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KBC is dedicated to Ireland The photography in this 2012. annual report provides a snapshot of Ireland focused around. our employees customers and communities These have. been the heart of our business for the last 40 years and will. continue to be long into the future,About KBC 2,Board of Directors 8. Chairman s Statement 12,Chief Executive s Review 14. Income Statement 18,Statement of Financial Position 19. Auditors Statement 20,Corporate Governance 21,Corporate Social Responsibility 22. Management 24,Regional Offices 26,Other KBC Companies in Ireland 27.
Company Information 28,ABOUT KBC 2000,IIB changes name to IIB Bank. under parent KBC Bank and,Insurance group IIB Homeloans. 1973 1982 1987 1990 1996 owns 10 of the Irish 2005 2008 2010. IIB Banking licence received on IIB established themselves as IIB was the first bank IIB Financial Services Irish Life Finance Group maintains residential mortgage market New headquarters IIB rebranded to KBC pilots its. May 17 and trading officially market leader in the forward to receive approval to merged with Irish over 7 of the annual residential opens its doors on KBC Bank Ireland retail deposit. commenced on Merrion Square foreign exchange markets operate in the IFSC Life Homeloans mortgage market in Ireland Sandwith Street function. 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12. KBC Bank Ireland KBC has been operating in Ireland for 40 years and has been KBC Group is an integrated bancassurance group catering mainly for retail private. a member of the KBC Group since 1978 As one of Ireland s leading banks and banking SME and mid cap customers Geographically the group focuses on its. a member of one of Europe s largest banking groups KBC provides business and core markets of Belgium the Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary and Bulgaria. personal banking services to customers throughout Ireland With 650 employees The group has a presence in Ireland and a limited presence elsewhere in the. in Dublin Cork Limerick Belfast and Galway our staff are dedicated to working world primarily to support corporate customers from its core markets. in partnership with our customers to ensure their financial needs are met. Years in Ireland,5Irish Cities,Belfast 650,Employees in Ireland Over. employees worldwide,Dublin European,Cork New deposit customers in 2012 Belgium. KBC Bank Ireland Czech Republic,million Hungary,Clients in core markets of.
of Irish Mortgage Market,Belgium Central and,Eastern Europe. 2 KBC ANNUAL REPORT 2012 3, 2012 Smart Access Account KBC named Bank with the KBC launches Interest KBC make sense of. launched to market best corporate reputation in UpFront Savings Account the budget with simple. KBC launches online Ireland by RepTrak infographic from KBC opens flagship. Launch of first Sterling Austin Hughes, videos to help mortgage KBC announce new KBC wins prestigious KBC opens its first retail office in Dublin. Deposit Account KBC launches, customers in difficulty home insurance national award for its pop up in Dundrum city centre. Top Up Deposit, Account to market offer with Zurich long term support of Town Centre Dublin.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec,Growing for the Future. In 2012 we had over 22 000 new deposit customers join KBC We. developed four new deposit products that support our fixed term. deposits range including the Smart Access demand account. Top Up deposit account and Interest UpFront savings account. We partnered with Zurich to provide KBC customers with a. leading home insurance product and we had over 100 new. employees join the Bank KBC was shortlisted for its employee Helping Customers in Difficulty. wellbeing programme at the 2012 Chambers Ireland Corporate. Social Responsibility awards The programme developed in Recognising that these are difficult times for many of our. conjunction with employees strives to ensure that employees customers we are ensuring that the service and engagement. achieve a healthy work life balance we provide to those customers experiencing financial difficulty is. second to none Our employees are fully trained and experienced. in dealing with those experiencing financial difficulty with the. Engaging and Listening to Customers main aim to help our customers get on the right path to recovery. We have developed a number of online videos and tools that. help customers guide themselves through the process and we. At KBC Bank Ireland KBC we recognise how important it is to really. listen to customers and understand their needs better That s why. reach out to all mortgage customers to make them aware that KBC Great Music in Irish Houses. we are available to talk to them should they find themselves in. in 2012 we established our customer engagement function within. financial difficulty KBC has been a long term supporter of the Arts in Ireland Our key. the Bank that allows us to have that conversation Over the last. partnership with the KBC Great Music in Irish Houses Festival has. 12 months we have met with KBC customers in Cork Galway and. grown from strength to strength as we and the festival make world. Dublin through our customer forum and asked them for their views. class musicians accessible to Irish audiences This partnership. on new products services and initiatives As a result we have made. was recognised by the prestigious Business2Arts awards in 2012. a number of improvements to products and communications and. when KBC was awarded the Best Long Term Arts Sponsorship for. introduced some new initiatives that make the overall experience. its commitment to the arts and the annual festival As part of our. of being a customer of KBC that much better Should you wish to. commitment to the community and the Arts and recognising our. get involved in our customer forum you can seek more details to. 40 years in Ireland we look forward to working with the festival. apply by emailing marketing kbc ie, again in 2013 and thrilling music lovers and Irish audiences with. more world class and home grown music talent,Making things Simple. We realise that financial products,can be complex and difficult to. understand for many This is,something you have told us through.
