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A Series of Unfortunate Events,By Lemony Snicket,Table of Contents. Suggestions and Expectations 3,List of Skills 4,Synopsis Author Biography 5. Student Checklist 6,Reproducible Student Booklet 7. Answer Key 71,About The Authors, Nat Reed has been a member of the teaching profession for more than 30 years He. is presently a full time instructor at Trent University in the Teacher Education. Program Joel Reed has over 30 published novel studies and is the co author of. three fiction novels For more information on their work and literature please visit the. websites www novelstudies org and www reedpublications org. Copyright 2014 Nat and Joel Reed,All rights reserved by authors.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only, Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display,A Series of Unfortunate Events. By Lemony Snicket,Suggestions and Expectations, This curriculum unit can be used in a variety of ways Each chapter of the novel study focuses on. between one and two chapters of A Series of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning and is. comprised of five of the following different activities. Before You Read,Vocabulary Building,Comprehension Questions. Language Activities,Extension Activities,Links with the Common Core Standards U S.
Many of the activities included in this curriculum unit are supported by the Common Core. Standards For instance the Reading Standards for Literature Grade 5 makes reference to. a determining the meaning of words and phrases including figurative language. b explaining how a series of chapters fits together to provide the overall structure. c compare and contrast two characters,d determine how characters respond to challenges. e drawing inferences from the text,f determining a theme of a story and many others. A principal expectation of the unit is that students will develop their skills in reading writing. listening and oral communication as well as in reasoning and critical thinking Students will also. be expected to provide clear answers to questions and well constructed explanations It is critical. as well that students be able to relate events and the feelings of characters to their own lives and. experiences and describe their own interpretation of a particular passage. A strength of the unit is that students can work on the activities at their own pace Every activity. need not be completed by all students A portfolio cover is included p 7 so that students may. organize their work and keep it all in one place A Student Checklist is also included p 6 so. that a record of completed work may be recorded, Themes which may be taught in conjunction with the novel include belonging dealing with. adversity courage and perseverance the destructive power of greed the theater and acting. A Series of Unfortunate Events,By Lemony Snicket,List of Skills. Vocabulary Development, 1 Locating descriptive words phrases 8 Identify anagrams.
2 Listing synonyms homonyms 9 Listing compound words. 3 Identifying creating alliteration 10 Identifying parts of speech. 4 Use of capitals and punctuation 11 Determining alphabetical order. 5 Identifying syllables 12 Identification of root words. 6 Identify personification 13 Identify create similes. 7 Identify singular plural,Setting Activities,1 Summarize the details of a setting. Plot Activities, 1 Complete a time line of events 4 Identify cliffhangers. 2 Identify conflict in the story 5 Identify the climax of the novel. 3 Complete Five W s Chart 6 Complete a Story Pyramid. Character Activities, 1 Determine character traits 3 Relating personal experiences. 2 Identify the protagonist antagonist 4 Compare characters. Creative and Critical Thinking, 1 Research 6 Write a description of personal feelings. 2 Write a newspaper story 7 Write a book review, 3 Participate in a talk show 8 Complete an Observation Chart.
4 Conduct an interview 9 Complete a KWS Chart,5 Create a poem 10 Create a friendly letter. Art Activities,1 A Storyboard 4 Design a cover for the novel. 2 Create a collage 5 Create a comic strip, 3 Create an Information Card 6 Design a wanted poster. A Series of Unfortunate Events,By Lemony Snicket,Dear Reader. I m sorry to say that the book you are holding in your hands is extremely unpleasant It tells an. unhappy tale about three very unlucky children Even though they are charming and clever the. Baudelaire siblings lead lives filled with misery and woe From the very first page of this book. when the children are at the beach and receive terrible news continuing on through the entire. story disaster lurks at their heels One might say they are magnets for misfortune. In this short book alone the thee youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain itchy. clothing a disastrous fire a plot to steal their fortune and cold porridge for breakfast. It is my sad duty to write down these unpleasant tales but there is nothing stopping you from. putting this book down at once and reading something happy if you prefer that sort of thing. With all due respect,Lemony Snicket The Publisher, A complete synopsis and other helpful reviews can be found online at.
such sites as the following http en wikipedia org wiki A Series of Unfortunate Events. Author Biography,Lemony Snicket, Born Daniel Handler on February 28 1970 in San Francisco. California Lemony Snicket became well known for his series. of novels for children A Series of Unfortunate Events. featuring the Baudelaire siblings Violet Klaus and Sunny. Books in the series include The Bad Beginning 1999 The. Vile Village 2001 The Slippery Slope 2003 The Grim. Grotto 2004 The Penultimate Peril 2005 and The End. 2006 A film Lemony Snicket s A Series of Unfortunate. Events directed by Brad Silberling appeared in 2004. Courtesy of the following website www biography com. A Series of Unfortunate Events,By Lemony Snicket,Student Checklist. Student Name,Assignment Grade Level Comments,A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Bad Beginning,By Lemony Snicket,A Series of Unfortunate Events. By Lemony Snicket,Before you read the chapter, Lemony Snicket has certainly chosen an intriguing title for his novel Most people.
