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STATE SUPERINTENDENT MEMBERS, OF EDUCATION S MESSAGE of the. ALABAMA STATE BOARD, OF EDUCATION,Dear Educator , Governor Bob Riley. The Alabama Course of Study Career and President of the State Board of Education. Technical Education presents a sound curriculum,designed to prepare students for the career and. technical education demands of the future in both, the workplace and in the postsecondary education District. setting Local school system teachers and, administrators will find this document to contain a I Mr Randy McKinney.
challenging set of standards for students at each President Pro Tem. grade level and career interest I encourage each, system to use the document to develop local II Mrs Betty Peters. curriculum guides to determine how local school, students will achieve these standards and perhaps III Mrs Stephanie W Bell. go beyond them , IV Dr Ethel H Hall, Vice President Emerita. Local system leadership school leadership and, effective classroom instruction are instrumental in. V Mrs Ella B Bell, students success Important local decisions include.
how students will accomplish these standards in, VI Mr David F Byers Jr . what sequence teachers will address them and Vice President. how much time will be allotted for instruction of, the standards These decisions are as significant as VII Mrs Sandra Ray. the identification of what students need to know,and be able to do VIII Dr Mary Jane Caylor. I heartily endorse the curriculum goal of career,empowerment through knowledge and skills To. help students meet current demands reading State Superintendent. writing research mathematical and critical Joseph B Morton. thinking skills are emphasized throughout this Secretary and Executive Officer. document in all curriculum areas ,JOSEPH B MORTON,State Superintendent of Education.
ii Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education. Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education. Table of Contents,PREFACE ix,ACKNOWLEDGMENTS x,GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 2,POSITION STATEMENTS 4,CAREER CLUSTERS PATHWAYS AND COURSE WORK 9. DIRECTIONS FOR INTERPRETING THE MINIMUM REQUIRED,CONTENT 41. MINIMUM REQUIRED CONTENT, Accounting 43, Advanced Accounting 45. Advanced Animation Portfolio 47, Advanced Architectural Design 48.
Advanced Digital File Preparation and Output 50, Advanced Drafting Design 52. Advanced Fisheries Technology 54, Advanced Health Seminar 55. Advanced Maritime Engineering 57, Advanced Motor Control 59. Advanced Navigation Technology 61, Advanced Power Equipment Technology 63. Advanced Spa Techniques Application 65, Advanced Television Production 67.
Agribusiness Management 68, Agribusiness Marketing 70. Agribusiness Technology 73, Agricultural Communications 75. Agriscience 77, Agriscience Exploration 81, Aircraft Engine and Propeller Theory and Operation 85. Aircraft Nonmetallic Structures 87, Aircraft Sheet Metal Structures 89. Aircraft Theory of Flight and Operation 91, Aircraft Welding 94.
Airframe Systems 96, Alternating Current 98, Animal Biotechnology 100. Animal Science 102, Animated Filmmaking 105, Animation Character Development and Design 107. Animation Layout 109, Applied Welding I with Plasma Arc Cutting 111. Applied Welding II with Carbon Arc Cutting 113, Applied Welding III Groove Welds and Inspection 114. Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education iii. Applied Welding IV Advanced Groove Welds and Testing 115. Aqua Experience 116, Aquaculture Science 118, Aquatic Biology 121.
Architecture Construction and Manufacturing 123, Automotive Brakes 125. Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems I 127. Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems II 129. Automotive Engine Performance I 131, Automotive Engine Performance II 133. Automotive Engine Repair 135, Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning 137. Automotive Manual Drivetrain and Axles 139, Automotive Suspension and Steering 141. Aviation Instrument and Hydraulic Systems 143, Aviation Turbine Engine Theory and Inspections 145.
Banking and Financial Services 146, Basic Compression and Refrigeration 148. Basic Wiring 150, Binding and Finishing 152, Block Wall Construction 154. Business Essentials 156, Business Finance 159, Business Technology Applications 161. Business Technology Applications Advanced 165, Cabinetmaking I 167. Cabinetmaking II 169, Cabinetmaking III 171, Camera Image Assembly and Platemaking 172.
