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RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon,Atari 2600 772. 2Pak Black Challenge Surfing,2Pak Green Hoppy Alien Force. 2Pak Yellow Star Warrior Frogger,32 in 1 PAL,3D Tic Tac Toe 1. 3D Tic Tac Toe 2,3D Tic Tac Toe 32 in 1 PAL,A Misterious Thief CCE. Action Man,Adventures of Tron,AdventuresOnGX12,Air Raiders.
Air Sea Battle 1,Air Sea Battle 2,Air Sea Battle 32 in 1 PAL. Alien s Return,AlligatorPeople,Alpha Beam with Ernie. Apples and Dolls CCE,Aquaventure,Armor Ambush,Artillery Duel 1. Astroblast,Atari 2600 Invaders hack,Atari Video Cube. Atlantis Activision 1,Autorennen Grand Prix,Bachellorette Party.
Backgammon,Bank Heist,Barnstorming,Base Attack PAL. Basic Programming,Basketball 32 in 1 PAL,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Basketball 4k version,Battlezone,Beamrider 2,Beany Bopper. Beat Em and Eat Em,Berenstain Bears Coleco,Bermuda Triangle. berzerkvoice,Big Bird s Egg Catch,Bionic Breakthrough.
Blackjack 1,Blackjack 2,Blackjack 32 in 1 PAL,BloodyHumanFreeway NTSC. BMX Airmaster,Bobby is Going Home CCE,Bogey Blaster. Boing alt 1 PD,Bowling 32 in 1 PAL,Bowling 4k version. Boxing 32 in 1 PAL,Brain Games 1,Brain Games 2,Breakout Breakaway IV 1. Breakout Breakaway IV 2,Brick Kick,Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom.
Bugs Bunny,Burgertime,Burning Desire,California Games. Canyon Bomber 4k version,Cathouse Blues,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Challenge Alt,Challenge of NEXAR,Chase the Chuckwagon. Checkers 32 in 1 PAL,Checkers Activision,China Syndrome. Chopper Command CCE,Chuck Norris Superkicks,Circus Atari.
climber5 NTSC,Clown Downtown PAL,Code Breaker 1,Code Breaker 2. Color Bar Generator,Colors Demo,Combat 32 in 1 PAL. Combat Tank Plus 4k Version,Commando Raid,Concentration. Condor Attack,confrontation,Congo Bongo,Conquest of Mars. Cookie Monster Munch,Corrida da Matematica CCE,Cosmic Ark CCE.
Cosmic Commuter,Cosmic Corridor,Cosmic Creeps,Cosmic Swarm 32 in 1 PAL. Cosmic Swarm 4k Version,Cosmic Swarm,Crash Dive,Crazy Climber. crazyballoon ntsc,CrazyValet,Criminal Pursuit,Cross Force. Cruise Missile,Crypts of Chaos,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Crystal Castles,Cubo Magico CCE,Dancing Plate PAL,Deadly Duck.
Death Trap,Defender 2 16K version,Defender 2,Demolition Herby. Demon Attack Activision,Demons to Diamonds,Desert Falcon. Dice Puzzle,Donald Duck s Speedboat,Donkey Kong Jr CCE. Donkey Kong,Double Dragon,Double Dunk,Dragon Defender. Dragonfire,Dragster 1,Dragster 2,Dschungle Boy Pitfall.
Duck Shoot PAL,Dukes of Hazzard,Dumbo s Flying Circus. Earth Dies Screaming,ElevatorAction,Elk Attack,Encounter at L5. Ewok Adventure Parker Bros Thomas Jentzsch NTSC,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. F 14 Tomcat Flight Simulator,falldown ntsc,Fantastic Voyage. Farmyard Fun,Fast Eddie,Final Approach,Fire Birds,Fire Fighter.
Fire Spinner,Fishing Derby 16k Version,Fishing Derby 32 in 1 PAL. Fishing Derby pirate 32 in 1 PAL,Flag Capture 32 in 1 PAL. Flag Capture,Flash Gordon,Football 1,Football 2,Football 32 in 1 PAL. Forest PAL,Frankenstein s Monster,Freeway 32 in 1 PAL. Freeway pirate 32 in 1 PAL,Frogger II Threedeep,Fun with Numbers 32 in 1 PAL.
