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About the Euromarine Foresight Symposium Future Coast Europe. Objectives, This initiative is based on the recognition that pressure on coastal zones is growing due to conflicts of use e g. coastal protection use production of biological resources marine transportation and urbanisation Scientific data. and studies in different disciplines may provide sound and objective information for decision support to balance. sustainable use and stakeholders interests, The aim of this symposium is to gather scientists from natural and social sciences economy and law as well as. stakeholders in the field in order to share and discuss approaches and to identify actors for joint research in the. future to tackle the scientific challenge for sustainable use and management of coastal zones in Europe At the. symposium we will discuss and identify suitable study areas that might be exemplary for specific conflicts of use. and already have a good scientific data basis and a scientific background In the long term a network shall develop. a collaborative project based on the suggested overarching activities as. coupled modelling, evaluation of ecosystem services and good environmental status. data visualisation and,marine sciences society in the 21st Century. The overall objective is to provide a scientifically based tool box or support system for planning and decision making. Scientific Committee, Christos Arvanitidis Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Crete Greece.
Ulrich Bathmann Nicole Schmidt Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnem nde Germany. Nicola Beaumont Plymouth Marine Laboratory United Kingdom. Peter Herman NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research Netherlands. Bernard Kloareg Eric Thiebaut Roscoff Marine Station France. Martin LeTissier Future Earth Coast formerly LOICZ Ireland. David Turner University of Gothenburg Sweden,Barbara Zanuttigh University of Bologna Italy. Table of Contents,Symposium Programme 4,List of posters 8. Abstracts Oral Presentations 11,Abstracts Poster Presentations 21. Symposium Programme, Session 1 5th October 2015 Scientific knowledge in coastal model regions. Venue Leibniz Hall,Time Presentation Speaker Affiliation.
7 45 h Registration, 8 30 h Welcome Address Bathmann U Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea. Research Warnem nde, 9 00 h Mediterranean Sea MERMEX Sempere R Durrieu de Aix Marseille University. project results and potential Madron X Guieu C France. evolution Pairaud I, 9 15 h Patterns trends and management Benedetti Cecchi L University of Pisa Italy. of marine biodiversity in the Tuscan,Archipelago and regional coasts. 9 30 h The Aquitaine coastline a set of Gr mare A University of Bordeaux. models for future coastal studies France, 9 45 h A Delft perspective on the State of de Vries S Stive M J F Delft University of.
the art in coastal modelling and the Zijderveld A Wang Z B Technology Netherlands. need for data, 10 00 h COSYNA an observation system Brix H and the COSYNA Helmholtz Zentrum. for European coasts and beyond Team Geesthacht Germany. 10 15 h Submarine groundwater discharge Scholten J Garcia University of Kiel Germany. in Europe and effects on coastal Orellana J Masque P. zones Rocha C Schl ter M,Stieglitz T Van Beek P,10 30 h Coffee break. 11 00 h Geographic patterns in European Hummel H Avesaath P Monitor Taskforce Royal. coastal ecosystems as observed van Arvanitidis C Juanes Netherlands Institute for Sea. through EMBOS J A Frost M Research NIOZ Yerseke,Netherlands. 11 15 h Integrated management of coastal Vasileiadou K Pavloudi C Hellenic Centre for Marine. ecosystems a new approach Arvanitidis C Research Greece. 11 30 h How to measure and understand Lips U Lips I Liblik T Tallinn University of. the functioning of ecosystem in a Kikas V V li G Technology Estonia. vertically layered sea, 11 45 h Transformation of model data to Meyer E M I Weisse R Helmholtz Zentrum. information experiences with Geesthacht Germany, 12 00 h Coastal Skagerrak and Kattegat Lindegart M University of Gothenburg.
where giants meet Sweden, 12 15 h The Pomeranian Bay a key area Borowka R K Deng J University of Szczecin. to understand processes at the Dudzinska Nowak J Poland. southern Baltic Sea coast Dutkowski M Furmanczyk,K Harff J Meier H E M. Osadczuk A Schneider R,Soomere T Vo M,Witkowski A Zhang W. 12 30 h Lunch,13 30 h Poster session,14 30 h Parallel sessions. Breakout group I Coupled modelling, Convenor Kai Wirtz Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht Germany.
