years. Growing the impact of Urban Waters research by increasing the number and impact of. peer reviewed publications with 17 papers authored by Urban Waters scientists and. students in FY19,FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 7. 2 MEMBERS PARTNERSHIPS,Name Area of Focus, Joel Baker Ph D Environmental chemistry and engineering. Ed Kolodziej Ph D Environmental chemistry and engineering. David Hirschberg Ph D Biotechnology Synthetic Biology. Tessa Francis Ph D Estuarine ecology and modeling,C Andrew James Ph D P E Water quality engineering.
Nicholas Georgiadis Ph D Ecosystem recovery science. Name Area of Focus,Kathy Peter Ph D Environmental chemistry. Zhenyu Tian Ph D Environmental chemistry,Name Position. Alex Gipe M S Lab manager,Hayley Mathews Program coordinator. ANNUAL REPORT 2018 2019 FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters i 1 2018 19 Activities 1 2 Members amp Partnerships 8 3 Goals for 2019 2020 14 4 Financial Report 16 5 Student Involvement 18 6 Grants 21 7 Publications 23 8 Director s Accomplishments amp Goals 25 9 Appendix 28 FY 2019 Center for Urban Waters 1 1 2018 19 ACTIVITIES In 2003 the Russell Family Foundation granted funding

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