Career Cluster Explorations 173, Career Cluster Technologies I 175. Career Cluster Technologies II 179, Carpentry for Commercial Specialties 184. Carpentry for Industrial Specialties 186, Carpentry for Residential Exteriors 188. Carpentry for Residential Interiors 190, Carpentry I 192. Carpentry II 194, Character Animation 196, Chemical Services 198.
Chemistry of Food 200, Child Development 204, Child Services I 207. Child Services II 210, Collision Repair Metal Welding and Cutting 213. Commerce Communication 214, Commercial Masonry 216. Commercial Refrigeration 218, Commercial Wiring 219. Composite Masonry Construction 221, Computer Essentials 222.
Computer Management and Support 224, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing I 226. Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing II 227. Construction Finishing and Interior Systems 228, Construction Framing 231. Construction Site Preparation and Foundations 234. Consumer Services I 236, iv Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education. Consumer Services II 238,Cooperative Education Seminar 240. Coordinate Measuring Machine 242,Creative Arts 244.
Creative Floral Design 247,Culinary Arts I 249,Culinary Arts II 252. Custom Tailoring 254,Database Design I 256,Database Design II 258. Database Design III 260,Dental Assisting 262,Diagnostic Services 264. Diesel Brakes 266,Diesel Drivetrain 267,Diesel Electrical and Electronic Systems I 269. Diesel Electrical and Electronic Systems II 271,Diesel Engines I 273.
Diesel Engines II 275,Diesel Suspension and Steering 277. Dietetics 279,Digital Design 281,Digital Electronics 283. Digital File Preparation 285,Direct Current 287,Early Childhood Education I 289. Early Childhood Education II 291,Education and Training 293. Education and Training Internship 295,Educational Leadership 297.
Electrical Technology 299,Electromechanical Controls 301. Emergency Services 302,Engineering Applications 304. Engineering Research and Design 306,Engineering Systems 308. Entrepreneurship 310,Environmental Management 312,Equine Science 316. Family and Consumer Sciences 319,Family Studies and Community Services I 321.
Family Studies and Community Services II 324,Family Wellness 326. Fashion 330,Fashion Design 332,Fashion Merchandising 334. Financial Management 336,Fire Fighting 338,Fish and Wildlife Management 340. Floral Design and Interiorscaping 342,Flux Cored Arc Welding 344. Food and Nutrition 345,Forensic and Criminal Investigations 347.
Forestry 350,Forestry Equipment 353, Foundation of Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication 355. Foundations of Engineering 357,Foundations of Health Science 359. Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education v. Gas Metal Arc Welding 361, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I 362. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II 363, Graphic Illustration 364. Greenhouse Production and Management 366, Hair Coloring 368.
Health Explorations 370, Health Informatics 372, Health Promotion and Wellness 374. Health Science Internship 376, Heating and Heat Pump Systems 377. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electrical. Components and Controls 378, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Maintenance 379. Horticultural Science 380, Hospitality and Tourism 383. Housing 386, Human Body Structures and Functions 388.
Industrial Systems and Maintenance I 390, Industrial Systems and Maintenance II 393. Industrial Systems and Maintenance III 395, Industrial Systems and Maintenance IV 397. Industrial Wiring 399, Information Technology Fundamentals 401. Information Technology Support and Services 403, Insurance Services 405. Interior Design I 407, Interior Design II 409, Intermediate Architectural Design 411.
Intermediate Computer Numerical Control 413, Intermediate Drafting Design 414. Intermediate Lathe and Benchwork 416, Intermediate Mill and Surface Grinder 418. Introduction to Advertising Design 420, Introduction to Agriscience 423. Introduction to Animation and Visual Communication 426. Introduction to Architectural Design 428, Introduction to Biotechnology 430. Introduction to Commercial Photography 433, Introduction to Computer Numerical Control 436.