Keynote Markus Meier Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnem nde Germany. Breakout group II Evaluation of ecosystem services and good environmental status. Convenor Peter Herman NIOZ, Keynote Tiziana Luisetti Cefas Centre for Environment Fisheries Aquaculture Science. 16 00 h Coffee break,16 30 h Plenary discussion,17 00 h End of Session 1. 19 00 h Conference dinner, Session 2 6th October 2015 The human dimension of integrated approaches of coastal management. Venue Leibniz Hall,Time Presentation Speaker Affiliation. 8 50 h Welcome Address LeTissier M Future Earth Coasts. formerly LOICZ Executive, 9 00 h The estuarine management Taal M D Deltares The Netherlands.
approach in Scheldt and Ems,estuary two cases of Integrated. Coastal Zone Management, 9 15 h Conflicts of use in the Strait of Sicily Vega Fern ndez T Musco National Research Council. illustrate difficulties and L Pipitone C D Anna G Institute of Coastal Marine. opportunities of Marine Spatial Badalamenti F Ecology Italy. Planning in the Mediterranean, 9 30 h Usage conflicts in coastal areas of Villanueva A Beiras R Toralla Marine Science. the Northern Iberian Peninsula Troncoso J Marig mez I Station ECIMAT University. human activities and environmental Soto M Cancio I of Vigo Spain. health surveillance in the Southern,Bay of Biscay and the Galician R as. 9 45 h Projecting impacts reducing risk Brown S Nicholls R J University of Southampton. Long term coastal management UK,under multiple drivers of change.
10 00 h Implementation of an Adaptation Berkenbrink C Knaack H Coastal Research Station of. Strategy for Coastal Protection by Weisse R Wessels A Lower Saxony Water. Applying Results of Research Wurpts A Niemeyer H D Management Coastal. Projects Defence and Nature,Conservation Agency, 10 15 h The cross border region of Dutkowski M Balanicka E University of Szczecin. Pomerania a key territory where Czapli ski P Dendewicz S Poland. the socio economic convergence Szydarowski W Zaucha J. processes drive coastal zone,transformation in the Baltic Sea. 10 30 h Coffee break, 11 00 h On human relations to coastal Stenseke M University of Gothenburg. waters Sweden, 11 15 h Adressing integration challenges in Kannen A Helmholtz Zentrum. maritime spatial planning MSP Geesthacht Germany,understanding approaches and.
tools in the BaltSpace project, 11 30 h Integrated coastal and marine Janssen H Leibniz Institute for Baltic. planning as a tool for science based Sea Research Warnem nde. conflict resolution Germany, 11 45 h Working with nature soft coastal Gesing F ZenTraClim artec. protection in Aotearoa New Sustainability Research. Zealand Center Bremen,NatureCultures Lab,12 00 h Lunch. 13 00 h Poster session,14 00 h Parallel sessions,Breakout group IIII Data visualisation. Convenor Holger Janssen Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende. Keynote Bel n Mart n M guez European Marine Data and Observation Network EMODnet. Breakout group IV Marine Sciences Society in the 21st Century. Convenor Michi Knecht University of Bremen, Keynote Anna Katharina Hornidge Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology ZMT.
15 30 h Coffee break, 16 00 h JPI Oceans Pierpaolo Campostrini JPI Oceans Executive. Science Support To Coastal and Committee member,Maritime Planning and CORILA Consortium for. Management Managing Scientific,Research on Venice Lagoon. 16 30 h Plenary discussion,17 00 h End of Session 2. Session 3 7th October 2015 Workshop Demonstration missions and improving knowledge for a. fully integrated coastal management,Venue Einstein Hall.
Time Presentation Speaker Affiliation, 9 00 h Welcome David Turner University of Gothenburg. 9 05 h N N to be confirmed EC DG Research, 9 30 h Blue Baltic Andris Andrusaitis BONUS Secretariat EEIG. Helsinki Finland,10 00 h Future Earth Thorsten Kiefer Future Earth. Global Hub Director Paris, 10 30 h Greening the blue sustainability fro Jessica Hjerpe Olausson Region V stra G taland. the perspective of a maritime region Anders Carlsberg Sweden. 11 00 h Coffee break,Foresight Session, 11 30 h European Marine Biological Resourc Nicolas Pade Marine Biological.
Centre EMBRC a distributed Association Plymouth UK. European Research Infrastructure, 12 00 h Networking Research Technology a Karen H Wiltshire Abele D Alfred Wegener Institute. Capacity Building for future Europea Bathmann B Boersma M Helmholtz Centre for Polar. Coastal Science Brey T Burchard H Fische and Marine Research. P McGrane P Overduin P Germany,Sch fer A Lantuit H. 12 30 h The assessment of ecosystem Eric Thi baut B Kloareg Station Biologique de. services for coastal areas Mongruel R Roscoff France. management new insights and,perspectives,13 00 h Lunch break. 13 45 h Synthesis Workshop, Ulrich Bathmann Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnem nde Germany. 16 00 End of Symposium,underlined author,affiliation of the speaker.
