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Summer Reading,Al Capone Does My Shirts By Gennifer Choldenko. Part 1 Comprehension Questions, INSTRUCTIONS Answer the following questions while reading the novel Al Capone Does My Shirts by. Gennifer Choldenko It would be good idea to answer the questions one chapter at a time while you are. reading Trying to answer 114 questions all at once after finishing the book is very difficult Be sure to put. your answers in complete sentences You may handwrite your answers or type them. Devil s Island,1 What is the main character s name. 2 How does he feel about moving to Alcatraz,3 What does his father do for work. 4 What is his sister s name,Errand Boy,5 What does Moose want to do when he wakes up.
6 What does he have to do instead, 7 What happened to Natalie on the train the night before. 8 Describe the visitor they have at the end of the chapter. Trick Monkey,9 Who is Piper, 10 What is the Dinner Party of Death described by Theresa. 11 Where does Theresa take Moose and Natalie first. 12 What tricks can Nat do,American Laugh Nosed Beet. 13 Why does Moose ask Nat the sun get up okay this morning each day. 14 What does Natalie want for breakfast every day,15 Why does the family get onto the boat. 16 What kinds of books does Natalie like, 17 How does the family finally get Natalie off the boat.
Murderers Darn My Socks, 18 Why did Moose s mom kick Mrs McCraw out of the house. 19 What does the note from Warden Williams say,20 Who does the laundry in Moose s family. 21 Where do the events of this chapter take place,22 Who is at the meeting with Moose. 23 List at least two of the rules of Alcatraz, 24 What favor is Moose asked to do for Warden Williams. Big For Seventh Grade,25 Where do the events of this chapter take place.
26 How does Moose feel about his new school,27 Who is Scout. 28 What is Piper s essay speech about,29 What is Moose s essay speech about. 30 What is Piper s project that she wants Moose s help with. Prison Guy Plays Ball, 31 What position does Moose play in the baseball game. 32 What happens during the game that Moose thinks is UNBELIEVABLE. Nice Little Church Boy,33 Who is Jimmy,34 Who is Annie. 35 How do kids get baseballs from the convicts,CHAPTER 10.
36 What news does Moose get on the phone,CHAPTER 11. The Best In the Country, 37 In this chapter we learn about many different treatments Moose s mother has tried with Natalie List. at least four of them, 38 What reason does Mr Purdy give for asking Natalie to leave. 39 What is the plan for getting Natalie ready to try the Esther P Marinoff again. 40 Do you think the plan will be successful Explain why or why not. CHAPTER 12,What about the electric chair,41 Where do the events of this chapter take place. 42 What does Piper promise to do for Moose if he helps with her prison laundry scheme. 43 What does Moose say happens to a prisoner if his library book is ten days overdue. 44 How successful is Piper s laundry plan,CHAPTER 13.
One Woman Commando Unit,45 Where do the events of this chapter take place. 46 What does Mrs Kelly want the family to do to help Natalie. 47 What is Moose s mother s new job,48 Why is Moose upset about his mother s new job. CHAPTER 14,Al Capone s Baseball,49 Where do the events of this chapter take place. 50 What does Moose ask Scout to do for him,51 What does Scout ask Moose to do for him. CHAPTER 15,Looking For Scarface,52 Where do the events of this chapter take place.
53 Why is Natalie upset at the beginning of this chapter. 54 How does Natalie get cool in the hot weather,55 Where is Moose planning to take Natalie. 56 Why don t Theresa and Jimmy go with them,CHAPTER 16. Capone Washed Your Shirts,57 Where do the events of this chapter take place. 58 What is in the three bags Piper brings on the boat to school. 59 What good news does Moose receive from Scout, 60 How do the students at Moose s school react when Piper gives them back their clothes. CHAPTER 17,Baseball On Tuesday, 61 What bit of bad news does Moose receive from his mother.
CHAPTER 18,Not On My Team,62 Why is this chapter called Not On My Team. CHAPTER 19,Daddy s Little Miss, 63 What do Moose and the other kids go down to the docks for at the beginning of this chapter. 64 Why are Annie Jimmy Moose and Piper called to Warden Williams s house. 65 Why do you think this chapter is called Daddy s Little Miss. CHAPTER 20, 66 What does Natalie do when Moose accidentally knocks over her button box. 67 Why does Mr Trixle pay a visit to Moose s apartment that evening. CHAPTER 21,It Never Rains On Monday, 68 What do you think will happen when the kids try to meet Al Capone s mama on the boat to Alcatraz. CHAPTER 22,Al Capone s Mama, 69 Piper tries repeatedly to get Mrs Capone s attention on the boat without any success What is it that.
eventually capture s Mrs Capone s attention, 70 Copy the last two paragraphs of this chapter into your notebook Why do you think Moose is so stricken. by these thoughts,CHAPTER 23,She s Not Cute, 71 The title of this chapter comes from a conversation Moose and Scout have What do you think causes. the tension between the two friends, 72 What does Natalie do that Moose thinks is the funniest thing he s ever heard. 73 What does Moose discover at the end of the chapter that he describes as a magnet. CHAPTER 24,Like a Regular Sister, 74 Moose is pulled in two directions at the beginning of this chapter keep looking for a baseball vs going. back What pulls him in these two opposite directions. CHAPTER 25, 75 The title of this chapter refers to Moose s thought that The thought of Scout worming his way through.
my hole in my fence and finding my ball makes me nuts Is this really just about baseball for Moose. 76 This chapter ends with a cliffhanger when Moose discovers his sister is missing What do you think. happened to Natalie,CHAPTER 26,Convict Baseball,77 What is the significance of the number 105. CHAPTER 27,78 Why is Moose so upset in this chapter. 79 What does Piper figure out about 105 at the end of the chapter. 80 What do you think Piper means when she says This is the beginning. CHAPTER 28,Tall For Her Age, 81 Why are Moose s parents so happy at the beginning of the chapter. 82 Why is Moose so upset at the end of the chapter. CHAPTER 29,Convict Choir Boy,83 What happens to the con s baseball. 84 What does Piper want from Moose,85 What do the cons call 105.