Introduction to Cosmetology 437, Introduction to Criminal Justice 440. Introduction to Drafting Design 442, Introduction to Electricity for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning . and Refrigeration Systems 444, Introduction to Fire Science 445. Introduction to Fisheries Technology 448, Introduction to Graphic Arts 450. Introduction to Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 453. Introduction to Lathe 454, Introduction to Law and the American Legal System 455.
Introduction to Manufacturing 457, Introduction to Maritime Engineering 459. Introduction to Masonry 461, Introduction to Metal Fabrication 463. Introduction to Metal Inert Gas and Flux Cored Arc Welding 466. Introduction to Milling Drill Press and Surface Grinder 468. Introduction to Nail Care and Applications 470, vi Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education. Introduction to Navigation Technology 472,Introduction to Pharmacy 474. Introduction to Precision Machining 476,Introduction to Robotics 478.
Introduction to Spa Techniques 480,Introduction to Television Production 482. Introduction to Veterinary Science 485,Introduction to Welding 487. Java Programming 489,Landscape Design and Management 491. Large Format Photography 494,Law in Society 496,Life Connections 499. Lodging I 501,Lodging II 503,Management Principles 505.
Marine Technology 507,Marketing Principles 509,Masonry in High Rise Construction 512. Masonry Special Applications and Finishes 514,Mechanical and Electrical Components I 515. Mechanical and Electrical Components II 517,Medium Format Photography 519. Motor Control 522,Multimedia Design 525,Multimedia Publications 527. Nail Art and Applications 529, National Electrical Code and Journeyman s Preparation 530.
Networking I 532,Networking II 534,Networking III 536. Networking IV 538,Nonstructural Analysis and Damage Repair I 539. Nonstructural Analysis and Damage Repair II 541,Nursery Production and Management 543. Offset Press Operations 546,Painting and Refinishing I 548. Painting and Refinishing II 550,Painting and Refinishing III 552.
Parenting 554,Personal Finance 556,Plant Biotechnology 559. Plumbing and Pipefitting I 562,Plumbing and Pipefitting II 564. Plumbing and Pipefitting III 567,Police Patrol 569. Poultry Science 571,Power Equipment Technology 573. Principles of Public Service 575,Professional Support Services in Education 577.
Recreational Power Equipment Operation 579,Refrigerants 581. Residential and Commercial Power Equipment 582, Residential Landscape Establishment and Maintenance 585. Residential Masonry I 587,Residential Masonry II 589. Residential Wiring 591,Robotics Applications 593, Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education vii. Safety and Health Regulations 594, Sales and Promotion Planning 597.
Salon Practices and Management 599, Semiconductors 601. Senior Career Pathway Project 602, Software Development 604. Specialty Floral Design and Management 605, Specialty Masonry Construction 607. Sports Medicine 608, Sports Turfgrass Production and Management 610. State Board Practicum 613, Storyboarding 616, Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 618.
Structural Drafting 620, Studio and Portfolio 622. Support Services 624, Tailoring 626, Tailoring Basics 628. Teaching I 630, Teaching II 632, Teen Connections 634. Teen Discoveries 637, Television Production Photography and Editing 640. Television Production Studio Operations 642, Television Production Writing Producing and Performing 644.
Therapeutic Services 646, Three Dimensional Solid Model Design I 648. Three Dimensional Solid Model Design II 650, Transportation Distribution and Logistics 651. Travel and Tourism I 653, Travel and Tourism II 655. Two and Four Stroke Engines 657, Urban Forestry 660. Veterinary Science 662, Workforce Essentials 664,APPENDICES.
APPENDIX A Alabama High School Graduation Requirements 667. APPENDIX B Guidelines and Suggestions for Local Time Requirements and. Homework 670,BIBLIOGRAPHY 672, viii Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education. Alabama Course of Study Career and Technical Education Joseph B Morton State Superintendent of Education ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

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