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International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ILAC Report. 60th Anniversary of the OIML and 50th CIML Meeting 19 22 October 2015. Arcachon France, A general update on ILAC activities for 2014 2015 follows. ILAC Meetings, The annual meetings for 2014 unfortunately had to be relocated to Vancouver Canada The dates remained. as 8 17 October 2014 and our honorary host for the meetings was the National Standardization Council of. Thailand NSC As members will be aware this is the first time the IAF ILAC Annual Meetings have been. hosted by ILAC and IAF so this was new territory for the Secretariats of both organisations as the operation. of the annual meetings is more complex than the mid year meetings that we have now been hosting since. The feedback received to date about the meetings has been positive and the experience gained will be. provided as part of the background information for the Joint Task Force established by the Joint Executive. Committee JEC to look into the best model for hosting future annual meetings after 2016. Special thanks go to our colleagues from the National Standardization Council of Thailand NSC for their. gracious support in taking on the role of honorary host for the 2014 Annual Meetings. The 2015 mid year meetings for ILAC and IAF were held during 9 16 April 2015 at the Le Meridien Park. Hotel in Frankfurt Germany The ILAC Inspection Committee IC Arrangement Committee ARC. Arrangement Management Committee AMC the Joint meeting of the ILAC and IAF Management. Committees JMC ILAC Executive Committee and the Joint meeting of the ILAC and IAF Executives. JEC were held as usual during this period and new additions to the Frankfurt meeting schedule for 2015. included the ILAC Accreditation Committee AIC and the Proficiency Testing Working Group PTWG. The ILAC Laboratory Committee also met in Frankfurt on the 7th and 8th of April. The annual meetings for 2015 are being hosted by L Ente Italiano di Accreditamento ACCREDIA in. Milan Italy The meetings will be held from 28 October to 6 November 2015 at the Milan Marriott Hotel. The conference website can be accessed using the following link http www iafilac2015 org. Information about other ILAC committee meetings can be found in the Events Calendar section on the ILAC. website under the Media Centre tab accessible via http ilac org events. The ILAC MRA, As at 10 August 2015 there are 89 Signatories Full Members to the ILAC Mutual Recognition. Arrangement representing 74 economies The ILAC MRA covers recognition for accreditation in the areas. of calibration ISO IEC 17025 testing ISO IEC 17025 medical testing ISO 15189 and inspection. ISO IEC 17020 The list of signatories to the ILAC MRA is available from http ilac org signatory search. A resolution was adopted at the recent 2014 ILAC General Assembly GA that will allow the. implementation of the extension of the ILAC MRA to include accreditation of proficiency testing providers. ISO IEC 17043 when the appropriate peer evaluation documents within ILAC are updated to cover this. While the various ILAC Recognised Regional Cooperation Bodies are also either in the process of. developing or have already developed mutual recognition arrangements for the accreditation of reference. material producers ISO Guide 34 a resolution proposing the implementation of the extension of the ILAC. MRA to include accreditation of reference material producers was not endorsed by the ILAC GA at its. October 2014 meeting, The Adopted Resolutions of the 18th ILAC General Assembly in Vancouver Canada can be downloaded. from the ILAC website at Resolutions of the Eighteenth ILAC General Assembly 17 October 2014. 2015 08 10 ILAC Update CIML Page 1 of 4,50 CIML AMD 02 Page 2 of 5 2015 10 01.
ILAC Membership, ILAC membership as at 10 August 2015 is as follows. 89 Full Members signatories to the ILAC MRA representing 74 economies. 17 Associates representing 34 economies,13 Affiliates representing 13 economies. 6 Regional Cooperation Bodies,23 Stakeholders, The ILAC membership total 148 members now covers a total of 113 different economies worldwide Over. 49 000 laboratories and approximately 8 000 inspection bodies are accredited by the ILAC Full Members. signatories to the ILAC MRA,ILAC Executive, The revised version of ILAC R7 Rules for the Use of the ILAC MRA Mark was published in May 2015. following a successful 30 day ballot and shortly after this the ILAC R7 F1 Agreement for the Use of the. ILAC MRA Mark was distributed to eligible ILAC MRA signatories for signing. The revised version of ILAC R4 Use of the ILAC Logo and Tagline was also published in May 2015. following a successful 30 day ballot and shortly after this Annex 1 Declaration Form to Use the ILAC Logo. and Tagline was also distributed to eligible ILAC members for signing. Following a successful 30 day ballot the ILAC R3 ILAC Strategic Plan 2015 2020 and Supplement 1 to. ILAC R3 were published in December 2014 The ILAC Executive Committee has begun work on the. implementation of the actions detailed in the Supplement and this work also featured on the agenda of the. Committees that met in Frankfurt in April, ILAC R7 ILAC R4 and ILAC R3 can be downloaded from the Publications and Resources section of the.
