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and either completing on line registration which allows you to pay with a credit card. or completing the registration form and mailing it along with the appropriate check to. the address indicated, Please remember that all participants in the 29th Annual ALA Conference are required. to pre register in order to remain on the program Those who have not pre registered. by April 15th will be informed that they will be dropped by May 1 if they do not pre. register I regret that it will be necessary to strictly enforce this policy. Please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible You can do so by going to. http americanliteratureassociation org ala conferences housing information. and following the directions posted, If something prevents you from presenting your paper please notify the chair of your. panel and the conference director as soon as possible. Please note that our rules permit individuals to present only one formal paper at the. annual conference Individuals may present one paper and also serve on. roundtables and chair sessions, A few sections still need chairs and we welcome volunteers who should contact the. conference director if they are interested in chairing a specific session. Thank you for your support of the American Literature Association. Leslie Petty 2018 Conference Director,Registration Desk Pacific Concourse. Wednesday 8 00 pm 10 00 pm,Thursday 8 00 am 5 30 pm.
Friday 7 30 am 5 00 pm,Saturday 7 30 am 3 00 pm,Sunday 8 00 am 10 30 am. Book Exhibits Pacific L M N O,Thursday 10 am 5 pm,Friday 9 am 5 pm. Saturday 9 am 1 00 pm,Featured Readings and Receptions. Thursday May 24 2018,Ishmael Reed,6 00 7 00 pm,Opening Reception. Friday May 25 2018, African American Literature and Culture Society Reception.
Reading and Book Signing,Friday May 25 2018,7 15 9 00 pm. Reading by giovanni singleton recipient of the 2017 Stephen E Henderson Award for Outstanding. Achievement in Poetry, Presentation of the Darwin T Turner Award to Michele Elam. A reception hosted by the African American Literature and Culture Society the Charles W Chesnutt. Society the Paul Laurence Dunbar Society the Pauline Hopkins Society the Toni Morrison Society the. Ralph Ellison Society Octavia E Butler Literary Society and the John Edgar Wideman Society and. sponsored by the African American Literature and Culture Society and the American Literature Association. will precede the reading, giovanni singleton is the author of Ascension 2011 winner of the California Book Award Gold Medal for. poetry and AMERICAN LETTERS works on paper 2017 Her poetry appears in many anthologies and is. inscribed on the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco CA She has been a fellow at the. Squaw Valley Community of Writers Cave Canem and the Napa Valley Writers Conference as well as a. recipient of the New Langton Bay Area Award She is the coordinator for the Lunch Poems series at the. University of California Berkeley and founding editor of nocturnes re view of the literary arts She has. taught at Saint Mary s College Naropa University and New Mexico State University. Saturday May 26 2018,A Reading from LINCOLN IN THE BARDO 2017. Dramatis Personae,Willie Lincoln Maxine Hong Kingston.
Abraham Lincoln Jim Collins,Roger Bevins III David Johnson. Hans Vollman Earll Kingston,Rev Everly Thomas Lisa Tateosian. Eddie Baron John Whalen Bridge,Betsy Baron Patty Raun. In the opening pages of the novel Willie Lincoln is dying of typhoid fever while his parents must host a. large state dinner in the White House After Willie dies Abraham Lincoln attempts to grapple with his loss. by visiting his dead son s crypt opening the casket and holding his beloved son s body This act deeply. affects several of the spirits inhabiting the charnel ground but Willie is disturbed by the sight Now a. disembodied spirit Willie looks down upon his father and his own unrecognized body unaware that he is. dead Why does his father walk away abandoning him, Saunders has defined the bardo as a transitional state between lives but the concept can apply. more widely to a number of liminal situations According to some Tibetan Buddhist teachings everyday life. the shinay bardo the dreams that come between one day and the next the milam bardo and the bardo. of meditative experience the samten bardo are all moments in which in which beings struggle for clarity. though these lesser known bardos are thought to be less consequential than the purgatorial term between. lives A traveler stuck in an airport due to a missed flight is in a kind of bardo a period of uncertainty While. the novel is centered on the travail of Willie Lincoln the boy s spiritual journey is artfully linked to that of all. the other characters in this novel and perhaps to the whole of American life that is shaped by Abraham. Lincoln s choices, Like Willie the President finds himself caught between possibilities The elder Lincoln faces crises.
