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ADVANCES in AUTOMATIC,CONTROL MODELLING,SIMULATION. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Automatic. Control Modelling Simulation ACMOS 13,Brasov Romania. June 1 3 2013,Scientific Sponsors, Transilvania University University University Politehnica Stefan cel Mare. of Brasov of Craiova of Bucharest Universtity of Suceava. Constantin Brancusi Megatrend University University Lucian Blaga Constanta Maritime. University of Targu Jiu of Belgrade of Sibiu University. Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering Series 13. ISSN 1790 5117,ISBN 978 1 61804 189 0,ADVANCES in AUTOMATIC. CONTROL MODELLING,SIMULATION, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Automatic.
Control Modelling Simulation ACMOS 13,Brasov Romania. June 1 3 2013,Published by WSEAS Press,www wseas org. Copyright 2013 by WSEAS Press, All the copyright of the present book belongs to the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and. Society Press All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval. system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or. otherwise without the prior written permission of the Editor of World Scientific and Engineering Academy. and Society Press, All papers of the present volume were peer reviewed by no less that two independent reviewers. Acceptance was granted when both reviewers recommendations were positive. See also http www worldses org review index html,ISSN 1790 5117.
ISBN 978 1 61804 189 0,ADVANCES in AUTOMATIC,CONTROL MODELLING. SIMULATION, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Automatic. Control Modelling Simulation ACMOS 13,Brasov Romania. June 1 3 2013, Prof Vladimir Marascu Klein Transilvania University of Brasov Romania. Prof Marian Ciontu University of Craiova Romania, Prof Violeta Vali Ciucur Constanta Maritime University Romania.
Noor Fadiya Mohd Noor Mohd Zubir Mat Jafri,Sandra Sendra Alper Ozpinar. Mohamed Hussein Chi Chieh Tsung,Agoujil Said Rosli Abu Bakar. Pan Agathoklis Tamer Khatib,Florin Grofu Vimalathithan Rathinasabapathy. K E Ch Vidyasagar Payam Porkar,Aamir Saeed Malik Alejandro Fuentes Penna. Yilun Shang Hamed Niroumand,Valentina E Balas Francisc Popescu.
Hime Aguiar Swapnadip De,Chenwen Zheng Hung Jen Yang. Alexander N Pisarchik Tohru Kawabe,Daniela Litan Andrey Dmitriev. Ruzlaini Ghoni Guido Izuta,Simian Dana Massimiliano Todisco. Adrian Runceanu Shrishail T Patil,Guedria Wided Aboubekeur Hamdi Cherif. Poom Kumam Heimo Walter,Yuqing Zhou Hassan Chizari.
Morale Terry Badrul Aisham Md Zin,Roman Mihai Daniel Shaikh Abdul Hannan. Gherghinescu Sorin Gheorghe Badea,Mojtaba Shivaie In cio Fonseca. Kok Mun Ng Snezhana Georgieva Gocheva Ilieva,Zengshi Chen V Mladenov. Valeriu Prepelita Radek Matusu,Juli n Pucheta Kandarpa Kumar Sarma. L Popa Alina Adriana Minea,C lia Nunes Sorin Ioan Deaconu.
Dhaval Vyas Josip Music,Petras Rup ys Lungu Mihai Aureliu. Satishkumar Satish Kumar Duraiswamy Bet l Kan,Anastasios Salis Zah ra Mekkioui. Ioana Adrian Hishamuddin Jamaluddin,Kamyar Mehranzamir Gheorghe Grigoras. Mustafa Yagimli Tamer Mohamed Mansour Abdel Dayem,Adela Eliza Dumitrascu Libor Pekar. D Dumitrascu Chandrasekaran Subramaniam,Tejinder Saggu Kannan K.
Radha Gupta Tamara Grujic,Mihaiela Iliescu Vipul Arvindbhai Shah. Ajay Poddar Vipin Balyan,Shahram Javadi Frangiskos Topalis. Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk Yang Zhang,T Tashev Md Jakir Hossen. Kieran Greer Elena Scutelnicu,Yee Jiun Yap,Sorinel Oprisan. Gabriela Mircea, This year the 15th International Conference on Automatic Control Modelling Simulation.
ACMOS 13 was held in Brasov Romania June 1 3 2013 The conference provided a platform. to discuss large scale systems digital control fuzzy systems and fuzzy control intelligent. control parallel and distributed systems optimization problems in control engineering fault. tolerance control of large systems via internet signal processing systems for control etc with. participants from all over the world both from academia and from industry. Its success is reflected in the papers received with participants coming from several countries. allowing a real multinational multicultural exchange of experiences and ideas. The accepted papers of this conference are published in this Book that will be sent to. international indexes They will be also available in the E Library of the WSEAS Extended. versions of the best papers will be promoted to many Journals for further evaluation. Conference such as this can only succeed as a team effort so the Editors want to thank the. International Scientific Committee and the Reviewers for their excellent work in reviewing the. papers as well as their invaluable input and advice. The Editors, Advances in Automatic Control Modelling Simulation. Table of Contents, Plenary Lecture 1 Controlling Risk in Flexible Manufacturing Processes 15. Calin I Ciufudean, Plenary Lecture 2 Modeling and Simulation Method Applied in a Multimachine Power System 16. Dimitrios Bandekas, Plenary Lecture 3 Techniques to Improve THD in Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems 17. Aldo Pardo Garcia, Plenary Lecture 4 Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of Magnetic Shielding at Low Frequencies 18.