Fun With Numbers,G I Joe Cobra Strike,Game of Concentration. Gangster Alley,Ghost Manor 1,Ghost Manor 2,Ghostbusters II. RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon,Ghostbusters. Glacier Patrol,GoFish NTSC,Golf 32 in 1 PAL,Grand Prix 16k Version. Great Escape,Grover s Music Maker,Harbor Escape,Haunted House.
Hole Hunter,Holey Moley,Home Run Baseball 1,Home Run Baseball 2. Homerun 32 in 1 PAL,Human Cannonball 32 in 1 PAL,Human Cannonball Cannon Man 1. Human Cannonball Cannon Man 2,I Want My Mommy,Ice Hockey. Ikari Warriors,Imagic Selector,Immies and Aggies,IncaGold Zellers. Indy 500 4k Version,Infiltrate,International Soccer.
James Bond 007,Jawbreaker,Journey Escape,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Jungle Fever,Jungle Hunt,Keystone Kapers,Knight on the Town. Kool Aid Man,Kung Fu Master,Lady in Wading,Laser Blast 1. Laser Blast 2,Laser Blast 32 in 1 PAL,Laser Gates,Lock n Chase. London Blitz,LordOfTheRings,Marine Wars,Marineflieger PAL.
Master Builder,Masters of the Universe The Power of He Man. Math Gran Prix,Maze Craze,mc ntsc 7 26 3,mc pal 4 28 3. Mega Force,Meteor Defence,Midnight Magic,Miner 2049er. RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon,Mines of Minos. Minesweeper,Miniature Golf 32 in 1 PAL,Miniature Golf Arcade Golf 1.
Miniature Golf Arcade Golf 2,Missile Command,Missile Control. Mission 3000 A D,Mogul Maniac,Monstercise,Montezuma s Revenge. Moon Patrol,Moonsweeper,Moto Laser CCE,Motocross Racer Joystik. Motocross Racer,Mouse Trap,Mr Do s Castle,Mr Postman. Ms Pac Man,Multi Sprite Demo,Music Machine,Night Driver 4k Version.
Night Stalker,No Escape 1,Ocean City Defender,Off Your Rocker. Okie Dokie,Open Sesame,Oscar s Trash Race,Othello 32 in 1 PAL. Out of Control,Outlaw 32 in 1 PAL,Outlaw GunSlinger 2. RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon,Pac Man hack. Panda Chase,Peek A Boo,Pele s Championship Soccer pirate.
Pele s Championship Soccer,Pete Rose Baseball,Phantom Tank PAL. phantompanzer,Pharoah s Curse,Philly Flasher,Pick n Pile. Piece o Cake,Pigs in Space,Pitfall II Lost Caverns 10K version. Pitfall Beta,Pitfall No Walls Hack,Planet Patrol,PlanetOfTheApes. Plaque Attack,poker squares,Pole Position,Pressure Cooker.
Private Eye,Puzzle Taiwan,Pyramid War,Q bert s Qubes 2. qb215STELLA,Quest for Quintana Roo,Quick Step,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Racquetball,Raft Rider,Raiders of the Lost Ark,Rainbow Invaders NTSC. RealSports Baseball,RealSports Boxing,RealSports Football. RealSports Soccer,RealSports Tennis 1,RealSports Volleyball.
Rescue Bira Bira,Rescue Terra I,Resgate Espacial CCE. Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes,RevengeOfTheApes. Riddle of the Sphinx,River Patrol,River Raid 16k Version. Road Runner,Robin Hood,Robot Fight,Robot Tank,Roc n Rope. Room of Doom,RubiksCube3D,Save Our Ship,SaveMary NTSC.
SaveTheWhales,scsi130 cge2k1,scsi130sp cge2k1,scsi200 NTSC. Sea Hawk CCE,Sea Monster PAL,Seesaw Taiwan,Shark Attack. Shootin Gallery,Shuttle Orbiter,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Sir Lancelot,Skateboardin,Skeet Shoot 1,Skeet Shoot 2. Skiing 32 in 1 PAL,Sky Diver 32 in 1 PAL,Sky Jinks 4k version.