ILAC website http ilac org publications and resources ilac documents rules series. The ISO IAF ILAC communiqu on ISO 15189 accreditation and the associated press release was updated in. February 2015 to reflect the 2012 edition of ISO 15189 that is now in widespread use. The MoU between ILAC and IFCC was renewed in December 2014 The MoU was first established in July. 2010 to inform and support cooperation between ILAC and IFCC in the area of medical laboratory. accreditation, Revised MoUs between ILAC IAF OIML and ILAC IAF UNIDO were both signed during the Vancouver. meetings in October 2014, The communiqu press release and MoUs are available from the Partnerships section of the ILAC website. using the following link http ilac org about ilac partnerships. ILAC Liaisons, In 2014 a joint proposal from ILAC IAF ISO and IEC to host a working session at the World Trade. Organisation WTO Public Forum was accepted by the WTO The session was coordinated by Jon Murthy. the ILAC MCC and IAF CMC Chair and took place on 1 October 2014 in Geneva There were. approximately 60 attendees and the feedback on the session was very positive The ILAC and IAF proposal. to host a session at the WTO Public Forum 2015 has again been accepted and is scheduled for 1 October. The first major liaison activity for ILAC in 2015 was the annual bipartite working group meeting between. ILAC and the International Bureau of Weights and Measures BIPM together with the quadripartite. meeting between ILAC BIPM OIML and ISO These meetings took place on 4 and 5 March in Paris The. ILAC delegation to the meeting with BIPM consisted of 4 people and ILAC was represented by two. delegates at the quadripartite meeting, ILAC has also been represented at two additional events at the BIPM in 2015 presenting at the Workshop on. Measurement Uncertainty and participating in the Workshop on Global to Urban Scale Carbon. Measurements in June ILAC will also be represented at the CIPM MRA Review Workshop in October. 2015 08 10 ILAC Update CIML Page 2 of 4,50 CIML AMD 02 Page 3 of 5 2015 10 01.
In March 2015 the ILAC Vice Chair presented on behalf of ILAC and IAF at the World Trade Organisation. WTO Advanced Technical Barriers to Trade TBT Course in Geneva and the Vice Chair also represented. ILAC at the OECD meeting on Fostering the contribution of international organisations to better rules of. globalisation on 17 April 2015 in Paris, The ILAC Chair also presented on behalf of ILAC and IAF at the United Nations Industrial Development. Organisation UNIDO Workshop on Trade Capacity Building TCB in Maputo Mozambique during. March 2015 followed by participating in the annual meeting of the Network on Metrology Accreditation. and Standardization for Developing Countries DCMAS Network. The ILAC Chair and Vice Chair both attended the regular round of ISO CASCO meetings in May and will. also attend the meetings scheduled for October 2015 including the Chairman s Policy Committee CPC the. Strategic Alliance and Regulatory Group STAR the Technical Interface Group TIG and the. ISO ILAC IAF Joint Strategic Group JSG, In addition ILAC was represented by our liaison officers at the ISO REMCO and ISO TC69 meetings held. in June as well as the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology JCGM WG1 WG2 meetings. ILAC representatives are also actively participating in each of the following ISO CASCO Working Groups. WG 42 ISO IEC 17011 revision meetings held in Nov 2014 Feb 2015 and May 2015 as well as a. subcommittee meeting held in July 2015, ILAC Representatives Jennifer Evans NATA and Andreas Steinhorst EA. ILAC Support Committee ILAC Arrangement Committee ARC. ILAC has been represented at all of the WG42 meetings including the subcommittee meeting to date ILAC. will also be represented at the drafting group meeting in 2015. WG 44 ISO IEC 17025 revision meetings held in Feb June and August 2015. CASCO Convenor Warren Merkel nominated by ILAC, ILAC Representatives Ms Zhang Mingxia CNAS and Ms Johanna Acuna Loria ECA. ILAC Support Committees ILAC Accreditation Committee AIC and ILAC Laboratory Committee LC. ILAC has been represented at all of the WG44 meetings to date. JWG 43 transformation of ISO Guide 34 into ISO 17034 meetings held in Dec 2014 and July. ILAC Representatives Lorraine Turner UKAS and He Ping CNAS. ILAC Support Committee ILAC Accreditation Committee AIC. ILAC has been represented at all of the JWG43 meetings to date The ILAC Representatives were also on the. ISO REMCO ad hoc advisory group AHG3 that prepared the ground work for the transformation to an. international standard, In addition to the meetings noted above during 2015 ILAC liaison officers will participate in the ISO TC212.