List of posters, 1 Eutrophication and pollution assessment in Greek coastal areas in relation to different pressures. Pavlidou A Hatzianestis I Gogou A Tsapakis M Simboura N Parinos K Rousselaki E. 2 The Dutch coast a key region for Future Coast, de Vries S Stive M J F Zijderveld A Lodder Q van Thiel de Vries J. 3 Ecosystem functioning in the Gulf of Lions shelf and oceanic areas. Carlotti F, 4 Biodiversity conservation and larval dispersal the Gulf of Lions test case. 5 Baltic TRANSCOAST Understanding the coastal ecocline. B ttcher M E Brede M Burchard H Forster S Janssen M Jurasinski G Karsten U Leinweber P. Lennartz B Rehder G Schubert H Schulz Vogt H Voss M. 6 How many shifts are too many Natural and anthropogenic change at the entrance to the Baltic Sea. Weinberger F Holmer M Pedersen M F, 7 Organic association of dissolved iron and copper in the subterranean estuaries of a barrier island in. the German North Sea, 8 The R as Baixas Galicia Spain Coexistence of urban uses and shellfish production in an upwelling.
driven highly productive marine environment, Villanueva A Fern ndez E lvarez Salgado X A Beiras R Ovejero A and M ndez G. 9 The environmental footprint of shipping,Turner D R Hassell v I M. 10 An acidic future for Norwegian fisheries Assessing the socio economic vulnerability of the. Norwegian fishery sector to the threat of ocean acidification. Heinrich L,11 New Polar Pollutants in coastal environments. Fisch K Orlikowska A Schulz Bull D, 12 Sedimentary carbon burial an overlooked service of the marine environment to the mankind. quantification and evaluation, Pempkowiak J Pazdro K Kuli ski K Winogradow A Zaborska A W s awski M.
13 Danish fishermen s future life and profession in ICES transition area 22 understanding development. since 1980,Overgaard C R, 14 JERICO A European network of coastal marine infrastructure for science and policy. Puillat I Farcy P Delauney L Gremare A Petersen W Petihakis G Perivoltis L Nair R Sparnocchia. 15 The integrated and multidisciplinary Western Channel Observatory UK. Torres R Smyth T Fishwick J, 16 The Western English Channel Microbial Observatory. Cunliffe M Thiebaut E Simon N Pade N, 17 The German Working Group Aquatic Optical Technologies. Schulz J M ller K O Bracher A Hieronymi M Cisewski B Zielinski O Voss D Gutzeit E Dolereit T. Niedzwiedz G Kohlberg G Schories D Kiko R K rtzinger A Falldorf C Fischer P Nowald N Beisiegel. K Martinez Arbizu P R ssmeier N R ttgers R B denbender J Jordt Sedlazeck A Koch R Riebesell. U Iversen M H K ser K Kwasnitschka T Wellhausen J Barz K Rohde S Nattkemper T W Schoening. T Peeters F Hofmann H Busch J Niehoff B Stohr E Winter C Herbst G Konrad C Schmidt M. Linke P Brey T Nolle L Bathmann U, 18 The Department Maritime Systems Rostock University. Lennartz B Kunz F, 19 Leibniz ScienceCampus Phosphorus Research Rostock Towards sustainable phosphorus.
management,Bathmann U Kr mer I et al, 20 RESOMAR and SOMLIT two French National Networks. Savoye N Gr mare A Heussner S Sautour B, 21 DYNALIT a French national initiative towards the observation of Coastal Development and Coastline. Cocquempot L Delacourt C Kato Y, 22 Long term coastal time series sites in Germany Helgoland Reede North Sea and Boknis Eck Baltic. Bange H W Wiltshire K H, 23 The guest science programme at the Biological Station Helgoland. 24 Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences IO PAN activities in the coastal research. 25 The Hydrobiological Station of Chioggia a platform to study the coasts and lagoons of the north. western Adriatic Sea,Vezzi A Mazzoldi C Lanfranchi G.
26 Towards an integrated view of benthic and pelagic processes in the southern North Sea German. Friedrich J Janssen F van Beusekom J E E Naderipour C Neumann A. 27 The assessment of ecosystem services in the Gulf normand breton English Channel a case study. Abstract Book Euromarine Foresight Symposium About the Euromarine Foresight Symposium Future Coast Europe Objectives This initiative is based on the recognition that pressure on coastal zones is growing due to conflicts of use e g coastal protection use production of biological resources marine transportation and urbanisation Scientific data and studies in different disciplines

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