Sky Patrol Prototype,Sky Skipper,Slot Machine 32 in 1 PAL. Slot Machine,Slot Racers 32 in 1 PAL,Slot Racers Maze 1. Slot Racers Maze 2,Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel s Castle. Snail Against Squirrel CCE,Sneek n Peek,Snoopy and the Red Baron. Soccer Unlicensed,Solar Storm,SolarPlexus,Sorcerer s Apprentice.
Space Attack,Space Canyon,Space Cavern,Space Invaders hack. Space Invaders,Space Jockey 32 in 1 PAL,Space Jockey 4K version. Space Jockey,Space Raid,Space Robot,Space Shuttle,Space Tunnel PAL. Space Tunnel Taiwan,Space War 32 in 1 PAL,Space War 4k Version. RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon,SpaceAdventure Zellers.
Spacechase,SpaceMaster X 7,Spider Fighter 16k Version. Spider Fighter,Spider Man,Spiderdroid,Spike s Peak. Spitfire Attack,Sprintmaster,Spy Hunter,Squeeze Box. Stampede 1,Stampede 2,Stampede 32 in 1 PAL,Star Raiders. Star Ship Outer Space 1,Star Ship Outer Space 2,Star Strike.
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator,Star Voyager. Star Wars Death Star Battle,Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars Jedi Arena,Star Wars The Arcade Game,Stargate 1. Starmaster,Starpath Communist Mutants From Space,Starpath Dragonstomper. Starpath Escape from the Mindmaster,Starpath Fireball.
Starpath Frogger Official version by Sega,Starpath Killer Satellites. Starpath Party Mix,Starpath Phaser Patrol,Starpath Rabbit Transit. Starpath Suicide Mission,Starpath Survival Island,Starpath Sweat The Decathalon Game. Starpath Sword Of Saros,Steeplechase 1,Steeplechase 2. Stell A Sketch,Stellar Track,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon.
Strategy X,StratOGemsDeluxe,Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match Ups. Street Racer Speedway II 2,Stronghold,Submarine Commander. Subterrenea,Summer Games,Super Baseball,Super Box CCE. Super Breakout,Super Challenge Baseball,Super Challenge Football. Super Cobra,Super Ferrari,Super Futebol,Superman 1.
Surfer s Paradise But Danger Below,Surround 32 in 1 PAL. Surround 4k version,Survival Run,Swoops v0 96 PAL,Swoops v0 96. SwordQuest Earthworld,SwordQuest Fireworld,SwordQuest Waterworld. T F Space Invaders,Tanks But No Tanks,Task Force,Tax Avoiders. Teddy Apple,Tennis 32 in 1 PAL,Tetris 2600,Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
This Planet Sucks,Threshhold,Thrust v1 26 PD,RETRO LEGENDS Legends of the first Aeon. Thunderground,Time Machine,Time Pilot 1,Title Match Pro Wrestling 1. Tomarc the Barbarian,Tooth Protectors,Towering Inferno. Track and Field,Treasure Below Video Gems Thomas Jentzsch NTSC. treat ntsc,Trick Shot,Tron Deadly Discs,UFO Patrol.
Universal Chaos PAL,UniversalProto,UnknownActivision1 NTSC. UnknownActivision2 NTSC,VaultAssault,VenetianBlinds NTSC. Video Checkers,Video Chess,Video Cube CCE,Video Jogger. Video Olympics Pong Sports 1,Video Olympics Pong Sports 2. Video Pinball,Video Reflex,Video Time Machine,VultureAttack KTel.
ALL ROMS 6666 in 1 Air Sea Battle 1 Air Sea Battle 2 Air Sea Battle 32 in 1 PAL Airlock Alien s Return Alien AlligatorPeople Alpha Beam with Ernie Amidar Angling Apples and Dolls CCE Aquaventure Armor Ambush Artillery Duel 1 Assault Asterix ASTEROID Asteroids ASTRBLST Astro War Astroblast Astrowar Atari 2600 Invaders hack Atari Video Cube Atlantis Activision 1 Atlantis2

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