meetings as well as the meetings of the IEC ILAC IAF Steering Committee the Joint Committee for Guides. in Metrology JCGM the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine JCTLM the 50th. CIML Meeting and the 60th Anniversary of the OIML, The ILAC Chair will also be presenting at the AFRAC General Assembly Opening Ceremony and the. CROLAB 11th International Conference of Laboratory Competence in October and the ILAC MCC Chair. will be presenting at the IEC ISO ITU World Standards Cooperation WSC Conformity Assessment. Workshop in December 2015, The Liaison information page located in the member s area of the ILAC website continues to serve as the. main repository for the reports and documents produced as part of ILAC s liaison activities and also includes. details of the liaison officers and upcoming meeting dates The ILAC Liaison Procedure which provides all. the pertinent information relating to ILAC s liaison activities can also be downloaded from this page. ILAC thanks all of the ILAC liaison officers and their organisations who volunteer their time to assist ILAC. in carrying out these activities for the benefit of all ILAC members. 2015 08 10 ILAC Update CIML Page 3 of 4,50 CIML AMD 02 Page 4 of 5 2015 10 01. ILAC Secretariat, The ILAC Secretariat is currently staffed as follows Annette Dever Sharon Kelly Rana Baleh Rose De. Rota previously Bevins and Jo lle Nicolas, The development of the new ILAC website was a major focus for the ILAC Secretariat during 2014 with the.
new ILAC website being launched on Wednesday 27 August 2014 The website can be accessed via. http www ilac org, We are also pleased to announce the launch of our Twitter site on Tuesday 14 July 2015 The ILAC. Secretariat is managing the ILAC Twitter site with input from the ILAC MCC Task Force on Social Media. The ILAC Twitter site can be accessed via https twitter com ILAC Official Follow ILAC Official on. Twitter to receive the latest ILAC news including information on publications events meetings liaison. activities and member news, ILAC publications can be downloaded from the ILAC Website in the Publications and Resources section. Documents published since June 2014 are as follows. IAF ILAC A6 02 2015 Approval Process for IAF ILAC A Series Documents. ILAC G19 08 2014 Modules in a Forensic Science Process. ILAC P9 06 2014 ILAC Policy for Participation in Proficiency Testing Activities. ILAC P15 06 2014 Application of ISO IEC 17020 2012 for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies. ILAC R3 12 2014 ILAC Strategic Plan 2015 2020 and Supplement 1 To ILAC R3 12 2014. ILAC R4 05 2015 Use of the ILAC Logo and Tagline, ILAC R7 05 2015 Rules for the Use of the ILAC MRA Mark and ILAC R7 F1 Agreement for the use of the. ILAC MRA Mark, New brochures published since June 2014 are listed below and it should also be noted that many of the. brochures have been translated into a range of different languages. IAF ILAC B6 09 2014 Accreditation Delivering confidence in the provision of energy. ILAC B8 10 2014 Signatories to the ILAC Arrangement. The latest edition of ILAC News which includes articles from ILAC members was published in April 2015. and can be accessed electronically via the ILAC website in the Media Centre tab under ILAC Newsletter or. via the following link ILAC News 47 April 2015 Past editions of ILAC News are also available to. download from the ILAC website To subscribe to ILAC News please click here. World Accreditation Day was celebrated on 9 June 2015 The theme for Wor. 50th CIML Meeting Additional Meeting Document 50CIML AMD 02 2015 10 01 Agenda item 7 2 Liaison report ILAC Update 50 CIML AMD 02 Page 1 of 5 2015 10 01

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