however would rather not have a series of unfortunate events happen to them. personally What would be three events you would NOT wish to have happen to you. Vocabulary, Choose a word from the list to complete each sentence. despair misfortune distracted trivial,retrieve device executor misspoken. 1 My cousin asked me to be the of his estate, 2 I hate to bother the principal about so a matter. 3 When his pet budgie died Max fell into a state of complete. 4 Milos Raonic was about to serve the ball when he was suddenly by a. 5 Uncle Charlie invented a that will open a can of beans in three seconds. 6 Once Councilor Augustine realized she had she quickly apologized. 7 He was about to the golf ball when a huge dog appeared before him. 8 I m afraid I had the of running afoul of the law when I was young. 1 What is the setting for most of Chapter One, 2 For each of the three main characters listed in the following chart find one thing from the. story which would describe this person either his her appearance or personality. 3 Even though the Baudelaire children were intelligent and resourceful there was. something rather unusual about them What was it, 4 What terrible news did Mr Poe deliver to them in this chapter.
5 The children remembered that Mr Poe always seemed to have a and often. excused himself from the table to have a fit of in the next room. 6 Think of three appropriate adjectives which would describe Mr Poe. Mr Poe 1 2 3, 7 What was to become of the great fortune that the children s parents had amassed. Good to Know Skipping Stones, Violet loves to skip stones on the water which requires a good throwing arm and a flat rock. Did you know that there is a North American Stone Skipping Association which was founded. by Coleman McGhee in 1989 The world record according to the Guinness Book of Records is. 51 skips set by Russell Byars on July 19 2007,Language Activity. A Will the real Mr Poe please stand up, Mr Poe comes across as being a rather odd mysterious person It is probably no accident that. the author chose the name Mr Poe for this particular character A more well known Mr Poe is. the famed writer Edgar Allan Poe who gained world wide attention for his eerie tales of. mystery and the macabre, Using resources in your school library or on the Internet do some research into this remarkable.
author and record three fascinating facts about his life and or accomplishments. B Many authors enjoy using alliteration a literary device where the author. repeats the same sound at the beginning of several words Here s one such example. from Chapter One and had pleasant facial features, Using your imagination create your own examples of alliteration from the following. topics Each example must contain a minimum of three words. The sound of waves on the beach,A scary Jack o lantern. Your own example,C Anagrams, An anagram is a word that is formed by changing the order of the letters of another. word For example the letters in the word WAS can also form the word SAW Follow. these directions to form the anagrams,a read the clue in the right hand column. b Using the word in the left hand column move the letters around in any order but you. must use all the letters,Word Anagram Clue,there A number.
words A weapon,slender Bankers are often,where A person who cuts wood or stone. table The sound a goat might make,stone What you might take in class. details Becomes wider larger or more open,A tough one. D Place the following words from this chapter in alphabetical order. retrieve 2,previous 6,pleasant 9,Extension Activities. A Storyboard, A storyboard is a series of pictures that tell about an important event.
in a story A storyboard can tell the story of only one scene or the. entire novel Complete the storyboard below illustrating the events. described in this section of A Series of Unfortunate Events You. may wish to practice your drawings on a separate piece of paper. B Poe Was a Poet Perhaps You Too, As well as writing many spooky stories Edgar Allan Poe was probably most famous for. one of his most disturbing poems The Raven, There are many forms of poetry available to the aspiring poet other than the rhyming. poem for which Poe was so adept at creating One of the forms of poetry that is the. most fun to tackle in the Diamante poem,The Diamante Poem. The diamante poem has a distinct form and a distinct shape Directions for creating. one is as follows,Line 1 Noun or subject one word,Line 2 Two adjectives that describe Line 1. Line 3 Three ing words that describe line 1 i e playing. Line 4 Four nouns the first two are connected with Line 1 the last two are. connected with Line 7,Line 5 Three ing words that describe Line 7.
Line 6 Two adjectives that describe Line 7,Line 7 One noun synonym for the subject. Following the above instructions try your hand at writing a diamante poem using an. idea event or character from Chapter One of the novel as your inspiration. between one and two chapters of A Series of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning and is comprised of five of the following different activities Before You Read Vocabulary Building Comprehension Questions Language Activities Extension Activities Links with the Common Core Standards U S Many of the activities included in this curriculum unit are supported by the Common

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