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Why Are We Doing this Assessment,Assessment Process of LAU Libraries. Conclusion,References,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 2,Why Are We Doing this. Assessment,To improve,To support,but of course for accreditation purposes. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 3,The Assessment Process,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 4. 1st Step LAP Committee,Established in 2014,Members are.
Cendrella Habre University Librarian Chair of the Committee. Houeida Charara InfoCommons Librarian,Gihade Costantine Head of Acquisitions Byblos. Omar Farhoud Library Information Systems Manager,Sawsan Habre Senior Archivist. Joseph Hage Director Byblos Library,Rola Hajj Senior Serials ER Librarian. Marie Therese Mitri Health Sciences Information Education. Services Librarian,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 5,2nd Step Mission. University Mission Lebanese American University is committed to. academic excellence student centeredness civic engagement the. advancement of scholarship the education of the whole person and the. formation of leaders in a diverse world, Library Old mission The mission of the LAU Libraries is to acquire.
organize and disseminate information resources that support the. academic curriculum and research needs and to cater to the intellectual. and cultural pursuits of the University community, Library New mission The university libraries are committed to support. and enhance teaching learning and research at the Lebanese American. University through providing high quality services and resources. anticipate and respond to emerging technologies and enrich the. intellectual and cultural life of the LAU community. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 6,3rd Step Goals, Within the stated mission 3 goals for the Library were. determined, Goal 1 Create a university wide collection development. Goal 2 Create a library environment that is conducive to. teaching learning and research, Goal 3 Increase visibility and accessibility of the university. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 7,4th Step Outcomes, For each goal the Committee documented tangible outcomes.
Outcome 1 1 Maintain a dynamic collection, Outcome 2 1 Offer high quality user centered services. Outcome 2 2 Improve the current state of innovation practices. Outcome 3 1 Preserve and disseminate the intellectual output of the. university,Outcome 3 2 Promote and market the library. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 8,5th Step KPIs, For each outcome measurable key performance indicators were developed. Outcome 1 1 Maintain a dynamic collection, KPI 1 1 1 Review and evaluate the quality of the library collection. Outcome 2 1 Offer high quality user centered services. KPI 2 1 1 Assist users in discovering information and knowledge in a variety of formats. KPI 2 1 2 Ensure the effectiveness use of library spaces. KPI 2 1 3 Develop and maintain an effective information literacy program. Outcome 2 2 Improve the current state of innovation practices. KPI 2 2 1 Embrace appropriate technology to discover library services and resources anywhere. everywhere anytime, Outcome 3 1 Preserve and disseminate the intellectual output of the university.
KPI 3 1 1 Curate and manage data through partnership with faculty. KPI 3 1 2 Collect and manage university records,Outcome 3 2 Promote and market the library. KPI 3 2 1 Create and maintain partnerships with communities worldwide. KPI 3 2 2 Empower library web presence,KPI 3 2 3 Promote special events and services. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 9,6th Step Outcomes KPIs,Performance. Assessment Assessme, Outcomes Indicators Targets Collection Agent Starting Date. Agent nt Cycle,Direct Indirect,KPI 2 1 1 Assist Reference.
Pre Post tests Head Information,discovering Evaluation. 70 Reference Informa Literacy 3 years Oct 2015,information and Rubric form. tion Literacy Dept Dept,knowledge in a,variety of formats Committee. Outcome 2 1 Head,KPI 2 1 2 Ensure Behavioral InfoCommons Library. Offer high quality 3 years, the effective use observation Survey 70 Dept Space Oct 2015.
user centered, services of library spaces Statistics Head Access Committee. Services Dept,KPI 2 1 3 Develop,Information,and maintain an. Chair Assessment Literacy,effective Statistics Survey 70 3 years Oct 2015. Committee Program,information,literacy program,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 10. 7th Step Ad Hoc Committees,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 11.
8th Step Direct Indirect Methods,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 12. 9th Step Collecting Data,6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 13, Assessments are worthwhile only if the results are put to. good use and those uses can take place only after careful. consideration and discussion That consideration and. discussion in turn can take place only if assessment results. are communicated usefully clearly and accurately Suskie L. 2009 Assessing student learning A common sense guide San Francisco CA Jossey Bass. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 14,Conclusion,The Deming Cycle Plan Do Check Act. The plan do check act cycle provides a basis for developing. assessment plans that match needs of the program unit. 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 11 8th Step Direct Indirect Methods 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 12 9th Step Collecting Data 6 5 2017 AMICAL 2017 13

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