CHAPTER 30,86 Why can t Moose find Natalie s button box. 87 Why does Natalie start screaming,88 How does Moose finally calm Natalie down. 89 Why is this chapter called Eye,CHAPTER 31, 90 As Moose and his father clean the apartment after Natalie s tantrum Moose asks his dad How come. you always do what Mom tells you How does Moose s father answer this question. 91 Moose then asks Did I cause Natalie to be the way she is How does his dad answer this question. CHAPTER 32,The Button Box, 92 Why does Moose s dad talk to Moose s mom about in this chapter. 93 In the second to last paragraph Moose thinks This is the sister I might have had Explain how you. think Moose is feeling at that moment, 94 What do you think is going to happen to Natalie Do you think she will successfully get into the Esther.
P Marinoff School,CHAPTER 33,The Sun and the Moon, 95 What two big events in Natalie s life are coming up. 96 What does Piper do when she pays Moose and Natalie a visit. 97 This chapter ends with the statements This is terrible This is good What is so terrible good Why. CHAPTER 34,Happy Birthday, 98 Who does Moose s mother invite to Natalie s birthday party. 99 Who does Natalie want to invite to her party,100 What gifts does Natalie receive. 101 Why is the word we buzzing inside Moose s head at the end of the chapter. CHAPTER 35,102 Why is this chapter called The Truth. 103 Why do you think it is so important for Moose s mother to keep Natalie young. CHAPTER 36,104 What are they waiting for in this chapter.
105 What news do they get on the phone,CHAPTER 37,Carrie Kelly. 106 Why does Moose call Mrs Kelly,107 Why does Moose visit the Warden. 108 What is the Warden s reply to Moose s plea for help. CHAPTER 38,What Happened, 109 Why does Moose s mother stay in her room all day. 110 What does Moose decide to do as a last effort to help Natalie. 111 What is The Mom Rule,CHAPTER 39,The Warden,112 What s the good news. CHAPTER 40,Al Capone Does My Shirts,113 What does Moose find in his shirt.
114 What do you think happened,Part 2 Project,To be completed after finishing the book. Below you will find several choices for possible projects They are all quite different. from one another so I am confident at least one of them will strike you as interesting No. matter which project you choose you will receive two grades one for originality and creativity. and one for the level at which your project reflects an understanding of the book If you have. any questions about any of these projects please feel free to email me as soon as possible at. bfehlner westmorelandschool org Remember the idea here is to show both your creativity. and your understanding of the book,Choice 1 Video Game. Design a video game based on the book Al Capone Does My Shirts You must describe the overall game. design and appearance Then pick five chapters to represent the levels of the game Each level should have. its own obstacles goals and rewards based on the actual action of the book Finished video games should be. handed in complete with a colorful decorative cover. Choice 2 Rewrite a chapter from the perspective of Natalie or Piper. Here is your chance to show off your creativity as a storyteller Pick any chapter from the book and rewrite it. as if Natalie of Piper were telling it instead of Moose What would the Esther P Marinoff interview be like. from Natalie s point of view How about meetings with Onion 105 How would the laundry scheme sound. if it was described by Piper How about Natalie s birthday party What would change if the story was not. centered on Moose Let your imagination run wild but remember to carefully edit your work. Choice 3 Comic Book, Are you the artistic type Use your skills as an illustrator to create a comic book showing the events of a. memorable chapter or two from the book Be sure you know the chapter s well before starting your comic. book so that your project is an accurate representation of the actual story Then use lots of bright colors to. bring your comic book to life Be sure to finish your project off with an eye catching cover. Choice 4 Interview With a Character, Play the part of a television or newspaper reporter and pick a character from the book to interview Ask your. chosen character in depth questions about the events that happened in the book You will have to provide a. written transcript of the interview your questions and the answers your chosen characters give You may also. choose to create an audio or video recording of your interview The interview should consist of at least fifteen. good questions and well thought out answers, Al Capone Does My Shirts Book Project Scoring Rubric.
Originality A B C D, Creativity Project shows Project shows above Project shows below Project shows. excellent quality of average quality of average quality of minimal quality of. work and attention work and attention work with little work and attention. to detail and strong to detail and attention to detail to detail and does. effort to follow the generally follows an only loosely not follow. assignment the assignment follows the assignment,guidelines guidelines assignment guidelines. guidelines,Understanding of A B C D, the Book Project shows Project shows Project shows only Project shows no. strong accurate several accurate one or two accurate accurate written. written links to the written links to the written links to the links to the text no. text without errors text with only one text with several understanding of the. a clear or two errors an errors some book is evident. understanding of the above average understanding of the. book is evident understanding of the book is evident. book is evident, A grade of F will be recorded if no project is turned in. Al Capone Does My Shirts By Gennifer Choldenko Part 1 Comprehension Questions INSTRUCTIONS Answer the following questions while reading the novel Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko It would be good idea to answer the questions one chapter at a time while you are reading Trying to answer 114 questions all at once after

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