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August 12 2014,Committee Members 2013 14,Table of Contents Peter Oakley. Today s Program 1 President BMUG Assist,peteroakley bellarinemac org au. President s Report 3,AGM Notice Nomination Form 4 5. Letters to the Editor 6 Dick Brown,App Trivia 7 Vice President. dickbrown bellarinemac org au,From the the Editor s Desk 8.
BMUG Productivity Series, How to print a list of folder contents in Finder Geoff Waite. Window 9 Treasurer,geoffwaite bellarinemac org au,How to dismiss Mac App Store Notifications10. Book Reviews, Teach Yourself Visually iMac 3rd Edition 11 Fay Scott. Teach Yourself Visually iPad 11 Secretary Membership Secretary. fayscott bellarinemac org au,OS X Yosemite is coming in October 12. Popular Apps Bev Amey, Printworks by Belight Software 13 Meet Greet Secretary Assist.
bevamey bellarinemac org au,NoteBook 4 by Circus Ponies 14 16. Toast 12 Titanium 17, Publisher Lite Plus by Pearl Mountain 18 Antoinette John. FotoMagico 4 by Boinx Software 19 21 Hall Equipment. antoinettejohn bellarinemac org au,BMUG Assist Program 22. Quick Tip Find your Mac s User Manual 22 Michelle MacGregor. Web Master,michellemacgregor bellarinemac org au,August 12 2014. Time to consider Nominating for Committee, ow is the crunch time for the election of the new BMUG Committee It is.
N always the same few members who put up their hands to help run our. Group We just need a different few this time round. Being a Committee Member is not a hard task You can always get away on your planned. holidays or to simply babysit the Grand Kids when it is needed. We cannot accept the old excuse I m too busy etc That is always the perfect excuse but. it is just those people who will make the time and work efficiently for the Group. I will stay on in any role that the Committee wants me to perform If more people come. forward to form the committee then I am also happy to stand down Geoffery Waite has. advised that he will nominate again for the position of Treasurer. We need the following positions filled,President Vice President Secretary Treasurer. and at least three General Committee Members, UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION WE MUST HAVE A COMMITTEE ELECTED. Failing this BMUG has to be wound up and all your money in BMUG is LOST. That is the rules,Happy Computing,Peter Oakley,Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014. August 12 2014,Bellarine Mac User Group Inc No A0049524J. Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014, The Annual General Meeting of BMUG will be held at 4 15pm on Tuesday 9th September 2014.
The meeting will take place at St Peter s Anglican Church Hall Corner Draper and Hodgson Streets. Ocean Grove 3226,1 Apologies, 2 To confirm the Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting held on 10th September 2013. 3 To receive the President s Annual Report, 4 To receive the Treasurer s Annual Financial Statement. 5 To determine the Annual Subscription for 2015, 6 To Elect Officers of the Association and Ordinary Members of the Committee. Vice President,Secretary now Secretary Public Officer. Committee Members at present 3 Members to determine by resolution the number of Committee Members. they deem necessary to hold office for the ensuing year. 7 Any other business that may properly be brought forward. Election of Committee, Nominations of candidates for election as Officers of the Association and Ordinary members.
1 Shall be made in writing signed by two members of BMUG and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and. endorsed on the form of nomination Candidates must be financial members of BMUG Forms available from the Secretary in this. issue of BMUG News, 2 Nominations must be in the hands of Bev Amey 34 Second Drive Connewarre 3227 by 3rd September 2014. 3 A list of all nominees will be printed in the September issue of BMUG News. Fay Scott Secretary,August 12 2014,BELLARINE MAC USER GROUP Inc No A0049524J. NOMINATION FORM FOR OFFICE BEARERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2014 2015. We hereby nominate,Please Print,As a candidate for the position of. I consent to being a candidate for the position as stated above. Candidate s Signature Date,Proposer Signature,Please Print. Seconder Signature,Please Print, Nominations must be in the hands of Bev Amey 34 Second Drive Connewarre 3227.
By 3rd September2014,Candidates must be financial members of BMUG. August 12 2014,Dear Peter Hi Peter, I have just been reading the latest July Newsletter I ve just finished reading the July Newsletter. A great job again but you must contain yourself and make it I like the way things are set out and I do learn a lot from them. smaller however I think that will be ignored Congratulations on your good work. You certainly have me interested in three of your reviews. Best Wishes,The iPhoto Library Manager,The Picture Collage Maker. The Cygnett charger, I will certainly have a look at the video Tutorial on Picture Another great newsletter. Collage Maker I m interested in the iPhoto and Picture Collage Maker as if I. From the examples that you have shown in the Newsletter I buy these it may make me reorganise my photos much more. reckon that could be a good possibility with a difference for effectively. my photo albums Scrapbooking style My trouble is I m having trouble with my computer which I. Also I love making my own birthday cards on the computer I won t go into as I haven t time so I think I m going to have to. print them out on glossy photo paper and I think that the rethink what I ve got and if I upgrade where to. Picture Collage could give me a new slant on that Minor problems but I do enjoy the newsletters and I always. seem to pick up something to help me, I will also download the free trial of iPhoto Library Manager.