that are at once spiritual psychological and political In late February 1862 just after Grant s capture of. Fort Donelson the Civil War was beginning to metastasize into a new kind of war the catastrophe that. would claim over 600 000 American lives During the course of the novel the ten worst battles were yet to. happen Saunders takes us into the agonized heart of Lincoln as he struggles with what he should do. Readers and hearers of Lincoln in the Bardo may find the central organizing metaphor to be quite. timely In response to the political rallies of a more recent politician Saunders in early 2016 wrote that he. had never before imagined America as fragile as an experiment that could within my very lifetime fail. Spiritually engaged and unfailingly intelligent Lincoln in the Bardoappreciates profoundly the fragility of our. individual lives and of our communal way of life, With the kind permission of the writer The Postmortem Players have come together to perform a reading. of Lincoln in the Bardo for the American Literature Association. Thursday May 24 2018,Registration 7 30 am 5 30 pm,Book exhibit 10 am 5 pm. Thursday May 24 2018,9 00 10 20 am, Session 1 A Black Protest and the Literary Response. Organized by the African American Literature and Culture Society. Chair Aldon Nielsen The Pennsylvania State University. 1 This is the Time Umbra On Guard for Freedom and the Death of Patrice Lumumba David Grundy. University of Cambridge UK, 2 The Black Map A book entirely unwritten Reframing Bronzeville from Within Sophia Bamert. University of California Davis, 3 Gwendolyn Brooks and the Ghetto Girl Malcolm Tariq University of Michigan.
4 The New Negro as Precursor to Black Lives Matter Venetria K Patton Purdue University. Session 1 B Howells and Democracy,Organized by the William Dean Howells Society. Chair Daniel J Mrozowski Trinity College, 1 Democracy and Trust in the Oeuvre of William Dean Howells Margit Peterfy University of. Heidelberg, 2 Utopian Visions Realist Plans William Dean Howells and the Birth of American Urban Planning. Michael Gastiger Brown University, 3 Will and Walt Urbanism Democracy Aesthetics John Sampson Johns Hopkins University. Audio Visual Equipment required Projector and Screen. Session 1 C Faulkner In Short,Organized by the William Faulkner Society.
Chair Sarah Gleeson White University of Sydney, 1 Faulkner and the Story Race Crime and the End of Modernism in Go Down Moses Deborah. Clarke Arizona State University, 2 An Error in Copyediting Removing the South from Faulkner s Second Prize Story in Ellery Queen s. Mystery Magazine John N Duvall Purdue University, 3 Where Are Your Guts Pride Honor and Inner Strength in William Faulkner s Honor Dennis B. Ledden Pennsylvania State University, Audio visual equipment required Projector and screen for PowerPoint film clips. Session 1 D Future Earths I Future Past and Future Present. Organized by the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Chair Megan Simpson Penn State Altoona, 1 Atomic Afrofuturism The Cold War and Apocalyptic Ecologies Kristin George Bagdanov UC Davis.
2 Uncertainty Discourse in Climate Modeling and Barbara Kingsolver s Flight Behavior Pamela. Carralero Purdue University, 3 Poem of Our Time The Spirituality and Futurity of Waste in A R Ammons s Garbage Carly Rubin. Louisiana State University,Audio Visual Equipment required PowerPoint. Session 1 E Available, Session 1 F Chicana o x Narrative Strategies Voicing Historia in a Post Racial America. Organized by Latina o x Literature and Culture Society. Chair Cristina Herrera California State University Fresno. 1 Between Fact and Fiction Articulating Captiva Identity in the Fictionalized WPA Narratives from. Lorraine Lopez s The Gifted Gabald n Sisters Patricia Trujillo Northern New Mexico College. 2 Chicanas and Central Americanas Mis Recognition and Disappearance in Helena Mar a. Viramontes The Cariboo Caf Araceli Esparza California State University Long Beach. 3 Dystopian Images in Their Dogs Came with Them and the Economic Realities of Postracial. America Ed n Torres University of Minnesota, 4 Shifting the Site of Chicana o Enunciation Focalization in Manuel Mu oz s What You See in the. Dark Omar Figueredo Independent Scholar, Audio Visual Equipment required Projector for Powerpoint DVD presentations and Screen.