Dumitru Cazacu, Plenary Lecture 5 Multitime Modeling in Robotics 19. Constantin Udriste, Adaptive Synchronization of Hyper Chaotic Yujun Systems 21. Dumitru Deleanu, Evaluating Intellectual Capital Using the Statistic Analysis for Fuzzy Models 27. Simona Dinu Madalina Nitoiu, Optimization Methodology of Hierarchical Control of Orbital Constellations 32. V M Ivanov N L Sokolov K R Nosova, Sizing Group of the Extinguishing Electric Arc in DC Hybrid Breaker One Stage 37.
Titu Niculescu Marius Marcu Leon Pana Florin Popescu. New Concept of Two Compression Stages Turbocharger 42. Stan Constantin Liviu, Neuro Fuzzy Logic Based Modelling for Optimisation in Superfinishing Process 48. Badea Lepadatescu Snejana Yordanova, Modelling the Crystalline Field Parameters and Simulation of Power Levels for LiCaAlF6 Cr3 53. Girdu Constantin Cristinel, Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Brake Discs Thermal Stress 57. Stefan Voloaca Gheorghe Fratila, Simulation of High Pressure Fuel Injection Influence to the Diesel Engine Processes 63. Adrian Sab u,ISBN 978 1 61804 189 0 9, Advances in Automatic Control Modelling Simulation.
Magnetic Field Generated by a Cloverleaf Device 69. Monica Pirvan Constantin Udriste, Nonholonomic Geometry of Gibbs Duhem Symplectic Metric Structure 75. Cristina Stamin Constantin Udriste,Electromagnetic Least Squares Waves 81. Constantin Udriste Ionel Tevy Florin Munteanu Dorel Zugravescu. Queueing Systems with Non Uniform Arrivals Applied to Estimate Services Quality in 86. Passengers Transport Terminals, Florin Valentin Rusca Eugen Rosca Mircea Augustin Rosca Aura Rusca. Connections between Bucharest Underground and Rail Networks 92. Cristina Stefanica Vasile Dragu Stefan Burciu Anamaria Ilie. Computer Simulation for Operational Traffic Improvement in Urban Intersections 98. Mircea Augustin Rosca Eugen Rosca Florin Rusca Valentin Carlan. The Inconsistence of using the Gravity Model for Determining the Transport Demand in a 103. Continuous Medium,F Ghionea M Pirvan E E M Popa, Multitime Prolongations of Single Time ODEs and PDEs 109. Monica Pirvan Laura Gabriela Matei Lavinia Laura Petrescu. A Parametric Method for Reliability Management in Multi State System under Uncertainty 115. Oana Maria Secar Gabriela Ton Dan George Tont, Influence of Thermal Treatment on Physical Properties of Hippopha Rhamnoides L Grown 121.
Wild in Romania,Cristina Damian, Regression Analysis of Time Series for Forecasting the Electricity Consumption of Small 127. Consumers in Case of an Hourly Pricing System,Tanel Kivip ld Juhan Valtin. New Solution Algorithm Determining Water Residence Time in Water Distribution Network 133. Teruji Sekozawa Tomohiro Murata Kazuaki Masuda, The Brownian Motion and the Poisson Process as Noncommutative Markov Processes 139. Cristina erb nescu, ROC Curves Analysis of Automated and Human Industrial Inspection Systems of Sheet Metal 145. Welding Joints,Catalin Gheorghe Amza,ISBN 978 1 61804 189 0 10.
Advances in Automatic Control Modelling Simulation. Algorithms and Programs for the Flowrate Calculus and Orifice Plates Sizing A Case Study 151. Cristian Patrascioiu Marian Popescu Cristian Dumitrescu. On Efficiency Conditions for Multiobjective Variational Problems Involving Higher Order 157. Derivatives,Savin Treanta Constantin Udriste, Structural Synthesis of Braking Mechanisms in Railway Vehicles 165. Ovidiu Antonescu Mihai Sirbulescu Paun Antonescu, Modelling the Information Transmission Chain Delays in Real Time Mobile Information 175. Systems for Route Guidance,M Minea I B descu, Discrete Time Discrete Frequency Environment for Time Frequency Signal Analysis and Real 181. Time Applications,I Badescu C Dumitrescu Gh Andrei. Methods of Improving the Quality of the Images Obtained by Truncating the Wavelet 186. Coefficients Software,Iulian Badescu Catalin Dumitrescu Marius Minea.