Might make these projects to look at while we are at Thailand. soon with our free WiFi Bev, Thanks for putting in so much time reviewing these products. It must take you hours and hours to do all this Editor s Note. Thank you to the members who have given me some feed. Kind Regards, back Your encouraging comments are most appreciated. Marg More articles for the Newsletter would be gratefully accepted. August 12 2014, This App Raised Over 1 Million According to Business Insider Hogeg created the app because. he wanted a simple way to get in touch with his wife and his. Doing Almost Nothing assistant on his smartphone rather than using text. Because apparently texting encouraged longer conversations. To be clear the than Hogeg had time for and email chains were burdensome. recently launched Yo, The Yo would let the person know they were needed or being. app does something,thought of,In fact it does exactly.
one thing The Yo Hogeg admitted that the idea was dumb But what if we asked. app true to its name,ourselves If we didn t know,allows users to tell. what Yo was or what it did,their friends yo,Nothing more and if we just examined the. nothing less At last data and the usage numbers, check it had made its creator over 1 2 million USD in like it was any other startup. investments would we invest in it, It also has had over a million downloads by people who Touch. presumably miss the days of poking on Facebook That is an. impressive feat considering it took creator Moshe Hogeg a Dumb or not it has taken off. mere eight hours to create,If you need me you know where you can yo at me.
He admitted to Business Insider that he found the app s. success a little crazy too He said Sometimes you see a movie. and you say This sh is so crazy it can t really happen But. sometimes reality is so crazy it suppresses every movie. August 12 2014, Can you still burn greater number of devices and the ability to burn HD videos to. movies to disc in an era Like iDVD it converts video to a compatible format and offers. where Apple no longer menu templates It is easy to use does far more than burn. discs and gets the job done,supports iDVD, I have been a great fan of Roxio Toast for many years since. first being introduced to it by Vice President Dick This latest. I was recently asked whether I had burned a movie to a DVD in release has really blown me away I highly recommend it to. this era of post iDVD members, The answer is yes as I still have iDVD installed on my iMac There is also a free option called Burn which I have never. Although Apple decided some time ago that iDVD was Old used. Technology I can state that it still works with OS X Mavericks. It allows you to burn data audio and video discs It does not. Apple no longer sells iLife 11 which has a copy of iDVD provide any fancy menu templates or Themes. however you can still buy it from Amazon or else borrow it All you get is Titles Navigation buttons and little else. from a friend and install it on your computer,What app you choose really depends on how you. I cannot advise how long iDVD will continue to work as it is. want your resulting disc to look,now an unsupported app by Apple.
When OS X Yosemite is released later this year we may well. discover that iDVD will no longer work Tricks for Mail App in Mac OS X. However iDVD is not your only option for burning a Here are eight of the best tricks for Mail App. movie to DVD in OS X as outlined in OS X Daily, As reported elsewhere in this Newsletter Roxio has just. released Toast 12 Titanium which contains new features Peter Baldwin. including live screen capture support for exporting video to a. August 12 2014, How to Print a List of Folder Contents Go to the Folder that contains the file list you want to print. in Finder Window Drag that folder, It used to be straightforward to print a list of your Documents itself into the. in any particular Folder You would just click on a folder click printer window in. on print and the list of files Documents would print this case Canon. However things have changed and it is no longer a straight MP970 This. forward process process generates a, Here are the basic steps to achieve this process preview document. Open System listing all,Preferences Click documents in that.
on Print Scan particular folder,then double click,Click on Print or to. on the printer,use a different,you want to use,printer select a. in this case I,different printer in,only have one,top drop down box. printer connected,to my Mac You can also click, which opens your on PDF to make a copy which you can then print on a different. printer window printer This PDF selection eliminates your need to repeat the. whole process if you need to select a new printer Now you. have a PDF copy that you can save and print whenever you like. I find this process particularly handy when I want to clean up. and rearrange my files,Peter Baldwin,August 12 2014.
How to dismiss Mac App Store For example printer driver updates that you will never use. A Hide Update command will appear Select it and that update. notifications, disappears You can make it reappear by choosing Store. I recently received the following question Show All Software Updates. Regrettably this option is not available for all updates. Quite often when I start up my Mac I see an alert about. Third party updates will display no such command and remain. application updates waiting for me Some of them I don t. in the list, want Is there anything I can do about shutting off these. alerts You also have the option to hide items in the Purchases tab. This is something you may want to do if you never intend to. The answer is yes install an application that you previously bought years ago. To do that Control click right click on an item in the list and. Start by launching System Preferences selecting App Store and. choose Hide Buy You can later unhide these items by. disabling the Automatically Check For Updates option This. choosing Store View My Account logging into your account. action will stop the nudging However it also means that you. locating the Hidden Purchases entry clicking Manage clicking. may miss out on some important updates, the Unhide button that appears next to each hidden. To help avoid that you could create a weekly calendar alarm or. application and then clicking the Done button, reminder that reminds you to manually check for updates. You do that by opening that same App Store preference and Peter Baldwin. clicking on the Show Updates button, There are also one or two things you can do within the App.
Store application, Launch it click on the Updates tab and locate updates that. appear under the Software Update heading, Click the More link and then Control click right click on any. updates that you don t want,August 12 2014,Books from Wiley Publishers www wiley com. Teach Yourself VISUALLY iMac Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad. 3rd Edition,By Guy Hart Davis By Guy Hart Davis, Publisher John Wiley Sons Ltd Publisher John Wiley Sons Ltd. Released April 2014 Released January 2014,Pages 384 Pages 352.
RRP 37 95 RRP 37 95, This easy to follow book uses rich full colour screenshots and This book is fully updated covering the latest iPad and iPad mini. illustrations to show rather than tell you how to use your Mac You will learn to. You will learn to Set up your iPad using iCloud, Get started with your iMac Dictate text or commands with Siri. Chat with Messages and FaceTime Organise apps and manage downloads. 4 Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014 August 12 2014 Bellarine Mac User Group Inc No A0049524J Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014 The Annual General Meeting of BMUG will be held at 4 15pm on Tuesday 9th September 2014

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