Session 1 G Postwar Urban Poetry I Riots and Rebels. Organized by the Postwar Area Literature Group, Chair Nicole Dib University of California Santa Barbara. 1 The eagerness of objects to be what we are afraid to do Anxiety and Affects in Frank O Hara Melih. Levi Stanford, 2 The Tesseract that Jack Built Translational Poetics in Spicer s After Lorca Nicholas Whittington. University of California Santa Cruz, 3 brujo explosions Baraka s Poetic Riot in the Streets Karen Lepri New York University. Audiovisual Equipment Required Projector hook ups for PowerPoint. Session 1 H Disappearing Women A New Look at Recovery. Organized by the Constance Fenimore Woolson Society. Chair Jane M Fleming University of Texas at Austin. 1 Social Satire and Non Human Empathy in Sigourney s Crushed Mouse Sarah J Schuster. University of Texas at Austin, 2 Deadly Inversions Emotional Labor and Disappearance in Constance Fenimore Woolson s Miss. Grief Danielle Cofer University of Rhode Island, 3 An American Exmatriate Literary Tradition Recovering the Missing Mothers of Gilded Age.
Expatriate Novels Shonda N Stevens Florida State University. Audio Visual Equipment required None,Session 1 I Cultural Contexts. 1 Regrets for Mr Roosevelt Pauli Murray s Poems for FDR Christina G Bucher Berry College. 2 American Nobels From Sinclair Lewis to Bob Dylan James D Bloom Muhlenberg College. 3 Of Cowboy Blues and Criminal Mouths Sam Shepard and the Death of Rock n Roll Kirk. Curnutt Troy University, 4 How Superhero Films Are our 21st Century War Stories Stacey Peebles Centre College. Session 1 J Reassessing Leslie Fiedler,Organized by the American Literature Society. Chair Karen Roggenkamp Texas A M Commerce, 1 The Childhood of American Art Fiedler Billy Budd and the American Classics David Greven. University of South Carolina, 2 The Proud Badge of Shame Leslie Fiedler s Literary Homonationalism Ashley Barnes University.
of Texas Dallas, 3 Leslie Fiedler s Coming to Jerusalem Ken Dauber SUNY at Buffalo. Audio Visual Equipment required None,Thursday May 24 2018. 10 30 11 50am,Session 2 A Don DeLillo and Paradox,Organized by the Don DeLillo Society. Chair Jesse Kavadlo Maryville University, 1 The Paradoxes of Don DeLillo s Terrorist Narratives Gabriela Alexandra Banica University of. 2 Don DeLillo and the Lure of Fundamentalism Matt Kavanagh Okanagan College. 3 Running Hot and Cold Zero K and The Word for Snow Jacqueline Zubeck College of Mount Saint. 4 Composites in Don DeLillo Michael Goebel Albertus Magnus University of Cologne. Session 2 B Frank Norris,Organized by the Frank Norris Society.
Chair Eric Carl Link Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. 1 Looking at Wheat in the Blink of an Eye Toby Widdicombe University of Alaska Anchorage. 2 Design for Determinism Norris Nansen and A Man s Woman Patti Luedecke Western University. 3 An Octopus of Data Cyberspace and the Golden Spike Zach Mann University of Southern California. Audio Visual Equipment Required PowerPoint Projector and Screen. Session 2 C Note from the Real World Amiri Baraka I. Organized by the Amiri Baraka Society, Chair Aldon Lynn Nielsen The Pennsylvania State University. 1 27 Cooper Square Amiri Baraka and Bohemia William J Harris University of Kansas emeritus. 2 The Empire Strikes Back Baraka and Andrews in the age of Trump Joseph Lease California. College of the Arts, 3 Boring Communists Militant Integrationists Professional Negroes Wild Scenes Baraka the Cold. War and the Crisis of the Doctrine of the Hip Geoffrey Jacques California Institute of the Arts. Audio Visual Equipment required data projector with screen and sound. Session 2 D Future Earths II Speculative Ecologies. Organized by the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Chair Ian Marshall Penn State Altoona, 1 Ecological and Historical Succession in Earth Abides Phillip Polefrone Columbia University. 2 The ecological housekeeping is enormous Joanna Russ s Pastoral Vision Kimberly Quiogue. Andrews Washington College,3 Sympathy with the Earth Becoming World in Ar. will precede the reading giovanni singleton is the author of Ascension 2011 winner of the California Book Award Gold Medal for poetry and AMERICAN LETTERS works on paper 2017 Her poetry appears in many anthologies and is inscribed on the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco CA She has been a fellow at the

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