your feedback As a result we are,now trying to make the world of. finances as simple as possible for Bringing the bank closer to you. consumers to understand In 2012, we redesigned and simplified In October of 2012 we launched a new concept of banking to the. 40 years in Ireland Improving our capability, our application forms for deposit Irish customer which we call the KBC Pop up The Pop up allows. KBC has been proudly serving customers in Ireland now for 40 We understand that as we move towards a technology driven world our. products so that they were easier to KBC to travel around Ireland to meet with customers and tell ability to provide that technology and innovation to our customers as part. understand We made the process years The Bank originally started trading on the 17 May in 1973. them more about the products and services we provide It also of our offering will be key Over the course of 2012 as we introduced new. easier for you to apply and we now on Merrion Square before moving to its current headquarters on. gives customers the opportunity to engage with our experienced products and services we improved our capability in our online banking. make a welcome call to all new Sandwith Street in 2005 Trust is very important for consumers when. advisors should they have any questions or queries about any of service to customers A number of new facilities were introduced to make. deposit customers a few weeks after it comes to financial services and we were delighted to be awarded. the financial products that we provide To find out if a KBC Pop online banking easier and more secure We plan to introduce further. their deposit account has opened to the Bank with the best reputation in Ireland in our sector in 2012 by improvements over the course of 2013 as we introduce more products. see if they have any further queries up will be coming your way in 2013 log onto. the annual RepTrak Survey which surveys nearly 4 000 consumers on. or we can do anything else for them www kbc ie for more details. industry and organisation reputations,4 KBC ANNUAL REPORT 2012 5. IRELAND 2013 marks our 40th year of serving customers in Ireland As we. enter our fifth decade in Ireland and as part of a larger Banking Group. with a vision to creating a new alternative Retail Bank in the future. I look forward to many years ahead to realising our ambition and our. commitment to Ireland John H Reynolds Chief Executive. Cup Caf South Leinster Street D2,6 KBC ANNUAL REPORT 2012 7.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS,Danny De Raymaeker Ian Black Dara Deering. Chairman Executive Director Executive Director, Born on 10 December 1959 Danny De Raymaeker graduated Ian Black is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Dara Deering is an Executive Director and. as a Commercial and Business Engineer from the Katholieke Operations Officer for KBC Bank Ireland Head of Retail Banking at KBC Bank Ireland. Universiteit Leuven in 1983 and obtained a Masters Degree and is a member of the Bank s Executive Dara was appointed Executive Director with. in Internal Auditing from the IPO UFSIA Management School Committee and Board of Directors Ian responsibility for Retail Banking in February. University of Antwerp in 1986 is responsible for the development and 2012 She is a member of the Bank s. execution of the Finance and Operations Executive Committee and Board of Directors. He began his professional career as an internal auditor with the. strategy for the institution Ian joined the The bank sees real opportunities in the retail. Kredietbank in 1984 In 1990 he was appointed Head of the. Bank in 1998 as a qualified accountant market with customers seeking choice for. Control Department charged with the task of supervising market. and has held a number of positions within their core financial products and Dara will. activities in Belgium and abroad before taking responsibility. Finance and Operations throughout his lead KBC s plans to introduce a broader. for planning and budgets within Kredietbank in 1991 Between. career with KBC Ian was appointed to the range of products and increase its physical. 1994 and the end of 1995 he filled the post of Deputy Regional. Board in 2009 A Chartered Accountant and presence over the medium term Currently. Manager of the Leuven Retail Banking Office On 1 January 1996. Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute Ian chair of the Irish Mortgage Council part of. he was appointed General Manager of the Domestic Payments. holds an MBA from DCU and is a member of the Irish Banking Federation Dara has also. and Electronic Banking Division, the UK Association of Corporate Treasurers worked in leadership positions in the retail. In 1997 he became General Manager of the Payments financial services industry for a number. Directorate a position he continued to hold after the merger of years She holds an MBA from Smurfit. which led to the creation of KBC In 2002 he took charge of the Business School and a Bachelor of Science. Retail Private Bancassurance Distribution Directorate In 2008 Management from Trinity College Dublin. he became Chief Executive of the Belgium Business Unit before. becoming Chief Operating Officer of KBC Group in 2009. He is a member of the Executive Committee of KBC Group Cameron Marr Christine Moran. since 2008 Since 1 January 2013 he is responsible for the Executive Director Executive Director. International Markets Business Unit of KBC Group, Cameron was appointed Chief Risk Officer Christine Moran is Director of Corporate. CRO of KBC Bank Ireland in May 2011 and Institutional Banking and Recovery for. John Reynolds and is a member of the Bank s Executive KBC Bank Ireland and is a member of the. Committee and Board of Directors Cameron Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Chief Executive, is responsible for the risk management Christine is responsible for the Corporate.
John Reynolds is Chief Executive Officer of KBC Bank Ireland and strategy of the bank covering all types of risk Portfolio and Homeloans Collections strategy. his career in banking began in 1980 when he joined ICC the state across the institution s activities In 2006 for the Institution Having started her career. development bank Five years later John moved to KBC Bank Cameron took charge of KBC Bank London with PwC Christine joined KBC in 1988 and. Ireland where he has held various roles over the years joining the Branch as General Manager where he was has held a number of positions throughout. Bank s Board in 1996 and taking up the CEO position in 2009 responsible for KBC Bank s banking operations her career with the institution Christine was. A native of Culdaff in Donegal John is an Economics graduate throughout the UK In 2009 he joined KBC appointed an Executive Director and joined. of Trinity College and holds a Masters Degree in Banking and Group s Head Office in Brussels as Head the Board in 2008 A Chartered Accountant. Finance from UCD of the Project Management Office for the Christine holds a Bachelor of Commerce. Merchant Banking Business Unit to assist in Honours Degree from UCD. John is the current president of the Irish Banking Federation IBF implementing KBC s str. KBC is dedicated to Ireland The photography in this 2012 CONTENTS annual report provides a snapshot of Ireland focused around our employees customers and communities These have been the heart of our business for the last 40 years and will continue to be long into the future

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