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Youth Scene,Adventist Health System,will soon be AdventHealth. 80 000 team members,1 000 care locations, One mission Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ. And on January 2 2019 one unified name,Visit AdventHealthTransition com to learn more. 2 SEPTEMBER 2018 LAKE UNION HERALD, I N T H I S I S S U E Te l l i n g t h e s t o r i e s o f w h a t G o d i s d o i n g i n t h e l i v e s o f H i s p e o p l e. The Life of a Volunteer,From the Philippines,to Puerto Rico.
Courtesy Ye Lim Kim,By Hannah Gallant,Intentional Faith. Andrews University named after Prayer and Community. J N Andrews a foreign missionary to, Switzerland and the very first missionary By Hannah Gallant. representing the Seventh day Adventist,Church continues its long legacy of. Dave Sherwin,equipping students to change the world. This issue of the Herald is all about life at,Andrews University and is filled with in.
PERSPECTIVES LIFESTYLE,spiring stories and experiences that could. President s Perspective 4 Family Focus 6,prove to be a catalyst for you to find new. Lest We Forget 8 Alive Well 7, ways to change the world where you live Conversations with God 9. Your world may have new opportunities Conexiones 11 CURRENT MATTERS. to be a missionary right in your own back One Voice 38 Adventist Health System 22. yard One of the fastest growing demo Andrews University 23. graphics in the Lake Union is the growth EVANGELISM News 24. in church membership among displaced Sharing Our Hope 10 Calendar at a Glance 32. people groups Consider applying some of Telling God s Stories 12 Announcements 33. the principles you ll discover in this issue On The Edge 39 Mileposts 34. to life in your church and community Classifieds 37. COVER PHOTO DAVE SHERWIN, ABOU T THE COVER Ste phe n Erich re ce nt Andrews Univ e rsity g rad. Gary Burns p hotographe d at Life RX whe re he conducts a monthly worship prog ram. The Lake Union Herald ISSN 0194 908X is published monthly except for June July and November December by the Lake. Union Conference P O Box 287 Berrien Springs MI 49103 0287 Periodicals postage paid at Berrien Springs Michigan and. additional mailing offices Yearly subscription price is 12 50 Vol 110 No 8 POSTMASTER Send all address changes to. Lake Union Herald P O Box 287 Berrien Springs MI 49103 0287. LAKE UNION HERALD SEPTEMBER 2018 3,PRESIDENT S PERSPECTIVE.
The Call of Disruption, If there is one thing about the leaders of the early church. they never left the world as they found it That is really. not surprising in that their mentor their Savior brought. change and hope wherever He went, Of course it took the disciples a long time to cannot say how that looks for each individual but I. understand their responsibilities to turn them from do believe God leads us to find that calling For some. recipients of Jesus blessings individuals who expect it may be through bringing healing or preventing. ed to be part of the glory of the Kingdom Jesus would illness through a true understanding of the value of. bring to become compassionate caring servants who our creation in the image of God For some it may be. were givers rather than receivers creating opportunities for communities and indi. Dave Sherwin, If we just take Peter as an example while he was viduals to embrace more fully the gifts God gives us. very clear that Jesus was the Messiah he was equally daily in our current world through for example plans. E Andrea Luxton, confident that he Peter was loyal would follow Jesus to alleviate poverty creating structures to improve. anywhere and would never deny Him But of course equality growing wealth to give back to mission and. he slept when he should have been awake spoke community For others it may be to educate sharing. when he should have been quiet and denied when he a deeper knowledge of the God who impacts every. should have affirmed How different is the Peter of discipline we may study And it may mean becoming. Acts confident now not in himself but the Jesus one of those quiet influences in the community who. Who has been resurrected Much less of the I talk share God s love through prayer compassionate. and much more of the Jesus talk As he confident conversation and thoughtful acts But yes each in its. ly leads his fellow disciples into a new world one own way these callings challenge the world to believe. changed forever by the resurrection of Christ he is there really is Truth and it lies in a Person One that. able to do so irresistibly called to do so in light was human and is divine And belief in that Truth. of his understanding of the commission left him by will disrupt the present as well as provide a different. the ascended Savior As he and the other disciples narrative for the future. and then later Paul and other apostles focus on the Awareness of our calling does not come in a. communities around them their needs and particu vacuum Just as the disciples spent time understand. larly their need of that Savior they disrupt the status ing the character of God moving from recipients of. quo challenge the discrimination in their societies God s blessings to realizing their role in imparting. offer hope to those in need and most of all create the God s grace on others so we too as we are filled. beginnings of a church that has changed the lives of up with God s blessings understand increasingly. countless millions Truly amazing how to give, I believe that today as Christians as Seventh day At Andrews University we take seriously our.