A Solution for DC DC Converters Study 192, Mihai Rata Gabriela Rata Dorel Cernomazu Leon Mandici Cristina Prodan. The Structure Model of Spacecrafts in Researching of Tasks for Planning of Onboard Systems 198. Denis Zelenov Valerian Skornyakov,Determining the Time Constant of Buildings 202. Stan Ivan Felicia Elena Mircea Ion, The Online Statistical Survey as an Alternative to Traditional Methods 207. Simona Dinu Madalina Nitoiu Catalin Pomazan, Computer Modeling of Crystal Field Strength Parameter 213. Constantin Cristinel G rdu, Innovative Movement Monitoring System for Elderly using Passive Infrared and Linear Phased 219.
Antenna Arrays,S Sfichi A Graur V Popa I Finis A Lavric. A Topological Approach to Tensional Psychological Construct 226. Alin Gilbert Sumedrea,Access Control System using iButton 232. Florin Grofu Constantin Cercel,ISBN 978 1 61804 189 0 11. Advances in Automatic Control Modelling Simulation. Monitoring the Quality of Electricity 238,Violeta Vali Ciucur. Solution for the Integration of the Security Systems in the Global Building Automation System 242. Daniel Popescu Calin Ciufudean, Colloid Chemical and Rheological Properties of Mustards from the Romanian Market 249.
Cristina Damian, Sliding Mode Robust Tracking Control for Complete Flight Envelope of an UCAV with 253. Parameter Uncertainties,Ibrahim Can Karag z Elbrous M Jafarov. Fuzzy Logic System Applied to Drive Pivot Mechanism of the Arm with Buckets of an Medium 259. Size Excavator ERC 1400,Vilan Constantin Cristinel. The Reducing Order to a Flow Servovalve with Force Feedback using the Singular Perturbation 264. Vilan Constantin Cristinel Olaru Onisifor Nebunu Daniela Lavinia. An Algorithm for Finding the Reachable States Space for nD Discrete Time Invariant Systems 270. Tiberiu Vasilache, The Evaluation of a Method for Optimizing Travel Route Cost on Highways 276. Valentin Iordache Angel Ciprian Cormos Florin Codrut Nemtanu Andrei Razvan Gheorghiu. Applications of Cost Benefit Analysis in Designing Security Strategies for Aviation Systems 283. C t lin Cioac Mircea Bo coianu Calin Ciufudean, Single and Three Phase Shunt Reactors Loss Measurement 288.
Boruz Mircea Alexandru Mircea Paul Mihai Mircea Ion. The Frequency Active Power Control Simulation for the Electrical Power Systems in Radial 293. Network Interconnected,Mircea Paul Mihai Gabriel Iovan Mircea Ion. Behavioral Based Safety Management in Electric Power Industry Complementary Safety of 303. Mircea Paul Mihai B lteanu Mihnea Sorin,System for Inductive Sensors Study 308. Constantin Cercel Florin Grofu, Control of Magnetic Bearings as Rotary Tables for Mill and Drill Machining of Heavy 313. Workpieces, Mario Stamann Thomas Schallschmidt Roberto Leidhold. ISBN 978 1 61804 189 0 12, Advances in Automatic Control Modelling Simulation.
Wind Energy used to Supply a Group of Consumers 322. Enache Firinc Sanda Diana Mircea Ion, Optimization of the THD in a Multi Level Single Phase Converter using Genetic Algorithms 326. Jose Antonio Araque Jorge Luis D az Rodr guez Aldo Pardo Garc a. Numerical System for Measuring the Compression Force 332. Antonie Nicolae Borcosi Ilie, Modeling as a Multiple Criteria Decision Making Problem and Simulation for the 338. Hierarchization of Programs of Study,Amelia Bucur, Modeling and Control Design of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor System 344. M Saad A Albagul D Obaid, Stakeholder Communication in Software Project Management Modelling of Communication 349. Ioan Pop Alexandra Mihaela Pop, Afterburning Control System Based on Fuel Injection Dosage System with Respect to the 354.
Turbine s Pressure Ratio,Alexandru Nicolae Tudosie. Parallel A Zero Client Computing Application 360,Stancu Mihai Dana Simian. Output Feedback Controller Design in a Multimachine Power System 365. D V Bandekas N Vordos J Fantidis, Modelling and Simulation for a Multimachine Power System 370. D V Bandekas N Vordos J Fantidis, Features and Functions of a Business Process Modeler 375. Cristina Elena Popenta,Modeling the Facial Expresions of a Bio.
This year the 15th International Conference on Automatic Control Modelling amp Simulation ACMOS 13 was held in Brasov Romania June 1 3 2013 The conference provided a platform to discuss large scale systems digital control fuzzy systems and fuzzy control intelligent

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