Adventists we are still called to disrupt the world responsibility to help our students our graduates. with our compassion our integrity and our faith I deepen their understanding of their unique calling. 4 SEPTEMBER 2018 LAKE UNION HERALD,PRESIDENT S PERSPECTIVE. Darren Heslop,E Change Day 2017, We have recently added a tagline to identify that school district receives more than 100 students over. accepted responsibility World Changers Made the year assisting in the classroom with value based. Here But I want you to know that it is not just me literacy The list could continue. or the faculty and staff who are part of that process Our society our world needs change It needs. of creating an environment for nurturing commit disruption and we are asked to be part of that At. ment and calling It is the students themselves who its core the gospel is not about an easier life for. are already making choices to disrupt the world and ourselves It is about ministry and service to others. their communities through the combination of their so that they too may understand the power of the. faith their skills and their unique talents And so gospel and in turn become disrupters of the status. our architecture students build clinics in a container quo Perhaps this in practice is the meaning of Jesus. for Congo and Swaziland Our community and inter statement that He did not come to bring peace to. national development students travel to Madagascar the world but to bring a sword a sword that would. to bring hope and opportunity to those less priv ask for change demand different priorities stand. ileged in that society The seminary students and on Truth and center all this in the reality of the. staff travel to Cuba resulting in more than 500 bap living gospel. tisms The engineers work with Engineers Without What an amazing invitation to be part of that. Borders More than 1 600 students and employees movement of change P. join forces to bring change in multiple ways to the. Andrea Luxton president Andrews University,local community on Change Day Benton Harbor. LAKE UNION HERALD SEPTEMBER 2018 5,FAMILY FOCUS,End It Now. Marriage began in Eden where everything was,perfect complete and perfect unity between Adam.
and Eve and their Creator, Can you imagine what that perfect communion would violence in the Adventist Church mirror the rates of. be like you and your spouse walking in harmony with domestic violence outside of the church. God How can this happen you may ask It often starts. Since the fall godly marriage has continued to be with verbal and emotional abuse The perpetrator may. under attack broken marriages and hurting families are insult or belittle his her spouse The victim may believe. indications of a dysfunctional society A major destruc s he is at fault and deserves the attack Following an. tive force is domestic violence a pattern of power and abusive confrontation the perpetrator may ask for for. control perpetrated by one partner over another see giveness assuring the victim they will never do it again. E Melissa Ponce Rodas ncadv org In response the Seventh day Adventist The victim wants to believe the perpetrator however. Church is calling all of its members to say No to vio domestic violence is a pattern and chances are it will. lence and participate in a campaign to enditnow happen again The abuse worsens and becomes more. Enditnow is co sponsored by the General frequent and verbal and emotional abuse lead into all. Conference s Family Children Youth Women Health other types. and Education departments as well as the Ministerial So how do we change Resources are available at. Association and is a global church initiative to promote http enditnow org Explore the resources and share. learning more about the destructive pattern of domes with others Study the Scriptures to know God s defi. tic violence that includes verbal emotional physical nition of true love and what defines a godly marriage. sexual financial and spiritual abuse to name a few The Reflect using David s example as a guide Search me O. General Conference has reserved the fourth Sabbath in God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts. August as a special day for churches around the world And see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in. to promote and participate in this initiative although the way everlasting Psalm 139 23 24 KJV Seek help as. churches can participate at any time For instance in the needed. United States October is Domestic Violence Awareness Perpetrators need a program for abusers while. Month so churches may want to take advantage of the victims need support services If you are not directly. public s heightened awareness during this time impacted by domestic violence or abuse be a voice and. Domestic violence is something that affects the an advocate for the oppressed Let us all work together. health of individuals as well as the health of our church to enditnow P. es and communities which is why so many departments. Melissa Ponce Rodas is an assistant professor of Psychology at Andrews. are actively participating to end it now According to the. University She and her husband Segundo have twin boys Samuel and. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence http Jonathan Her research and advocacy revolve around the intersections of. www ncadv org one out of every three women and religion and domestic violence. one out of every 10 men will experience some form of. domestic violence in their lifetime Studies conducted. within Adventist populations find the rates of domestic. 6 SEPTEMBER 2018 LAKE UNION HERALD,ALIVE WELL,The Most Neglected Fitness Factor. Interestingly most people have not actually learned. what physical fitness really means what it entails. and what components play an essential part of it, Being physically fit means more than just walking or athletes have additional types of flexibility training. riding your bike regularly It means more than going to that is important is static flexibility It increases one s. the gym twice a week and lifting weights According to overall flexibility for regular daily activities and it helps. the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC to maximize movement during all other physical activity. physical fitness means structured or unstructured Static flexibility training. The ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and simply requires you to hold a stretch without movement. alertness without undue fatigue and with ample energy or bouncing. to enjoy leisure time pursuits and respond to emergen Flexibility training should only be performed when. E Dominique Gummelt, cies Physical fitness includes a number of components your muscles are warmed up thus it is recommend. consisting of cardiorespiratory endurance aerobic pow ed that flexibility training be done at the end of your. er skeletal muscle endurance skeletal muscle strength regular workout or after a short cardiovascular workout. skeletal muscle power flexibility balance speed of of ten minutes e g walking or biking The recommen. movement reaction time and body composition 1 dations for flexiblity fitness are. It appears that flexibility tends to be especially Frequency Three to seven days per week. neglected among all the fitness factors According to seven is ideal. the American College of Sports Medicine ACSM Intensity Stretch to the point of mild discomfort. flexibility refers to the ability to move a joint through not pain. its complete range of motion 2 Flexiblity is a highly Time Hold stretches for 20 30 seconds and perform. adaptable fitness component and you can benefit from them two to four times for the same area. it at any point in your life even if you get a late start Type Static stretching exercises that focus on all. with it Flexible joints are vital for the maintenance major joints from head to toe. of pain free and independent movement Improving your flexibility through stretching could. Andrews University and is filled with in spiring stories and experiences that could prove to be a catalyst for you to find new ways to change the world where you live Your world may have new opportunities to be a missionary right in your own back yard One of the fastest growing demo graphics in the Lake Union is the growth in church membership among displaced people groups Consider

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